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Watch slide show, this product is growing each month. If yiou not selling them please contact us we can put you in touch with referrals that will coach you on their success. It works great in small and large towns alike.

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Chemistrie Power Point Final Lenstech Revised

  1. 1. CHEMISTRIE TMThe Magnetic Lens Layering SystemAvailable through LensTech Optical
  2. 2. Make any frame into a clipMicro 2mm wide magnetic
  3. 3. What is Chemistrie ? TM• A patented magnetic polarized sun shied utilizing magnets embedded into the Rx lens and the polarized shield. Processed in house at LensTech.• A polarized polycarbonate sun clip made to fit the RX along with the frame.• A magnetic click system that fits better than most magnetic clips made with a fraction of the weight.• The easiest click sun lens to put on while driving.• Quality, lightweight lenses (.8 mm thickness)• Fits most frames made, including the ones you already have on your board!
  4. 4. With ready made clip on’sthat come with frames…– Not optically correct– Not base curve matched– Heavy due to thicker lens and frame– Difficult to attach and remove– Has the potential to scratch both the lens and frame– Can come off easy with slight bumps and shakes. Chemistrie is the solution to these problems! TM
  5. 5. Chemistrie Sunlenses TM• Lightweight (.8mm thickness)• Can be edged to fit most frames made. LensTech customizes them at the same time the rx is made.• 100% UV protected• Polarized• Offered in 8 solid, 8 mirrored, and 8 gradient colors
  6. 6. What Makes Chemistrie Different? TM • Seamless, snug fit for virtually ANY frame style and lens prescription • Manufactured on a per-patient, per-prescription basis • Custom made by skilled LensTech technicians • No adjustments needed after the initial fitting • Strong, flexible, and durable construction
  7. 7. Other Features and Benefits• 24 different lens colors• 5 bridge colors• 3 magnet colors• 12 Swarovski crystals used as decorative accents ( Optional )• Virtually transparent to the frame design—patient’s high-end Rx frames become high-end Rx sunglass frames• A truly advanced alternative to bendy, bulky, adjustment-prone clip-on sunglasses
  8. 8. Polarized Polycarb Solid G-15* Grey** Brown* Amber** Bronze Yellow Rose Blue * Available in non-polarized for pilots etc. ** Available with back anti-reflective coating
  9. 9. Polarized Mirrored Lenses with Back AR Gold Silver Blue Caliente Morado Green Orange Sky Blue
  10. 10. Polarized Gradient Lenses with Back Side AR Dark Grey Violet Grey Crimson Medium Brown Amber Violet Rose Dark Brown Rouge
  11. 11. Chemistrie 3-D Lenses• See 3-D Movies• Play 3-D gaming Circular• Available in base curves of 4 and 6• Compatible with: – 3-D televisions utilizing passive lens technology – RealD cinema productions Linear
  12. 12. Optional: Profile Mounting• Frame end piece is embedded into the lens ( minus rx ) looks sleek.• Frame chassis fits into the lens seamlessly for the most integrated fit• Prevents lint, oil, and debris build up• Must be requested at time of ordering• Aesthetically more appealing• Works best on minus or myopes.• Additional fee for profile mounts.Notice how the rimless end piece isflush with the front of the lens or BC.
  13. 13. Magnets• Available in three colors• Available in two styles• If you do not request a particular magnet or bridge color we will choose the best color to match the frame. We will almost always use round magnets unless otherwise requested.
  14. 14. 5 Bridge Colors• Constructed from titanium• Available in five colors• If you do not request a color we will choose the best color to match the frame with.
  15. 15. Swarovski Crystals• 12 Swarovski crystal jewel colors• Two types: – Permanent – Crystal is permanently attached to the sun lens – Only $10 for Swarovski crystals.
  16. 16. Tips on HOW TO SELL Chemistrie TMTips from opticians who are selling them now and have successful experiences to share.• When a second pair for sunwear is not going to happen this is your next best option.• Wear them in the office, show the sample from your display. The question will come up about how will I see with magnets in my lenses? Explain they are very smaller than most 3pc mount end pieces, after a few minutes you will not notice them there. The next question usually is, ―will people see the magnets on my lenses‖? Best answer is, did you notice mine showing the pair you are currently wearing with magnets in the lenses. 99% of the time the comment will be made by the patient ― I never noticed yours‖ and you can easily proceed with the sale from here.• Always mention 3-D lenses are available. – A. 3-D TV’s and Movies without goofey glasses. – B. 3-D Games, it’s a huge market, watch the reaction when you beign to ask about it.
  17. 17. What’s Included?• Chemistrie POP display (available in acrylic or burlwood) TM• Pre-made demo frame• Crystal wheel with all 12 Swarovski colors• Complimentary vouchers for the first two Chemistrie TM systems sold• We always recommend having the clip made at the time of the RX. We do not make clicks for POF.
  18. 18. Overcoming Objections• ―Magnets in the lens??‖ – The magnets are outside the field of vision – A three piece chassis is usually more noticeable than micro magnets.• ―Will the magnets compromise the Rx lens?‖ – Magnets are only drilled partially through the Rx lens – This has not been a problem• ―I would rather sell a second pair.‖ – Chemistrie is not intended to deter second pair sales TM – A great alternative for patients that don’t want a second pair, but desire sun protection – Some patients would rather wear their favorite frame all the time – Even if patients purchase a second pair always ask about 3-D
  19. 19. Tips on Training Opticians in Selling Chemistrie to Patients TM• ECP employees personally wear Chemistrie (opticians, optometrists, office TM administrators, etc.)• Display a Chemistrie on a top selling frames throughout their stores TM• Show the durability of the ChemistrieTM lens, let the patient feel the strength of the magnets• Present ChemistrieTM as the newest and freshest technology that is available within the industry• Avoid referring to the product as a ―clip‖, ―clip-on‖, or ―clippy‖, introduce it as a magnetic sunlens system
  20. 20. Target Audience• Everyone – Children, Teenagers, Young Adults, Men, Women, Senior Citizens, etc. will love them!• All demographics wear eyewear, whether it is for vision correction or fashion or 3-D gaming or movies.• Because there is such a variety of lens colors/functions, Chemistrie can TM meet both the consumer’s need for performance, as well as cosmetic appearance
  21. 21. Know The Pros• Fits virtually ANY frame• Custom made with your RX by skilled technicians at LensTech Optical.• Base curve matched, Huge advantage!• 24 color variations of polarized lenses• Lightweight Polycarbonate material.• Easy to attach/remove• No metal prongs or eye wires to scratch lenses!
  22. 22. Main Points• Best option for non second pair patients who want sun protection.• Provides the consumer with a quality product, while being able to customize it to their exact specifications.• Chemistrie is edged and base curve matched to virtually ANY lens or frame TM• Chemistrie’s self-aligning design will never need adjustment beyond the fit TM date as long as frame stays in reasonable adjustment and alignment.• For more information or to order your demo kit contact LensTech ask for Amanda @1.800.564.5546