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Forever flowing 3.5


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Forever flowing 3.5

  1. 1. This legacy is loosely based off of Native Americans and traditions. Native American namesusually linked to the tribe of that generation. This generation is Blackfoot Indians. Only femalescan inherit, everyone should have hobby enthusiasm in “Nature” “Music and Dance”, and “Arts and Crafts”, basically we have a lot of creative folks here. (other hobbies are acceptable too these just are the most important). Names will all be related to the tribe for that generation in some way. Or nature related names if I run out.
  2. 2. Last chapter we left off with news that Siksika, had disappeared. But not before attending her best friend‟s wedding and passing the heirship onto her younger sister Jacy-Nova. No clue? Then please read previous chapters. If you understand, chapter 3.5 awaits you!
  3. 3. Jacy‟s mouth hung open for a moment at the news that her older sister had gone. Sheremembered Koko‟s wedding and nothing seemed wrong with Siksika at all. Jacy knew that Sika told their parents that Jacy was now the new heiress of the Azure line, but it didn‟t help that the news of her missing caused a stir.
  4. 4. “What do you mean she‟s gone mom?” Jacy finally said. “Last time I saw her was last night before she went to bed and when she didn‟t come forbreakfast I worried and checked her room. And I saw a note saying that she was leaving for some time and not to worry. But I don‟t know where she went so of course I‟m worried!” “Did you try calling her?”
  5. 5. “That was the first thing I did. She didn‟t answer, I left a message. I hope she got it.”
  6. 6. “I‟ll tell them to try to contact her as well. The more we have the better of a chance to figureout her whereabouts.” Jacy finally broke the silence . After saying her goodbyes to her mother Jacy hung the phone up.
  7. 7. Her thoughts raced as she tried to figure out where Siksika could have gone. It wasn‟t like her sister to just go off without telling anyone of her whereabouts. If anything she could have atleast told their mother or Jacy herself. Jacy was heiress now, shouldn‟t she know these things?
  8. 8. Jacy called a meeting of her college bound family members. They wondered what could havecaused this sudden get together that didn‟t include togas or juice. She stood in front of them figuring out how to start.
  9. 9. “Ok Azures and Hunickes Listen up!” Jacy started getting the attention of her family members.Jacy had always been one to speak bluntly, unlike her older sister Siksika who would think before she spoke. She had been this way from the time she was a child, the habit just continued as she grew up.
  10. 10. “What is it Jay?” Crowfoot was the first to say something.
  11. 11. “We have a dilemma here!” She continued. “As you know, Siksika passed down the heirship to me right before she graduated and as heiress I have to take control of the family once the time comes. I just got a note that said Siksika is missing. She didn‟t tell mom, dad or our grandparentsof her whereabouts all she left for them was a note. I obviously have no idea and I was curious to if any of you have any information?”
  12. 12. The room became noisy as the others tried to find out information from each other.
  13. 13. “I‟m sorry Jacy. I don‟t think anyone has any information. I hope we find her soon, I can feel the worry in the air and it‟s overwhelming.” Adoette spoke up. “Wait a sec Jay, Do you think she told Koko anything. The two of them were close maybe she let something slip?” Rozene said.“That is a great idea Rozie, why didn‟t I think of that? Alright I will contact Koko the next chance I get. See if she has information. Thank you!” ~*****~
  14. 14. Meanwhile, the Hunickes had their own little situation. Koko had gone into labor with her andZach‟s first child. She gave birth to a healthy little girl they named Oneste, or Nessie for short.
  15. 15. Generation 4‟s theme is the Iroquois Confederacy. Oneste is the Iroquois word for Maize, also known as one of the “three sisters” which also includes Beans and Squash. “The Iroquois believe corn, beans and squash are precious gifts from the Great Spirit, each watched over by one of three sisters‟ spirits, called the De-o-ha-ko, or Our Sustainers". Theplanting season is marked by ceremonies to honor them, and a festival commemorates the first harvest of green corn on the cob.” * *
  16. 16. The Iroquois confederacy is made up of six different tribes: Seneca, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Mohawk, and Tuscarora. The Iroquois started off as just five nations in 1722 the Tuscarora joined the confederacy. They occupied a belt of country extending across the present State ofNew York from the Hudson River to Lake Erie, south of the Adirondack range of great hills, andnorth of the Kaatsbergs, or, as they are commonly called, the Catskill Mountains. During the 17thand 18th centuries they played a strategic role in the struggle between the French and British for mastery of North America. They characterized themselves as “people of the longhouse” also known as The Haudenosaunee. * *Summarized from several sources
  17. 17. Koko looked her daughter in her arms she had her father‟s grey eyes and dark hair. The grey eyes came from generations back, Jim Player now Azure‟s eyes had finally reappeared after three generations.
  18. 18. After feeding her newborn daughter and tucking her into bed Koko was able to get to the phoneto call her cousin back. She had noticed the urgency in Jacy‟s voice at the message. Koko called Jacy back immediately. “Hello?” Her cousin‟s voice answered immediately. “My apologies for my absence. What is your concern Jacy-Nova?”
  19. 19. “Koko” Jacy started. “You and Sika were really close, did she say anything to you after graduation, or the wedding, or at Ellie‟s Birthday Party?” “I would suggest you regain your composure, and express your thoughts” “Siksika is missing.” Jacy replied.
  20. 20. Koko sighed. She did know what Sika‟s plans were the two of them had talked beforehand andSiksika told her to keep it to herself unless they asked. Koko was sure her cousin didn‟t want to worry everyone because she did say she would be back. She just wasn‟t sure when.“Siksika is travelling. She did not want the family to worry because she was planning to return.” Koko finally revealed
  21. 21. Jacy felt a breath of relief leave her body; she hadn‟t noticed that she had been holding it solong until that moment. At least Sika was somewhere but what jogged Jacy‟s mind the most was the fact that Sika never mentioned a trip. “I wish she could have told me” Jacy replied with a bit of annoyance in her voice. “Why did she make this decision?”
  22. 22. “She expressed the need to take some time for herself before returning to her family duties.” Koko said. Although Jacy was still annoyed with the fact that her sister hadn‟t told her, her thoughtsscanned otherwise. Siksika had been through a lot since she was a child, more than the rest of them. Maybe she needed this, something she did have control over. “Thanks Koko”
  23. 23. “You are quite welcome.” Koko answered then she heard Oneste crying in the background. “I must let you go My daughter requests my attention” “Congrats Koko” Jacy said as a smile spread across her face.“Thank you, I wish you much luck. She did not reveal where she was going, she just told me she required a trip.” “Alright, good bye” The cousins hung up.
  24. 24. Jacy Nova turned back to her fellow housemates as well as Ohanko and Dyami. “What‟s up?” Rozene asked. “It turns out Siksika decided to travel. Koko wasn‟t sure where she was going just that she was doing that because she needed to take some time for herself.” Jacy replied. The room felt silent as everyone looked at each other. They all seemed to be thinking similarthoughts according to the looks they were giving each other that moment. What else could they say to that?
  25. 25. “Koko had her baby, a daughter” Jacy broke the silence.“We know. She just texted us pictures.” Adoette Smiled holding up her cell phone. Jacy-Nova nodded as she glanced at the black haired grey eyed baby girl. “Jay, do you want me to call mom and tell her what we know?” Crowfoot offered. “Please and thank you, I‟m sick of talking on the phone”
  26. 26. Crowfoot had called his mother telling her what they knew. Pocahontas tried to get more information from her son keeping him on the phone longer than he had expected to me. Crowfoot didn‟t know anything other than what he was told. All the family had now was patience. They hoped Siksika would contact them in some way,somehow. Although, they now knew what she was up to, they couldn‟t help but worry about what could happen to her on the trip.
  27. 27. It was hard to be patient; Sika hadn‟t called back or sent any postcards. Days passed and everyone tried to contact her through any means. They often wondered if Sika had no reception where she was which would explain the lack of phone calls, or was someplace far from Lenmana Island or the mainland that her postcards and letters were taking a while to get there. There was even a possibility of both. “Hey Siks, it‟s Dyami. I just wanted to say Hi and see how you were doing. Call me back when you can.” ~*****~
  28. 28. Throughout all of this waiting to hear from Siksika, everyone had to concentrate on their own lives. The school year was coming to a close and the seniors would soon graduate university. Rozene, Sinopa and Crowfoot had been working hard to get through this last semester. Crowfoot was staying up late to finish his term paper, at 3 am, he was finally finished.As he saved the file to his zip drive he stretched trying to work out the stiff muscles he had endured from sitting so long in front of the computer. Then immediately sent it off to his professor through Email.
  29. 29. After grabbing a bite to eat from the kitchen, Crowfoot quietly made sure things were locked updownstairs and headed upstairs to his bedroom. His first thought was that he should turn in for the night but before he entered his room he felt something pulling him toward the second storyporch where the telescope had been moved. After a moment of deciding, Crowfoot pushed away from his bedroom door and headed toward the porch. He unlocked the door and went over to the telescope so he could gaze into the night.
  30. 30. He had always lost track of time when he gazed though the telescope. Depending on what was going on that night the time spent on it varied. Tonight was different. It was only a short timebefore he heard a whirring sound, and next thing he knew he was being pulled from the telescope by a UFO tractor beam. He held onto the telescope as long as he could before letting go and letting the multicolored spacecraft take a hold of him. A sweet smell filled the air the closer he got to the ship; he started to feel a sense of euphoria as he disappeared into the ship.
  31. 31. The cousins had been alerted by the whirring sound as they got out of their beds and headed tothe porch. They had witnessed the end of Crowfoot‟s abduction as the tractor beam retracted into the ship as it flew off.
  32. 32. Jacy Nova crossed her arms; the look on her face was a mix of anger and amusement. She moved closer to the telescope as she looked up at the sky. “Can my family members stop disappearing on me? I would really appreciate it!” She called out through gritted teeth. ~*****~
  33. 33. Some time passed before Crowfoot was finally returned to the Greek house. The fogginess his mind had endured while on the ship was starting to fade out; he could still feel a little giggly.That was the first time he was on the Nijite Ship, a ship that easily resembled a rave of some sort with its bright colors and flashing lights, minus the high beat of the club music and adding the sweet smell that caused him to feel giddy.
  34. 34. He walked into the house easily; the door was unlocked as it usually was before the last person turned in for the night. His head slowly turned to his left as he noticed three of his cousin‟s sitting around the television. Sinopa was the first to notice him. “Crow! Crowfoot‟s back!”
  35. 35. Ohanko and Dyami stood up and looked at their cousin who still seemed to be in a daze. “DUUDE! How was the abduction they treat you well?” Ohanko asked half sarcastically, half amused.“It was fiinnee, I think I‟gonna get something to eattt…” Crowfoot said speaking simlish but his words sounded like the way the Nijites spoke in their own language.
  36. 36. Crowfoot glided his way to the kitchen as he opened refrigerator to stuff his face. Adoette was in there at the exact moment as she watched her cousin raided the fridge. She started to pick up a mix of confusion and euphoria. The combination of emotions was strange for her she put her hand to her head. “Are you alright Crowfoot?” she piped up. “Fiinneee, Just really hungryy” “Maybe you should get some sleep after you eat.” Adoette suggested. “Okayyyy” ~*****~
  37. 37. Graduation came later that night; Jacy had woken Crowfoot up from his sleep by lighting a fire under his bum, literally. “YEOWCH! JACY-NOVA! “Crowfoot cried in surprise. He jumped out of bed and rubbed his backside.“Well get up you don‟t want to miss your graduation.” Jacy said as she quickly threw some water on the sparks so it wouldn‟t spread further. She would get someone to fix things later. “Well you didn‟t have to light a fire under my butt!” “Yes I did, now get ready”
  38. 38. Crowfoot readied himself slowly for he was really not feeling too well; he tried to remember whathad left him in this state. Did he spend too much time on the bubble blower? Or drink too muchjuice? He looked at himself in the mirror, then the last thing he remembered clearly came to him. The scene of him being pulled from the telescope by a UFO tractor beam. “Uh oh” Crowfoot‟s brown eyes widened. “Crowfoot!” He heard his parents calling from downstairs. “Coming!” he called back taking one last look at himself in the mirror before heading down.
  39. 39. The graduates greeted their family members before they went on to graduate University, after all their hard work, with some crazy parties thrown in there, they were glad to finally be on their way to their adult lives. The party was a blast and everyone had a good time, which was no surprise to the Greek house members and their families.
  40. 40. Before they knew it Crowfoot Azure, Rozene and Sinopa Hunicke as well as Sean Yest and FelixMahesh were calling cabs to bring them back to where they will be living. Felix and Sean would be making residence on Lenmana Island to be with Sinopa and Rozene. As for their outfits, they faired....well they are wearing clothing….
  41. 41. After the graduates moved back to Lenmana Island Adoette invited her brothers to move into the Greek house. Although they practically already lived there anyway so it was no problem helping them move out of the dorms.
  42. 42. Ohanko and Dyami adjusted well to Greek life. The pleasure sim and a popularity sim never had any problems.
  43. 43. NoProblems At All!!!!
  44. 44. Back on Lenmana Island Crowfoot made his way toward the door of the Azure house andopened it up. He had his carry-on backpack on his back. A child ran up to him to give him a hug, red curly hair and brown eyes like his own Ellie was a cute kid. “BIG BROTHER!” She yelled excitedly. “Are you going to disappear too?”
  45. 45. “Don‟t worry Ellie, I‟m not going anywhere for some time.” Crow replied. He had more of a meaning to that but wasn‟t sure how he would explain to his youngest sisterhow he ended up with an alien baby. He may not have remembered his exact experience; but he was told how aliens impregnate male Sims a while ago.“You better not! Because when Sika disappeared I didn‟t know what to do with myself.” Elouise replied dramatically.
  46. 46. Crowfoot‟s eyebrow‟s widened in amusement at how dramatic Ellie was. He couldn‟t help but chuckle. “She won‟t be gone forever Ellie, she will be back” Crowfoot kissed her head. “But WHEN!?” Ellie asked.“I guess she wants to surprise us” He tried to comfort her, in reality he wished he knew when he would see Siksika again.
  47. 47. “Alright I have to finish unpacking. Do you want to help?” “OK!” Crowfoot went back to the taxi to finish unloading as Ellie helped him out as best as she couldfor a child. It wasn‟t long before the rest of the family helped him move his stuff to his bedroom. ~*****~
  48. 48. Packing took a little longer than expected, Ellie was distracting and the rest of the family kept asking him about his time at school. On top of all of that Crowfoot was feeling fatigued. Pocahontas wondered about him but figured he was probably just tired from the trip back toLenmana Island from the mainland. That was until Crowfoot felt a strange tickling sensation as he stood up from the couch he popped into Maternity clothes. “Oh right, there was one thing I failed to mention.”
  49. 49. Aiyana looked amused at her grandson before offering to tuck Ellie into bed. She had fallenasleep on the couch next to her brother. Pocahontas and Joel gave Crowfoot questioning looks.“So did I tell you that sometimes Alien abductions can lead to pregnancy?” Crowfoot mentioned. “You got yourself abducted, again?” “Well, yeah the night before graduation.”
  50. 50. “So…” Crowfoot sat down again on the couch. “…I don‟t remember exactly what happened that part of my memory is a bit of a fog. I do remember a lot of colors and flashing lights as well as this sweet smell. That‟s it though butaccording to the Kadeerians, they like to experiment with male pregnancy through guys like me.Each abduction of a male has a chance of alien pregnancy. This goes for all the alien races that occur in our universe, at least the ones I know about: Kadeerians, Hyacinthites, Lilia, Blainee, Nijites, Platans, Omaomaons and the Tarakona”
  51. 51. Crowfoot stopped a moment to look at his parents and grandparents who had sat down to listen to his story. “Go on” Aiyana said with a slight smile as if she knew what was going on.“Alright so they take the males into a room where they are placed on a table as an alien embryo isplaced inside those they chose to experiment on. They then make sure the embryo is growing likeany baby and send the males back to where they were abducted from. The race that impregnated the male would observe him from conception to birth, and even through the little alien‟s life to see how they develop in our world.”
  52. 52. “So what your saying is we will have added an alien to our family that will be observed through his or her life starting from the moment they implanted it into you?” Joel summed up trying to get this through his head. “Yes basically” Crowfoot agreed.
  53. 53. The room fell silent as the family took the information in. An alien baby would be interesting for this family who have obviously never had one before. What would it be like to have an alien as part of their family? It was an exciting experience and Lenmanans were always well known for their acceptance of others outside of the tribe. They weren‟t treated any differently than anyone else. In the past Lenmanans would take on orphans and care for them along with their own families. “So like where is it going to come out?” Jim finally broke the silence. ~*****~
  54. 54. The next day was Sinopa‟s wedding and soon enough Felix Mahesh became Felix Hunicke. The wedding took place in the Hunicke‟s backyard.
  55. 55. Most of the family arrived looking wonderful in their dresses and suits, even a pregnantCrowfoot who just looked like he gained a lot of weight. Although, some knew otherwise. The only person missing was Siksika.
  56. 56. They all tried to enjoy themselves as much as they could, it was a wedding after all. Nobody wanted to ruin Sinopa and Felix‟s special day so they put their worries behind them. ~*****~
  57. 57. Back on campus after they had returned from the wedding. They went to change back into their everyday clothing and then Jacy headed outside; she said she‟d see Isaiah tonight. That‟s when she saw the motorcycle and the guy waiting on the front lawn. Isaiah had been smoking, which was revealed when he tossed a small object to the ground and put it out. Isaiah had been acting different lately he had become more possessive and demanding of Jacy.
  58. 58. Jacy remembered having the conversation with her cousins on the ride back to school wherethey had warned her about Isaiah acting this way. This hadn‟t been the first conversation she had with them about this either. “Jacy if he‟s doing that to you he‟s not a good guy. Especially for you who‟s supposed to be heiress.” Ohanko stressed. “Your one to talk Ohanko, your pretty reckless yourself” Jacy side-glanced at her cousin. “I don‟t threaten or become over-demanding of those I date, like what he‟s doing to you.”
  59. 59. “It‟s weird to say Jacy, but Ohanko‟s right. You have to get out of that before it gets worse.” Dyami suggested. “I can take care of myself. I‟m pretty sure I can handle it.” Jacy said through her teeth. “Jacy-Nova can you stop being stubborn and hotheaded for once and listen.” Adoette begged, she could feel the annoyance from Jacy and the worry from her brothers. The cousins didn‟t talk the rest of the ride back to university.
  60. 60. Jacy shook off the memory as she looked back at her boyfriend. “I was just coming to see you!” Jacy replied. “Cool, come on lets go then” he said with annoyance in his voice. He hopped on his motorcycle and urged Jacy to join him. Jacy hesitated as her cousins‟ wordsplayed in her head. Isaiah had gotten impatient and grabbed Jacy‟s arm to pull her on behind him. “What was that for?” Jacy demanded. “You were taking too long and don‟t talk to me like that” Isaiah said.
  61. 61. Theres a calm surrender to the rush of dayWhen the heat of the rolling world can be turned away
  62. 62. An enchanted moment, and it sees me throughIts enough for this restless warrior just to be with you
  63. 63. And can you feel the love tonight It is where we are
  64. 64. Its enough for this wide-eyed wanderer That we got this far
  65. 65. And can you feel the love tonight How its laid to rest
  66. 66. Its enough to make kings and vagabonds Believe the very best
  67. 67. Theres a time for everyone if they only learnThat the twisting kaleidoscope moves us all in turn
  68. 68. Theres a rhyme and reason to the wild outdoors
  69. 69. When the heart of this star-crossed voyager beats in time with yours. “Can you feel the Love tonight” –Elton John
  70. 70. Owen looked up from his hands as he was alerted by someone or something coming up behindhim. He turned around ready to face whatever it was when he saw the face of the girl that had been on his mind for some time now. “JACY!?” He stood from the bench to look at her. “What‟s wrong? Are you ok?”
  71. 71. Jacy took some deep breaths as she could feel the burning tears down her pale face. It was him, Owen, the guy she dated some time ago before she met Isaiah. She hated feeling weak and helpless Jacy was supposed to be the strong heiress in the family. She knew what she did. Jacy went over to Owen and wrapped her arms around him. “Owen, I‟m so sorry” Jacy choked up. “I made a huge mistake”
  72. 72. “Come on sit down Jay. What‟s going on?” Owen said as he gently led her over to the bench.The two of them sat down. That‟s when Owen noticed the mark on her face. His green eyes widened, he removed his hand from her shoulders as he caressed her face. “Jacy…” Jacy removed his hand from the bruise and nodded. “He did it!”
  73. 73. Owen listened to Jacy‟s side of the story as she told him her reasons for breaking up with him.She told him about how things started out and what they lead to. She also revealed how her feelings have changed, her thoughts, now that the reality of being heiress had hit her. “I would never have done any of that to you. No guy should EVER treat a girl in that way. Especially not one as great as you.” “I know Owen, you are nothing like him.”
  74. 74. The two of them walked close to each other, Owen took the street side with Jacy walking next to him. He would protect her if need be especially if Isaiah decided to come looking for her. “I think that one thing that kept me with him was the fact that I liked the thrill of being indanger, but I leaned now that it wasn‟t really me. The longer I stayed the more dangerous things started to get. I admit that there were times when I wanted to get you back but I was too nervous to face you after what I did.”
  75. 75. Owen stopped and looked at Jacy; her blue eyes were honest as they reflected in the moonlight. Owen pushed a piece of red hair from her eyes so he could get a better look at them. A smile spread across his tanned face as he allowed his own hair to fall from his hat. “Jacy-Nova” he started. “You seem fine facing me now” Jacy felt the smile spread across her face at his words. “So I am” “To be honest, I havent seen another girl the same way I saw you. The way I still see you.”
  76. 76. The two of them made their way toward the Greek house. Jacy opened up the door and told Owen to come in. There they met up with Adoette, Ohanko and Dyami.“That‟s not Isaiah” Ohanko replied upon first seeing Owen standing there with his hands in his pockets. Revealing that they had been talking about him. “Ohanko, he wasn‟t on a motorcycle and he was walking slowly with her not yanking.” Dyami replied. “Who are you?” Ohanko demanded.
  77. 77. Owen and Jacy glanced at each other, Owen looked down. He had been around before these two other guys showed up; of course Ohanko and Dyami weren‟t familiar with him. “Ohanko, that‟s Owen Underwood Jacy‟s ex. He‟s harmless.” Adoette stepped in front of her brother with a smile. “It is nice to see you again Owen.” she nodded in the guy‟s direction. Owen replied with a nod. “What happened with Isaiah?” Dyami asked.“It‟s over between us.” Jacy replied pointing to the bruise on her face from Isaiah hitting her. “At least from my point of view.” “Told you so” everyone could hear Ohanko‟s distinct mutter.
  78. 78. The five of them sat down in the TV room to talk. Ohanko and Dyami were officially introduced to Owen. “I ran into him at the park and he offered to walk me home.” Jacy said with a bit of a smile.Jacy was surprised that he hadn‟t ridden his own motorcycle, like he usually did. She figured it wasn‟t the time to ask about it. She knew he was a motorcyclist and that he worked as amechanic. She had to admit that she passed the old garage from time to time, just to see him.
  79. 79. “What do you want to do Jacy?”“I havent officially broken up with him yet. I should go back and give him a good send off” Jacy said “But I would like it if I had help, especially if things get out of hand.” “I‟m in” Owen was the first to stand up. He was followed by Ohanko, Dyami and Adoette.
  80. 80. The night wore on as five figures landed in front of a small college house, on a large piece of land. They pulled their hands from each other Dyami was in front followed closely by his twinbrother; behind him was Owen who had been hanging Jacy who had the petite Adoette as last.
  81. 81. They walked toward the front door of the house in front of them. That‟s when Jacy noticedthat Isaiah was making out with Brigitte; the Brigitte who was also Crowfoot‟s ex girlfriend was looking skanky in the window.
  82. 82. Why they decided to make out there of all places was beyond her concern. This just proved to Jacy that that bad boy she had been dating was none other than another dumbass who usedgirls. This made her wonder how many he had cheated on her with when they were together. Her body was heating up starting at her fingertips.
  83. 83. She was able to compose herself long enough to knock on the door. While she tried to ignorewhat was happening in the window the door opened to reveal a dark skinned, guy with glasses and brown hair that fell in front of half of his face. “Hey girlfriend, are you ok?” The boy asked concerned.This was Desmond Langley a guy the same age as Ohanko and Dyami who had been living with Isaiah since the beginning of the year. The only reason was the fact that their fathers were business partners. Desmond wasn‟t a fan of Isaiah.
  84. 84. “Who is it gayboy?” Isaiah ordered. Isaiah literally was dragging Brigitte with him to get to the door. On the way to there, Jacywatched him push Desmond out of the way. She had liked Desmond he was a nice guy who was a bit insecure.
  85. 85. Ohanko didn‟t appreciate how Isaiah treated Desmond, people like Isaiah were the reason veryfew people knew about Ohanko‟s orientation. In high school he discovered that he was attracted to guys and only guys. Some people weren‟t as accepting of homosexuality as others. His siblings and cousins had always accepted him the way he was, they didn‟t try to force him to go for girls. “Don‟t call him that.” Ohanko crossed his arms mumbling .
  86. 86. Ignoring the comment from Ohanko, Isaiah pulled himself away from the other girl and stared at Jacy.“Go into the kitchen and make me a sandwich” Isaiah ordered Brigitte, smacking her butt as she turned toward the kitchen. Jacy glared at him for treating the other girl like an object. Even though she never liked Brigitte she still hated seeing her treated like that. “Oh look it‟s the little bitch who wouldn‟t let me put her in her place.”
  87. 87. Adoette could feel the tension in the air coming from everyone. She moved closer behind her cousin with the guys. They weren‟t sure when they would have to make a move but by the lookson everyone‟s faces, they were ready. Adoette didn‟t like fighting, at all. She tried her hardest to avoid it. She came to support her cousin, family was more important in this situation.
  88. 88. “Look at you, little girl acting all tough. Makes me wonder why your culture respected women so much, they are only there for a man‟s entertainment. No wonder the Lenmanans died off, they were weak!” Isaiah taunted.
  89. 89. “You are pathetic Isaiah” Jacy replied. “If the Lenmanans have died off why are some of us stillhere” Jacy opened her arms to show off her cousins, she glared at him he knew there were more. She knew Isaiah was trying to bring her down make it so he was the one on a pedestal. She thought back and noticed he always did that to her. Jacy wasn‟t going to take it.
  90. 90. “Why you swine you should never talk to a man like that!” Isaiah went on to smack Jacy. That was when the other four made their move they rushed toward her to prevent him fromhurting her. They weren‟t quick enough after the first smack but Owen was able to stop his hand from the second. “Don‟t you dare!” “Oh it‟s you the lame guy Jacy broke up with so she could date me. And you are more of a loser for standing up for her.” “Because I wasn‟t raised in the past, I was raised to respect women, on an equal level”
  91. 91. Ohanko had started to block out the argument as his eyes fixed on Desmond who struggled to get up. A closer look at the other boy he noticed that Isaiah must have pushed him around often. Why didn‟t he fight back?
  92. 92. “Owen move” Jacy said to Owen. She felt the fire within her become so intense that she wasn‟t sure how much longer she could hold it off. Her temper was rising at the highest level. Jacy was able to control the fire at mostlevels but not when her anger was this high. Her body heated up. Owen looked at her and slowly backed away. “And you let her boss you around too, you really are a loser!” Isaiah laughed.
  93. 93. The others took the warning at watching Owen step away so did the rest. Owen may not have been too familiar with Jacy‟s powers, but the other three had seen how much damage the firecould do. Jacy had more control now then as a child but there was still that level she had yet to master.
  94. 94. Sparks made their way from Jacy‟s fingers as they hit the house and started to burn it. Theflames rose higher and higher making their way up the wall. Isaiah‟s laughter was stopped as he felt the heat from the flames.“What the fuck did you do you little bitch??!!” Isaiah yelled in anger, glancing at her hands. “You are fucking unnatural!” He added as he ran.
  95. 95. Desmond had noticed the first sparks and was trying to get out of the house. Isaiah shoved him into a table which broke upon impact. The flames covered the doors and the ways of escape quickly. Ohanko rushed passed Jacy as he ran into the house. Jacy broke from the trance andnoticed what she had done. She grew fearful as she tried to calm herself down and back away.
  96. 96. Ohanko was in the house he wanted to get Desmond out of there, something about that other boy caused him to want to save him. The look on Ohanko‟s face was in fear as he called outDesmond‟s name through coughs. He could feel the flames lapping against his body. He ignored it to save him.
  97. 97. Once Ohanko found him Desmond had been unconscious. He wasn‟t sure if it was by the impact of Isaiah‟s body or the inhalation of smoke. Without a second thought Ohanko held Desmond and got him out of that house. He brought him to an area safe away from the house where he tried his hardest to help the other guy; Desmond lost his sunglasses in the fire.
  98. 98. “Come on Breathe!”Before long Desmond‟s eyes had opened as he looked at Ohanko. He watched as Ohanko‟s burnsstarted to heal themselves, before looking down at his own body noticing that by the other boy‟s touch, his burns were healing. It was then he recognized Ohanko. “I-I do kn-know you!” What?” Ohanko said his voice unusually high.
  99. 99. Before he could say anything else another look from Desmond reminded him of his teen years. There was one guy when he was a teenager who helped him through the fact that he wasinterested in guys. Ohanko hadn‟t always been comfortable with how his body reacted to other men, until that day. It was him, Desmond the first guy he actually kissed.
  100. 100. “Des!” Ohanko‟s voice returned to its usual tone, he still sounded quite surprised. “ „Hank” The other boy replied.With Desmond‟s glasses off of his face Desmond‟s hazel eyes were seen looking confused as hemet with Ohanko‟s brown eyes. There was nothing said between the two of them for some time.
  101. 101. “Here let me help you up” Ohanko said with a smirk on his face. “You should be all healed by now”Desmond put his hand in Ohanko‟s as he felt himself come to his feet. The two boys faces were close, then Desmond leaned forward more and placed a kiss on Ohanko‟s lips. Ohanko pulled Desmond in a hug.
  102. 102. Meanwhile, the other four sat in front of the burning house as it fell to the ground. Jacy wascloser than her cousins and Owen. She couldn‟t believe she let herself get to that level of anger. She thought she had it under control, which was proven wrong.
  103. 103. ~*****~
  104. 104. With Solan on his trip, Bliss and Euphoria had found their way into the simselves lives. They had proven themselves to be dependable, smart and, according to Ayleen, fun to play with. The simselves saw a lot of Koko in the twins, even if it was in another „verse. They were also veryperky and energetic. Although they were among the simselves they enjoyed spending time with each other.
  105. 105. Ani-Mei, Mystery and SG talked as they went up to the twins that had been living with them for some time now. The twins were also told about the culture here on Lenmana Island and what they respect the most. Now that their mother was out of college Ani-Mei believed that it‟s a good time for Koko to meet them.
  106. 106. “Bliss, Euphoria can we talk to you?” SG asked looking at the teenagers “Of course you can!” Bliss replied happily.The twins stood up moving their concentration from their game to the three simselves standing in front of them. “Ani-Mei” Will you do the honors”
  107. 107. Ani-Mei nodded as she stepped forward and looked at the twins. They were from her „versebrought here to see their mother, as well as live in this „verse as a change from their birth „verse.“Alright you two, Koko, Your mother is out of college married and you have a younger half-sisternamed Oneste here. I believe it might be time for you to see each other. It may be awkward, andyour real father doesn‟t exist here. Zach is a good guy so you should be fine.” Ani-Mei explained.
  108. 108. “That‟s ok! We can figure how to work things out!” Euphoria replied happily.“The culture here is different than Hidden City. I‟m sure you remember what we went over with you.” Ani-Mei said. The twins nodded.
  109. 109. “Alright , ready to see your mom? We will drop you off at her house.”Bliss and Euphoria were extremely excited, they loved living in the Simself house but the reason they came here to Lenmana was to visit Koko. They were finally getting their chance. ~*****~
  110. 110. Koko heard the doorbell; with Oneste in her arms she opened it. Zach follows closely behind also curious to who would arrive at this time of night.
  111. 111. The twins smiled cheerily and waved at Koko and Zach.“HI! We are Bliss and Euphoria! Nice to see you Koko…” “…Or should we say Mom?”
  112. 112. And that will be a good place to end this chapter! I‟m sorry if this chapter seemed a little choppyfor some of you and at times , kind of slow. I also apologize for the two month wait for 3.5 I hope you enjoyed it!
  113. 113. How will University life turn out for Jacy, Ohanko and Dyami? How is Crowfoot going to handle an Alien Baby? How will Koko explain to Zach about Bliss and Euphoria? Where in the world is Siksika Azure?Tune in next time for another exciting chapter of Forever Flowing: The Azure legacy
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