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Presentation on Gdansk&Region conference facilities - Gdansk Convention Bureau at IMEX 2012

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Gdansk convention bureau_presentation_imex_2012

  1. 1. „Prezentacja About @GdanskRegionCVB działalności Gdańsk Convention Bureau oraz korzyści i możliwości współpracy dla podmiotów z całego regionu” @ Anna Górska, Gdańsk Convention Bureau #IMEX12
  2. 2. Gdansk – where exactly are we…?
  3. 3. Gdansk Metropolitan Area Tri-City Baltic Sea
  4. 4. Gdansk
  5. 5. Sopot
  6. 6. GdyniaGdynia
  7. 7. Why Gdańsk?
  8. 8. Gdańsk & Region in rankingsGdansk is in the top 10 of the biggest risers!ICCA report revealsthe excellent performance of Gdansk.* According to World Tourism Org.
  9. 9. Accessibility• Gdańsk Lech Walesa International Airport – 15 km from the City Centre• 69 direct flights to 59 destinations• 10 airlines• total flights a week 452• Brand New Terminal• City Terminal – Gdańsk City centre
  10. 10. Accessibility
  11. 11. Roads to Gdańsk by land and seaRoad and railway connectionsThe biggest and best known communication routes to Gdańsk are:• from Berlin via Szczecin, Koszalin and Słupsk• from the eastern border of Poland via Białystok and Olsztyn• from the Czech and Slovak border via Cracow and Warsaw• from the Czech and German border via Wrocław, Poznań and Bydgoszcz• from the Czech border via Katowice, Częstochowa, Łódź and ToruńSEA Transport• Nynäshamn• Karlskrona• Helsinki
  12. 12. HotelsGDAŃSK ** *** **** ***** Rooms 236 1179 684 364 Beds 465 2482 1190 715 Qty 7 16 5 4 SOPOT ** *** **** ***** Rooms 209 120 106 380 Beds 444 231 220 742 Qty 6 4 1 3 GDYNIA ** *** **** ***** Rooms 151 465 90 0 Beds 297 881 184 0 Qty 4 6 1 0 Hotels: Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia Hotels 57Rooms Total 3948 Beds Total 7851
  13. 13. Conference Venues Amber Expo Convention & Exhibition Centre PGE Arena Gdańsk (stadium) Ergo Arena Polish Baltic Philharmonic Hall Sheraton Hotel, Conference Center & Spa Hilton Gdańsk Unique venues Fot. Paweł Klein
  14. 14. AMBER EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre1 FLOOR3 halls A, B, C of ca.3,900 m2 each.up to 12 000 pax (or 3 x 4000pax)Multi-purpose, air-conditioned halls2 FLOOR4 air-conditioned conference roomsroom A1 up to 600 pax(can be divided into 3 x 200)room A2 up to 130 paxroom A3 up to 60 paxroom A4 up to 340 paxTotal available floor space: ca. 24,000 m2PGE ARENA conference room 300available
  15. 15. PGE ArenaStadium PGE Arena GdańskStadium capacity: 44 000 paxConference room: 300 paxMedia office
  16. 16. Venues Polish Baltic Philharmonic HallPlenary room for 1100 pax4 breakouts for 200 / 180 / 120 / 40 pax1700 m2 Foyer – 240 pax banquet setup
  17. 17. Sheraton Sopot Hotel Conference Center & SpaConference rooms:theatre setup - from 24 up 650 paxbanquet setup - up to 360 paxHotel offers 189 air-conditioned guest rooms, total accommodation of 378.
  18. 18. HILTON GdańskConference room from 80 up to 560 paxHotel offers 150 rooms
  19. 19. Unique VenuesGdańsk Shipyard Centre – where eastern European FREEDOM started
  20. 20. Lech WałęsaGdańsk & Region Ambassador
  21. 21. Cultural Centre• City with over 1000 years old history and Hanseatic traditions• Strong cultural, business, academic center• Gdańsk’s annual events: Feta-International Festival of Open Air and Street Theatre,Shakespeare Festiwal, Sand Sculptures Festiwal• 30 public and Universities, 100 000 students a year
  22. 22. EURO 2012 Host City
  23. 23. Recommended PCO Aktiv JOYTRIP.PL tours reisen Grupa SKOK TravelTravel Sp. z Sp. z o.o. o.o. 3 Sports & ATP Events activity Sp. z o.o. Teja Tur
  24. 24. Incentive offers related to: Amber Gothic castlesSolidarity Sea
  25. 25. Water activitiesDiscover Baltic WrecksGdansk Bay is full of undiscovered treasures. Now you can discover them all while diving in shipwrecks lying onthe seabed. Wreck diving is organized in Puck and Gdansk Bays as well as in the open Sail with Premium Yachting - prestige, sailing, sightseeing, emotions Premium Yachting is the unique possibility to sail from Gdansk and see the most famous historical places from the water perspective, while being in a luxurious surrounding, on the deck of our presitgous yachts Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42 DeckSalon, under protection of our experienced skippers. While you are in Gdansk, you should see the city from the perspective that is not known to many. You will discover the unique beauty, you will experience the energy of safe and luxurious sailing. Max group: 11 pax (1 yacht)
  26. 26. Play with AmberAmber rush - City GameYou are a group of investigators - hit the chase to find the precious stone, you have to look very carefully andthoroughly analyze the traces of tips to not only answer these questions, but above all to find Amber, before theydisappear forever...Contact: Teja Tur, Sopot, tel. +48 58 552 13 39,, Amber Manufacture in Old Workhop Artistic jewelry workshop "Old Workshop" in the heart of Old Town will be a positive surprise for a thrill seeking tourist. Based on a 19th century workshop, equipped with old tools and stylistic furniture from the 20s, it has an unforgettable look and feeling. You can sit by an authentic work bench and read a real newspaper from before the war. Everything can be touched, examined and explained. Get the feeling of being back in the 30s. In the workshop, jewelry is produced on true historical machinery and by using old techniques. Max group: 12 pax.
  27. 27. Feel the Freedom and SolidarityVisit the Shipyard with Subject ive Bus Line, See Lech Wałęsa’s WorkplaceAn unusual bus and bus route through historic sites of Gdańsk Shipyard. The remarkable journey takes place on boarda vintage bus, Jelcz RTO – the so-called ‘cucumber’. The passengers are accompanied by former Gdańsk Shipyardworkers who take them on a guided tour of their old workplace and share their personal subjective experience of thehistory of the shipyard and its economic and political role. The bus stops are mapped out by remarkable events andplaces: the wall which Lech Wałęsa jumped over, the slipways, the BHP Hall (Occupational Health and Safety Hall)where the August Agreement was signed and Lech Wałęsa’s workplace. City Game ‘The Solidarity Trail’ City game is a journey into a recent past, the end of the previous system in the 1980s. We can witness a reality full of astonishing rules, customs and humour. The feature sites include: Gdańsk Shipyard, Solidarity Square, Roads to Freedom Exhibition, St. Bridget Church, murals in Zaspa and Oliwa. The game won an award in the Gdańsk Tourist Organization competition for the best Tourism Product. • Contact: Teja Tur, Sopot, tel. +48 58 552 13 39,,
  28. 28. Meet the Teutonic KnightsNight tours of the Malbork CastleA night visit to the castle is an unusual opportunity to discover the secrets of the stronghold. We will follow in the footstepsof its former owners – knights of the Teutonic Order. Fascinating stories and gothic architecture will take you on a journeyto the Middle Ages. We have an array of attractions on offer such as knights tournaments, archery and crossbow shootingtopped off with dinner within castle walls which makes you visit memorable.The Malbork Castle Museum,, The Culinary Academy of the Teutonic Grand Masters Although cooking is something everyone is familiar with, the richness and diversity of the Teutonic cuisine is still a secret to most of us. The Culinary Academy at Malbork Castle reveals the secrets of medieval dishes and the traditions of the order and its knights. Our chef – instructor is a graduate of Kurts Scheller Culinary Academy as well as one of the most prestigious culinary schools in the world – the Culinary Academy of New York. Classes take place in the stylish surroundings of the castle restaurant. The programme of the course includes cooking sophisticated dishes in original costumes followed by merry feasting. The Malbork Castle Museum mobile: (+48) 783 464 828
  29. 29. Where will you find the information?
  30. 30. Gdańsk hosted:• 2009 80th Annual Meeting of the International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics – GAMM• 2010 6th Annual Wikimedia Conference – WIKIMANIA 2010• 2011 The International Congress on Ultrasonics, ICU• 2011 ICCA Research Sales & Marketing Programme• 2011 36th Annual International Herpesvirus Workshop• 2011 ICCA European Chapter Meeting• 2011 Cartoon Forum• 2012 World Council of Credit Unions WOCCU• 2012 24th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering
  31. 31. How GCB can help you?• Complimentary promotional materials• Recommendation for PCO• Preliminary reservations• Site – visits• Flights discounts up to 20% for your clients• Tourist Information Point at the Venue (meetings above 300 pax)• Welcome desk at the Airport (meetings above 300 pax)• Volunteers for Gdańsk – complimentary help during the event• Tourist Card at special price
  32. 32. We create a mobile app for you
  33. 33. Personal Agenda, Notes
  34. 34. Profile Settings Delegates can communicate via app
  35. 35. City map, Venue
  36. 36. Sponsor zone
  37. 37. Survey
  38. 38. Info from the organizer Local information
  39. 39. The app makes your events GREEN
  40. 40. or meet us atICCA and MPI events…
  41. 41. Don’t hesitate to follow us! GdanskRegionCVB