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Forever Flowing: The Azure Legacy 3.8a


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Chapter 3.8a Growing up isn't easy

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Forever Flowing: The Azure Legacy 3.8a

  1. 1. This legacy is loosely based off of Native Americans and traditions. Native American names usually linked to the tribe of that generation. This generation is the Iroquois Confederacy. Only females can inherit, everyone should have hobby enthusiasm in “Nature” “Music and Dance”, and “Arts and Crafts”, basically we have a lot of creative folks here. (other hobbies are acceptabletoo these just are the most important). Names will all be related to the tribe for that generation in some way, or nature related names if I run out.
  2. 2. Last time a lot of stuff happened. Solan came back for Siksika and finally was able to meet hisdaughter Niagara and later marry Siksika. Meanwhile, our heiress Jacy-Nova passed out due to overheating while pregnant with her twin boys. No clue? The previous chapters may help. Clue? Click the arrow and enjoy!
  3. 3. Hey all! It‟s me SG of the Azure Universe How are you all? Wait you don‟t remember me?Well I used to wear a ninja outfit all the time but I figured it was time for a change. And I didn‟tchange just my clothing I actually have changed the way the slides look. And possibly a bit of the writing style.
  4. 4. Anyways enough about that I wanted to say my rebuild has finished and my muse had been coming back. But man it took a while.
  5. 5. Without further ado lets see what has been going on throughout Lenmana Island. Starting back where we left off, with Jacy in the hospital.
  6. 6. Jacy Nova Azure had been sleeping for several days, or at least that is what it seemed. Theheatstroke that resulted from her powers and carrying the boys seemed to dissipate staying in the cooled room.
  7. 7. Owen had been there in any free time he had from work or taking care of Seneca. His older daughter had barely seen her own parents with everything that was going on with her mom. Shesometimes stayed with her grandparents Pocahontas and Joel if they weren‟t too busy themselves.Seneca had also spent a lot of time playing with Niagara and Aientsik. Owen just hoped everything would smooth over, he worried how this bouncing around would affect his oldest child.
  8. 8. Jacy‟s eyes opened and blinked, she looked around at her surroundings before pushing herself up to a sitting position.
  9. 9. Owen‟s green eyes widened in happiness seeing Jacy waking up. “Be careful now Jacy” Owen spoke.“Where are the babies? How is Seneca doing?” Jacy said with an uncharacteristic anxiety.“The twins are in NICU, both boys. Seneca is fine, she‟s at Siksika and Solan‟s right now.” “Ok good” Jacy answered back anxiety fading.
  10. 10. Time passed and soon enough Jacy was able to see her two little boys and Seneca was able tomeet her little brothers. Jacy and Owen hadn‟t really thought of names for the babies, they wereborn early and with everything else that happened surrounding their birth they hadn‟t thought of names. They held them and looked into the blue eyes of the twins. “How about Tawiskaron and Okwiraseh?” Jacy said out loud. “Tawi and Okwi, they sound good to me”
  11. 11. Tawiskaron (left) and Okwiraseh (right). Were named after the twin boys in a version of the Iroquois Creation Legend. There are several versions of the legend this one is from the Mohawk tribe of the Iroquois Confederacy. This is a continuation of the legend behind Aientsik‟s name Tekawerahkwa, daughter of Sky woman, grew up alone and spent her days exploring Turtle Island. The West Wind saw her one day and fell in love. One night he placed two arrows upon her stomach, one made of flint and one of maple. Tekawerahkwa became pregnant with twins. While the twins were in their mother, they often argued. Tawiskaron, “Ice Skin,” was impatientand decided to force his way from his mother‟s belly. Okwiraseh, “New Tree,” who was much more patient urged him not to, but Tawiskaron did anyway. He cut his way through his mother‟s armpit and killed her. Sky woman demanded to know who had killed her daughter, and Tawiskaron blamed Okwiraseh. Sky woman flung Okwiraseh away, but he was taken in by his grandfather, Taronhiawakon. From Tekawerahkwa‟s body grew vegetables to feed the people. Okwiraseh was taught many lessons by his grandfather. He was told to create new life, mostimportantly human beings. He made all sorts of beautiful things for the new world and his brotherTawiskaron grew jealous. He countered all of Okwiraseh‟s creations with evil creations of his own like storms and poisonous berries.They fought and in the end, Okwiraseh was victorious. Tawiskaron was banished to caves beneath the earth. *
  12. 12. They spent some time with the twins and Seneca was pretty curious about the two beings in her parents arms. They were called “little brothers” she remembered her daddy telling her. She wasalso told that they could play with her once they got older. Seneca remembered her friend Nessie talking about her little brothers when Seneca visited her mom‟s friend Koko.
  13. 13. “Mommy ok?” Seneca asked her mom as she visited her again in the hospital.Jacy smiled at her daughter and held her close. She had missed Seneca a lot it was hard to part with the little girl for so long. “Mommy will be” Jacy could feel the coolness of her daughter‟s skin against hers. How much she missed this.
  14. 14. Seneca had been sent home with her grandparents later the little girl had to eat lunch. It wasn‟t long before her older sister came in to announce her news. “Twins seems to run in the family…” Siksika‟s first words are as a smile crept across her face. “You have got to be kidding me” Jacy chuckled. The sisters laughed together like they had when they were younger and less busy. “Congrats big sis!”
  15. 15. Although good news was followed with some that wasn‟t so great. Jacy and Owen had beensitting in the Doctor‟s office of the hospital. They had a long conversation with the doctor whotalked about the boys‟ progress so far and how, because they were premature, they may have tostay for a couple more months in the hospital. Jacy and Owen understood that much but it was what was next that saddened them. “I would advise that you prevent another pregnancy from now on. “
  16. 16. The doctor had left the room so that Jacy and Owen could talk. Owen saw the look on Jacy‟s face and put an arm around her. “Well their goes your life time want…” Jacy replied semi sarcastically“We can always adopt. There are many kids who need homes. I don‟t want to risk something like this again. They are still our children biological or not.“ Owen squeezed his wife‟s shoulder.
  17. 17. The boys had to stay in the NICU for a while even through the holidays and into the next year. Jacy and Owen always visited them. *~~~~~*
  18. 18. Soon enough Lenmana Island had its first hints of spring, but that wasn‟t the only thing that had been occurring.In an apartment a small child discovered that if she jumped high enough she could fly around the room. It felt like she had done something like this before but Aientsik wasn‟t all that sure about it. All the small child knew was that it was a lot of fun watching daddy try to catch her.
  19. 19. Crowfoot watched his daughter flying around the room knocking books off the shelf and almost breaking a window. “Think happy and up you go!” He heard his child‟s voice as she squealed.Crowfoot put his hand to his head for a moment before rushing after her trying to get her downfrom the air. He didn‟t remember much of a warning about this. He knew that certain races had certain abilities but they were usually more subtle than this; or so he thought.
  20. 20. Finally able to catch his daughter he noticed something else different about her. He watched asher short red hair change to a mix of neon green and teal and lengthen. What was going on here?Crowfoot stared at his nursery school age daughter, trying to figure things out. Was it some Nijite thing?
  21. 21. Crowfoot had to admit that the Nijites loved to tease him and not tell him everything about their race. He knew bits and pieces, whatever he was able to get out at the time. That‟s when hestarted searching for more information. He went over the books on his shelves and even checkedup on his paranormal forum online for any amount of information. As he thought, the others had little to no information about the “rainbow race”.
  22. 22. That was when Crowfoot decided to go to the source itself. Using his powers he was able to contact and summon the alien race.“Hey now, stop teasing me now can I have some solid answers about my daughter please” He asked in Nijite. “Name two things and maybe we will have answers” A giggly reply came back to him. Crowfoot sighed sharply. “Hair, flying”
  23. 23. “Oh that‟s right she is at that age isn‟t she” “I guess…” Crowfoot questioned. “At a certain point during a young Nijite‟s youngest phase. They develop abilities to change theirhair style and color as they chose. It seems to be similar to the „hair dying‟ process of a human but it takes only seconds for a Nijite” he got an explanation in Nijite. “And the flying?” “Nijites are actually able to fly from the time they are born in their earliest days it is almostunnoticeable since it‟s more of a hover. As they get older their abilities expand and some Nijites can actually control the element of air. Although that takes many more years of training to accomplish”
  24. 24. “I see” Crowfoot started. “So this is completely normal then?” “Maybeee…” He heard a chorus before he quickly lost contact with the other race. “Well at least that‟s some explanation” He said in his mother tongue. Crowfoot immediately went over to his computer and typed up the information he gathered intothe Nijites file. He had been doing research for several years and gathered up a lot of information on each of the alien races he had come in contact with. His Nijite file also included his separate research on “Raising a Nijite child” filled with what he had gathered from Aientsik.
  25. 25. Meanwhile down the street, a blond toddler was also discovering something interesting aboutherself. Niagara had always been attracted to being outdoors, especially on the grass. There were so many flowers to pick at and look at.
  26. 26. She would often find her way into the greenhouse where she would play in the dirt. She noticedhow quickly the plants seemed to grow when she was around them. They were so pretty to look at, and eat in some cases.
  27. 27. Aiyana looked down at her great granddaughter curiously. She noticed that the vegetables that Siksika and Solan had just planted were already making their way out of the dirt. “Did you do this Niagara?” Aiyana asked she got a giggle in return.
  28. 28. Even the heiress Seneca discovered something. She was just playing with her toy ship when shethought that the ship would need water to float. Shortly after visualizing the water Seneca found herself surrounded by something wet, and it wasn‟t from her pull ups either.
  29. 29. She was having so much fun with this discovery that the toddler wondered outside and started seeing what else could happen. Seneca wiggled her body around as water sprouted from her fingers.
  30. 30. “Seneca? Where are you?” The little girl heard a familiar voice from inside.She turned around to face her great grandmother who had just returned from her cousin Niagara‟s house. “Two little babies want to see their big sister”
  31. 31. Tawiskaron and Okwiraseh had finally been strong enough to come home after spending their first couple months in the hospital. Okwiraseh took a little longer than Tawiskaron, since Okwiraseh had been smaller than his twin brother. The twins wouldn‟t let the doctors separate them.
  32. 32. Aiyana held Seneca in her arms. As Seneca examined the two little creatures, now a bit bigger than last time. “Brothers?” Seneca looked up at Aiyana then her parents. “Yes, these are your brothers Tawiskaron and Okwiraseh” Owen replied to his daughter. “Tawi, Okwi” Seneca said excitedly as she waved her hand at the babies. “HI!”
  33. 33. That was then Pocahontas and Joel had been putting away groceries when they had heard the car pull in the driveway. They finished up as they made their way toward the front door. “It looks like our new family members are home” Pocahontas said with a smile. The two of them went over to Jacy Nova and Owen to look at the two boys.“That makes five grandchildren and two on the way.” Joel‟s family sim came out, his new LTW was to have six grandchildren. *~~~~~*
  34. 34. Aientsik‟s forth birthday arrived toward the end of spring. She would be the first of the Azuremain line to spring into childhood. She was excited to finally be big enough to do more things, and have adventures.
  35. 35. Aientsik had a blast at her birthday party. She found an outfit that suited her tastes in the bedroom that her father had ready for her.“This is so cool I can see the whole apartment from here!” The child exclaimed excitedly from her loft bedroom.
  36. 36. The party went well into the night as one of Crowfoot‟s neighbors stopped by. “This party is too loud. Can you ask everyone to leave now? It‟s disturbing the others in this building.” The neighbor complained.“I‟m sorry but those who live here are at the party. Wait a second… weren‟t you just dancing the smustle a minute ago at this party?” Crowfoot wondered curiously. “Well I want to go home now and go to sleep so everyone should listen to me.” Crowfoot sighed.
  37. 37. The party ended and his neighbors and relatives made their way back to their homes. Crowfootput his daughter to bed. It was back to nursery school tomorrow for Aientsik. One of her gifts was a new jacket and hat for tomorrow at nursery school. Since she had outgrown the one heoriginally bought for her. He hoped she‟d fit in this one until she started elementary school in a couple years. “Children really grow up fast” Crowfoot whispered as he tucked Aientsik in. *~~~~~*
  38. 38. A few days after the summer solstice two more babies were brought home from the hospital.Genesee and Tuscarora Azure the twin daughters of Siksika and Solan were born. Which would officially make Grandpa Joel permaplat for a second time.
  39. 39. Genesee means “Beautiful Valley” in the Iroquois language.There are several different places that have this as their name. There is Genesee county of Western New York. There is also the Genesee River which is also one of the places where the Seneca Tribe would usually residethroughout the 17th and 18th century. There is the “Great Genesee Road” also known as Mohawk Trail, Iroquois Trail, Great Indian Trail, and Seneca Turnpike, was built starting in 1794 by New York State to connect Fort Schuyler (now Utica, New York) on the Mohawk Trail and Mohawk River with Canawaugus (now Caledonia), Livingston County, New York on the Genesee River. In 1798 the legislature authorized a road extension toBuffalo, New York on Lake Erie. The original Indian path also went to Fort Niagara on the border with Canada.Each end of the Great Genesee Road connected to other important migration pathways. The length of the road from Utica to Buffalo was 205 miles (330 km). •* •*
  40. 40. Tuscarora was the sixth tribe to be accepted into the Iroquois Confederacy in 1722. The word also means “Hemp Gatherers”. Well before the arrival of Europeans in North America, the Tuscarora had migrated south and settled in the region now known as Eastern Carolina. The most numerous indigenous people in the area, they lived along the Roanoke, Neuse, Tar (Torhunta or Narhontes), and Pamlico rivers in North Carolina. They first encounteredEuropean explorers and settlers in North Carolina and Virginia. After the 18th century wars of 1711-1713 (known asthe Tuscarora War), most of the Tuscarora left North Carolina and migrated north to Pennsylvania and New York,over a period of 90 years. They aligned with the Iroquois in New York, because of their ancestral connection. They were sponsored by the Oneida and accepted as one of the Six Nations in 1722. After the American Revolution, in which they and the Oneida allied with the colonists, the Tuscarora shared reservation land with the Oneida before gaining their own. The Tuscarora Nation of New York is federally recognized. *
  41. 41. Niagara wasn‟t sure what to do about her new sisters. Although she had to admit she was a littlenervous about losing mommy and daddy‟s attention. She had been an only child for several years she rubbed her small hands together. She knew that her cousin Seneca also had babies in her house. Everything would be ok right?
  42. 42. Aiyana watched Niagara‟s reactions to her sisters. She picked up the young girl and snuggled her close. “You will get used to them soon Niagara” “You sure?” the little girl questioned.“Your cousin Seneca was able to get used to her baby brothers. I‟m sure you will with your sisters.” Aiyana answered. “Okay” ~*****~
  43. 43. The weather turned warmer. The heat fell over Lenmana Island and many residents dived intotheir pools, went to the beach, opened the windows or turned on the air conditioning. Some children opened up lemonade stands and teenagers had pool parties after school waiting for summer break to start.
  44. 44. “What you drawing?” Niagara asked her older cousin. “Something I learned in nursery school the other day” “Wow, what it like?” “Its a lot of fun and there are lots of other kids to play with.” “I wanna go” “You have to wait until next April* to go” “I be with you?”“We won‟t be in the same class but you will see me in the hallways” “Oh ok” *see Lenmana Travel guide for explanation about the school system
  45. 45. While their daughters conversed about school, Crowfoot and Siksika were in the middle of another conversation. “I love Aien so much but sometimes I wish I could just have someone else there. I know there is you, Jacy and even Ellie but I just want, someone I could converse with when Aien‟s in bed. And maybe even have a few more kids down the line. Since I don‟t know if I want to have another Alien baby…”“Crowfoot, the last time you dated anyone was in your early years of university. I think you may be due for another by now” Siksika smiled. “Coming from a pleasure sim…” Crowfoot replied to his older sister‟s comment.
  46. 46. “Both me and you know you need it” Siksika said with a sparkle in her eye. “You already know someone don‟t you?” Crowfoot looked at his sister.“I do but I want you to find her yourself. It might do you some good to date around a bit before hand” Siksika winked. “You‟re killing me with suspense here big sis” Crowfoot replied with a chuckle. “Well I could tell you she‟s a brunette” “Well that still leaves over half of the population”
  47. 47. Siksika thought for a moment when an idea came to her. She wanted to help her younger brother get some dates. She had to make sure that someone would be free to watch the kids. “Solan, do you work tonight?” “I don‟t, why?” “Can you watch the girls and Aientsik for a few hours? There is something I need to help my brother with.”
  48. 48. That shouldnt be a problem” Solan smiled after noticing his brother in law‟s aura.“What do you plan on doing?”“Well, I have to check up with Jacy and Ellie but we may head him downtown for a few hours. Just so he can meet some people.” “Be careful, Siksika” “I will always, I love you. I hope the girls don‟t drive you up the wall too much” Siksika teased lovingly “I love you too. I‟m sure I will be fine” Solan chuckled.
  49. 49. Before they knew it the girls had cleaned their brother up and they went out. Crowfoot watched his three sisters then looked at himself. “Question, why am I the only one who had to change? You three look… normal.” “Because Sika and I are married and don‟t want any guys to pick us up, and Ellie only likes girls anyway. So I guess that makes her your wing-woman.” Jacy-Nova explained“Besides you‟re the one who needs to look good anyway. It‟s you we are trying to help here” Siksika replied.
  50. 50. “Well you three didn‟t have to go all out just to get me a date” Crowfoot‟s brown eyes widened. “We are your sisters it‟s what we are supposed to do” Ellie said with a wink.
  51. 51. The youngest of the third generation scouted the room, looked at her brother than back at the others. A smile spread across her face as she went out. And so the games began.
  52. 52. Jacy Nova looked at her sister Siksika as they ordered soda pop and water for themselves while Crowfoot drank something more, mixed. “You are sure this is going to work?” She looked at her older sister.“Definitely” Siksika looked around the room before returning back to her sister. “Let Crowfoot get to know a few others, but she will be here” Sika nodded. “Why don‟t you tell him that then?” Jacy suggested. “Well she‟s not here yet, she will be later. But she is a special one.”
  53. 53. “Seriously Siksika…” Jacy‟s blue eyes widened in amusement. Siksika gave a quick smile and wink. “It would do him some good to meet other women before he meets her”Sika smiled gazing over at her brother who was talking to some while Ellie was set on distracting their friends.“They seem to work well together” Jacy pointed out her other two siblings. “The nerdy brother and his lesbian sister” she snickered.
  54. 54. After he had danced with several of the girls he couldn‟t find one that he really connected with. They were all nice, pretty, and interesting but Crowfoot wasn‟t sure what was missing. Hewondered if it was maybe that „connection‟ the one he sees when Sika was with Solan or Jacy was with Owen. “One please “ Crowfoot sat down at the bar as he asked for a drink. He tapped his fingers on the bar counter waiting . He casually looked next to him and noticed another girl one who just seemed to arrive. “Water please” the woman said. She had brown hair, glasses; she was very pretty Crowfoot couldn‟t stop staring at her.
  55. 55. Siksika had a smile on her face that seemed to have an uncharacteristic mischievousness to it. Jacy noticed this and looked at Sika then back at Crowfoot and who he was talking to. “Let me guess…that‟s her right there” Jacy asked bluntly “It sure is, I did say she was a special one” Siksika replied. “Crowfoot‟s true match is a simself?” Ellie said as she overheard her sisters‟ conversation.
  56. 56. “Do I have something on my face?” The woman replied curiously.“No…” Crowfoot caught himself shaking his head. “Sorry… I didn‟t mean … to …I didn‟t mean to stare…. sorry sorry….” he answeredCrowfoot received his drink and started nervously drinking it down. He had looked away but he felt his face was almost as bright as his hair. He heard the woman chuckle a bit he looked back over. That was when he noticed, she seemed familiar.
  57. 57. Crowfoot had some vague memories of someone looking like her. She was a simself, they alwayscame to family events like birthday parties and weddings. He also remembered seeing them hanging around the festivals throughout the year. The simselves were everywhere. Crowfoot also remembered playing with a certain one all the time. “Music?!” He asked in a mix of curiousness and amusement.
  58. 58. Siksika watched the interaction between her brother and Music, she then returned back to her sisters. “There we go” Sika smiled.“Now Ellie you have to keep a good eye on the others. “ Jacy nodded over to her younger sister who replied back with a nod.Ellie stood up from the counter and went to watch any of the other women who Crowfoot may have danced with or talked to. It gave her a reason to get some more of their numbers anyway.
  59. 59. “Crowfoot Azure, long time no see” Music replied as she got her drink. “You were at Siksika and Solan‟s wedding?” Crowfoot smiled. “I was it was a wonderful wedding.”The two of them really hit it off as they continued chatting. Ellie seemed to be having a blast with all of the other girls in the club. She only meant to keep them away from Crowfoot, but she did end up getting pretty lucky.
  60. 60. Siksika and Jacy Nova looked at the clock. It was getting late. Siksika was worried about if Solanwas doing alright with four children under 6 years old. Glancing at her phone told her that thingshad to be fine, she hadn‟t had a call or text. Jacy remembered she needed to work in the morning. “Crowfoot sorry to interrupt but Jacy and I need to head out.” Siksika told him. “Please excuse me Music” Crowfoot apologized before turning to his sisters. “Is it that time already?” “You don‟t have to rush you can stay longer if you want to. We were just saying that we have to go.” Jacy added.
  61. 61. “What about Aien?” Crowfoot asked.“She will be fine don‟t worry.” Siksika smiled. “We can let her sleep in the spare room and she could wear a large t-shirt as pajamas.”The two of them said their goodbyes to their brother and he soon went back to talking to Music.
  62. 62. “I‟m sorry about that; I came here with my sisters.” “That is fine, so Aien?”Crowfoot hesitated for a moment, he wasn‟t sure how great of an idea it was to mention a child so quickly. “Aientsik is my daughter, she just turned 5 in May” he replied in a lower voice. The two of them chatted for a little bit before deciding to go someplace else. A place a little quieter.
  63. 63. Crowfoot decided to take it slow for a bit before introducing Music to his daughter. Music did enjoy hearing and asking about Crowfoot‟s daughter, and his situation. He was a single fatherraising a daughter, which she could tell he was very fond of. He had shown Music a picture of the little girl but not before telling Music not to be alarmed with how she looks. “How am I not surprised you got yourself abducted by aliens” Music chuckled. “Neither was anyone else, I don‟t think.”
  64. 64. The summer season passed and Crowfoot enjoyed spending his time with Music, she was also really good with Aientsik; which, he had to admit, he was nervous about. The Autumn equinoxfestival was coming up and there was something that Crowfoot had his mind set on. Some may sayhe was rushing into it, but actually he felt he knew Music for longer than they had actually dated.The young man thought back to all the times he had seen her in the past and how she never really aged. That was before he found out that she was a Simself on that night they met at the club. Was it a good idea to do this?
  65. 65. It was late September and it wouldn‟t be long when the leaves started to change again. Hedecided to let Aientsik stay with Jacy‟s family. There would be no nursery school tomorrow and Jacy and Owen were planning on taking the kids with them to the festival during the day. “Thanks so much Jay You are an awesome sister!” He thanked his younger sister who have a familiar smirk. “Good luck big brother” Jacy said knowingly in a sing song voice. “What?” Crow asked slightly confused. “Maybe you should mention to big sister to keep some of her visions to herself”“Oh” Crowfoot finally understood. He almost forgot Siksika was psychic and talked to Jacy on a daily basis. “Right…”
  66. 66. Crowfoot was nervous as he took Music on the date during the opening night of the festival.They walked around for a while before Crowfoot‟s eyes landed on the gondola ferris wheel, he had an idea. It might have come from a movie that was on TV the other night.
  67. 67. The ride went up slowly as the festival below became smaller and smaller. Crowfoot sat close toMusic as they chatted away. Talking about all the time they had spent together enjoying the time they spent with 5 year old Aientsik, and even the upcoming nursery school events. They went around and chatted a few times. The night started to fall and the stars were coming out, whichwould mean the opening fireworks show would be occurring soon. It would be Crowfoot‟s chance.
  68. 68. “Music, may I ask you something?” “What is it Crow?”Crowfoot slid to the floor of the gondola as he came up on one knee. He had a whole speech ofthings he wanted to say. How much she meant to him. How he felt like he had known her forever and so much more but while the words bounced in his head he couldn‟t get any of them out. There was only one phrase that made it through his lips. “Will you marry me?”
  69. 69. “Y-yes!” Music‟s voice made itself known. Crowfoot was the happiest he‟d ever been. He had waited so long to find someone like Music someone who didn‟t mind his geekiness or the alien child he gave birth to all those years ago.Someone who loved him, for who he was no matter how silly he got. And there she was accepting his proposal as the fireworks lit up the sky behind them. This was a perfect night. *~~~~~*
  70. 70. There were a lot of people invited to Crowfoot and Music‟s wedding. It was interesting to see how much the families of their cousins had grown. Koko‟s family has certainly grown and according to her is still continuing to grow. There are the teenagers Bliss and Euphoria who will be graduating high school soon. Oneste who is now inelementary school, Garakontie who is actually around the same age as Seneca and Niagara and willbe attending nursery school with them. Canasatego who is always on mommy and daddy‟s heels and loves playing with older brother Garakontie. They also have a new born boy named Buffalo.
  71. 71. Rozene and Sean eventually married in a private ceremony. They still only have Allegheny who will be attending nursery school with Seneca and Niagara.
  72. 72. Sinopa and Felix have their two children Taronhiawakon, who is actually in the same class asAientsik and one of the youngest in the class. And then Kateri who‟s enjoying helping mommy Sinopa out in the kitchen.
  73. 73. Adoette and Kitchikeme have their oldest Jikonsasay who will be attending Nursery school along with Seneca, Niagara, Garakontie and Allegheny. The two of them didn‟t wait too long before conceiving their twins Hilokoa and Tadodaho who were born about a year and 3 months after Jikonsasay.
  74. 74. Ohanko and Desmond adopted a baby boy from Twikkii Island named Arosen and Dyami and Alice recently had their first child a daughter named Salamanca.
  75. 75. The wedding ended as a roof raiser which only made the newlyweds more than happy to catch up with their family members again.
  76. 76. Crowfoot and Music changed shortly after the ceremony as they spent some time with Aientsik.Aientsik had quickly nodded off quickly. Crowfoot put his daughter to bed while Music smiled seeing the two of them.
  77. 77. They were more than happy to finally consummate their marriage. Music wanted to wait to do thisuntil after the wedding and Crowfoot had agreed to it because it made Music happy. It just made the event so much better. ~*****~
  78. 78. Well it really didn‟t take them long to conceive. He knew Music hadn‟t been feeling well lately but it slipped the man‟s mind that pregnancy was a possibility, considering he had been through a pregnancy himself. He guessed he was caught up in newly wedded bliss that he failed to think about it. It was that afternoon, after coming home from work with his daughter in tow from school. Music had told him she‟d be going to the doctor. She couldn‟t wait to share the news. “You‟re pregnant?!” Crowfoot replied in excitement. “This is amazing!”
  79. 79. “I‟m going to be a big sister!” Aientsik replied almost leaving her seat. “Yes you will be sweetheart” Music replied smiling at her stepdaughter. “This is awesome! I can‟t wait I‟m going to be the best big sister ever! “ Aientsik smiled but hersmile faded. “But I‟m a lot older than the baby how can I be sure he or she will want to play with me when it gets older.“Kiddo, you can still play with the baby when it‟s older. And you can always help us out when he or she is born as well” Crowfoot explained. He touching his daughter‟s head and kissed it. ~*****~
  80. 80. Autumn quickly turned into winter which meant that the main house twins were ready for theirfirst birthday. The family gathered around in the Azure‟s kitchen and waited. Seneca was glad that she could play with her little brothers now that they were getting bigger.
  81. 81. Although growing up a few more things were discovered. It was normal, as babies, for the boys tobe continuously getting checkups just to see how they were developing. The cold weather of the winter caused the boys to be sick often. However, Okwiraseh seemed to be more prone to sickness than Tawiskaron.“Uh oh, I‟ll go get mommy!” Seneca said as she watched her little brother get sick all over the living room carpet.Seneca knew what to do when her brothers weren‟t feeling well. Somehow, she just kind of knew and would always run around to find mommy or daddy.
  82. 82. Jacy watched her daughter running into the kitchen with tears in her eyes. She was curious to what happened to cause her to cry. “Seneca what‟s wrong?” “Okwi, got sick all over the carpet again” Seneca said as tears ran down her face.
  83. 83. Jacy had gone over to where her youngest child was crying. She glanced over at Tawiskaron who‟s blue eyes seemed curious about what was going on. “Alright little guy let mommy get you cleaned up ok” Jacy patted her son‟s head.Jacy Nova was pretty calm about this, it was something the doctors had told her would happenwas that the boys would be more prone to getting sick. Okwiraseh was the younger twin, he had actually had to be in the incubator longer than Tawiskaron.
  84. 84. Jacy finished cleaning up her son before checking his temperature. It was a little high, Jacy gave him some baby medicine then filled his bottle with some Pedialyte and put him into bed. It waslate, so the family doctor was off duty but Jacy called to make an appointment for the morning.
  85. 85. The doctor determined that Okwiraseh had an infection that should go away with someantibiotics. Although, the next few months of Winter were a bit of a rocky road for Okwiraseh. If it wasn‟t an infection, it was a cold. If it wasn‟t a cold, it was allergies. The poor little boycouldn‟t seem to get a break. But no matter what, Tawiskaron was by his side, even when mommy and daddy told him to stay away from Okwiraseh. The little boy just couldn‟t do that. *~~~~~*
  86. 86. Spring arrived, which meant that school would start for Seneca. She would be in the same class as her cousin Niagara as well as three other children descended from her mother‟s cousins: Garakontie, Allegheny and Jikonsasay.Seneca‟s cousin Aientsik was in her last year of Nursery school with Taronhiawakon or “Taron” as he likes to be called. Taron was actually the youngest person in the class but it was because his birthday was early in the year, making him able to start school with Aientsik, instead of the year after.
  87. 87. Seneca and Niagara had a blast trying out all of the playground equipment. They rememberedAientsik talking about how big the playground was at the nursery school. The merry-go-round was one of their favorites. Aien offered to push them along as they rode.Nursery school wasn‟t required on Lenmana so some parents chose to keep their children home upuntil they were old enough for first grade. In some cases parents would wait until the child was 4 or 5 before letting them attend. On the other hand the Azure, Simself and Hunicke families always thought it would be a great opportunity for their children.
  88. 88. It wasn‟t long before the bell rang as the cousins made their way inside the school. It wasn‟t big only one floor where the classrooms were and there were 2 classrooms per grade level.“Alright you two are you ready for your first day in nursery school?” Aientsik asked excitedly as she stopped outside her cousins‟ classroom.
  89. 89. “What will happen?” Seneca looked up at her older cousin. “Well you will have fun! The teacher will have you remove your coats and put them in cubbiesfirst. There are a lot of toys to play with too. Your teacher will also bee reading you stories andplaying games with you. You will be doing arts and crafts a lot. It‟s only for a couple hours your parents will pick you up to go home at noon. See its not that long.” Aientsik answered.
  90. 90. “It will be ok Seneca” Niagara replied to her cousin. “We will have fun”“Besides your teacher is very nice, I hear she‟s new” Aientsik said with a smile as she stood up. “Well I have to get to my classroom; I will see you two at noon ok?” “Ok, bye Aien!” The cousins said together.
  91. 91. Things went like Aientsik said, when they entered the classroom the teacher helped them change out of their raincoats and put them in the cubbies near the door. They soon discovered the activity table and started drawing while the teacher came around to look at their work. Seneca and Niagara tended to stick together most of the time. Although there was a girl their named Ayleen who loved to share a table with them. She talked about how she lived nearbySeneca and Niagara on the same street that Aientsik lived on. Actually Ayleen turned out to be a bit of a chatterbox. Seneca and Niagara didn‟t mind too much though. It was fun to start learning about their classmates.
  92. 92. “Alright class it‟s story time! Can you please sit on the floor in front of me?” The teacher asked energetically holding the book in her hand.Seneca and Niagara watched their classmates remove themselves from what they were previously doing and finding places on the floor in front of their teacher. “What are you reading?” Garakontie raised his hand. „”I will be reading you a story called Jumping Mouse*” The teacher answered enthusiastically. The class cheered excitedly as the teacher started to read to them. *Jumping mouse is a native American legend, there are several versions of the story:
  93. 93. Seneca was surprised at how fast time went during nursery school. Once lunchtime came parents returned to retrieve their children and bring them home.“Hello, my name is Angela Bell, I am originally from SimAmerica and just received my degree in early childhood education. I am really excited to be teaching here on Lenmana.” “It is nice to meet you Miss Bell” Solan replied with a smile. “What will they be learning this year?” Jacy asked.“I plan on working on them with letters and numbers. In Addition, we will be talking about families, colors and animals. They will also learn about sharing, making friends and helping others.” “Thank you. I‟m sure Niagara and Seneca are looking forward to it” Solan replied. *~~~~~*
  94. 94. Spring turned into summer and soon enough another set of twins had their first birthday.Genesee and Tuscarora were a strange set of twins that were so different yet so alike at the sametime. From Genny gaining the Azure red hair to their choices of clothing and Hairstyle. The twins were always together though and doing the same exact things as if they were one mind in two bodies.They always enjoyed playing with their big sister Niagara and hearing her talk about school, nature and everything else.
  95. 95. That summer also brought some new arrivals within the family. Crow and Music had brought home triplets right before summer vacation approached. Hiawatha,Onondaga and Oneida. The babies were born severalweeks early after a bit of a stay in the hospital they were all determined to be healthy. That was what mattered to the Simself family.
  96. 96. Hiawatha :is a legendary Native American leader and co-founder of the Iroquois confederacy. Depending on theversion of the narrative, Hiawatha lived in the 16th century and was a leader of the Onondaga or theMohawk.Hiawatha was a follower of The Great Peacemaker, a prophet and spiritual leader, who proposed theunification of the Iroquois peoples, who shared similar languages. Hiawatha, a skilled and charismaticorator, was instrumental in persuading the Senecas, Cayugas, Onondagas, Oneidas, and Mohawks, toaccept the Great Peacemakers vision and band together to become the Five Nations of the Iroquoisconfederacy. Later, the Tuscarora nation joined the Confederacy to become the Sixth Nation.Onondaga:“The People of the Hills”Their traditional homeland is in and around Onondaga County, New York. Known as Gana‟dagwëni:io‟gehto the other Iroquois tribes, this name allows people to know the difference when talking aboutOnondaga in Six Nations, Ontario or near Syracuse, New York. Being centrally located, they wereconsidered the "Keepers of the Fire“. The League of the Iroquois historically met at the Iroquoisgovernments capital at Onondaga, as indeed the traditional chiefs do today.Those Onondaga remaining in New York are under the government of traditional chiefs nominated by clanmothers, rather than elected.Oneida:“The People of the Upright Stone, or Standing Stone“Historically the Oneida were believed to have emerged as a tribe in the 14th century; they inhabitedapproximately 6,000,000 acres (24,000 km2) of the area that later became central New York, particularlyaround Oneida Lake and Oneida and Madison counties. The Great Swamp south of the lake was animportant wetlands area with a rich habitat. After the American Revolutionary War, they were forced tocede all but 300,000 acres (1,200 km2), and were later forced to cede more. Under federal and statepressure, many Oneida resettled in Wisconsin in the early 1800s. Others who had allied with the Britishhad already migrated to Canada.In the 21st century, the Oneida have four federally recognized, independent tribes groups with their owngovernments in New York and Wisconsin (following 19th-century forced removal by the United States), aswell as Ontario, Canada. In the late twentieth century, three tribes filed land claim suits against NewYork State because of its unauthorized taking of land after the American Revolutionary War in a treatythat was never ratified by the United States Senate. The United States Supreme Court ruled that NewYorks action was unconstitutional, but settlement or compensation has not been determined. *Wikipedia
  97. 97. Aientsik had shown to be a great help when it came to her younger sisters and brother. She wasalways offering to help change and feed them. Anytime she was given a chance to help out withthe babies. She did just turn six anyway and would be starting elementary school next year. Shefigured she could take on the responsibility. Although was a little disappointed when she found out she was too young to babysit.
  98. 98. The weeks of summer vacation continued Niagara‟s 4th birthday approached as vacation neared its end. The little girl had become extremely curious about the world around her especially when itcame to the outdoors and nature. She loved playing with the wolf-like dog her family had adopted named Buttercup, and the dog was the girl‟s constant companion. She had been into bugs latelyfor the most part from trying to catch them to the point where mommy decided to give her a bug box. But her current curiosity had to do with what her mommy and daddy had been doing a lot lately. „”Buttercup what‟s daddy doing?”
  99. 99. “I‟m pretty sure he‟s doing something called Tai Chi” She heard the voice of the animal in her head, something she had grown accustomed to.Buttercup mentioned that the Azures have a special connection to wolves, and that‟s why she as well as her cousins Aientsik and Seneca, can understand her. “Did he learn that in school?” “I‟m pretty sure he learned it when he and your mommy were traveling before you were born.” “Oh ok”
  100. 100. Niagara spent the rest of the day exploring inside and around the house. She remembered going into mommy and daddy‟s room to check on her little sisters. She then wondered into her parentswalk in closet and tried on mommy and daddy‟s shoes. They felt really weird, her feet were so smalland the shoes were so big. That was where Solan found his daughter and brought her downstairs to the family party.
  101. 101. Aientsik was too glad to have her cousin join her in childhood. She did have friends from schoolthat she could play with but she always wanted to do so much with her cousins. Sometimes being the oldest wasn‟t all that fun. *~~~~~*
  102. 102. Soon enough, the heiress Seneca was finally going to join her cousins in childhood. Seneca loved being around water because watching it move was always fun. She was also very helpful when itcame to her brothers. Anytime Okwiraseh got sick she would tell mommy and daddy. She actually had him puke on her once but she told mommy and daddy first before letting them clean her up.Besides, Okwiraseh being sick was more important than her being dirty. Whenever Tawiskaron was causing trouble she‟d do her best to get him out of it, or to stop depending on the situation. She was also very generous when it came to her toys, whenever she had a friend over she wouldlet them pick first before anything. She always let Tawi and Okwi play with her toys as long as they didn‟t break them (which Tawi did once but she forgave him anyway).
  103. 103. Seneca had spent time before the party playing with Aientsik and Niagara, but as soon as it wasannounced that the cake was ready the first two in the kitchen were the cousins. They excitedly blew their horns and noisemakers as they waited for Seneca to make it to the cake.
  104. 104. Jacy Nova lit her daughter‟s candles with a flick of her fingers while Owen held the child in his arms as he helped her blow out the candles. Seneca was excited to be having cake, and she planned on sneak some of it out for Tawiskaron and Okwiraseh.
  105. 105. Seneca was able to sneak some cake out for her little brothers. Although they seemed to get it all overtheir faces which eventually gave away what had happened. Jacy Nova ended up laughing when she saw Tawiskaron and Okwiraseh‟s faces. Luckily, Seneca didn‟t get into any trouble. The three cousins sat at the table long after they had finished their cake.“There are more games I can play with you two now. I‟m very excited!” Aientsik, now blond, mentioned to her cousins. “Like what?” Niagara asked as her curiosity sparked. „There‟s tag, cops and robbers, we can play soccer and baseball and even throw a football around!” “What do you two want to do first?” Seneca asked. Aientsik stood up and tapped her cousin‟s shoulder. „”TAG YOUR IT!” *~~~~~*
  106. 106. The rest of the school year finished off and soonenough Aientsik was sporting her elementary schooluniform in front of the nursery school. The schools were all really close together, as part of an education complex on Lenmana Island. So it was only about a minute to walk between the schools. „What do you think? What do you think?”Aientsik asked excitedly as she modeled her new Uniform. It was mostly red with a red and black plaid skirtand a tie attached to the front of the shirt. The tie was striped maroon and silver and Aientsik didn‟t have her signature hat on her head. “It looks really nice!” Seneca complimented cheerily. “So that‟s what they look like? When we can‟t wear play clothes to school anymore?” Niagara asked.“Yep, it‟s actually kind of comfortable, although I do kind of miss my hat.” Aientsik patted her short red hair. „You can still put it on when you get home right?” Seneca asked. “Of course, It‟s not like I have to wear the uniform once I get home, although now my day is longer. I get out of school at 3:00 now, instead of noon, like you two do. That is if I don‟t get involved in anyclubs or anything, in that case I won‟t be home until around 5:00”“We can still wait for you.” Niagara smiled. “Then we can play together when you get home”There was a nod from the three cousins as Aientsik ran toward the elementary school. It was excitingfor her to start in a new school. A new school year was always exciting.
  107. 107. Back at Azure main, Grandma Pocahontas and Grandpa Joel had taken over teaching their twingrandsons their skills. With Owen and Jacy Nova working, and Seneca at school they were the only ones left. The two of them weren‟t hitting their milestones as fast as they should have been. So they were suggested to try a few different techniques. The boys were still taking a while to learn, the doctor thought that might have had to do with their early birth.
  108. 108. Okwiraseh and Tawiskaron seemed to understand each other in different ways. They dideverything together, playing, dancing, sleeping. The same schedule seemed to apply for both of them.
  109. 109. And Tawiskaron was a supportive brother when Okwiraseh got sick. He wished his twin brotherwasn‟t sick much of the time he always missed playing with him when he was. Sharing a bed with Okwi was something Tawi had done since they were about 14 months old. Sometimes Owen and Jacy wondered if they should have just gotten them one bed to share instead of two. *~~~~~*
  110. 110. It‟s amazing how time flies on Lenmana as Crow and Mystery‟s triplets had their first birthday. Their personalities started to show a bit as the days passed. All three of the children were extremely energetic much like their older sister Aientsik. *Left to right: Hiawatha „Hi”, Onondaga “Nonny”, Oneida “Nee”
  111. 111. Hiawatha and Oneida were always finding things to play with while Onondaga always preferred to not get as dirty as her brother and sister. Actually, Onondaga was very fussy about her dress. Hiawatha had a habit of purposely throwing mud pies at her. Hiawatha was a little bit bossy it seemed. *~~~~~*
  112. 112. “The flowers are blooming, the sun is coming out to shine. Spring has sprung as another year has passed. Welcome to Lenmana Island Elementary those who are returning for another year of learning…”
  113. 113. “To those of you who are just starting as first graders, I welcome you to the next chapter in your lives. Be ready to look forward to an exciting year. I will have the vice principal as well as some teachers come up and introduce themselves and then we will be separating you into your homerooms. The teacher will call your names and once they are finished, they will take you into the main building and show you which classroom will be your homeroom until March. Please remember to be safe and enjoy learning as the school year starts on Lenmana Island…”
  114. 114. Niagara and Seneca were listening as the gymnasium clapped as the Principal finished his speech. It wasn‟t long before the Vice principal gave her own speech and then introduced the teachers. The teachers gave their names and their homeroom and some of the 4th, 5th and 6th grade teachers also mentioned which class they specifically taught. “How long did Aientsik say this would be?” Seneca asked her cousin curiously. “I am not completely sure” Niagara answered.The girls looked at each other as well as around the elementary school gymnasium. Noticing that most of the other students were fidgeting just waiting for the opening ceremony to be over. Before long the students were called up to meet their homeroom teachers. The first graders were first to be split up.
  115. 115. Meanwhile outside of the elementary school… “This is O, Is the opening assembly finished? Over”“S here, looks like it the fish seem to be filing out. Over” “S Do you see little dragonfly or little starfish? Over”
  116. 116. “Negative, I have no visual….. Wait a moment… strike that, I see dragonfly and starfish, they are heading into the castle. Over” “When should we make our move? Over” “Meet me at the drawbridge in about five minutes. Over”
  117. 117. Five minutes passes… “Alright Owl Mama predicted 1-b” “Both?” “Yes both of them, 1-b” “Wasn‟t that the same as Star child?”“I think so Spaceman mentioned that” “Alright then let‟s go” “Through the front?”
  118. 118. Before the two men knew it vice principal Butler had snuck up behind them“Mr. Sharpe-Azure and Mr. Azure what are you two doing here?” she asked them. “Do I have to call your wives?” “Umm… hey vice principal Butler…”
  120. 120. Solan and Owen returned back to the Azure house. They were met with some unexpected reactions from Siksika and Jacy as well as Crowfoot who had been visiting.“Come on Crowfoot, don‟t tell us you didn‟t do the same thing with Aientsik…” Owen asked
  121. 121. Crowfoot was met with knowing looks from his sisters as he looked down rubbing his head in embarrassment. “Well….”
  122. 122. The two men listened to their brother in law, hesitantly, reveal exactly what happened on Aientsik‟s firstday of elementary school. Of course it was mostly Siksika and Jacy Nova who had gotten him do reveal it, more so at the fact that the story amused them. “You went all out James Bondsim?!” Owen teased. “And you two acted like SCIA, I don‟t think any of us should be talking” Crowfoot mentioned. “Well it was a lot of fun” Solan replied. *~~~~~*
  123. 123. Things that first year of school went pretty normally, well that was until after the summer solsticewhere things got, strange. Seneca felt like herself in the water of swim class but when she got out suddenly she felt like she was liquidifying for just a moment when a burst of water few from her body. “Niagara this feels really weird I don‟t know what‟s going on?” Seneca looked at her hands wet from the water which had dissipated.“Maybe we can ask Aunt Jacy about this when we get home?” Niagara gave her cousin a tight hug.
  124. 124. Seneca wasn‟t the only one who was having strange things happen to her. In the middle of science class, Niagara was noticing the plants they were working with soon took over the classroom driving the students into the hallways. As soon as she wasn‟t touching the plants they started to quickly die out. That didn‟t leave her with nothing though she found herself covered in soil. The two cousins looked at each other wondering what the heck was going on.
  125. 125. In one of the higher grades even Aientsik was having strange occurrences. Her alien powers started to show through as the girl‟s hair changed to an unnatural color and she was foundfloating above the gym. Normally she was able to control her powers at will but for some reason they seemed to be going haywire.
  126. 126. The events occurred throughout the day. If Seneca was near a water source it would beeverywhere, and room with a plant or even just going outside had Niagara covered in dirt. AndAientsik found herself floating through out the day if she wasn‟t tied down to something. And somehow even their classmate Ayleen had found herself sitting with the girls outside the principal‟s office. “What are you in for?‟ Aientsik asked the younger girl. “Pranking” Ayleen shrugged nonchalantly
  127. 127. The four girls parents were called in as they had to sit outside as the principal talked to them. Siksika, Crowfoot, Jacy and Ayleen‟s father Ryan.
  128. 128. They kept looking through the windows in order to get some idea of what was going on. Aientsikhad to keep a good hold on the seat she was sitting on but it didn‟t stop her hair from changing to another unnatural color. Seneca flicked her fingers as sprits of water came from them. Niagara was alright for the most part, except for being completely dirty. She tried to brush some of the dirt from her uniform with no avail.
  129. 129. On the other hand Ayleen looked at the three girls next to her in amazement. She knew Aientsikwas an alien (since her father was abducted a while ago and had two himself). But seeing the two girls in her class as water and dirt surrounded them was interesting. “You are seriously the most awesome people ever!” Ayleen announced excitedly “It‟s not as much fun as you think” Seneca said in a soft voice.
  130. 130. Well? Well, what did you think? A lot of curiosity about what is going on with this generation of Azures hmm? Sickness, power revelation what could this all mean?It was great to be getting back into writing my legacy again. This ended up being a lot longer than I intended but it got the job done.
  131. 131. I‟d like to thank all of my wonderful readers, every site I borrowed custom content for and Ani- Mei for lending Solan as well as being my Beta. I also like to thank the internet for the facts ithas given me about the meaning behind the names. Most, if not all of the names in generation 4 will be shortened in one way or another just to make it easier for me and everyone else.