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Coat of arms


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Coat of arms

  1. 1. Coats of armsHeraldry is the science of describing and creating coats of arms. Thisscience is very ancient and has very specific rules and vocabulary.Heraldry appeared in 12th century in the tournaments and jousting. Theknights needed a shield in order to protect themselves. Little by little theseshields were decorated with symbols so that the knight could be identifiedeasily.In the 13th century the designs became hereditary and every noble familyhad his own design. Division of the Field Tinctures Tinctures are colours, metals and furs used in heraldry: - Gold (yellow) - Argent (silver, white) - Gules (red) - Azure (blue) - Sable (black) - Vert (green) - Purpure (purple) - Tenne (orange)
  2. 2. Charge is any emblem that is occupying the field.