Business Language Classes OCP JD


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NST iGIP Educational Traineeships Manager

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Business Language Classes OCP JD

  1. 1. Job Description OCP Business Language Classes 1.Main Role The TL manages the whole activity and team, starting with creating the planning of the project, matching TNs, making partnerships, helping with selling the project, and the integration of the trainees in the LC. 2. AIESEC Experience Stage Experiential Leadership Development Team Leader Programme 3. Structure integration NST Educational Traineeships Manager VP Corporate Development Team Leader Business Classes Organizing Committee (min 3 TMP)
  2. 2. 4.Main Responsibilities • Tracks, coordinates and evaluates team’s activity on a weekly basis • Organizes weekly meetings with project team • Identifies resources needed and assigns individual responsibilities • Keeps project team well informed of changes within the organization and general news of the issue • Manages project budget with OC Finance • Creates and assures the implementation of the project plan • Evaluates the international trainers using feedback from the participants and from the language school after 5 weeks of lessons passed • Is final responsible for the international trainers preparation on their first week of the project • Keeps contact with language school representatives • Keeps contact with companies representatives • It’s the final responsible of the sustainability of the project Project Management Team Management • Assists the members in discovering his development needs • Organizes at least one teambuilding with all the members of the team • Completes with all the team the MBO of the project • Provides feedback for the members, based upon observed behaviour • Encourages a feedback culture within the team • Keeps weekly track on MBO • Implements the Reward& Recognition process in the team • Makes sure that the OC members have the overview of the project • Facilitates the interaction of the team with the internationals and the participants
  3. 3. • Offers all the support needed for the Visa procedures • Assures the integration of the trainees in the LC • Provides feedback for internationals, based upon observed behaviour • Integrates the international trainers in his team: culture, goal setting, team building Reception & Servicing Collaboration with the NST • Attend all virtual meetings • Update the Project Manager with all new information and status regarding the project • Delivers the information requested by the national project manager in time • Uses the national marketing and communication provided tools • Respects the marketing and the branding rules of the project • Updates the national project manager regarding the work of the trainees Management of participants • Makes sure that all the contracts are signed before the project starts • Makes sure that the trainees have a location for their lessons • Makes sure that the fees from the participants are collected Evaluation • Collects testimonials from participants and both from trainees • The national evaluation- completes it in time and attaches all the documents required • Final check on MBO • Makes sure that the trainees completes the NPS
  4. 4. KPI Number TNs Realized Participants NPS score Barters for accommodation, food  Adaptable  Initiative  Solution oriented  Selling skills  Cultural tolerance  Good delegating skills  Communication skills  Time management  Result oriented attitude  Focus on stakeholders  Working with companies  Working with trainees 5.Key Performance Indicators 6.Background, skills and experience required  Responsibility in order to meet deadlines  Self driven and work motivation  Project management knowledge (tracking, usage of tools)  Self driven and work motivation  AIESEC knowledge 7.Experience gained during the position  Know- how about corporate environment  Event management  iGIP selling skills  Strategic thinking  Delegating& team management
  5. 5. Global Internship Programme Team Leader Programme VP iGIP CEED SOL 5 months Before the project starts- 30 hours/ week During the project – 15 hours/ week After the project ends 10 hours/ week Geanina Sainu NST Educational Traineeships Manager 0761 657 617 8.Possible positions after this experience 9.Time required and duration 10.Contact Information