Digital Marketing Forecast - 2014


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Digital Marketing Trends 2014

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Digital Marketing Forecast - 2014

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Forecast, 2014 Digitant Consulting Services
  2. 2. Translating Trends into Business Tenets Keeping up with the times, having a broader worldview, not getting left behind- just few of the reasons to subscribe to the many Digital Marketing trend lists for 2014. At Digitant, we believe that it isn't just enough to know of' a trend, but equally if not more important to understand it, adapt it and ride it. Better still be next year's trend-makers and trail-blazers. Which is why we don't just aggregate trends for 2014 and tell you how consumers will change, how platforms will emerge, but also help you navigate the complex world of Digital Marketing by reviewing your strategy through the lens of our trends. We believe digital marketers will find our strategic inputs just as insightful as some of the trends in this document. Happy Navigating!
  3. 3. Journey to insights has truly began on big data path! Consumers as well as corporations are overloaded with data and information. Big data is yet to be explored by marketers and insights derivation is still in infant stages. However, it is expected to take off with new year
  4. 4. Social Media will evolve from being an end to being means to an end With newer and newer social networks vying to breakthrough as the next big thing & social media marketing agencies mushrooming by the hour, the roar seems to have gotten louder than the beast and this year marketers would like to see the ROI as the efforts to drive this channel grow big
  5. 5. Mobile will evolve more targeted, localized & personalized As internet usage through mobile grows faster than that of PC, brands will use novel ways to target more mass, more heartland audience
  6. 6. Apps evolve to be more multitask, multi purpose & unique proposition Mobile native apps are on the rise but users are becoming selective. An UDP (Unique Download Provocation) is required for users to download an app
  7. 7. Content will work seamlessly across platforms & channels Content, working seamlessly across all platforms of engagement for a brand, is not a luxury anymore but users expect it to be that
  8. 8. Users will want their anonymity back ! As more and more consumers experience fatigue with Social media's expectation to be 'always on, always awesome', we predict the return of the „quest for anonymity‟, as a driver for digital media
  9. 9. Users are more eager to learn but in new ways ! As consumers in the offline and social media world become 'Too proud to ask', they turn to the digital medium for Instructional content, through Life hacks and DIY‟s
  10. 10. Given the popularity of social media, users evaluate content foremost from the perspective of its shareworthyness, and do not consume content for its own sake Content quality will be determined by „sharewothy-ness‟
  11. 11. Media becomes “interruptive – information” medium As media such as Youtube move from pre-roll (skip) advertising to an interruption model, consumers will come to accept such ads but will expect branded content to be hyper-relevant, engaging and succinct
  12. 12. Marketing will becomes friends with technology Automation of inventory buying and management will only increase. Programmatic buying and other artificial intelligence system will start taking over the manual processes
  13. 13. Next: Know what 2014 has in store for „you‟ Contact us for more information on: Website: Email : Phone : +91 996 352 2288