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Hire Cratejoy Developer


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Hire Cratejoy Developer

  1. 1. Hire Cratejoy Developer
  2. 2. What is Cratejoy •Cratejoy is for building a website. It is an eCommerce Backend for subscription stores. Using this you can launch a subscription product store anytime. •It handles the webpage, hosting, payment collections and emails. Our Cratejoy freelancers has used Cratejoy to curate the subscription boxes for single product. Before cratejoy, there was no one-stop platform for subscription box curation.
  3. 3. Why Hire Cratejoy Developers on 1. Provide scalable and flexible solutions using Cratejoy. 2. Develop fully mobile-responsive website 3. Provide coding guidelines and standards 4. Well aware and experience on design patterns 5. Provide good support for your requirements and queries 6. Provide error-free implementation of requirements 7. Deliver better readability and understanding of the source code
  4. 4. Why you should allow GeeksPerHour Freelancers to work for your project • Customized many Cratejoy websites. • Good support for your requirements and queries. • Qualified developers. • Provide error-free implementation of requirements. • Client satisfaction based on result.
  5. 5. • Hiring process is simple. • Deliver on time. • Well tested manually as well as unit wise
  6. 6. Get Cratejoy Freelance Programmer Right Away! Post Your Job Now!