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Visit to toledo

  1. 1. Visit to Toledo. Name: _______________ Some historyWe are going to visit one of the most important and interesting cities of Spain.Toledo was inhabited since prehistoric times, but it was Marcus Fulvius whogave to this place the name of Toletum in 190 B.C.When the Visigoths settled in the Iberian Peninsula Toledo became the capitalcity of the Visigothic kingdom. Here the king Reccared and all the Visigothsconverted to Catholicism (589 a.D.). Also many religious councils were heldhere. As a result of this Toledo became at the same time the political capitaland the religious capital.The Muslims conquered the Iberian Peninsula in 711, and the city of Toledowas conquered in 712. It became a very important city during the Emirate andthe Caliphate. In 1031, when the caliphate disappeared, Toledo became one ofthe most important Taifa Kingdoms.During the “Reconquista” this Taifa kingdom had to pay many parias to theChristian Kings. Alfonso VI, king of Castile and Leon, conquered the city in1085 but respecting the customs of the Muslims.The Almoravids who came from the North of Africa entered in the IberianPeninsula and defeated the Christians, getting back Toledo.In 1162 the Christians conquered the city again and from now on it willalways be controlled by the Christian Kings.Toledo will become an Imperial city when Charles I was crowned emperor ofthe Holy Roman Empire in 1519.Nowadays is the capital of Castilla-La Mancha and the “episcopal see” (sedeepiscopal), where the bishop (Obispo) has his main office.
  2. 2.  What were the main jobs of these Muslims? Individual Task _______________________________________________Listen carefully to the explanations of the teacher and answer  What is the artistic style that belongs to thecorrectly to the following questions. (Full sentences). following periods?  In what historical period was Toledo first inhabited? a. Muslim Period: ________________________________ ________________________________________________________ b. Christian Period (3 styles): _______________________  What three cultures lived together in Toledo during ________________________________________________________ Middle Ages? What were their holy books? ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Work in groups. For this task use a clean sheet of paper and write down  What is the name that we use for the Christians who lived under the names of all the students. the Muslims rule and who were a religious minority?  Now, in groups of 4 write down the names of all the ____________________________________________ buildings that we have seen and some characteristics (date or century, king that ordered the construction,  After “La Reconquista” what is the name that we use for the artistic style, types of arches, naves…). Muslims who lived under the Christians rule and who were a  What is the building that has impressed you the most? religious minority? Say why and write a brief description of the building _________________________________________________________ (3 or 4 lines).