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Social Games: 5 Minutes


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Startonomics Beijing - June 11, 2009
Season Xu, Co-founder & COO, 5 Minutes

  • 10-Bom dia amigos,convido voces para conhecer nossos Servidores de Mu Online
    O Servidores de Mu Online Season 6
    O faz sua Diversão com qualidade,há mais de 5 anos
    TODOS OS SERVERS ficam ON 24 horas por dia,
    São varios Server esperando por você .Totalmente atualizados.Venha se divertir de verdade.
    Sejam benvindos ao nosso Servidor.Estou sempre on a noite no Server Super,
    Qualquer dúvida só me procurar por lá (HYCLEN).
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Social Games: 5 Minutes

  1. 1. Our Game = Five Minutes Joy
  2. 2. Five Minutes Principles: • Our games are designed for non-gamers. • Playing with REAL friends is more fun than playing alone. • People can play a five-minute game daily. Goal: • A leading Social Game publisher in the world.
  3. 3. Market • China: – Xiaonei 30 million registers – 100 million registers – Kaixin001, QQ, Baidu, Sina • World – Facebook 100 million registers – MySpace Hi5 Bebo… • Mobile – iPhone 17 million registers – Black Berry 30 million registers – Android
  4. 4. Our Success • Five Minutes – 15 million total installs – 3.5+ million daily active users (just Xiaonei alone) – 350k daily active users in 1 month (Facebook) • The REAL No.1 in China – Our daily active users are 3x more than the No.2 and No.3 Social Game player in China. – Our daily traffic is ¼ of the total traffic of Xiaonei.
  5. 5. Our Success DAU: 3 times more than No.2
  6. 6. Happy Farm – No.1 in China
  7. 7. Happy Farm – Grow Fast on FB
  8. 8. Facebook Users Other Internet Users FB API FB Connect Other Middleware Nintendo Facebook Other Platforms iPhone Wii, SFC, NDSL … Otheres App App App Game Game Game Game Game Game Game Five Minutes Nintendo Five Mintues Nintendo Principle Principle
  9. 9. Advantages • A blank market: – It is easy to have a few minutes here and there, but difficult to have a few hours aside for games. – Console and portable games are getting too hardcore. – More and more platforms choose to open up. • We are in CHINA – Low cost for great talents. – We have 9 public online game companies in China. They have incubated many world-class game producers and developers. – Chinese game producers and PMs are experieced with Virtual Currency and Micro Transactions.
  10. 10. Thanks