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Abridged CV Geert Doyer


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Abridged CV Geert Doyer

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae - Gerard Johan Doyer South African citizen ID nr 7207155121084 Age: 42 yrs. Highest qualification – CA (SA), B Comm Hons (RAU) Married, three children Resides: Parktown North, Johannesburg, Gauteng. Contact details: Mobile: 082 467 4860 Email: Core Skills  Business strategy development and implementation  Identifying attractive growth and investment opportunities  Identification of synergies between existing and potential investments.  Mergers and acquisitions  Transaction negotiation and implementation  Business development  Business valuation  Capital raising and fund raising  Stakeholder engagement and interaction including board level engagement  Corporate structuring and restructuring  Business initiation and development  Financial structuring and modelling  Project return evaluation Key personal traits  Self-driven and highly motivated to succeed  Excellent communication and interpersonal skills  Broad general knowledge  Excellent knowledge of the South African business landscape  Keen attention to detail  Very strong analytical thinking and abilities  Very strong self-discipline and ability to self-monitor  Very strong self-assessment and motivation capabilities  Team player able to motivate and get buy-in from co-workers
  2. 2.  Very good local business network with the ability to connect the right people Hobbies and extramural activities  Active member of Wanderers tennis club. League player for past two seasons.  Social golf player  Member of Wanderers cross-fit gym.  Financial officer of the Gwede Mantashe Foundation. The GMF is a charitable organisation founded by the wife of the General Secretary of the ANC, Mrs. Nolwande Mantashe. The GMF’s objectives are to identify upliftment projects in rural South Africa and through various initiatives and in partnership with government, the private sector and non-government institutions make a sustainable difference in the lives of ordinary South Africans. References Mr Lawrie Brozin – Brimstone Investment Corporation Mr Peter Vogel – Corocap Investments
  3. 3. Integrat Pty Ltd - July 2014 to present Integrat is a pan-African mobile aggregator that was founded in 2001 and is currently one of the biggest aggregators in Africa. During the last few years the pure aggregation business became commoditised and for that reason the strategic focus of the company was broadened. Two new strategic investment areas were identified being the expansion into Africa and the development of mobile products. The expansion into Africa was structured through a vehicle in Mauritius and the mobile products housed in a vehicle called IMDM. Included in the mobile products were mobile marketing initiatives. The experience gained through these products and initiatives, combined with key resources that had Telco mobile media experience enabled Integrat to secure a tender from the Airtel group to monetize their mobile media. Shortly following the award of this tender Integrat also managed to secure a tender with MTN group to provide the same solution. Designation – Group CFO, Integrat Role 1. Serves on the board of directors of Integrat as Group Chief Financial Officer, 2. Serves on executive committee to set group strategy, 3. Oversees the entire group’s allocation of resources, 4. Oversees the entire group’s financial reporting, 5. Oversees the budgets of the entire group, 6. Oversees monthly group cash flow and cash flow projections 7. Establish relationships and communicate with relevant stakeholders including group shareholders, banking relationships, clients and suppliers, 8. Oversees the establishment of in-country local partner relationships and formalising such through the negotiation of partnership agreements, 9. Oversees the roll-out of operating subsidiaries across 33 countries in Africa and the Middle East to establish the group’s footprint in accordance with agreements with MTN and Airtel. 10. Oversees the group’s funding requirements, 11. Oversees the calculation of income tax and the completion of tax returns. 12. Responsible for corporate development and implementation of new business partnerships, 13. Responsible for the design and establishment of most optimal group structure and maintaining the structure and responding to changes in the regulatory environment. Tasks completed during this assignment 1. Designed a group operating structure to accommodate the roll-out of the Mobile Media initiative across Africa and the Middle East taking into account South African and in-country exchange control regulations, transfer pricing and local in-country tax regulations. A comparison between South Africa and Mauritius as the holding jurisdictions for the group’s operations was undertaken. 2. The design of a group operating structure was followed by the registration of local operating subsidiaries in each of the operating countries. This included regulatory compliance and registration for tax purposes. 3. The registration of group subsidiaries furthermore requires the establishment of banking relationships with a Pan African banking group and the opening of banking accounts in the respective countries. This was undertaken with Standard Bank. 4. Developed a transfer pricing policy to ensure compliance with local and international transfer pricing regulations.
  4. 4. 5. Oversaw the development of a travel policy for local and overseas travel purposes. 6. Oversaw the negotiation and renewal of the lease of new premises. 7. Oversaw the development of standard terms and conditions under which credit was granted to customers of the Mobile Media initiative. 8. Oversaw the negotiation of local partner agreements in each of the operating territories. 9. Undertook a clean-up of the group’s reporting and completed all outstanding audited financial statements as far back as 2010. 10. Assisted in the negotiation of the Group Framework Agreement regulating the relationship between the Mobile Network Operator and Integrat for the roll-out of the Mobile Media initiative. 11. This included agreement on the commercial terms of the transaction, reconciliation of transaction and billing arrangements as well as harmonising the tax charges suffered by each of the parties. 12. Negotiated and completed the sale of 20% of the group’s equity to a group of private investors. The transaction required to development/negotiation and adoption of a new Memorandum of Incorporation and Shareholders Agreement in line with the new Companies Act. 13. Prepared group budgets for the roll-out of the new media initiative in all of the underlying countries. 14. A capital raising exercise was undertaken to raise funding for the roll-out of the media initiative. This included the preparation of a prospectus and engagement with local and international investors. This capital raising has not been completed. 15. To fund the short term funding requirements of the business a convertible loan was placed with all shareholders until the abovementioned capital raising would be completed. This included the drafting of a shareholder’s loan agreement. 16. Co-developed an Employee Share Option Plan taking into account the implications of new Companies Act of 2008 and the taxation of these benefits in the hands of beneficiaries. 17. Oversaw the development of a group remuneration policy. 18. Developed expat remuneration and relocation policies taking into account local country requirements. Activa Capital (Pty) Ltd - 2008 to present In 2008 Geert Doyer co-founded Activa Capital (Pty) Ltd together with Paul Pretorius. Activa is a specialist boutique equity investment and advisory house. Activa’s most recent work include: Thebe Medicare – 2008, 2009 Activa advised and assisted Thebe Medicare with a recapitalisation exercise during 2008/9. This assignment included the review of the business models of each of the Thebe subsidiaries, preparing forecasts for them and the preparation of a prospectus. Mbuyelo Coal - 2011 Activa successfully advised and assisted Mbuyelo Coal (Pty) Ltd in raising start-up capital for a domestic coal exploration and mining operation.
  5. 5. This assignment included the review of the geological information of each of the planned mining operations, the review of compliance with regulatory requirements to commence exploration and mining, the review of the mine plans and the calculation of the estimated economic viability of the under of the projects. A private placement memorandum was also prepared for presentation to a select number of investors. A total of Euro 3,0M was raised as first part of the transaction. JBEM - 2012 Activa recently advised Mr Eliphus Monkoe, the chairman of Optimum Coal Holdings (Pty) Ltd on various acquisition strategies and bids for South African resources assets. These included a bid for Consolidated Murchison Mine and assistance in the raising of capital for an independent power producer with the aim of generating base load energy from coal bed methane. Fuge Rubber 2013 – present Advised and assisted Fuge Rubber to successfully apply for a contract to recycle end-of-life tyres under the REDISA programme. Fuge is currently in the final stages of securing equity funding for the construction and commissioning of a rubber crumb facility. Cuperex - 2102 Activa also assisted Cuperex (Pty) Ltd during the start-up phase of the business to raise capital and establish business infrastructure until going into operation in 2013. Pirtek SA- 2013 The partners of Activa successfully introduced Pirtek SA to a large industrial buyer. The transaction is nearing completion stage. Prior to co-founding Activa Capital in 2008, Geert has spent the previous ten years in the Private Equity environment. Coronation Capital - 2000 to 2007 Geert spent more than seven years in the Investment Banking division of Coronation Capital from 2000 to 2007. At Coronation Geert was been involved in various Private Equity transactions (acquiring, managing / monitoring and disposing) and managed an arbitrage trading hedge book. Whilst at Coronation Capital Geert represented Coronation Capital on the boards of the following businesses with the following responsibilities: Sasani Limited (Listed) Geert served on the board of directors of Sasani Limited where he served as the Chairman of the audit committee as well as on the remuneration committee. He was also responsible for the sale of Sasani to a management Consortium in 2005. The Scientific Group Geert also represented Coronation Capital on the board of The Scientific Group, a specialist medical supplies and distribution business and successfully sold to business to Adcock Ingram Limited in 2006. AD Spitz
  6. 6. Geert represented Coronation Capital on the management committee of AD Spitz until 2006 when the business was successfully sold to AVI Limited. Listed trading positions Coronation Capital invested in numerous listed investment holding companies such as Real Africa Holdings Limited, New Africa Investments Limited, Metcash Limited, African Rainbow Minerals Limited, etc.. Geert together with the other investment professionals engaged on a regular basis with the management and other shareholders of these investment companies to unlock the value inherent in these assets. Ethos Private Equity – 1998 to 2000 At Ethos Private Equity Geert was involved in the Buy-out and delisting of The Fedics Group Limited in 1999 as well as the buy-out and delisting of Waco International Limited. Education Geert studied at the Rand Afrikaanse Universiteit from 1991 to 1994 where he obtained a B.Comm Hons degree in accounting. He wrote the qualifying exam to qualify as a chartered accountant in 1995 and completed his articles with KPMG in 1997.