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Social Media/Networking for Libraries and Staff: Following the Herd or Finding your Own Hill? Slides from the Library Staff workshop held at Leicester, 14th June 2012.

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Carry on Follow that Llama

  1. 1. Library Staff Conference June 14th 2012 Gaz J Johnson @llordllama
  2. 2. What’s in the Box? Understanding of the diversity of social media and networking Awareness of the impact for librarians and library staff Some ideas on how you can make a better use of it Yoursocial media profile – and how to use it to your advantage
  3. 3. Know your Twitterati Stephen Fry Follows Me on Twitter
  4. 4. Unlearn What You Have Learned As much new ways of thinking as new technologies It’s about communication, sharing and collaboration It’s an Organization 2.0 kinda way of life and work It’s about augmenting content in shared public spaces Less about controlling the message and more about embodying brands Social Media takes time to master but so does email, telephone…
  5. 5. Why is Social Media Important?
  6. 6. The Influence Impact
  7. 7. What is Social Media? Noisy  Vibrant ○ Interactive  User defined - Searchable - Attributable • About Sharing
  8. 8. Social Media Isn’t  Just Text  Static ○ Controlled*  Risk Free - One Directional - The Only Channel • For Everyone*Certain regimes might argue differently, please check with your local dictator if you’re not sure
  9. 9. More than just Friendface… Just the tip of the iceberg…
  10. 10. What Kinds of Sites? Blogging (WordPress, Blogger) Microblogging (Twitter, Yammer) Photo & Video sharing (Flickr, YouTube) Wikis (Wetpaint, PMWiki) Social Community (Facebook, LinkedIn) Audio (PodBean, Last.FM) Content & File Sharing Chat & Instant messaging
  11. 11. Gartner’s Hype Cycle
  12. 12. Your Social Media Archetype  The Informant  Current, timely, regular, informative, brief  The Personality  Passionate, colourful, engaging, wide-ranging  The Philosopher  Deep, detailed, wise expansive  The Lover  Sharing what they love, niche and specialist  The Teacher  Expert, guide, knowledge sharer  The Friend  Welcomer, enabler, content augmenter
  13. 13. Social Brand & Presence How you or your organisation are perceived in social cyberspace  Difference between having one and having a good one Number of factors influence it  Quantity and quality of output  Responsiveness and interaction  Preconceptions and previous experience  How comparators contrast with you  Your avatar and biog
  14. 14. Your Social Brand and You1. Three phrases that describe how you like to be perceived2. Now the same for the your team3. Now think about how you’d make people perceive that…online
  15. 15. Improving your Social Presence1. Know your audiences  What they want to know and why?2. Plan your content  Use themes, cycles of news, group items3. Use readily available tools  Free tools are powerful  Don’t forget to measure your impact4. Don’t use in isolation  Compliment your other resources and channels5. Don’t forget it’s two way  Interact, engage and converse
  16. 16. Social Comfort ZonesGreatest safety Greatest benefitSmallest impact Greatest risk Personal Career & Workplace Professional
  17. 17. Minimising Risk Be wary of breaking laws Be careful what you share and with whom Don’t share personal data socially Max out your password complexity! Be wary of befriending people you work with in your social spaces
  18. 18. What Do I Use It For? Crowdsourcing answers to problems Collaborating with colleagues or people with shared interests globally Engaging in conference back-channels Highlighting new LRA deposits Sharing ideas, outputs and news as well as keeping up to date myself Doing my job better, smarter, easier
  19. 19. What about Libraries? Customer engagement and outreach Promotion, marketing and news Breaking down communication barriers Team and community building Promoting University/Library social brand and presence Project work and collaboration
  20. 20. Don’t Take My Word… Enabled us to crowdsource 700 photos of Central Library from public before refurb and to take part in social media surgeries, Manchester Libraries Excellent for keeping up to date professionally and great for connecting with students - "be where your students are“, QUB Put me in touch with other library and info staff. Im only CILIP staff in Wales, would struggle to meet this many in person. Put me in touch with other library and info staff. Im only CILIP staff in Wales, would struggle to meet this many in person For planning line up of conferences / events. Most of the speakers Ive booked have come from Twitter, CILIP Wales Got me back in touch with people I thought Id lost. Plus it gets people to come to the events I run at work after reminders!, Berkshire Libraries Social media has given me a sense of the wider library community, away from the Ivory Tower in which I exist, Oxford University SM got me in touch with library camp people. Now Im involved with library camps which gave me back enthusiasm for profession. It go our libraries on global stage and made us 1 of leading info providers (via SM) in our field. Also helped me forge online friendships with 2 photographers & reunite one of them with his old school chum! , Leeds Libraries Removes the barrier of distance & allows me to participate. I learn through my online network, University of Aberystwyth Instant feedback and opinion, University of Leicester
  21. 21. Wrap Up There’s a difference between doing it and doing it well The best way to find out more…is to try it!
  22. 22. Questions?