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DNA computing


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Some information on DNA computing

Published in: Education, Technology
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DNA computing

  1. 1. ……. Power Packed Stuff...REALLY!
  2. 2. ………A Moore’s Conception!
  3. 3. I believe things like DNA computingwill eventually lead the way to a“molecular revolution,” whichultimately will have a very dramaticeffect on the world. – L. Adleman
  4. 4.  Extremely dense information storage.Enormous parallelism.Extraordinary energy efficiency.
  5. 5. ……. WHAT!
  6. 6. IT IS :Computation using DNA” but not “computation onDNA”
  8. 8. Can Man Move faster than Mind? eh?
  9. 9. DNA Computer +Cloning Resear can make it a successClone-1 with Clone-2 withDNA computer DNA computer
  10. 10. Strands of DNA represent the seven cities. In genes, geneticcoding is represented by the letters A, T, C and G. Some sequenceof these four letters represented each city and possible flight path.These molecules are then mixed in a test tube, with some of theseDNA strands sticking together. A chain of these strandsrepresents a possible answer.Within a few seconds, all of the possible combinations of DNAstrands, which represent answers, are created in the test tube.Adleman eliminates the wrong molecules through chemicalreactions, which leaves behind only the flight paths that connectall seven cities.
  11. 11. Hamilton Path Problem(also known as the travelling salesperson problem)
  12. 12. given a test tube T and a strand s, it is possible to extract all the strands in T that contain s as a subsequence, and to separate them from those that do not contain it. Spooling the DNA with a metal Precipitation of more DNA strands hook or similar deviceFormation of DNA strands. in alcohol
  13. 13.  Parallel ComputingIncredibly light weightLow powerSolves Complex Problems quickly
  14. 14. Discover magazine publishedan article in comic strip formatabout Leonard Adlemansdiscovery of DNAcomputation. Not onlyentertaining, but also the mostunderstandable explanation of molecular computation I have Ever seen
  15. 15. • High cost is time.• Occasionally slower-Simple problems are solved much faster on electronic computers.• It can take longer to sort out the answer to a problem than it took to solve the problem.• Reliability- There is sometime errors in the pairing of DNA strands
  16. 16. • DNA Computing utilizes the complex interaction of bio molecules and molecular biology to effect computation• Lab experiments in DNA Computing are unreliable, inefficient, unscalable and expensive compared to conventional computing standards• A critical issue in DNA Computing is to test protocols• So we will describe a platform EDNA, to address this problem.
  17. 17. • Address the basic problems of reliability, efficiency and scalability for molecular protocols using DNA molecules.• Allows to take advantage of digital computers to gain realistic insights on actual test tube performance of a protocol before they are carried out in the lab.• It is a research tool that makes it possible to use the advantages of conventional computing to bring to DNA computing comparable levels of reliability and efficiency.
  18. 18. • The encoded piece of DNA is placed into a piece of human DNA and is then mixed with other DNA strands.
  19. 19. Feature DNA COMPUTER SILICON COMPUTERMiniaturization Unlimited LimitedProcessing Parallel SequentialSpeed Very fast SlowerCost Cheaper CostlyMaterials used Non-toxic Toxic
  20. 20. Many issues to be overcome to producea useful DNA computer.