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Rotterdam attractiveness global workforce


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Rotterdam attractiveness global workforce

  2. 2. Ranking Global Attractiveness cities To measure Global Attractiveness of Cities, the following question is asked to the global workforce: Which cities would you consider to work in abroad?• Globally 1.1 million people would like to work in Rotterdam.• From position 89 in 2009, Rotterdam dropped to position 96 in 2011. The most important reason for this fall is the development of Asian cities and the so called Emerging Markets.• Rotterdam is most popular in: • Czech Republic 21st position • Poland 23rd position • Italy 26th position • Greece 41st position • Lithuania 43rd position Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  3. 3. Global Competition RotterdamConcerning the global labormarket, London is Rotterdam’s biggestcompetitor, followed by Amsterdamand Singapore.In the eyes of the global laborforce, cities asVilnius, Antwerp, Luxemburg andAmsterdam are compared best withRotterdam.For the competition in attractivenessthe main reasons are the region (north-west Europe) and the existence ofharbor and industries.An interesting outsider is Vilnius wherea big part of the East-Europe workforcealso likes to work. Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  4. 4. Global potential RotterdamWith 22% the highest potential forRotterdam can be found inIndonesia (22%), followed by India(19%), USA (11%) and Brasil (7%).In Indonesia Rotterdam is 4 timesmore popular than the globalaverage. Rotterdam is also verypopular in:• Poland• Germany• Italy• Czech Republic• Greece• Portugal Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  5. 5. Characteristics Rotterdam global workforce
  6. 6. Relocation informationThe global workforce that prefersRotterdam is mainly (and morethan average) interested ininformation about the standard ofliving in Rotterdam, followed byinformation about socialenvironment and accommodation.Talent that prefers Rotterdam ismore than average interested in:• contact information about other foreign employees,• access to online communities,• a special section on the city‟s website.Climate is definite no reason tocome to Rotterdam. Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  7. 7. Mobility Drivers to RotterdamGlobal City driver (CDV)The most important drivers to come toRotterdam are:• Better career opportunities• Higher standard of living• Starting an international careerMore than average drivers are:• Family and loved-ones in Rotterdam• Bad economic situation in own country/better career opportunitiesTo attract global talent and to profileherself on the global labor market,the most interesting opportunity forRotterdam is:Starting an international career(City Value Driver) Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  8. 8. Rotterdam: port of EuropeStarting an international career • The Rotterdam harbor is the port of Europe. • Many preferred global multinationals are located in Rotterdam. • Two out of four Dutch preferred global employer brands (Unilever, Shell) are located in Rotterdam. • The other two - Philips and Heineken - are within 100 kilometers. • With the biggest harbor of Europe (fourth in the world), many headquarters of global employers and a modern city with 173 nationalities, Rotterdam is a great place to start an international career. A hub to start an international career. With reason Rotterdam is called „Manhattan on the Maas‟
  9. 9. ‘Manhattan on the Maas’
  10. 10. Preferred countries and employers atttractivefor Rotterdam potentials
  11. 11. Strong international scopeAbout Rotterdam potential workforce:• Very much willing to work abroad• 79% wants to come to Rotterdam for 3 years or more• More than average willing to stay• Of importance: 80% wants a permanent contract
  12. 12. Rotterdam is still a preferred top - 100 city in the world, but declining andalmost dropping out of the top - 100.Rotterdam is especially preferred by Eastern and South Europeans.1,1 million people want to come and work in Rotterdam. Almost 80 percent ishighly educated and mainly working and interested in retail or industry.Main competitors for Rotterdam on the global market are regional and industryoriented (Netherlands, Amsterdam and Antwerp) and volume orientated(London and Singapore)Main reasons to come to Rotterdam are partly beyond control of Rotterdam(economic reasons and love) and partly in control: to start an international career.It is important for her attractiveness, and for the multinationals in theRotterdam-area, that Rotterdam has an international profile.And so stays competitive in the global labor market.
  13. 13. Tips Choose a clear proposition to position Rotterdam on the international labor market. For example “starting an international career” is one that comes close to a unique, authentic city value proposition. Other example can be: “Rotterdam, world city, world career” or “Rotterdam, world port, world career”. Start profiling Rotterdam actively in the global labor market, in order to attract (highly educated) talent and to attract and keep multinationals interested in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and Europe. Feed websites and social media with all relevant information needed for international talent to come and work in Rotterdam. Facilitate communities of foreign workers and expats in Rotterdam. Bridge between the existing websites and communities for expats in Rotterdam and the potential expats outside Rotterdam. To compete with London and Singapore, use the regional players Antwerp and Amsterdam to sum up to the attractiveness of Rotterdam.
  14. 14. Curiously to your city?I have put this presentation online to get in contact witheverybody who wants to know more about: Global recruiting Global labor city profiling/marketing Global labor country profiling/marketing Global employer branding (EVP) Global recruitment intelligence Please follow me or contact me: Geert-Jan Waasdorp Global Recruitment Intelligence Consultant Founder of Intelligence Group @waasdorpigi More information about the data, look at:
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