Teja Tur - DMC/PCO Gdansk


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PDF Presentation of Teja Tur (DMC/PCO) in Brussels, Holiday Inn Airport, June 25th, 2012. BBT Online

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Teja Tur - DMC/PCO Gdansk

  2. 2. About us … TEJA TUR We have been on the market for over 11 years! We’re a company that combines the function of the Travel and Event Agency.Thanks to such combination, we can successfully take even the most demanding challenges. MEET US CLOSER!
  3. 3. About us …TEJA TUR- where are we? Poland TriCity SOPOT
  4. 4. About us … TEJA TUR consists of three departments that are dedicated to specific implementation:Conferences DMC Polska Event&Incentive
  5. 5. Conferences As a PCO we can organize a successful CONFERENCEOur goal is your comfort, full satisfaction and meet the expectations ofall participants. Our method is total professionalism and precision with planning. Our strength is knowledge and experience, as well as attention to the smallest details of the project.
  6. 6. DMC Polska As a DMC Gdańsk & Region we can show YOU the city and unique placesDiscover the beauty of the Tricity and Region with wide range of CITY TOUR programmes.
  7. 7. DMC PolskaOur main products: Amber Castles The Sea Solidarity
  8. 8. DMC Polska CITY GAMESvisit the city in an unconventional way The Amber Route Gdańsk Trails of Solidarity Two hearts – two wheels
  9. 9. City games THE AMBER ROUTELets move to the future until the 2111th Gdansk - the world capital of amber untilrecently... Until recently, because for nearly a year there has not been found eventhe smallest pebble of sea gold.But something unexpected happens... something that no one would expect. Thelargest and the finest piece of amber dissapears form the Amber Museum. It hasbeen stolen. How? Why? By whom? Are the thieves manage to escape? Will Amber disappear forever? You are a group of investigators… Places, that "play" key roles: • The Amber Museum • Prison Tower and Torture Chamber • The Main Town Hall • Artus Court and Neptun’s Fountain • The Great Crane • St. Marys Church
  10. 10. City games TRIALS of SOLIDARITY1st place in the Gdansk Tourist Organisation Competition for Gdańsk Tourist Product in 2010 Places: 1. Gdańsk Shipyard 2. Solidarity Square 3. Exhibition “Roads to freedom” 4. St. Brygid’s Church 5. Zaspa district, Block of flats at Pilotów 17D Street 6. Oliwa Polanki Street - passing by todays house of Lech Wałęsa 7. Oliwski Park
  11. 11. City games TWO HEARTS TWO WEELS love is calling again! A long long time ago, in Oliwa Lands, noble families hosted. Its not love, not longing, but wealthy that ruled... Mrs. Lady, the daughter of the Count, gave her heart to an ordinary boy... Places where Lady have been seen: 1. The Cathedral in Oliwa 2. Szafarnia 3. St. Jacob’s Church 4. Millpond 5. Oliwa’s Manor House 6. Manor House II, „Quellbrunn” 7. Manor Hause V Jutrzenka, „Angel’s Manor House” 8. Villa TannenheimTheres one mission - help boy to find his love again!
  12. 12. Event & IncentiveEVENT & INCENTIVE feel the moment… Theme Evenings We offer a big range of thematic evenings: • Amber Party • Pirates of the Baltic Sea • Good Bye Lenin • Gourmet’s Corner • PRL • Kashubian Evening Taste our uniqueness. We care about the smallest details of the project.
  13. 13. Event & IncentiveEVENT & INCENTIVE Outdoor events See the unique sight of our region through the eyes of adrenaline We can organize: • Canoeing through beautiful rivers • RIBs – Gdańsk is located by the Baltic Sea • Balloons • Tandem jump with a parachute And many others… We think about the smallest details of the project.
  14. 14. About us…ANYTHING IMPOSSIBLE?! WE MAKE IT POSSIBLE! If it’s only available on the Earth!
  15. 15. About us … TEJA TUR consists of three departments dedicated to specific realisations: Teja Tur Zacisze 8A Street 81-823 SOPOT Tel. +48 58 552 13 39 Fax. +48 58 552 13 39 wew. 24 teja@teja.com.pl www.teja.com.plConferences Event & DMC Incentive Polska Our experience and professionalism are confirmed by numerous references. You can find us also: Meet us closer!
  16. 16. About us … Teja Tur Zacisze 8A StreetTHANK YOU 81-823 SOPOT Tel. +48 58 552 13 39 Fax. +48 58 552 13 39 wew. 24 teja@teja.com.pl www.teja.com.pl and see you inGdańsk, Sopot & Gdynia ! You can find us also: Meet us closer!