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Romanesque architecture


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Romanesque Architecture in Spain.
11th - 13th centuries

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Romanesque architecture

  1. 1. ROMANESQUE ARCHITECTURE Main characteristics:  It starts in the 11th century  It ends in the 13th century or later.  It's the first European style. It can be found all around Europe. San Martín de Tours, Frómista (Palencia) San Martín de Tours, Frómista (Palencia)
  2. 2. Architectural Characteristics  They recover the “round arch” used by the Romans:
  3. 3.  The church is covered by stoned vaults, called barrel vault, which is a succession of round arches, one after another.
  4. 4.  The structure is very heavy and as a consequence:  Walls are thick  They need strong buttresses  They use few and small windows Collegiate Church, Toro (Zamora) Collegiate Church, Toro (Zamora)
  5. 5. Sensations • Intimate Sensation • Stability • Spiritual Sensation • Symbolism: Latin cross
  6. 6. Types of Vaults Barrel vault: it was used mainly to cover the central nave Groin vault was common in aisles and ambulatories Dome: spherical shape. It was used in apses. The central Dome could stand on pendentives (pechina) or squinches (trompa). Cathedral of Zamora. (Dome) Cathedral of Zamora. (Dome)
  7. 7. SAINT MARY OF LAACH (Germany) 12th Century
  8. 8. SAINT MARY OF LAACH (Germany) 12th Century