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Forever Flowing: The Azure Legacy 2.6


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Next chapter of forever flowing

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Forever Flowing: The Azure Legacy 2.6

  1. 1. WELCOME BACK TO: Forever Flowing: The Azure Legacy Ch 2.6 As Forever Flowing as the Blue Sky
  2. 2. Anyways my normal intro: This legacy is loosely based off of Native Americans and traditions. Native American names usually linked to the tribe of that generation. This generation is Blackfoot Indians. Only females can inherit, everyone should have hobby enthusiasm in “Nature” “Music and Dance”, and “Arts and Crafts”, basically we have a lot of creative folks here. (other hobbies are acceptable too these just are the most important). Names will all be related to the tribe for that generation in some way. Or nature related names.
  3. 3. If you are unfamiliar with this finger gunner here, I suggest reading previous chapters.
  4. 4. A dark shadow came over a manor in the distance near the water. If there was a thunderstorm it would fit the setting too perfectly.
  5. 5. Screams were heard behind the locked mysterious doors on the lowest level: Men women and children.
  6. 6. The bloodthirsty owner of the castle none other than the devious Suni. Who watched and laughed as others suffered.
  7. 7. Many years ago: “Chase!” “Yes dearest?” “We need to find another way to get rid of the Azures.”
  8. 8. “You’ve tried so many already, what’s your plan this time. Pocahontas had her first already.” “Boy or girl?” “It’s a girl.”
  9. 9. Suni growled. Chase refused to flinch, it wasn’t the first time he had seen her like this.
  10. 10. “She will be automatic Heiress, but she will be protected while she lives at that house.” “Then what’s your plan?” “Well all children have to start school.”
  11. 11. “First we will target her little friends make the girl suffer. Start early so once she’s old enough to look for the spouse needed to carry on the line, she will not have the confidence to get very far, in the relationship. Therefore, the line would break and I can take it over. ”
  12. 12. One by one, if there was any sign of a friendship between Sika and someone unrelated to her family, they would mysteriously disappear and end up in the lower level of her mansion.
  13. 13. Maya
  14. 14. Eryk
  15. 15. Eryk’s mom (who just got in the way)
  16. 16. Connor
  17. 17. Among others.
  18. 18. One by one Suni returned each of these people to the earth, by force. Trying her best not to leave any trace to what she was doing.
  19. 19. But the people living on the Isle started noticing the missing residents.
  20. 20. Especially, those who were their own flesh and blood.
  21. 21. The schoolkids even felt something was off. Especially anyone who became friends with Siksika Azure.
  22. 22. At a point in Elementary school after Eryk disappeared, the schoolkids started to completely avoid the girl.
  23. 23. “That Azure girl, don’t be friends with her she’s bad luck.” “What do you mean? She seems so nice, and she’s smart she always has the highest grades in the class.” “Anyone who becomes friends with her disappears.”
  24. 24. “No wonder she always looks so lonely”
  25. 25. Young Siksika acted as if she didn’t hear the whispers from the other children. But she heard every word, seen their actions she was quite aware of what was going on. Except for the fact that the girl couldn’t really see what was going on in their heads. She wished that she could. She was psychic wasn’t she supposed to be.
  26. 26. When Siksika became a teenager she decided to start over again with school it was a new school and most of her elementary classmates had gone to the High school on the other side of town. At least she had Koko to hang out with, and she hopefully wouldn’t disappear like the others.
  27. 27. The fact that Koko never disappeared made the high schoolers less likely to avoid her and want to become friends with her. But eventually even the classmates would disappear, all except for Koko.
  28. 28. One day Siksika sat alone at the lunch table staring at the plate in front of her. She was deep in thought , thinking about her disappearing friends, also that she hadn’t had an exact vision in a while. The last one she remembered was when she saw what Suni had done to the Lenmanians. Then nothing, not one tidbit of anything.
  29. 29. Usually Siksika knew what questions would be on tests therefore knowing exactly what to study, but for the science test today she had not done so well.
  30. 30. What was Suni chanting when she saw her and what she was planning? Maybe it was something that would block her powers. If so, was there also a possibility that she knew how to enhance them as well? “Could it be someone other than Suni?” Sika thought and then sighed.
  31. 31. Koko joined the table along with Rozie, Sinopa and Crowfoot as they looked at their favorite cousin closely. Sika hadn’t touched her food and she was staring into space. “Siksika?” Koko called her cousin’s name.
  32. 32. Crowfoot sat next to his sister put his hand over his mouth and started speaking as if he was on a space mission. “This is The Crow to Planet Sika, please return to Earth immediately!”
  33. 33. Sika’s thoughts were interrupted by her younger brother’s space-geek comment. “What?” She finally reacted. “SHE’S ALLLIVVEEE!!” Rozene said sarcastically.
  34. 34. “What’s up Siksika?” Sinopa asked her concerned. “Nothing really, just thinking about how I could do better on the next test. “ Sika said quickly, giving only a half truth. “Am I able to offer some assistance?” Koko asked Siksika. “Thanks Koko that would be great.”
  35. 35. The rest of the period went by quickly. The cousins laughed and talked throughout but Sika had been going in and out of the conversation. The cousins knew something was up other than a bad test grade.
  36. 36. “Siksika.” Koko stopped her in the hallway after lunch. “Hmm?” “What are you contemplating?” Siksika looked around to make sure no one heard her before she spoke about her visions. When she finished telling her, Koko’s eyes widened at what she had learned. “Are you certain of when this will occur?” Koko asked. “No, I couldn’t get that far, it was blocked.” Sika replied sadly.
  37. 37. They were able to warn Crow and Sinopa then Sinopa telepathically warned Rozene as well, but they weren’t sure of what was going to happen or how to tell the younger kids.
  38. 38. Meanwhile, back at the elementary school. Jacy and another classmate were competing to see who could do the most cartwheels in two minutes, in gym class. “I bet you a piece of gum I can do more than you” Jacy told the boy confidently. “You’re on Azure!” he replied.
  39. 39. “Haha beat that!” Jacy cheered. “Hey You cheated that last one wasn’t a full cartwheel!” “Yes it was! I won, admit it!” “Wait-”
  40. 40. Up on the balcony, above the gym, Ohanko and Dyami were walking along when Ohanko had a crazy idea. The boys looked down to where his cousin and sister’s gym class were. “Hey dude what if I decided to jump down from here to the bleachers?” He asked mischievously. “ ’Hanko, I don’t think you can fly what if you don’t survive?” Dyami asked, concerned for his twin brother’s safety. “Let’s just get that book from the library like we told Miss Benadetto.”
  41. 41. “Oh come on ‘Yami It’s not that far.” Ohanko argued. “You’re such a chicken!”
  42. 42. Ohanko climbed over the safety bar and he stood there and made his way across the narrow ledge. “OHANKO DON’T!” Dyami cried, which caught the attention of the gym teacher.
  43. 43. Ms. Tempest turned her attention to the boy on the ledge who was smiling mischievously. “OHANKO HUNICKE! Get down from there!!” she ordered.
  44. 44. Adoette saw her brother and immediately ran across the hall to the principal’s office. “Mr. Thompson! Ohanko got over the bar on the second floor!”
  45. 45. The gathering students caused a lot of commotion as they all ran over to see what was happening . “Look I have an audience!” Ohanko said excitedly. “Now presenting the Amazing Ohanko as he gets ready to jump to the –” His words were cut short by someone grabbing him from behind.
  46. 46. “Oh no you don’t Ohanko Hunicke!” Mr. Thompson, along with the help of Mr. Hewitt, the 4th to 8th grade science teacher were able to get him back over the railing. “Oh come on dude I would have made it!” The six year old complained. “That is not the point, it's dangerous and you should know better.” The principal scolded.
  47. 47. “Alright everyone back to your classes” the principal called to those in the hallway. “We are calling your parents Ohanko” He said sternly to him.
  48. 48. Dyami couldn’t find Ohanko in the throng of other students and he sprinted to the library, hovering above the ground every once in a while. He needed that book, along the way he thought about whether or not he should head to the principal’s office. He didn’t do anything wrong so maybe he shouldn't go, even though he felt like a piece of him was missing when his brother wasn’t there.
  49. 49. “Your brother is awesome! Why aren’t you as cool as him?” A student asked Adoette as she stood there looking nervous. “Hey you! Don’t say she’s not cool, Adoette is the coolest person ever!” Jacy cried as she came to the defense of her cousin. "Jacy please, watch your temper!” Adoette begged, “You know what happens when you lose-”
  50. 50. It was too late Adoette could see her cousin’s temper rising as the gym floor started to feel warm. She whimpered making note of all the escape routes, like she had done before in the science lab.
  51. 51. Screams were heard from the gym as a fire sprouted from the floor Adoette was able to regain herself long enough to pull the fire alarm.
  52. 52. Once the fire department had determined that it was safe, the kids were able to return to the last few minutes of class and continue on with their other classes.
  53. 53. Down the street, around 1:30pm, the high schoolers were all heading home. Sika, Crow, Koko, Rozie and Sinopa always came home together. They left a little later than usual because Koko was asked to fix a problematic computer in class, Sinopa had to ask a teacher for some history help; Rozene had been catching up with a new boyfriend and Crowfoot was adjusting the telescope in science.
  54. 54. Siksika was waiting patiently by the plaza gate as one of them always did. She spent a lot of time trying to recall her psychic powers though it was progressing without much luck. Although she couldn’t predict anything definitive, she certainly felt something was off that day.
  55. 55. Lost in her thoughts, she was suddenly caught off guard when she felt a sharp pain like something had penetrated her neck; then everything went black.
  56. 56. Eventually, the other four made it to the gate and were curious as to why Sika wasn’t there. Sika was never late if she knew she had to be somewhere, something was wrong. “Siksika?” Sinopa called, but there was no answer. “Maybe she got sick of waiting and went home” Rozene replied. “She would not do that.” Koko replied. “Maybe I could-” Crowfoot started.
  57. 57. Before he could finish, everyone felt something prick them in the necks.
  58. 58. It was about 4 pm, the younger children headed home from school. They had to wait for Ohanko to finish his detention it did give them some time to finish up their homework though. Just like the older kids, the younger ones always walked home together and just like the older kids, they never made it home...
  59. 59. Pocahontas glanced at the clock, the kids were late. They would usually be home by now, what could be keeping them? She began to get nervous this was not like them. She took some deep breaths and tried to calm down, maybe they had to stay after school for something or the teachers asked for help cleaning up. She jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder.
  60. 60. “Want me to call your brother’s house? Maybe they went over there and forgot to tell us?” Her husband’s soothing words calmed her down a bit, as he started to rub her back. “Yeah, Maybe they went over there.” Pocahontas replied.
  61. 61. Joel kissed his wife and suggested that she sit down for a bit, while he went over to the phone to dial the Hunickes.
  62. 62. Danielle had been home for a while and she was sure that her younger children had left the school, it was only three blocks away. She knew they would stay after with Ohanko who had detention until four and her older children had left around 1:30; they hadn’t returned yet either. Danielle figured that maybe they stopped somewhere for lunch or something. At ten to five there was still no sign of any of her children.
  63. 63. “Where could they be?” Danielle wondered. Both schools were on the same block and it wasn't that far of a walk, maybe ten minutes or so. She knew all her kids had missed the bus because of what they had been doing. ( a call from Sinopa around one had told her that and the call from the elementary school principal)
  64. 64. The phone rang at that moment as Danielle went to answer it. “Hello?” She said. “Hey Danielle It’s Joel.” Joel said on the other line. “Joel I’m glad you called. Do my kids happen to be over at your place?” There was a silence before Joel answered. “I was going to ask you the same question”
  65. 65. “That’s odd, did you call Crow or Sika’s cells yet?” “Not yet but maybe I should. I’ll call back with any news thanks Danielle” “You’re welcome man, I’ll try my kids’ cells as well then I’ll call over to Oliver’s” “Alright call here if anything” “Will do man, thanks for the info.”
  66. 66. Joel looked at the phone after he hung up with Danielle and wondered who to call first. Probably Sika she’d be most likely to answer right away, she always did. It worried Joel that he couldn’t get a hold of his baby girl when her phone went to voice mail. “Hey butterfly, its dad please call as soon as you get this message.” Joel then tried Crowfoot, who also didn’t answer.
  67. 67. Danielle called all three of her girls as well and not one of them answered their cells so she called Oliver next. “Oliver are my kids over there?” “No but four of my kids are here... Gahh!! Sebastian!! lets hurry and get you in the bathroom. Gotta go bye sorry sis.”
  68. 68. The kids were nowhere to be found, Danielle, who was usually so strong and calm about things, started to wring her hands. She loved her kids more than anything in the world and she didn’t know what she’d do if she lost them.
  69. 69. Joel talked to Danielle again and updated each other the news, their kids were no where to be found. He stared at the phone and looked up as Pocahontas came in wondering what was taking so long. “What’s going on honey?” Pocahontas asked worried. Joel sat down on a bench in the kitchen head in his hands.
  70. 70. “Powhatan and Danielle’s kids are missing too.” Joel finally said to his wife. Pocahontas didn’t know what to say, she was silent and worried but Joel noticed something else was different about her. “We need a plan. I think I may have an idea who the cause of this is.” She said with an unusually strict tone. Joel didn’t know what to say so he just listened to her, but first she needed to do one other thing.
  71. 71. Pocahontas, as her mother had done all those years ago, stopped over at the Simself house.
  72. 72. “Hey Gem, we have a problem.” Ryan called from the computer in the meeting room. Ryan turned around when she didn't reply. “Ok seriously, Where are you?”
  73. 73. “POW-DAN FORMMMMM!!”* Three voices came from behind. *thanks to Mystery and Ani-mei for the couple name for Pow and Dani
  74. 74. “Pow what?” Ryan said, he noticed the three simselves in ninja costumes, posing. Ryan blinked. “I was going to ask, but I really should be used to this by now.” Ryan replied with a sigh of defeat.
  75. 75. “Anyway, we have a huge problem.” Ryan said as he turned back to the computer. Sim Gem removed her ninja mask and looked at the screen to see what he was talking about. She noticed that Suni had captured the legacy kids, then the doorbell rang. “Mystery, Ani-Mei could one of you get that please?” Sim Gem said, as she placed herself into the computer chair.
  76. 76. The two simselves went to the door to answer it, on the other side they saw current heiress Pocahontas with an unusually sombre look on her face.
  77. 77. “What did we have for them again?” “I believe it was Jocahontas*” “Hey you two, where is ShadowGem?” Pocahontas asked. The two simselves glanced at each other and pointed toward the simself meeting room. *also thanks to Mystery and Ani-mei I for their couple name for Poc and Joel.
  78. 78. Pocahontas made her way toward the room where she saw SimMe working ferociously on the computer with Ryan looking on. “It’s not letting me do anything! I have to-” “What is going on? Do you know where my kids and their cousins are?" Pocahontas demanded. “Oh boy.”
  79. 79. Noticing the scene that appeared on the computer, Shadow Gem quickly turned around to face Pocahontas. She didn't want her to see what was going on. “Hey Pocahontas, what’s up?” Gem asked nervously.
  80. 80. The scene on the computer was that of the kids and teens in different cages, in what appeared to be a dungeon of some sort. Each of them was in the process of regaining their consciousness. “Guys, where are we?”
  81. 81. The camera zoomed in on the one asking the question, the youngest of the cousins Dyami. He looked around and saw he was in a cell with his cousin Crowfoot. His twin brother was on the opposite side of the room.
  82. 82. "I am not entirely positive sibling, I have never encountered such a strange dwelling previously." Koko replied from the next cell. The room was silent except for a certain girl banging on the cell.
  83. 83. “Jacy what are you doing?” Sinopa asked her cell mate. She growled and put her hands on the brick walls trying to use her powers to get out of there, she wanted to get them all out. “We have to get outta here!” Jacy replied.
  84. 84. “What are we gonna do!?” Adoette asked, she sounded terrified. Sika had been sitting silently in the corner, her powers still weren't working.
  85. 85. She put her hands on her head, how did she do this before? She had some control usually, she had trained herself to control but it felt like something was missing. Her mind was swimming as her siblings and cousins tried to figure what they could do and where they were. Sika remembered the last vision she received. “Suni.” Sika finally said aloud.
  86. 86. “Quiet you guys, Sika wants to say something!” Jacy said, as the others fell silent to listen.
  87. 87. Siksika stood up and went toward the front of the cell. “Suni, she’s the one who wiped out the Lenmanians when grandma was a baby. She’s been after us all these years, she almost killed our mom and your dad before we were born. Suni wants to get rid of us too so she can finish what she started.” Sika explained. “How do you know all this?” Rozene asked.
  88. 88. “From the time I first became a child, I’ve had visions; past, present, future. I can’t always control when they happen, or where they happen. The only thing I was able to get control of was knowing what to study for tests and quizzes.” Siksika explained to her cousins.
  89. 89. “You mean you cheat?” Adoette’s eyes widened at her cousin’s confession. “No of course not, I only see the questions NEVER the answers, I wouldn’t use my powers for that.” “Oh.”
  90. 90. Sika shook her head she knew she wasn't a cheater, she was taught better than that. She would never even let someone cheat off of her, it was dishonest. Sika hoped that her siblings and cousins would know better and to not use their powers to gain unfair advantages. “But I’m not the only one who has powers in this room, or even in this cage.”
  91. 91. Everyone looked at each other; they did have something special about them. Siksika and her precognition, Koko and her photographic memory as well as her computer and book smarts, Crowfoot could communicate with other worlds, both sets of twins were telekinetic as well as telepathic with each other, Rozene had super strength, Sinopa could turn invisible, Jacy was a pyrokinesis user, Adoette was empathetic especially with animals, Dyami could fly, and Ohanko’s powers hadn’t shown yet but he was sure he had something too.
  92. 92. Rozie’s eyes glittered at her cousin's mentioning of powers. She looked at the bars of the cage and felt the coolness of the metal in her hands as gripped them, what if she could tear the door off of it and set herself free? A crack through the air caused Rozie to let go of the bars.
  93. 93. The nine of them faced towards the sound; there stood a woman who looked no older than their mothers and fathers. She was wearing the clothing that grandma Aiyana described in her stories of their people’s history.
  94. 94. Siksika knew this woman as Suni, the one she had been seeing in her visions. It was odd to see her in person after all these years. This was no vision; this was the real thing. They were in the same dungeon as the one she had seen before, it was really happening...
  95. 95. “Well, well, well, what do we have here? Four children and five teenagers, all of Lenmanian blood.” Suni began. She went over to where Sika was standing, she gripped her chin tightly in her hand. Suni laughed to herself. “You must be the heiress, it’s always the oldest child, never a younger one. One of the rules of the bloodline.”
  96. 96. “I only wanted you but it looks like I have eight other gifts as well. I guess I could have a little fun with them, the more of you brats that I get rid of, the better things will be.” Suni chuckled. From behind her Ohanko had started to imitate Suni; Sinopa, Koko and Dyami kept trying to get him to stop but it was no use.
  97. 97. Suni spun around to face the cage Ohanko was kept in, she glared at him. “Are you mocking me?” “What if I am? What are you going to do about it give me detention?” Ohanko said defiantly.
  98. 98. Dyami watched from the cage he shared with Crowfoot, he worried about what this Suni lady was going to do to his twin brother. The six year old closed his eyes and sent a telepathic message to him. “Ohanko please don’t egg her on, you're going to get yourself killed or something.” he sent.
  99. 99. “She’s not that scary Dyami. She’s just like the mean secretary at school, all bark and no bite.” He replied telepathically to his brother. “But Sika said she killed the whole tribe and tried to kill daddy and Aunt Pocahontas, please stop making her mad... ” Dyami replied.
  100. 100. “Why you little brat wipe that stupid smirk off your face!!” Suni said angrily. “But this is my normal face” Ohanko replied casually. He jumped up to hold onto the bars of the cage and met Suni’s angry eyes with his own.
  101. 101. Suni’s anger rose much like Jacy’s would when she got mad, but instead of fire power everyone could feel a strange power fill the room. Suni was mumbling something under her breath. No one knew what was happening all they saw was a force that pushed Ohanko off the bars of the cage and his body skidded across the brick floor then they heard a sickening crack.
  102. 102. Suni looked at her work and smiled evilly. “That will show you brats not to mess with me.” Ohanko continue to lie limp on the floor, they were afraid to even make a sound. Adoette could feel a mix of pain, anger and sadness from those in the room. She felt a strong urge to cry but she was too afraid to.
  103. 103. Suni went back over to the cage with Siksika in it, she grabbed the teenager’s arm painfully before she could go over and comfort her cousin. Adoette looked as though she was about to burst into tears at any moment. “You, my darling Siksika, are coming with me.”
  104. 104. Suni used her powers to weaken the molecules of the bars and Sika as she pulled her through them. “Where are you taking me?” Sika cried. “Don’t ask stupid questions or you’ll end up like the little boy over there.” Suni threatened. Ohanko was struggling to get up from his spot.
  105. 105. As the two of them went past the cage that held Jacy and Sinopa, Jacy ran up to the front of the cage. “Where are you taking my big sister you witch??” Jacy cried, as sparks started to come from her fingers.
  106. 106. Before Jacy’s powers could manifest, Suni caused a gust of wind to blow her back on to the cold floor, extinguishing her sparking hands. “You don’t need to know brat; this is between me and her. I’m surprised it doesn’t bother you that your big sister would have carried on the line and you would be left in the dust.” Suni replied sharply.
  107. 107. Jacy struggled against the gust of wind and forced herself back to her feet. She glared at the evil woman; Suni remained stoic. “Siksika---” Jacy rarely used her older sister’s full name, again a powerful gust of wind pushed her back to the ground and held her there.
  108. 108. The group watched as Suni disappeared with Siksika. Worry gripped the kids as they imagined what Suni was going to do to Sika.
  109. 109. Adoette looked over to the cage her younger brother was in, he started to get up from the floor. He refused to cry even though his arm hurt really badly, Ohanko pulled himself into a sitting position as he examined the awkward angle of his arm.
  110. 110. He was wondering how he was going to explain it once they got out of there, if they got out of there. All of a sudden he felt a warmth fill his whole body as it concentrated on his arm. Within seconds the arm returned to its normal shape, Ohanko could feel the pulling of his bones back together as he regained control of his fingers. “Whoa!” The boy flinched.
  111. 111. The glowing from Ohanko’s cage surprised everyone else. They now knew what his power was: regeneration. “Okay, now that’s pretty cool!” Jacy finally said.
  112. 112. Ohanko went to the edge of his cage and looked over at his twin mischievously. “See? I would have survived that fall back at school if the principal didn’t stop me.” Ohanko declared proudly. The room was filled with the sounds of heads hitting their palms.
  113. 113. Back at the simself house Pocahontas was staring at Shadow Gem, while Ryan took control of the computer to see what he could do. “Where are they!?” Pocahontas demanded a second time. “First of all Pocahontas calm down, take a seat." Shadow Gem replied calmly. “Where?” Pocahontas asked. SG looked around the room at all the seating.“Pick a color.” Pocahontas sat down, SG followed her and sat next to her on the couch.
  114. 114. Pocahontas admired the comfort level of these colored couches, interesting design for the simselves. It matched the room quite well, who said a meeting room had to be boring? “Okay where to begin? Lets just say, hypothetically, that there was a glitch in the system.” SG started. “What kind of glitch?” Pocahontas asked, while looking suspiciously at her.
  115. 115. SG was slightly stunned at the change of tone in Pocahontas since she got there. How was she going to explain the situation to the heiress? “For example, losing control of what is going on, on the Isle.”
  116. 116. “What are you saying? You have no control what is going to happen to my family! Aren’t you like a goddess can’t you gain you’re control back?” Pocahontas asked. “Yes and no” SG said. “but I know where they are but we have to get everyone together to save them.”
  117. 117. “Why do we need everyone?” “Because the person who took them, has been gathering their power for generations. She’s become pretty powerful. It is draining my power as a simself. Hopefully the kids will try to get out from the inside while we work on getting them out from the outside.” SG explained. “It’s Suni isn’t it?” Pocahontas asked quietly. “I’m afraid so.”
  118. 118. “I should have known. I should have paid more attention to Sika’s visions. She saw that Suni was coming to power, she saw what Suni was doing to her, killing off any friend she made outside of the family. How is she going to be heiress, if she doesn’t trust long enough to keep a relationship?” Pocahontas said with her head in her hands.
  119. 119. “Weeelllll,” Ani-Mei started as she and Mystery walked into the room, “She can always have a sperm donor.” Ani-Mei finished matter-of-factly. A look from Pocahontas and a poke in the ribs by Mystery, quieted her. “I will not have any of my children unmarried before they have kids!” Pocahontas stood up and stated.
  120. 120. “Okay it was just a suggestion, it worked so well, in--” Ani-Mei started, but she trailed off. “ANYWAYS, Gem when should we call everyone for the meeting?” Mystery asked. “First of all we need Pocahontas to call over to her family. We need everyone here for the meeting.” SG mentioned as she motioned to Pocahontas. “I will go into the entertainment room and gather all the others.”
  121. 121. Pocahontas moved aside as she used the phone to call her parents, husband, brother and Sister in law; while Ani-Mei and Mystery talked at the other end of the room in whispers. “What was that all about?”Ani-mei asked. “They aren’t ready for that yet.”
  122. 122. Pocahontas used the phone near the computers to call her home at first and then Powhatan and Danielle’s. Pocahontas had to give directions to them of how far down the street the house was and which door to go to.
  123. 123. Everyone eventually made it into the meeting room and grabbed a quick bite to eat before sitting down to talk amongst themselves. SG saw her legacy folks sitting next to their spouses in a few different rows. SG was at the podium trying to figure out how she was going to start the meeting.
  124. 124. “Ladies, gentlemen, simselves and legacy folk; welcome to the Colorful Meeting room.” She started. “Do we all know why I have called you here to this meeting? Even if you did I’m going to tell you anyway, we have some missing children nine of them to be exact, according to their families they have yet to return home from school.”
  125. 125. “Shouldn’t we send some missing children reports to the police or something?” Sami suggested. “This is not something the cops can handle. Since I already know who has taken them.”
  126. 126. “Well if you already know who took them why don’t you track them down and get them back.” P asked. “It’s not that easy with who we’re dealing with” “Then who are we dealing with?” Amber who was sitting next to P asked.
  127. 127. “We are dealing with a woman who’s power has grown for generations. She is a killer and has already killed many, she didn’t hesitate to kill off the Lenmanian natives because of jealousy. Aiyana was lucky to have survived and we have finally made some progress. The fact that I have lost some control over what happens here tells me that her power as grown. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has started to establish an army. We have to stop her before it’s too late, we have to save those kids.”
  128. 128. After SG’s speech everyone in the room started to talk amongst themselves, trying to figure out how they were going to fight this being and her army.
  129. 129. “Shadow Gem how are we going to do this?” Fritz stood up and asked.
  130. 130. The scene flashes back to Sika sitting in a small odd room. She was sitting in a chair struggling to get up. She had a bad feeling about this room, she didn’t like it one bit. The room had shelves around it the shelves had a hodgepodge of things on them. There was also a cauldron and a spell book as well as a weird looking bookcase. Sika struggled again to get up off of that chair but it was like she was tied down by invisible ropes.
  131. 131. Siksika heard a crack and Suni appeared out of nowhere. Suni stared at Siksika she had her she had the little heiress tied up with magic ropes she couldn’t escape, who’s powers were currently disabled. Watching the teenager struggle made her smile. “First born daughter, the heiress, the line is supposed to continue through you. But you know what I refuse to allow that to happen. Killing you right away seems too easy.” Suni said to her, Suni had a habit of “playing with her food” before she actually killed them.
  132. 132. Siksika stared the woman down, she wasn’t one to get mad easily, Sika had always been easygoing but this was crossing the line. She captured her family members, she disabled Sika’s powers by putting a mental block on them, and she was a killer! “History may pass through the female line of Lenmanian blood, but anyone born of a native is still a Lenmanian Indian.” Sika recited loudly.
  133. 133. Sika remembered back to all the times her mother and grandmother would tell them about the natives. There was a lot about the history of their people that was how they learned about them. Jacy was the one who asked most of the questions.
  134. 134. “If you really wanted to take over the line you would have to have a child of your own. And obviously you don’t.” Siksika said. Suddenly she felt something cut her face as she felt the warm blood start to seep from the wound. She didn’t see anything other than Suni staring at her, it must have been magic.
  135. 135. Suni didn’t say anything to her great great niece’s comment. She just stared at her, smiling evilly.
  136. 136. Back in the dungeon the cousins were planning their escape, one had kept an ear out for the crack in the air. Nothing came. “I don’t think I want to know what she’s going to do with us.” Said Adoette nervously.
  137. 137. Crowfoot was thinking to himself while the others discussed an escape plan as he sat down. “If there was any way I could contact the aliens I could ask which of them are closest to here, then see if they can zap down here and get us out.”
  138. 138. “It is impossible to determine if a close enough planet with living humanoids, is in range to extract us from this this dwelling within the next few days.” Koko replied. “Actually a few nights ago the Platans passed by on their way to their planet of Tierra.”
  139. 139. “Ok people enough of this alien talk, how about we first figure out how to get out of here ourselves.” Jacy interrupted. Jacy was already annoyed that she couldn’t use her powers here because of what she learned in science class; if she tried to light the room on fire the stone and metal would absorb the heat causing the room to turn into an oven and they would be done like a turkey on Thanksgiving.
  140. 140. “We have to find big sister first though, this Suni lady is definitely bad news.” Jacy put a fist to her palm. “She’s powerful too which could cause problems, but she’s not the only one who has powers. Maybe we were born with these powers for this reason, to defeat this woman and whatever minions she has.”
  141. 141. "I like your point Jay, but before we do anything shouldn’t we, ya know, try to escape these cages first?” Rozene said sarcastically. “Well yes but that shouldn’t be a problem unless that Suni-lady catches us. We would have to make it quick. Older cousin Rozie don’t you have super strength or something?” “I thought you’d never ask.” Rozene smirked.
  142. 142. Rozie grabbed the bars of the cage and used her strength to pull the door off of its hinges she was surprised at how easy it was for her to do. The tough teenager smirked and wiped her hands off as she made way over to the cage that held Dyami and Crowfoot; she was able to loosen it a little before the familiar crack was heard in the air.
  143. 143. She tried to make it back to her cage, but Suni had caught her. “How did you get out?!” Suni yelled. Rozie froze, she didn’t want to reveal to their captor that she had powers. It would be best for Suni not to know so they wouldn’t have to save another family member as well as Sika. “The gates were loose bitch, how else would I have gotten out?” Rozie said in typical Rozie fashion.
  144. 144. Suni’s gut said that there was a possibility that there was more than the doors were loose but her mind refused to admit it. These kids couldn’t have powers since their parents never had any and it was only Aiyana who had them and hers were nothing to worry about. Suni used her magic to get Rozene back into her cage then magicked all the doors shut so the kids couldn’t get out. Suni had other plans for them.
  145. 145. “Power word: PAIN” Suni called aloud. The magic hit each of the kids individually, who all gave shrieks of pain, as they curled up in their cages waiting for it to stop. Suni laughed at the kids and how weak they were before cracking out of the room.
  146. 146. Sinopa who was nearest to her when she used it felt the spell the most, she was still in pain a little longer than the rest moments after Suni left. “Ok this witch needs to go down!” Jacy said angrily, looking at her older cousin. “We have to burn her alive.” Jacy’s fingers started to produce flames. “Please don’t burn us alive first Jay.” Sinopa said as the pain wore off.
  147. 147. “Oh damn sorry” She said as she tried to calm herself down, putting out her flames. “OK! we need a good plan, we have to get out of here and we have to save Sika!” Jacy declared. “Sinopa, Dyami what are your powers? I know Crow’s, sorry that we can’t contact the aliens here though. I figured out Koko’s and Adoette’s, we already know Rozene’s, I’m a pyro, Ohanko’s we all know. We need to find a way to use them. ”
  148. 148. “We also have to get out of here as well, magicking cages shut really isn’t going to work against super strength, since the bars are still there. I’m pretty sure Suni doesn’t know about us having powers. That may prevent a normal teenager from getting out but not a super teenager.” Crowfoot said striking a pose. “You are such a geek big brother, but you have a point.” Jacy replied. “Da dada daaaaa!” Crowfoot struck a pose.
  149. 149. “We must be timely in our efforts to figure out our quandary before our tormentor returns. I have been contemplating solutions.” The eldest one in the group said with a slight smirk. There were a lot of things she had been thinking of this whole time, it was why she had been so quiet. Koko had been studying Suni, her cousins, and siblings as well as surveying the room in which they were kept, using her own brain to come up with something that could work.
  150. 150. Sika’s struggles had caused her more harm than good. Each time she struggles Suni would do one of two things: 1) Use her magic to physically hurt the girl Or 2) Use that same magic to send torturous images including Siksika with all boys and the rest of her family dying off quicker than she could save them. Images of Siksika failing the legacy.
  151. 151. When Suni would ever leave Sika spent more time thinking. Could she really do this? Could she really carry on the legacy? Suni’s torture started to take its toll on the poor girl. She knew Suni was just playing with her and those things wouldn’t happen, because Suni would be defeated but not just by her but by all of those who were wronged by the woman’s terror.
  152. 152. “You know it’s true. A legacy is generational the only way to take it over is if you have a child, who marries and had kids of their own, and so on.” Siksika said quietly. Suni growled at the girl’s comment. She knew this but her choice of using what she did to live so long had a price. Like the vampires and zombies who also lived so long, there was a slim to none chance of having children.
  153. 153. “What are you going to do to my family? You’ve got me, isn’t that what you wanted? The first born daughter, the one who would carry it on. Why do you have to keep them where they are? Why can’t you just let them go?” Siksika said, pleading for her siblings and cousins. “Why?” Suni broke from her thoughts. “Well that’s a stupid question.”
  154. 154. “I could let them go but only if you do something for me.” Suni replied. “What? What do you want from me?” Siksika looked up at her captor. “Abandon you’re family and join mine, you will be my daughter. I can enhance your powers. You will be able to see more than the test questions. You would be able to read minds see the past, present and future and even control people’s thoughts and memories….” Suni started as Sika felt the release of the magic ropes.
  155. 155. Sika stood there listening to Suni. The woman was going on and on about all the power she would gain by joining her. There was a lot to it, but what would Siksika do with all of that power? She could do so much with everything Suni was telling her, but would she let herself fall to that level? The teenager pondered the pros and cons when she finally came to a decision.
  156. 156. “Suni” Siksika said finally. “Yes?” “I refuse to leave my family to join with the enemy!” The teenager cried. “Well then you will pay for your refusal!” Suni yelled angrily.
  157. 157. A flash and some magic later Suni uncovered a window behind which stood a large army of what looked like Zombies. They had blue rotting skin and yellowish eyes, each one limped from place to place in the room in which they were kept pounding on the walls to be let out. Many of which, wore the clothing of the tribe. These were the people Suni had killed, at least those from the Lenmana Native tribe.
  158. 158. “Some of them will be sent down to your cousins in the dungeon. They are ravenous, they haven't had a good meal in days. The rest of them will be sent to feed on any residents of Lenmana.” Suni said with an evil smirk. What had Sika done? Her refusal put her whole family in danger, it was times like this one she wished her powers would just work. She could have stopped all of this from happening.
  159. 159. “What are you going to do with me?” Siksika asked softly, feeling defeated. Sika never got a straight answer but she could feel the woman’s cold eyes staring her down. How much more torture could Siksika handle from this woman before she finally gave in? How would Sika save everyone from the doom that would come?
  160. 160. The zombies were to be sent out to their destinations by the next morning’s sunrise into the dungeon and into a field where they could feed freely. Their minds only wanting one thing, to feed on the souls and bodies of the residents of the Island.
  161. 161. Although, both groups of monsters had a few things to deal with…
  162. 162. The zombies in the dungeon looked around and could find no bodies to feed on, what they did notice was that the cage doors were torn off.
  163. 163. The ones in the field were faced with another challenge…
  164. 164. Simselves, family members and others armed and ready.
  165. 165. “GEM! Are you serious another cliffhanger!?”
  166. 166. “You still all love me though!” SG teased.
  167. 167. Thank you to all of those creators of the CC I have used in my game, as well as the simselves of the writers and other people who I also have in my game. Also a big thanks to my beta. I also like to thank Boolprop, Powerpoint , and Slideshare for also helping and hosting my story.
  168. 168. Will the simselves be able to defeat Suni’s Zombie Army? What else does Suni have planned for Sika? What happened to the other kids? Tune in next time for another chapter of Forever Flowing: The Azure Legacy!