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Real avirate women - Social Media Management Services


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Over 50 women participated and responded to the brand’s call on social media – to find out the Real Avirate Woman of Bangalore and celebrate the opening of the UB City store with her

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Real avirate women - Social Media Management Services

  2. 2. Avirate International High Street Fashion Fashion for ‘Real women’ Sensuality
  3. 3. A two week contest hosted on social media to celebrate the Real Women out there Over 50 women participated and responded to the brand’s call on social media – to find out the Real Avirate Woman of Bangalore and celebrate the opening of the UB City store with her 11 respondents were shortlisted and ‘Urmila Biswas’ emerged as the winner of the contest as The Real Woman of Bangalore Urmila Biswas lived Avirate for the day by being the special guest at the store launch event, a complete makeover from Avirate and also a chance walk the ramp with Prasad Bidapa Grand opening ceremony was also attended by the who’s who of Bangalore and media of various sorts along with loyal customers of Avirate and finalists of the contest Real Avirate woman – property of Avirate becomes the talk of the town for Bangalore All in all Real Avirate Woman becomes a great property to drive awareness, media interactions and user engagement with the brand Avirate
  4. 4. With Avirate taking sensuality to other cosmopolitan and metropolitan hubs in India namely - Pune, Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi it’s time that the brand looked for more “Real Women” out there in different cities in the country Having successfully executed and identified the real woman of Bangalore, through a social contest, let’s take this contest to fans from other cities (Pune, Mumbai, Chennai & Delhi) and see what they have to say about “What makes them feel sensuous?” Hence, The Real Avirate Woman today becomes a national campaign by Avirate to look for and gratify the “Real Woman” and at the same time driving sensuality and Avirate in these cities
  5. 5. Opportunity Real Women of Pune Sensuality
  6. 6. Mechanics • Share with us What makes you feel like a real woman: confident, feminine, and sensuous? • Contest duration: 14 days Facebook Ad/ Media Avirate FB Pre-like Page Real Women contest tab Share/ Timeline Opportunity to garner UGC from the winner for digital properties till the launch date activity.
  7. 7. Gratifications • A complete makeover from Avirate. • Be the star at the launch event. • Walk the ramp with models and lead designers • Rub shoulders with the who’s who of Pune • Gold plated Avirate ticket for the winning fan • Participants could also win shopping vouchers from Avirate
  8. 8. Net takeaway • Successfully drive awareness regarding the new store openings amongst the target audience • • Engaging and entertaining brand experiences online • Drive traffic and build awareness to other social properties – Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. • Identify over 60 women as core influencers for the brand on social • Highlight Real Woman & sensuality - the core properties of Avirate • Real Woman social campaign can become a case study, influencer outreach program as well as a PR talking point for the brand
  9. 9. Extensions • Real woman card – A discount of 10% for top finalists in each city. • Friends of Real woman – Landing page activity. Real Women of Avirate invite their friends to shop at Avirate and win 5% discount cards each.
  10. 10. Thank You