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These Materials are useful in order to work in class with: Fall of Roman Empire, Germanic Tribes, Visigoths, Byzantine Empire and Carolingian Empire. Students can make interesting displays about these subjects.

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Display Early Middle Ages

  1. 1. Fall of the Roman Empire Division of the Roman Empire (395 a.D.) Constantine the Great (272-337) Romulo Emperor Theodosius (347-395 a.D) Augustulo offers to Odoacer the Imperial Crown
  2. 2. Germanic Tribes and Germanic Kingdoms Germanic Family- They were nomadic people.- Their main economic activity was livestock farming (ganadería) and agriculture.- They were organized in tribes that were independent.- They were very good warriors and riders.- The king was elected by an assembly of warriors. Germanic weapons The Maousoleum of Theodoric in Ravena
  3. 3. Visigoths List of the Visigoth Kings Conversion of Recaredo to Catholicism (589 a.D.) Votive Crown of Recesvinto Visigothic Kingdom of Toulouse (418-507) Liber Iodiciorum, Legal Code of Recesvinto Visigothic Kingdom of Toledo
  4. 4. Visigothic Fibula San Pedro de la Nave, Visigothic ChurchSan Juan de Baños, Visigothic Church Visigothic Fibula
  5. 5. Byzantine Empire Empress Theodora Hagia Sophia, Constantinople Emperor Justinian Walls of Constantinople
  6. 6. Note:This materials are aimed to make displays in the classroom about Early Middle Ages.