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Varilux s series_and_crizal_uv_stimulus_packagev2


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Varilux s series_and_crizal_uv_stimulus_packagev2

  1. 1. STUMULUS PACKAGE With Crizal UV
  2. 2. Key Program Information• When? – March 4 – April 12, 2013• What Products are eligible? – ANY Varilux S Series product WITH any Crizal UV• Who is eligible? – Any ECP purchasing Varilux S Series with Crizal UV• Which labs are participating? – All Essilor Base and Partner labs
  3. 3. How the Program Works • ECP orders a pair of Varilux S Series product with Crizal Alize UV, Crizal Avance UV or Crizal Sapphire UV and receives a $40 instant rebate on the Crizal product • ECP orders a pair of Varilux S Series product with Crizal Easy UV and receives a $35 instant rebate on Crizal Easy UV • $40 / $35 instant rebate will show on the lab invoice as a “credit” – No rebate checks will be issued
  4. 4. FAQ • Do I need to enroll my ECP in the program? – No, any ECP can participate • Is there a baseline for this program? – No, the instant rebate is paid on every eligible job • Who should I target with this program? – Any ECP currently selling: Varilux, Varilux S Series, Crizal, Competitive digital products – Any ECP with a Visioffice
  5. 5. Sales Force Action Action: • Target and call on current low volume Vx S Series accounts for incremental jobs • Leverage as a tool to acquire new accounts WIIFM: • Vx S Series Bonus - A minimum of 7 JPD per in March will earn you $2 per pair • Booster Incentive - Get additional lift towards achieving your goal