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gemiusHeatMap case study with Groupon EN


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Published in: Technology, Business
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gemiusHeatMap case study with Groupon EN

  1. 1. Business ChallengeGroupon is constantly looking for solutions that lead to anincrease in customer satisfaction and contribute to a biggerconversion of daily deals.Groupon focuses greatly on the examination andimprovement of site’s usability and gross profitmaximization by virtual merchandising.The more expensive deal, the less spontaneous is thepurchase decision so evaluation of offer attractivenessbefore transaction and real time adjustments to customers’preferences may have crucial impact on company’s growth.
  2. 2. Solution:gemiusHeatMap, the fastest click analyzing tool,facilitates prompt analyses of user’s behaviour andpreferences and gives an opportunity for e-commerceentities to meet client’ preferences in the field of siteusability, virtual merchandising and offerattractiveness.About GrouponLaunched in November 2008, Groupon features daily dealsregarding the best things to do, see, eat, and buy in 48 countries,and soon beyond. Groupon has about 10,000 employees workingacross our Chicago headquarters, a growing office in Palo Alto, CA,local markets throughout North America and regional offices inEurope, Latin America, Asia and around the world.Cooperation between Groupon local offices, exchange of bestpractices and open minds of our employees contribute to bettersatisfaction of our clients and our constant growth.
  3. 3. Groupon, the biggest group buying and daily deals portal in theworld presents the benefits of using gemiusHeatMapGood example of a local initiative undertaken to improve theeffectiveness of Groupon sites is the cooperation with Gemius andimplementation of gemiusHeatMap, live time click analyzing tool.Thanks to gemiusHeatMap we can:Raise our conversionWhen deal is relatively not expensive the purchase decision is takenspontaneously and we can easily control offer attractiveness by number ofclosed deals. In case of more expensive deals users need more time forreflection. Thanks to gemiusHeatMap we can perform a fast minutes A/Btesting and change content according to users’ preferences. Measuringattractiveness of our daily deals upon generated clicks and adjusting titles,images and short descriptions much faster brings us tangible benefits.Run effective virtual merchandisingWorking daily with gemiusHeatMap permits us to maximize gross profit byfinding optimal placements accordingly to changing trends of clicks andmargin they generate.Improve our sites usabilityWe are doing our best for our users to find Groupon sites as muchintuitively as possible. Thanks to gemiusHeatMap we can rank links byattractiveness and take decisions to change tabs placements according totheir importance for our clients. We can easily find out what is not linked,frustrating for our users and what should be linked.Motivate sales forces, graphic designers and copywritersShowing real time ranks of content attractiveness, experimenting withdifferent photos, titles and measuring their clickability by fast A/B testingresults in close cooperation between departments.Easy implementation and intuitive Firefox plug-in made us usegemiusHeatMap on a daily basis. Tangible and measureablebenefits made us perceive gemiusHeatMap as an investmentresulting in great benefits.Thank you gemiusHeatMap :)For free trial and more information visit: