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Tipro testimonial ad ocean


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A case study of how Tipro Group increased their ad space effectiveness by third.

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Tipro testimonial ad ocean

  1. 1. Business ChallengeAfter acquiring the portal in 2011, Tipro media group found that the combination ofthe two current ad serving systems was not suitable. They had many unsold positions andat the same time were unable to perform according to the customer advertising campaignplans. It was evident that maintaining the current in-house adservers will not allow foradministrative costs reduction or ensure enough time to focus on the most important issueof that time – redesigning and improving the advertisement offer, which in turnwould maximise revenue opportunities."It was clear that the current ad serving tools were unable to provide an independent,reliable and effective ad serving and that was what we certainly needed to do to gainprofit," says Dovilė Ramoškaitė, owner and director of Tipro.SolutionTipro media group migrated to the AdOcean adserving platform to improve itsinventory management and enhance campaign efficiency over its entire advertisingnetwork. AdOcean facilitated spotting different target groups among Tipro websiteusers and gave the flexibility in delivering customized advertisements.About Tipro groupTipro media group is one of the largest media groups in Lithuania, operating alsoabroad. As shown by the gemiusAudience research data, the total audience ofwebsites owned by Tipro is reaching 44% of the Lithuanian internet users (August,2012). Among these, the most prominent ones are the dating site with its reachof 27% and the entertainment site with 17%. Advertising is the mainsource of Tipro media group income and plays an important role in reaching thecompanys goals.
  2. 2. ResultsWith the AdOcean adserver Tipro was able to increase overall campaign effectivenessby 30-40%. Tipro saved on penalties to advertisers by ensuring that plans are deliveredon time. Inventory forecasting allowed them to check placement availability and sellany ad space in advance. After the first month AdOcean helped to determine the leasteffective advertising spaces which were then transformed into new banner types. Themost popular banners, which were always sold out, were assigned Premium status andthe advertising price was increased.Significant effects were noticed in the most pivotal business areas. It delivers benefitsto different operational departments: Data is no longer challenged Gemius-branded adserver gives additional credibility to publisher’s advertising products. Customers strongly trust in campaign results provided by AdOcean. As individual adserver data accesses are given, no data needs to be processed manually. Account managers have better relationships with media agencies and advertisers. Control over ad streams Sophisticated display algorithms ensure correct distribution of ad streams and full delivery of campaigns. Any risk of under-performance are forecast in campaign predictions. It secures the expected incomes and is the most important business factor. Yield management done by categorizing and prioritizing campaigns makes the differentiation of commercial and self-promotional campaigns easier. It optimizes the use of advertising space in general. Significant savings AdOcean frees traffickers from monitoring of campaign results and saves IT time devoted to developing difficult solutions. If anything extra is needed in the broad range of features of the offer, you can rely on help from the Gemius local tech support. It means saving money and gives the possibility to work on creating new publishing projects instead. Improve attractiveness and sales Relevant ads are targeted with much-enhanced precision by using publisher databases and user visit behaviour data. Combined with optimized frequency, it delivers a high-quality product that advertisers are eager to pay more for than for bulk impressions."Without doubt, AdOcean is the most efficient assistant in advertising sales," says ElvijusGudžiūnas, the owner of Tipro.For more information visit: and