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Online Landscape in Baltics by Gemius


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Which CEE online markets are developing the fastest? Are the investments in online advertising growing? What are the most popular online brands? Who are Internet users and what kind of content they search for? What are the newest trends in online advertising?
Answers to those and many other questions can be found in the set of regional reports, in which Gemius experts and market professionals take a closer look at the online landscape of:
- Baltics (Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania),
- Central Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland & Slovakia),
- Russian-speaking Markets (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia & Ukraine),
- South-East Europe (Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia),

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Online Landscape in Baltics by Gemius

  1. 1. Advertisers are noticing the growing potential of new forms of advertising, especially worth the attention are mobile ads. Tablet and telephone generated ad views account for around 5% of all displayed online ads in Lithuania, which is also the best result in the entire region, where the average is around 3%. These numbers may not be impressive yet, but with the growing penetration of mobile devices, the interest in serving mobile ads will increase as well. The need for further development of this sort of advertising is transparent data about users' behavior on different devices separately, what will enable marketers to plan campaigns more effectively.
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