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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Travel
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  1. 1. Catalina LópezLaura Lumbreras Aldea Javier Prats Ulloa 1º Bach CT.
  2. 2. LocationEdinburgh is located in the south-east of Scotland, in the UK The Water of Leith
  3. 3. History Malcom II Edwin of Northumbria University of Edinburgh Holyrood House
  4. 4. History New Town Train Edinburgh - London University of Heriot-Watt Scottish Parliament
  5. 5. Places to visit Edinburgh Castle National Museum of Scotland
  6. 6. Places to visit Palace of Holyroodhouse National Gallery of Scotland
  7. 7. Places to visit St Giles’ Cathedral Scottish Parliament
  8. 8. Places to visit New Town Old Town
  9. 9. Places to visit Arthur’s Seat Elephant House
  10. 10. Transport People often use public transport
  11. 11. MarketsThere are many open-air markets in Edinburgh, likeFarmers Market Jenners department store Royal Mile
  12. 12. Government, Language, Religion and Currency Pound Sterling Alex Salmond St Johns Church Scottish flag Scottish shield
  13. 13. Weather Edinburgh’s climate is humid and cold, with few sunny days
  14. 14. Traditions and Curiosities Edinburgh International Festival Scottish KiltEdinburgh’s cathedral heart Electricity Adapter
  15. 15. Food Porridge Scotch pie Scotch broth Haggis Deep-fried Mars
  16. 16. Drinks Soft drink Beer Whisky
  17. 17. Edinburgh people Sean Connery Ewan McGregor Graham Bell Arthur Conan Doyle
  18. 18. Sports Hockey Football Logos Rugby stadium
  19. 19. Music and Dance Scottish Music Scottish Dance Snow Patrol Belle and Sebastian
  20. 20. Good Journey!! A city that you won’t forget!