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Global Talent Mapping and Global Talentpooling


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We are working on a totally new way to identify and locate talent in the world. This we can do by making geographic heatmaps based on internal and external data. In three steps we take Global Talent Mapping and talentpooling to the next level:

1. First we locate the talent in the world. In which country, city, area, cluster or hub is this talent located. But also in which university, employer or community are they located.
2. Second we identify the talentpool. We tell what size and quality the talentpool is about and what the willingness is to work aboard in relation to the attractiveness of country/sector of the future employer.
3. In the final stage we create Recruitment Intelligence. Every talentpool has his own recruitment- and media channels, recruitment and attraction strategy and motivating and relocation factors.

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Global Talent Mapping and Global Talentpooling

  1. 1. Recruitment Intelligence GroupWhere and how to attract the best talent in the world
  2. 2. Global Talent Mapping – 3 steps1. To locate the talent on the world • In which country, city, area or hub • In which university, employer or community2. To identify the talentpool • Size and quality of the talentpool • Willingness to work aboard and attractiveness of country/sector3. Recruitment Intelligence • Relevant recruitment- and media channels • Motivating and relocation factors
  3. 3. To locate the talent on the worldBased on unique global data and new innovativedata-analyze approach, we can identify the mostimportant areas, hubs, cities and countries werespecific competences/occupational areas and target groupsare available.In the hubs we can identify the most important suppliersand demanders of these competences.
  4. 4. To locate the talent on the worldExample: Nano hubs in the worldEindhoven/NetherlandsTehranBangaloreIstanbulColomboShanghaiNew DelhiDaeguLondonDnipropetrovskBelgradeKharkivChennaiBeijing LodzLeuvenPune…
  5. 5. To identify the talentpoolKnowing where your hub is, is step one. The quality and size are thenext steps, including:• The international mobility, willingness to work aboard• Attractiveness of destination countries, cities and employer brands
  6. 6. To identify the talentpool Example: Oil and Gas hubs in the world inrelation to the Netherlands
  7. 7. To identify the talentpool Example: Oil and Gas hubs in the world
  8. 8. Recruitment Intelligence• Background facts and statistics about the target group, like demographic characteristics, size of the group, (current & desired) sector, occupational area, educational background, general and labor market mobility.• Motivating factors/pull factors • Most important aspects • Most unique/ distinctive aspects• Recruitment channels • Most important channels • Most characteristic channels for that country• Titles of job boards, search engines and online communities • Most commonly used websites • Unique websites
  9. 9. Recruitment mobility insights
  10. 10. Employer Brand IntelligenceCompany xAre you where your talent is (gap-analysis)?How effective are your recruiting channels?How visible and attractive is your employer brand?
  11. 11. Global Recruitment Intelligence1. Global Talent Mapping -Insights where to find talent and how to recruit them most effectively -Sea turtles2. Talentpool Insights - Talent and talentpool profiling3. (local) Recruitment marketing intelligence - What defines local markets and how to recruit in these markets - Data for global recruitment strategy4. How to recruit international mobile workers - What motivates international workers and how to recruit them - Relocation information4. Global Employer Branding/Defining EVP’s - Global visibility and global attractiveness - For employers, but also for countries and cities5. Research based consultancy - Global insights and competitive intelligence to attract talent
  12. 12. Feedback and more… Would be glad to talk further on matters in how we could be your partner and provide you with global strategic recruitment intelligence. Thank you for your time and any feedback would be highly appreciated Geert-Jan Waasdorp Global Recruitment Intelligence Consultant Founder of Intelligence Group