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Photographic images for life history workshops


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Resources and skills for carers,parents and social workers

Published in: Education
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Photographic images for life history workshops

  2. 2. Little Black Sambo, a character from a story book for children by Helen Bannerman in 1899 (UK). Today we create images that tell our own stories as individuals, families and as diverse communities.
  3. 3. Children In Focus calendars were produced featuring multicultural black and white photographs which were bought by schools, nurseries and crèches across the UK.
  4. 4. Great pictures help you to tell great stories! Making images of African, Asian and Caribbean communities available to publishers to illustrate their stories and reach wider audiences. 1996 -2007
  5. 5. Publishing clients wanting to publish images of African and Asian people, came from a diverse range across the publishing world.
  6. 6. Contrasts, Textures and Hues: Exploring early printed images of people of African and Asian heritage. Published by McKenzie Heritage Picture Archive in 2004.
  7. 7. Family and community images record events which enable us to view our lives against the backdrop of history.
  8. 8. Photographs capture past life events, up to the present day. They tell us stories about the period, the people and the place.
  9. 9. Photographs can be used to help us to map relationships.
  10. 10. The ‘Life Story Work’ book published by BAAF in 1993.
  11. 11. Realistic, often un-posed, un-smiling and spontaneous photo’s can convey a more realistic sense of what was happening at the time.
  12. 12. Photographs in Life Story work provides people with dementia with an improved sense of identity and self worth.
  13. 13. ‘Extreme Unction’ by Nicolas Poussin focuses on the last rites. Often death is a taboo or distressing topic for Life Story work with elders.
  14. 14. Photographs can be used to illustrate themes along a timeline, to include significant other’s, like parents, siblings & partners.
  15. 15. Anita’s 7 Top Tips for working with Images Take as many photographs as possible of a ‘looked after’ child in their current situation, before it may change Gather and collate chronologically, photographs that are key to the stages of a the individuals life narrative Lightly record who, where & when info about the photo on the back of photo’s, to help later with captioning, or in case photographs is mislaid Photocopy or scan photographs for life-story work so that originals can be kept in tact Involve family, carers and life story recipient where appropriate, in the process of selection and captioning of photographs Store photographs together in a safe place, like a box file Remember that a life-story book is not just a photo album. Photographs and other objects/materials in a memory box, can help an individual to unravel their story
  16. 16. Anita McKenzie is multi-skilled and trained as an Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Counselor, Mindfulness practitioner, Zen Meditation teacher, Transformative Mediation, in Spirit Release Therapy and in photography. She a Marriage Care course facilitator, a mother and grandmother and her ministry revolves around personal and spiritual development through the photographic arts, health and wellbeing, and spirituality.
  17. 17. Thank You Anita McKenzie is the founder of McKenzie Heritage Picture Archive, the first Black picture library in the UK (1996-2007). She is a recipient of the award for Arts & Culture, from the European Federation of Black Women Business Owners, 2003. The McKenzie Heritage Archive is now on loan to the Black Cultural Archives. All images in this presentation are ©copyright and may not be re-published. Twitter: @mhcollection_UK Email: Email:
  18. 18. Life History Workshops Children and Elders Anita McKenzie 132 Hither Green Lane SE13 6QA Contact: email