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I’m a Para-Pro power point


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I’m a Para-Pro power point

  1. 1. I’m A Para-Pro What’s Your Super Power? GAYE WILLIAMS
  2. 2. What is a Para-Pro?  “A person to whom a particular aspect of a professional task is delegated but who is not licensed to practice as a fully qualified professional.”-Webster’s  “A worker who is not licensed to teach, but performs many duties with students and organizationally in the classroom.”-Wiki  We support the teacher  We can become certified, which is not the same as being licensed  We are enrichment centers
  3. 3. Regulation  No Child Left behind Act-Federal legislation  Requires ParaPro’s be “Highly Qualified.”  Definition is left to individual states.  U.S. Dept. of Ed has guidelines for Title 1.
  4. 4. Who do I work for?  I work at Maple Valley Public Schools.  I work with teachers and support staff on cross functional teams.  I work for the students.  I am paid by the taxpayers.  I am accountable to all.
  5. 5. What is a Para-Pro’s Purpose?  To make a positive difference.  Ensure the students’ educational objectives are met.  Ensure the students’ emotional welfare.  Ensure the students’ behavior is acceptable and age appropriate.  To keep the students’ safe and healthy while in our care.  To provide a positive learning environment.  To put the students needs first and foremost.  So each student not only meets but exceeds expectations.
  6. 6. #1 Purpose  To provide a positive educational experience so students become lifelong learners, contributors to society and positive role models.
  7. 7. Recognition  I recognize that:  Every second is a teachable moment.  There is never enough time in a school day.  My tasks are never-ending and my job description is endlessly evolving.  Every action, word and gesture is being watched so choose wisely.  I will be given sensitive information that is never to be shared.  I am paid to be a positive role model to make a positive difference.  I help students to make choices that are best for them.  I am a buffer, a barrier, a voice, an advocate for the students.  I walk a fine line between helping and enabling.
  8. 8. General Ed Para-Pro  1 on 1, small groups, whole class.  Classroom  Specials  Lunchroom  Recess/breaks  Administrative  Grading  Attendance  Grade cards
  9. 9. Special Ed Para-Pro  1 on 1, small groups, whole class.  Classroom  Specials  Lunchroom/breaks  Administrative  Grading  Attendance  Grade cards  IEP’s
  10. 10. Bag of Tricks  Schedules  Always have a contingency plan  Preparing for rainy days  Journal  Communication Stations  Board Maker and Picture Writer Software  I.S.D.  Weighted vests, stress balls, chew toys, wiggle seats and lap bugs  Brushing and compressions  Exercises  Training  Continuing Education  Networking
  11. 11. When Problems Arise  Lack of proper/effective communication  Asked to do things we aren’t trained for  Asked to do things/tasks outside of support role in the classroom  Asked to perform a therapy for which isn’t in a student’s IEP  New Teacher or Substitute  Old Teacher or Old Substitute
  12. 12. Training and Certifications  Paraprofessional certificate  C.P.I.- Crisis Prevention and Intervention  S.T.A.R.T. –Statewide Autism Resources and Training  First Aid and C.P.R.  O.T., P.T., Speech Therapies
  13. 13. Resourses  U.S, Dept. of Education  Michigan State Dept. of Education  National Paraeducator Resource Center  Council for Exceptional Children   PD360  G.V.S.U. /Autism Center