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Gone mad - Digital Branding Services


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Gone Mad can provide the platform to pamper oneself for all age groups. By achieving the feel good factor to our users we came up with the following activity plan.

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Gone mad - Digital Branding Services

  1. 1.
  2. 2. About Garuda foods • Garuda PolyFlex Foods Pvt Ltd, a recent entrant into the wafer category, launched Gone Mad Choco Sticks in India, and through its Gone Mad School Contact initative, the company reached out to over 22,000 kids in over 50 schools in Bengaluru. • Garuda, the parent company, is the food and beverage subsidiary of the Indonesia-based Tudung Group. PolyFlex, a Rs 200 crore luxury goods firm based in Bengaluru, teamed up with Garuda Foods to enter the Indian market in 2011. • It invested around Rs 50 crore to set up a green field production plant in Bommasandra Industrial Area on the outskirts of Bengaluru to manufacture the Choco Sticks..
  3. 3. About Gone Mad • I will tell you one cool thing about Gone Mad. Everything is done by the kids and it will make you feel like one. • Long time ago there is one new company that makes crazy, mad and yummy stuff. Its called Gone Mad don’t forget ok? • Ok I will tell you one cool thing about Gone Mad, its for the kids by the kids. Our mummies did not help us, we only did everything.Things like ads and wrappers, posters and many more things! • Have you tried Gone Mad’s yummy chocostick? It is filled with thick chocolate inside. There is so much chocolate I can swim in it. If you come you can also swim and we both will do back stroke also. • If you go to shop uncle he will give you one chocostick for 5 rupees
  4. 4. In this new millennium, there is a rediscovered necessity to find the child in you. Gone Mad can provide the platform to pamper oneself for all age groups. By achieving the feel good factor to our users we came up with the following activity plan. Introduction
  5. 5. Objectives • Increase overall brand awareness by sampling activity • Launch brand website and 2 product microsites • Activate FB and Twitter channels immediately. • Promote TVC and brand website.
  6. 6. - Confirm which fields are mandatory - Confirm states - Confirm if city drop down is required (if yes get data) DEMO - Increase overall brand awareness by Sampling Activity
  7. 7. DEMO – Take Site Feedbacks
  8. 8. Test Case @ Geek • Test case at Geek Office with the neighboring school. • A small test case can be implemented with the use of an iPad and our doodle app. Idea: A Gone Mad stall near the Indiranagar Cambridge School can be placed, using the iPad we can ask the various students to come and draw their doodles and give away one free chocostick for each doodle submitted. This will act as a good medium to increase awareness of the brand in the Thippasandra area, with the added advantage of the product already being sold in this locality. We will also observe the kids while making these doodles on our app and get live feedbacks from them.
  9. 9. Gone Mad Brand Website Objectives • Live blog / News feed – to keep a refreshing feel and get UGC at all times, hence creating a never boring site. • Tabs – Target Group oriented (Age gateway for Youth and Parents) • Products – Develop product based interfaces on brand site, build product specific games, apps, use products in the scenery etc. This will help product interactivity with the user keeping a collective database.
  10. 10. GONE MAD INFINITE FEED • This feed can feature brand relevant content from the internet, which can populate and propagate the message of being Gone Mad for all age groups. • For interaction with the user we can add a Facts, Photo and Video tickers which is synced with a RSS stream. In addition we could feature highlighted content on a weekly basis, which can have UGC, In house creative or RSS feeds. In addition this feed can be synced with Facebook as well.
  11. 11. Design Option – Brand Website
  12. 12. Mad Goggles Website Interaction
  13. 13. Mad Feed App Ideas
  14. 14. Gaming Application Dart Game In this application we can have two options for the game interface : 1. An animated character who will have a dart gun, shooting at bubbles/balloons. 2. It can be made mouse oriented, in which the user can use the mouse to shoot darts at various elements.
  15. 15. User Generated Content Mad Scientist Look (Jib Jab style application). UGC campaign for the parents to upload their kids maddest moments.
  16. 16. TVC Kid Face replace – Jib Jab application • This is a type of an app where kids can take their pics via a webcam or upload their mad moments. • A contest concept can be applied here where we pick the best picture to be used in the next TV ad.
  17. 17. Marketing Communications With co-ordination of the TV campaigns we can feature the advertisements for the video section. Emphasis on the sampling app can be shown here as well. A section that will stream all the PR activities.
  18. 18. Products in food space which talks to our TG Mischievous + Innocent Fantasy + Fun Innocent Mischievous Fantasy Fantasy + Fun Mad Naughty
  19. 19. Products which are in our product offering Fantasy + fun Let you lose yourself Fantasy Energy Flirtatious Energy Sumptuous
  20. 20. Facebook Sample Post-Deck Routes, Posts and Ideas This deck has been designed to balance the promotion of the brand with user interactive content suitable for Facebook and product promotion.
  21. 21. Post Deck - Content • Mad Scientist – Use two-three suggestive elements to make a product of Gone Mad nature. • This just in! – Current Affairs/Movies/Music/Sports/Gossip with a Gone Mad Twist • Endearingly Inane – Feature a kid with his doodle or wig or a wacky pose as a school activations post. • Mad Day Today – Use Special Days or even normal days and twist a story to make the day sound special and support with an image or creative. • Dr.Doodler – Post an unfinished Doodle or a picture every week and redirect user to the app to finish the picture and submit it.
  22. 22. Post Calendar • Monday - Mad Scientist • Tuesday - This just in • Wednesday - Mad Day Today • Thursday - Product Posts • Friday - Endearingly Inane • Saturday - Mad Scientist • Sunday - Endearingly Inane * Other posts promoting sampling app, doodle app, etc will be done in parallel
  23. 23. Mad Scientist 1) Ever heard of a Spaghetti of cubes, dice and pixie sticks? No? Check this out! 2) Oranges, Papaya, Grapes and Strawberries… Not fruit, but lobsters! ;)
  24. 24. Every Dog has a Yoda in it! At least this one does! :D Toadus Fruitopeelus – A new species of frog…:P
  25. 25. On display today – fruit haathi…:D When an orange decides to juice itself…:P
  26. 26. Close enough o.O / Make your own Davy Jones doodle here <doodle app link> and share!
  27. 27. This Just In
  28. 28. Endearingly Inane • Gagan, laughing with claws when Gone mad came to visit him and his friends at <School name>. Do you also want Gone mad to come to your school?
  29. 29. Mad Day Today • Example  1) Now Monday Blues is just a name! :P 2) If you could name your Sunday something new, what would you call it?
  30. 30. Dr.Doodler Examples Snowman needs company! Go to <Doodle app> and draw him a friend!
  31. 31. Here’s an idea to go mad on your eggs! All you need is just a sketch pen! :D Go to <Doodle app> and draw him a friend!
  32. 32. The little goblin guy is gonna fall… What can you do help him? Draw it in <doodle app> and share!
  33. 33. TVC Campaign • Three routes to be followed are – • Gif ad banner templates to be posted as individual FB posts at an interval of 3-4 hours during High Activity days, so that user has a sustained exposure to the brand on FB timeline on those days. • Making of Gone Mad Ad to be posted. • Collage of On Ground Activations (Could be multiple posts too, if necessary). • Teaser Videos of Ad if available.
  34. 34. Jelly drink – Competition Study • As of now, there are only 4 jelly drink brands that are available on social platforms. • From our research the Facebook pages are not that active and average from 200 to 2000 likes. • The top brands on facebook are Jelly G Drink, Grass Jelly Drink, Okky Jelly Drink, Gunma Konnyaku Jelly Drink. • Their brand awareness is not very strong socially. This will give us upper hand to create that mark on the digital market.
  35. 35. Facebook and Twitter • 2890 fans with 1700 people talking about it in Facebook. • 58 % of the fans are boys and 42 % are girls. • Weekly reach is around 24,500 • No of unique people who are friends of fans is 5.4 lakhs • Tab views on Facebook timeline is around 1000 • 50 followers in Twitter.