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Forever flowing 3.3


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Forever flowing 3.3

  1. 1.
  2. 2. This legacy is loosely based off of Native Americans and traditions. Native American names usually linked to the tribe of that generation. This generation is Blackfoot Indians. Only females can inherit, everyone should have hobby enthusiasm in “Nature” “Music and Dance”, and “Arts and Crafts”, basically we have a lot of creative folks here. (other hobbies are acceptable too these just are the most important). Names will all be related to the tribe for that generation in some way. Or nature related names if I run out.<br />
  3. 3. We left off last chapter of The Azure Legacy with a cliffhanger about if Siksika Azure and Zach, former Llama mascot now Luyu Angeni Greek House placeholder, were trying to make right, with what went wrong last chapter. If you are reading this and have no clue what I am talking about I suggest reading previous chapters.<br />If you have already read them then ONWARD!<br />
  4. 4. Grayish green smoke filled the small room of the Secret society house. Siksika and Zach could feel themselves coughing through it as they anxiously waited to see if they were successful with returning Koko. <br />
  5. 5. The smoke started to clear around a female figure, It was a bit hard to make out for Siksika and Zach, they could see her figure looking at her arms and legs. It started to dissipate as the toga from the Toga Party was the first to make itself known. A slight outline of Koko’s familiar glasses came next.<br />
  6. 6. Soon enough the smoke had disappeared and Koko continued to stare at her fingers. She wiggled them and she seemed pretty happy to be alive again. She was definitely alive she had no strange colored skin or movements of her body. They had given enough money that she had returned to her normal self. At least that is what they hoped; they also read that sometimes the one who returned has a reversed personality as well as loss in skill points. <br />
  7. 7. A disembodied voice that sounded really deep sounded in the air.<br />“Koko Hunicke has been resurrected! Try not to let her die again.”<br />The voice gave Siksika and Zach shudders but after it had passed the two of them felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of their shoulders. Siksika didn’t have to worry about what to say to her family when Koko couldn’t talk on the phone or be at family events.<br />
  8. 8. Zach was ecstatic to have his love back. The young man embraced his girlfriend in a tight squeeze as he went to kiss her . The smile on Koko’s face said exactly how she was feeling.<br />“Koko, I never want to let you go again.”<br />“On the contrary, that would be physically inconceivable. I am uncertain of the reactions of our professors.“<br />“Well then I have another Idea”<br />
  9. 9. Zach let go of his girlfriend as he dropped down on one knee on the stone floor of the room looking into Koko’s blue eyes and smiled. The former Llama mascot pulled out a box from his Ninja outfit.<br />“Koko Anastasia Hunicke will you marry me?”<br />Koko looked at him wide eyed as she looked at the velvet box with the ring in it before her. She usually had something to say that was long and had large words. She was speechless. <br />
  10. 10. “Yes” Koko replied. <br />The answer was short and sweet, unlike she had ever done before. How else would one with such an IQ as Koko’s reply to such a question? She was surprised at the moment for she had it on her mind for a while as well. Sika had been looking on from behind. This was the one thing she hadn’t seen before hand.<br />
  11. 11. Siksika went up to her cousin and wrapped her arms around her, she was happy that Koko had returned to them but was even more thrilled at the proposal. She had felt their feelings were true since Koko and Zach had started going out.<br />“Congratulations Koko! I am so glad you are back.”<br />‘Thank you Siksika I am ecstatic!” Koko said with a bright smile at Zach who smiled back at her. “I am additionally delighted to have returned to the living world“<br />*~~~~~*<br />
  12. 12. The three of them headed back to the Greek house. The first thing Koko did was rush upstairs to change out of the toga and back into her normal clothing. When the young woman returned she noticed that some things were gone. She had become even more curious.<br />The first thing she noticed was the fact that the television and the game console and its controllers were gone. She looked back at Zach and Siksika. Who had also gone to change out of the ninja outfits.<br />
  13. 13. Koko looked curiously at her cousin and fiancé who looked at each other before she decided to find out what other things were missing from the house. <br />“What occurred here?” Koko asked the two of them.<br />“Koko, since the fire we had been trying to find a way to bring you back. There was this object in the Secret society called a death phone. The room we brought you back in….” Siksika started as she struggled with her words.<br />
  14. 14. Koko thought to herself for a moment as she was told the reason why so many things were missing from the Greek house. They had sold stuff whatever they could to get the money for the Grim Reaper. <br />
  15. 15. In the main room Siksika tested out an object that she had found in the Secret Society. She wasn’t really planning on doing too much else there now that they had Koko back there was really no need to. There also was the fact that they didn’t say things in the SS were off limits. It was just that no one had asked to take anything before so Siksika was able to acquire the antique camera. Painting was always fun but it wasn’t always the case sometimes paintings would be unfinished or the painter wasn’t that skilled. The camera would be easier for everyone.<br />
  16. 16. “Siksika? How did you acquire such a curious object?” Koko asked, as she examined the camera that her cousin had placed in the center of the main room.<br />“Oh the folks in the secret society told me it wasn’t a problem to take it. I figured it would be easier for everyone to record all of the members of the Greek house. Paintings are fun but the more members we get the harder it will be to record everyone.”<br />
  17. 17. And so the first few photographs were taken with the new camera. Siksika, Koko and Zach each found some way to take a picture of themselves, usually showing the personality of the individual or just them doing everyday things. Siksika was right this would make the recording so much easier in Luyu Angeni.<br />
  18. 18. Once they all had their pictures taken Koko decided to try to catch up on everything she had missed in the time she was gone. She had so much to catch up on and was about to stay up all night finishing things off. Koko was a bit of a perfectionist and she had to get things done as quickly as possible as long as it was all right.<br />*~~~~~*<br />
  19. 19. Koko caught up with her studies and was back on track. The young woman pulled out a disk from the CD tower and placed it into the computer. She gazed at the screen of the computer as she typed in a complicated password before opening up the files. The files were named a variety of things they seemed like something innocent. Things that wouldn’t perk anyone’s curiosity too much.<br />
  20. 20. In reality, that was her plan she didn’t want anyone to know what else she had been working on other than her studies. Her reddish glasses glinted in the light of the computer screen as she read trying to figure out where she had left off.<br />
  21. 21. Siksika came into the computer room slowly as she was about to work on her term paper. When she noticed Koko staring at something on the computer. Although it usually wasn’t cause for any worry since her cousin had done this often something about it this time seemed curious.<br />“Koko?” Siksika asked her cousin curiously.<br />“I am just occupied by a minor enterprise. “ Koko answered.<br />
  22. 22. Siksika looked at her cousin’s strong concentration on the computer. The feeling about this project her cousin was working on seemed like it was going to cause problems in the future but she wasn’t sure exactly what it was about it. She figured she would ask no more questions, if Koko wanted her to know she would have told her. Right?<br />
  23. 23. It wasn’t that Koko didn’t want to tell her cousin what was going on it was the fact that she wasn’t ready to tell. The theory and research she had been working on through freshman and Sophomore year had not been perfected yet. <br />*~~~~~*<br />
  24. 24. It wasn’t long before the youngest members of generation three were ready to become toddlers. Danielle loved her children but was always glad when they were out of the baby stage. Katoyis, the youngest Hunicke child was brought to the chocolate Cake awaiting him in the kitchen of the revamped house. <br />
  25. 25. The whole family decided to make an appearance at the second youngest’s birthday party. The college students even showed up as they had visited home in between school years. Any type of party was acceptable, especially a family members.<br />
  26. 26. Danielle threw her youngest son up into the air as he came down as a toddler, a very cute one in fact. The sparkles surrounded the child as they transformed into colored confetti.<br />Katoyis “Kato” Hunicke<br />Red hair, Blue Eyes, and Skintone 2. <br />
  27. 27. A change of clothing later and Kato turned into a little dude. He looks very much like his older sister Adoette but with a completely different personality.<br />Kato is a Virgo: <br />Very neat, pretty shy, very energetic, on the serious side, and nice. (10, 3, 9, 4, 7)<br />
  28. 28. The very next day the youngest member of generation three was ready to leave babyhood herself. Older sister Jacy Doted on her younger sister who smiled at her with those brown eyes. She also had to watch out to not burn her younger sister. The teenager was pretty good at controlling her powers.<br />“There you Go Ellie! All clean!”<br />“Goo?”<br />
  29. 29. Again the family gathered to watch the youngest member of the generation become a little bit more manageable. Pocahontas was glad that she would be having no more babies in the house, at least until she gets grandchildren. <br />
  30. 30. Up the baby went in sparkles and down she came with the confetti. Ellie has brown eyes, red hair and LOOK FRECKLES! Ellie became the first in both the Azure and the Hunicke families to end up with freckles.<br />
  31. 31. After a change of hair and clothes Elouise Azure crawled among the legs of the big people looking for attention. She was so fast that her older brother had to watch his balance.<br />Elouise “Ellie” Azure<br />She is an Aries like her older brother Crowfoot but with a different personality. Ellie is more on the sloppy side, she is very outgoing and very energetic, she is more on the playful side and in the middle with niceness. (4, 9, 10, 6, 5)<br />
  32. 32. Ellie was excited to see her cousin Kato was able to make it to the party. She crawled up to her cousin and wrapped her tiny chubby arms around him as she gave him a large squeeze. Kato didn’t hesitate to do the same. Although the two youngest this generation, much younger than their older siblings Ellie and Kato became quick friends, at least they would have each other.<br />
  33. 33. When the party ended Jacy decided to spend some time with her younger sister. She would be going to college with her cousin Adoette once the semester started. Jacy would have loved to have more time to spend with Ellie, if she wasn’t born so late in her parents’ years. <br />
  34. 34. It was soon time for the sleepy toddler to go to bed. Pocahontas picked her daughter up and changed her getting her ready for bed. Pocahontas smiled sweetly at Ellie as she fell asleep in her crib. As the toddler curled up to fall asleep Pocahontas sensed Jacy waiting to talk with her.<br />
  35. 35. “Hello Jacy-Nova are you ok?”<br />“I’m fine mom thanks, just thinking about school and I wanted to talk to you. I’m always spending time with dad and I kind of miss spending time with you.” Jacy replied with a smile.<br />Yes Jacy was a daddy’s girl being the most athletic of her siblings so Joel was always finding some way to give her sports tips and watching her games. Pocahontas wasn’t the sports type she preferred creating new dishes for the family to try.<br />
  36. 36. “Alright Jacy come sit next to me. Try not to wake your sister.” Pocahontas smiled as she went over to the bed she shared with her husband. <br />She patted the half next to her as she invited Jacy over to sit next to her. Jacy nodded as she sat on the bed next to her mother as she looked at her. Jacy wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted to talk to her mother about she just wanted to spend time with her. <br />“So how was your day mom?” Jacy asked the first thing that came to her head.<br />
  37. 37. “I had a pretty good day, thank you” Pocahontas answered her daughter. “Everything turned out pretty well I have to say. Although I was worried that the cake wouldn’t turn out that well.” she continued. The woman just loved spending time with her children. For a pleasure sim she was a great mother.<br />“Mom your cakes have always been the best. The perfect combination of frosting and cake batter. You are a natural cook mom; I always look forward to what you come up with next.” Jacy complimented in truth. <br />She loved the surprise of what was to come next with her mother’s cooking. Pocahontas replied with a smile at Jacy’s praise on the cake she made for the party.<br />
  38. 38. “How about you Jacy? Did you have a good day?” Pocahontas asked.<br />“Yep I had an awesome day it’s sad to see that I will be going to college once the school year starts up again. I really enjoyed seeing everyone again Sika, Koko, Crow, Rozie and Sinopa seem to be having a great time in college! I can’t wait to see what it will be like when I’m there with Adoette. The n I will start my own stories, who knows what things will happen in college.” Jacy rambled excitedly.<br />
  39. 39. Pocahontas had to chuckle at her daughter’s enthusiasm about going to college but she could sense that Jacy was a little bit nervous. Pocahontas remembered when she was the one going to college and how nervous she was about what would happen. <br />“Do you know what you want to major in?” <br />
  40. 40. “I’m still trying to figure that one out. I could go for: History, Political Science, or even Psychology. Since they all will help me in the Law career which is what I want to go into. I will still play basketball for fun but I can’t see myself doing it for a living.” Jacy explained. <br />
  41. 41. Jacy enjoyed the conversation she had with her mom, after the talk about how their days were and school the conversation became smoother. Pocahontas had been glad to have that time with her daughter before she also flew the coop. She knew that her children would come back for some time after college but it would be four years for each of them. Soon enough it was time to go to sleep Jacy had a long day tomorrow.<br />*~~~~~*<br />
  42. 42. Jacy and Adoette made it safely to university on the mainland. The plane ride wasn’t extremely long but after some time Jacy started to get a little antsy. Adoette was happy to just look out the window and gaze at the beauty at the world below. Once it was safe Jacy unbuckled and tried to see who she could strike up a conversation with.<br />
  43. 43. The plane landed and the two cousins hopped in the Taxi and headed to campus. The first relatives they met up with were Crowfoot, Rozene and Sinopa who would help Jacy and Adoette with moving in and getting used to college for a short amount of time before they would move to the Greek House.<br />
  44. 44. The first thing Jacy discovered after the greeting was the radio. So she just let the music take hold of her body as she entered the zone. At least that concentration was broken by Rozene who had randomly decided to pick a fight with her sister’s boyfriend.<br />“Hey you have a weird hairstyle!”<br />“I’m sorry… But….”<br />Jacy went and chose the Political Science Major.<br />
  45. 45. As for shy Adoette, after she had been greeted by her siblings and cousin she went right outside to make a snow angel as she thought to herself how beautiful the winder was out here in the sunset. She thought about what the rest of college would be like as well. <br />Adoette chose the literature major.<br />
  46. 46. After helping their younger siblings to get used to Uni life the older ones went on to move into the Greek house. <br />
  47. 47. They were greeted by their older relatives, who actually had them pledge as freshman. Now that the next three were Sophomores they were able to move into Luyu Angeni. Koko and Sika were happy to see their younger siblings.<br />
  48. 48. Siksika decided to hold a party to welcome the new arrivals as well as greet the younger siblings who had arrived. She invited several other people as she was dead set on having a good party one would think she invited the whole campus. Although it was meant to be a toga party for some reason most people decided to come in their normal clothing.<br />
  49. 49.
  50. 50.
  51. 51. Koko and Zach may not have been the life of the party but the two lovers were never seen without one another they spent a lot of time together. They wanted to spend as much time as they could with each other since Zach would be graduating soon.<br />*These two are seriously one of the cutest couples I have ever had!<br />
  52. 52.
  53. 53. Adoette did spend a little time with the other party goers she danced a little but then decided she wanted to sit down with her thoughts. Adoette, unlike her other family members, wasn’t one for parties. She was very shy, she would have much rather sat on the grass to look up at the sky or catch some butterflies alone, maybe with one other person. <br />
  54. 54. Kitchi was looking around at the party he was somehow invited to. It was more to talk to Sika and work on her training a bit more. He still had his plan in mind of how he would use her, but why he was doing this he wanted to finish what his mother started but at the same time he wasn’t so sure. Kitchi looked up and noticed a redhead. A better look at the girl revealed her to be a relative of Siksika’s. He felt something as he was drawn to sitting next to the girl who had a dreamy look on her face.<br />
  55. 55. “Um…Hey” Kitchi said. What a stupid introduction. <br />“Hi” Adoette said as she snapped herself out of the dreamlike state. She gave a shy smile she hadn’t actually been too popular with the guys. So this was a bit of a surprise.<br />
  56. 56. At another part of the party Jacy had been making her rounds trying to get to know as many people as she could. Jacy was a popularity sim so getting to know anybody and everyone was what they did best. That was when she felt someone bump into her.<br />“Sorry that was my fault, are you ok?” The guy asked Jacy.<br />“I’ll be alright, thanks” Jacy smiled as she looked at him. “I’m Jacy-Nova Azure”<br />
  57. 57. “I’m glad you are alright.” The boy smiled sweetly. “I’m Owen, Owen Underwood.”<br />Jacy looked at the boy, she noticed he has a cute smile and a little bit of facial hair and he had such cute green eyes. She caught herself gazing as Owen seemed to feel a little nervous.<br />“I’m sorry; It’s nice to meet you too!” She broke the silence. <br />
  58. 58. Jacy had to think of something else to talk about she never had a problem talking to anyone being a popularity sim. For some reason Owen seemed different than the others.<br />“What do you like to do for fun?” Jacy asked.<br />“I like to take things apart to see how they work. I also like to fix cars, and other items that need fixing. I read too.” Owen replied his voice still sounding nervous.<br />
  59. 59. After spending some time talking to the girl, who’s name he found out was Adoette Hunicke. He decided to seek out the person he actually did come here to see. Siksika had been rushing around getting things done before she was tapped by Kitchi.<br />“Come with me Siksika I need to talk to you in private” he said to her quietly.<br />
  60. 60. Siksika looked at KitchiKeme, the guy who had been training her powers back since freshman year. She wasn’t sure if she fully trusted him. She was curious to what he wanted to know, he hadn’t hurt her in any way or showed signs of it.<br />“What is it KitchiKeme?” <br />
  61. 61. “It has been two years. What is the update? Have your visions returned yet?” Kitchi asked curiously at Sika’s progress.<br />“Yes I’m sure I have a hand on them again.” Siksika answered with a suspicious undertone. <br />
  62. 62. She knew there was something else up with Kitchi especially when a smirk crossed his tanned face. He wanted to use her powers didn’t he? That’s the reason he trained her was so he could use her. Like his mother tortured Sika. Sika was curious to if Suni put him up to this. Then again she wasn’t so sure.<br />
  63. 63. “I noticed your cousin was working on something, it seems important. I want you to tell me what it is and how it will affect the future.” KitchiKeme replied.<br />Sika looked at the guy as the rare glare crossed her face. She never asked Koko because she believed Koko would tell her when she was ready. Siksika knew her cousin was a perfectionist and won’t do anything until her project was perfected.<br />“No Kitchi!” Siksika’s voice lost its usual lightness. <br />Although he seemed pretty disappointed Kitchi didn’t say anything else before he walked away. He could have pushed her he could have done so much more but he didn’t.<br />
  64. 64. Siksika walked from the room and looked around as she watched everyone enjoy themselves at the party. Before long it was time for everyone to leave. The party was a roof raiser which made Sika very happy, despite being annoyed at KitchiKeme.<br />
  65. 65. After they had all returned to their normal clothing the members of the Greek house sat around the dining room table. They had talked amongst themselves as to what to do with the Greek house. They were to have meetings time and time again discussing what they were planning next as well as what they could do for the university itself.<br />
  66. 66. “There really aren’t enough rooms for everyone to have their own. There are four bedrooms upstairs. Do you think we should expand or something now that there are more members than our parents’ time?” Rozene said with her loud edgy voice, she looked over at her twin sister whom she would have shared a room with. Sinopa nodded in agreement.<br />Although the twins had shared a room all their lives, once they got to college they had the joy of having their own rooms.<br />
  67. 67. “Rozene makes a valid point. This dwelling should have an accurate renovation to accompany its residents’ needs” Koko agreed with her sister.<br />“With the money we received from our Scholarships and the grades these past semesters we should have enough.” Siksika added.<br />
  68. 68. The members of Luyu Angeni spent the rest of the night coming up with plans of what to do to the Greek house and what to add. Ideas bounced from member to member as they all decided on what would work to suit all of their needs.<br />
  69. 69. Time went on and before they knew it the Greek house had expanded from the four bedroom two bathroom it was before to seven bedrooms and three bathrooms. There was still room to add more as well. The bright colors remained as they wanted it to stand out from the other Greek houses on campus. <br />
  70. 70. Living room and computer Area<br />
  71. 71. Bubble blower, Dining room/Meeting room and Kitchen<br />
  72. 72. 1 bath downstairs, Staircase<br />Upstairs bathrooms<br />
  73. 73. Upstairs hallways<br />Bedrooms<br />
  74. 74. More bedrooms<br />
  75. 75. Luyu Angeni Member gallery<br />
  76. 76. After the whole deal with Kitchi and how he wanted to use her powers Siksika decided to take matters into her own hands. She had remembered what she went through with the training and tried to repeat it all herself.<br />
  77. 77. On the other side of campus Jacy-Nova decided to take Owen on a date in the dorm. The original plan was to go downtown but Owen wasn’t too fond of the idea so she decided a date in the dorm was just as fun. Jacy had a great time with the other young man and he was such a nice guy. He was sweet and knew the right words to say. She didn’t worry about impressing him because he thought she was amazing no matter what.<br />
  78. 78. Speaking of dates, even Crowfoot decided to try this dating thing out, his sisters always seemed to have such a fun time with their dates. There was this girl her name was Brigitte and she was in some of Crow’s classes. She thought he was cute and Crow thought she was pretty. So he got up the courage and asked her to go downtown. <br />
  79. 79. Crowfoot would do anything for his girlfriend the fact that he was happy to have one for once in his life. The geek was quite nervous but he seemed to make things work with her. He just wanted her to be happy.<br />
  80. 80. When she wasn’t training her powers, Siksika also had her fair share of dates, one guy after another after another. Her lifetime want was to have fifty first dates so far she was over halfway there. Although with Sika the dates didn’t last too long it was usually the greeting, some talking, playing a game and then dancing before her insecurities came through and she ended the date.<br />
  81. 81. One night when she came home from downtown Siksika noticed the face and spiked hair of KitchiKeme. She hoped that she could sneak around the back door so she wouldn’t have to deal with him. Her training had paid off and Sika had access again to her visions, she learned how to control when she had them and what, although she still enjoyed being surprised with what she saw so she didn’t control them too much. Siksika figured she had Kitchi to thank her for her powers returning. Since he had trained her when she started college. <br />
  82. 82. Although, Sika noticed something different about him. Looking at Kitchi had Sika seeing into the past of Kitchi as a boy but she noticed that a man, definitely Kitchikeme’s father, was the only one to take care of him. Chase, that was the guy’s name. Sika was wondering where Suni was while her son was growing up. If anything Siksika was sure Suni was too busy with her power and creating her army to take over the Azures to even pay any attention to Kitchi. Was it because he was born a boy and not a girl? The visions changed from Kitchi growing up to a future Kitchi feeding a baby girl.<br />
  83. 83. Siksika snapped out of the visions of Kitchikeme's past and future she also noticed that his name had a combination meaning of “strong” and “secret”. She didn’t know that Suni had any children so when she figured out Kitchi’s parentage she was surprised. Suni had lived for a long time and Siksika figured that the long life Suni had guaranteed no children and yet here was Kitchi.<br />“So can you well tell me the questions and answers on my next test or something?”<br />
  84. 84. The tone of Kitchi’s voice was different, he didn’t seem like he cared as much as he used to. Sika wondered what happened that changed him; it had been some time since the two actually saw each other since the toga party.<br />“Do you really want the questions and answers?” Siksika figured she’d test him.<br />Kitchi and Sika looked at each other in a moment of silence.<br />“Honestly I don’t know what I want anymore.” he finally replied.<br />
  85. 85. Kitchi knew what he wanted he had developed a crush on Adoette, Siksika’s cousin. She had showed him many things that he hadn’t really experienced before. As a child Kitchi had lived in the library he had no bedroom to himself in the large castle. Then Adoette the girl with the dreamy look on her face had showed him how it felt to make a snow angel in the snow.<br />
  86. 86. And once the snow melted into spring she watched her search around the dorms for butterflies that made themselves known. She had a childlike wonder in her face when it came to simpler things. Kitchi had started to enjoy many of the same things that he had been shown. Adoette had opened his eyes.<br />
  87. 87. “Siksika” KitchiKeme started as he wrung his hands. “I’m sorry for trying to use you”<br />There it was he had said it, the apology was followed by explaining things to Sika. He told her that he wasn’t sure what exactly had come over him to start this mess. It may have had to do with the only time his mother talked to him was his early teen years when she told him that he would be sent to college and he had to use the heiress’ powers for himself. Suni wanted him to try to take the legacy. In the back of his mind, being raised by his father, who was a nice guy, told him that wasn’t who he was.<br />
  88. 88. Siksika watched and listened to Kitchi tell his story with interest. <br />“…and that’s it. I wish to be forgiven but I will understand if you chose not to.” The young man finally finished.<br />“Kitchi, I may never forgive your mother because of what she did to me. You didn’t seem as set as she was to harm me and my family even from the beginning, you never pushed me. If I refused to give you an answer you just walked off. You are not Suni, no harm was done.” Siksika replied. And with that explanation Kitchi left the Greek house front porch and headed back to where he had been staying.<br />*~~~~~*<br />
  89. 89. Before the members of Luyu Angeni knew it, final exams rolled around once again. The past two semesters had flown by full of parties, studying, schoolwork and other socialization. Zach was graduating, Koko and Siksika would be seniors, Crow, Rozie and Sinopa were Juniors…<br />
  90. 90. …this meant that Jacy and Adoette were now sophomores and could move into the Greek house. The girls were excited to be welcomed by their older siblings Jacy was happy to know that she could finally enjoy the parties even after everyone left. Adoette was just glad to be out of the dorms and with her older sisters and cousins again.<br />
  91. 91. The new members of the Greek house meant that they had to throw a toga party. Jacy decided to throw one even if her sister did know more people but Siksika gave her sister the honors so Jacy called up the other dormies and the party began! <br />
  92. 92. The larger Greek house meant more room for people to socialize and dance around as well as the food and those few who stalked the bubble blower the whole time. <br />
  93. 93. Everyone had such a good time an like every other party Luyu Angeni had thrown, it was quite the roof raiser.<br />
  94. 94. Zach was able to enjoy the last Greek house party before he had to go back into the real world and focus on the next year. He wanted to get a job to support Koko so they would have the money to get married once she graduated. They had talked about this a bit since their engagement.<br />
  95. 95. Zach decided to rent out an apartment with a roommate on Lenmana Island where Koko’s family was from. He got his job almost straight away. Of course he was visited by Koko from time to time. Her presence had always been accepted especially by Zach. Neither of them minded at all.<br />
  96. 96. The semester rolled on as college life for the Azures and Hunickes continued. The one thing that Koko had added as a rule of the Greek house was that every member tries to do their best in school and not let the parties and socialization distract them from graduation. Of Course she said it in her own way but everyone at least understood what she meant.<br />
  97. 97. But the semester wasn’t all good for everyone.<br />“Seriously Crowfoot why don’t you just marry the damn telescope”<br />“Brigitte this is the first time I’ve used it in weeks”<br />Crowfoot was telling the truth there, he hadn’t even looked at it since he started dating her because she wanted to spend all her time with him. Crow wanted to make her happy so he stopped one of his favorite things.<br />
  98. 98. “But Crowfoot” She whined. “You have to spend all your time with me. I’m your girlfriend I have to be pampered by a big strong man. Every other couple does it that way.”<br />Crowfoot’s eyes widened. Brigitte was quite high maintenance so he would do so much for her but didn’t seem to get anything in return, other than the casual woohoo.<br />“No Brigitte they don’t.” Crowfoot said disagreeing with her for the first time. “My sisters’ and my cousins’ relationships are nothing like this.”<br />
  99. 99. “Well then” She hissed. “They don’t know anything about relationships. I have had a lot of experience and it is supposed to be that way you have to wait on me hand and foot.”<br />“No wonder you’re other relationships didn’t last long….” Crow said under his breath.<br />“Well if you won’t tend my every need and dominate me that we can’t be in a relationship!”<br />“You do know that is asking two completely different things.”<br />
  100. 100. “You aren’t supposed to disagree Crowfoot!” Brigitte pointed a finger at him<br />“I just did” Crowfoot said with an amused smile. His family was right this wasn’t the kind of girl he needed.<br />“We are over then!” Brigitte said dramatically as she stomped out of the room.<br />
  101. 101. Although, Crowfoot was relieved to be rid of the high maintenance girl he was dating there was something else in the back of his head. His family members had no problem getting dates, even the younger ones. Brigitte was Crowfoot’s first ever girlfriend in his life. Maybe it was that fact that it did take him so long to get a girl in the first place was the reason he was feeling pretty down now. He liked the companionship of having someone in that way. <br />
  102. 102. Siksika had seen this coming but she felt terrible for her younger brother. Her and Jacy had both heard the argument and Brigitte stomping out of Crowfoot’s room and figured they would check on him. Sitting on both sides of their brother they watched him sit there in silence.<br />“Crowfoot?” Siksika used her brother’s full name.<br />“Sup?” The red head looked up at his sisters.<br />“She really wasn’t the right girl for you Crow” Jacy blurted out.<br />
  103. 103. Siksika was mentally face-palming at her blunt younger sister. She had told her to keep it subtle, but that was one thing Jacy needed to work on. She had always said what was on her mind.<br />“Way to jump right into it Jay” Crowfoot mumbled, putting his head in his hands.<br />The three siblings talked for sometime before the girls decided to let him be, knowing he would bounce back in a few days.<br />
  104. 104. A few days turned into a week and then longer as Crowfoot stayed in his room. He only came out to go to class, get food or use the bathroom. He rarely talked to anyone unless he really needed too. This wasn’t like the young adult at all. <br />
  105. 105. He had become more obsessed with the telescope in his room as it pointed out the window to the sky. When he wasn’t eating, sleeping or studying he was on that telescope. He communicated with other planets as much as he could. <br />
  106. 106. In the other room the two sisters were trying to figure out how to help out their brother. Family was supposed to help each other, especially in these kind of situations. Especially when it came to Crowfoot, in High School, the guy hadn’t been on any dates being obsessive over his telescope and the aliens.<br />“We should take him out!” Jacy finally suggested as the sisters contemplated ideas. “Like abduct him from his room and just run wild downtown”<br />
  107. 107. There was a knock on Crowfoot’s bedroom door. He wanted to tell them to go away because he had still been moping a bit. He brought himself away from the computer to answer the door, where he saw his older and younger sisters.<br />“What’s up?” Crow questioned.<br />Siksika and Jacy-Nova looked at each other then back that their brother before the two of them hooked their arms with his and got him out of his bedroom.<br />“We agreed that you need to get out more” Jacy smirked.<br />
  108. 108. Before Crowfoot could move his sisters had him by the arms and were getting him into the taxicab. They were determined to do anything to bring their brother back to his normal self.<br />
  109. 109. They had made several stops downtown. The first thing they did was go bowling just something harmless but that wasn’t the only thing they had him do. They had also taken Crowfoot out to eat, the girls offered to pay for their brother’s food so he wouldn’t have to.<br />
  110. 110. The sun had set shortly which meant that it was time to go out to a nightclub. Sika and Jacy went all out as they donned brightly colored clothing ready to party up the club scene downtown. Crowfoot had started to make the transition back to the brother Siksika and Jacy knew best.<br />
  111. 111. They ended the night by stopping at a bar. The three of them were still in their club clothing as the bartender made their way over to the siblings. <br />“Give this guy something strong to drink!” Jacy blurted out at the bartender as she pointed to Crowfoot. Jacy was already pretty tipsy at this point in time.<br />“Bad breakup?” The bartender asked him.<br />“Something like that” <br />
  112. 112. The bartender mixed quite a few different drinks together as she then placed the drink in front of Crowfoot. The young man took the drink almost immediately as he downed it. It had been a while since he had been out downtown he figured he’d enjoy it while he was at it.<br />
  113. 113. While her older siblings were drinking and talking to the bartender Jacy’s popularity sim senses were tingling when a guy stood next to her at the bar as he called for drinks. <br />“Hey there, pretty lady” The guy looked to her. “The name’s Isaiah”<br />Jacy took a good look at the guy. He was interesting to say the least he seemed charming and was quite outgoing. Jacy didn’t mind meeting new people. The two of them talked for some time.<br />
  114. 114. The night was coming to a close end as the three siblings decided that maybe they should head back for they had classes the next day. They got into the taxi and headed back to Luyu Angeni. <br />
  115. 115. Sleep overcame the three siblings as they decided to call it a night, Sika and Jacy were glad to know that Crowfoot actually had fun with them as they just hung out at the bar. It was a good time; they just hoped that they would be fine in the morning for classes.<br />
  116. 116. While her older sister and brother slept soundly, Jacy found herself tossing and turning in her bed. She had some problems getting sleep to come as well as staying still in bed. Jacy’s body felt warmer than usual as she flipped her blankets off of her body.<br />
  117. 117. Suddenly the young woman’s body had enough and she found herself jolting awake. Her face was flushed as she could feel the sweat running down her face. What was it what was that dream. There was something about it that alerted her, more than usual. And here she thought dream things were Siksika’s area.<br />
  118. 118. Ohh another cliffhanger! And here I leave you with a picture of Sika and Jacy in club clothing.<br />*I actually kind of like these outfits, but rarely get to use them. <br />Besides, the girls know how to rock them!<br />
  119. 119. How will the return of Siksika’s powers affect her now?<br />Has Adoette really changed Kitchi?<br />What startled Jacy so much?<br />Tune in next time for another exciting chapter of Forever Flowing: The Azure Legacy!<br />
  120. 120. Thank you to all my readers! As well as those who have helped me, especially the times I had a snippet of writer’s block you all cheered me on and told me to just do it! So I did and I’m sticking to my monthly updates YAY! Even though this one is right at the end oh well. I give thanks to every site I have CC from.<br />