C         Cricket fans all around the world are now           expecting the three mega events to be held           this ye...
Cricket his team to its peak having shown immense talent and                      These are the four teams which I expect ...
J     July 3, 1971 might not ring a bell for most people       except maybe for fans of ‘The Doors’ because it was       w...
International                                                       Lamo feared that this would lead to chaos since, to qu...
International                                                     Numerous media agencies have identified the informants  ...
International                                                                               •“Our secretary of defence may...
How to remove any virus from your PC                                                                                    Tu...
Tutorial Step 6: Find out their dependencies                                         type "regedit.exe". In the registry e...
Tutorial   How to remove vocals from a song   New Year’s Eve was coming up – just two more days and I needed              ...
Tutorial    1. Our first duty is to break up the stereo into two separate ‘mono’      Troubleshooting tracks: this is done...
Find             your         Musical                  Ear!                                                               ...
Rockumentary Blues                                                                               Liked it? Check out: Layl...
Niira Radia... And other such talents                                                                                     ...
Image Credits Front Page and Page 3                                                                   Page 8 Description: ...
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wikiTODAY february 2011 edition
wikiTODAY february 2011 edition
wikiTODAY february 2011 edition
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wikiTODAY february 2011 edition


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wikiTODAY february 2011 edition

  1. 1. C Cricket fans all around the world are now expecting the three mega events to be held this year – World Cup Cricket, IPL, and the Twenty­20 World Cup. The first upcoming grand event is the ICC World Cup 2011. India The mighty Indians had a commanding performance Cricket watched player will be Sachin Tendulkar, for the legend has publicly expressed his desire to win a World Cup for India during his career. We must, this time, expect good captaincy from M.S.Dhoni. However, in my opinion, team selection could have been better. England The team to be led by Strauss has done good justice on the 22 yards and also have done well in the ODI series against Australia. A sad thing is that the founder­nation of the sport has had little luck in the ODIs this year. India with the World Cup ever since 1975 – they’ve never won the cup has winning chance for though having made to the finals thrice so far. But the present team two reasons: one is that is really competent and disciplined, having players like Stuart this event is going to be Broad, Kevin Pietersen, Matt Prior and Collingwood. held mainly in India, so that the Men in Blue know The advantage of this team is that – they have developed the their conditions for their ability to change to defensive or aggressive in their batting – grounds and climate – the depending on their score conditions. Each team requires good Home advantage. The openers, defensive middle order, and also good fielders, but this second is, we have team doesn’t have a very good middle order. But if they give their witnessed the rise of some best target to their opponents, they surely will triumph the real winners who have tournament. The four teams to be propped the team up watched out for on this when it endured poor conditions. Bangladesh years World Cup are: I sure know that you would be surprised to see this team, but India, England, Tendulkar, Yusuf, and Raina have Bangladesh have made a turning point in their history by defeating Bangladesh and been instrumental in winning the Kiwis in their ODI series. The players have well done in One South Africa matches. And of course, the most day Internationals, especially Shakib Al Hasan, who has pushedwww.wikitoday.org WikiToday February 2011
  2. 2. Cricket his team to its peak having shown immense talent and These are the four teams which I expect to do well in the World uncompromising leadership. Even in the IPL Auctions, he was one of Cup. Each team I have mentioned above have some drawbacks, the players to be sold at a valuable price. With a good keeper, i.e. not so good openers, collapsing middle order, bad fielders and captain and an all­rounder, this team has got a chance to take away so on, but they can counter their negatives by showing their best in this honor. But that’s not enough as they need to stay sharp and do other categories, i.e. if they don’t have good openers, they should their best in their pool matches by cashing in on the home be able to maintain the run­rate, at the same time, stem the loss of advantage. wickets. The prime focus must be in improving their bowling attack, as any bad total can be defended by a calculated and clinical disassembly of the opponent’s batting order and by giving all the South Africa players a good practice of fielding, as catches win matches. The Proteans recently had a tremendous series win against the Indians (3­2) and regained its respect in the world. Led by Greame Not only the teams I have expected, can triumph. Any team – even Smith, this team has a golden chance to carry away the trophy and Kenya, which threw a surprise in the 2003 edition by qualifying for also skill to overthrow their opponents even in its darkest hour. The the semifinals ­ can win this Cup if they are courageous and team is well balanced, with the best bowlers, fielders and wicket resourceful enough to face huge totals or defend below­average keeper. Morne van Wyk, the newcomer, has also shown of his power totals. After all, cricket is a game of chance, right from the toss! and capacity to hit the ball finely. He had done a wonderful job in making large totals against Indians. However, there is a chance of a collapse in the middle order, so the team has to be more careful in hitting shots, players like de Villiers, Duminy, Kallis, Smith has to play more effectively if they have to post a mammoth total or chase a high total. Steyn, easily the world’s most feared bowler in this World Cup, has to keep up with his economy. But with players like Amla, Morkel, Tsotsobe, Smith, one can be pretty sure this team will enter the finals at the least.www.wikitoday.org WikiToday February 2011
  3. 3. J July 3, 1971 might not ring a bell for most people except maybe for fans of ‘The Doors’ because it was when their lead singer Jim Morrison was found dead. But the same day might soon come to be celebrated as ‘Open Government Day’ after WikiLeaks’ tagline. It happens to be the birthday of its founder, Julian Assange. imagining things. International the U.S­led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Governments are scrambling into damage control mode but right now there are just too many elephants in the room to tell people they are just On July 6, 2010, Private Bradley Manning, a 22 year old intelligence analyst with the United States Army in Baghdad, was charged with supplying the video that on 5th April 2010 10:44 EST, WikiLeaks released. A classified US military video depicts the indiscriminate slaying of over a dozen people in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad ­ including two Reuters news staff on July 12, 2007. Efforts by Reuters to obtain the video under the Freedom of Information Act were in vain. The 39 minute and 14 seconds long running video shows how the soldiers engaged and ‘put down’ the civilians which included two reporters. The outrage and the subsequent explosion of public protests have led to two former specialists involved in the operation, Josh Steiber and Ethan McCord to issue a public apology. Manning is currently being detained at the U.S Marine brig in Julian Assange Quantico, Virginia. His identity was revealed by 29­year old Adrian A classified US military Formerly a hacker, Assange is now Lamo. Once a star of the hacker community, Lamo is now being video depicts the the editor­in­chief of WikiLeaks castigated for having ratted out Manning. Lamo was contacted by indiscriminate slaying of which is releasing so many Manning for help regarding the classified information he intended over a dozen people in to make public but Lamo was taken aback by the amount of the Iraqi suburb of New confidential cables, military war logs information that had been lifted by Manning. and the way he Baghdad ­ including two and video footages that it is Reuters news staff pulverizing every war, peace and intended to use it. political rhetoric ever uttered aboutwww.wikitoday.org WikiToday February 2011
  4. 4. International Lamo feared that this would lead to chaos since, to quote him, “Everywhere theres a U.S. post, theres a diplomatic scandal that will be revealed....Its open diplomacy. Worldwide anarchy in CSV format.” Manning may face upto 52 years in jail if he is found guilty of all the charges that he has been put up for. But the video seems to be only a small portion of the total classified information leaked to WikiLeaks by Manning. The rest is rumoured to be in the 1.4 GB ‘insurance file’ that WikiLeaks posted following the strong statements issued by the U.S condemning it. This insurance file was put up along with ‘The Afghan War Diaries’, an extraordinary secret compendium of over 91,000 reports covering the war in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2010. The reports describe the majority of lethal military actions involving the United States military. Screen-grab from the Collateral Murder video Till now the world has taken a grim view of most civilian casualties and what the Army calls ‘collateral damage’ but WikiLeaks has packed enough shock value in its releases that both wars are being re­assessed from the bottom up and diplomatic ties of other countries with the U.S coming under strain considering the hypocrisy that characterised White House’s stand on terrorism when its own methods of countering it seems to resemble very closely the evil that it claims to be fighting. Private Manning Adrian Lamowww.wikitoday.org WikiToday February 2011
  5. 5. International Numerous media agencies have identified the informants responsible for some of the reports that figure in the Afghan Diaries and even theri location in some instances. Britain’s Channel 4 news reported that a Taliban spokesman had said that the group was scrutinizing the WikiLeak­ed documents to find out and punish the persons who have allied with the U.S and supplying sensitive information that might compromise Taliban operatives. On a lighter note, the UK Treasury is accepting suggestions for government spending cuts via wikileaks.org for those who want to remain anonymous. With every new WikiLeaks ‘leak’, more suspicions are being confirmed and people are reacting that such leaked cables are only confirming what they already knew and are making emphatic protests to the indictment of Julian Assange under sexual assault charges. Assange says they are politically motivated but being the most prolific spokesperson and creator of WikiLeaks, it is only obvious he will be the target of numerous counter measures by the U.S government. “We should not be too proud about our sense that there is no state censorship, because we But legal hassles aside, Assange has redefined sensational have privatized state censorship. We have made journalism and made a paradigm shift in getting whistleblowers a it more complex and not as obvious. …the brutality is hidden in its complexity.” direct audience and making classified information open to public scrutiny. ­ Julian Assange, Speech at Oslo Freedom Forum 2010www.wikitoday.org WikiToday February 2011
  6. 6. International •“Our secretary of defence may say the U.S. wont lose its reputation over this, but we stand and say that our reputations importance pales in comparison to our common humanity.” As with any public reaction, some people see WikiLeaks as a threat to national security including the hacker who exposed the whistle blower of ‘Collateral Murder’, Adrian Lamo. The leaking of the sorority rituals of Alpha Sigma Tau has been cited as an example that WikiLeaks "does not respect the rule of law nor does it honour the rights of individuals" and engages in unrestrained disclosure of non­governmental secrets without compelling public policy reasons. Many anti­corruption activists are opposed to the site’s activities. Russian investigative reporter Andrei Soldatov believes that WikiLeaks is "filling the gap" left by the decline of investigative journalism with a sensationalist alternative while journalistic support of WikiLeaks is motivated by anger over declining funding and resources for investigative reporting. If governments are critical of WikiLeaks then it is a testament to fact that modern day democracies are capable of and continue to Demonstration in front of S ydney Town Hall in support of Julian Assange on follow flawed war policies and the practise of writing off their war December 201 0. excesses as mere exaggerations. They may deflect saying that not As rightly pointed out in the two following excerpts quoted from the every policy decision must be made public but it imperative they public apology by two former specialists involved in the July 12, abstain from abusing the authority that the people have bestowed 2007 indiscriminate killing of a dozen people in New Baghdad upon them. whose video is rightly called ‘Collateral Murder’: • “The soldier in the video said that your husband shouldnt have brought your children to battle, but we are acknowledging our responsibility for bringing the battle to your neighbourhood, and to your family. We did unto you what we would not want done to us.”www.wikitoday.org WikiToday February 2011
  7. 7. How to remove any virus from your PC Tutorial that you delete all restore points so that you can prevent your virus from coming back into your PC. Step 3: Disable your antivirus This step is just to save you from getting frequently irritated with warning messages informing you that there is a virus in your computer and it can do nothing about it (which you already know) and your normal activities being interrupted. Step 4: Find out the virus This is not an advertisement for any particular brand of antivirus This is a relatively easy process. Open your task manager. Check software. I will explain an universal method I employ to clean my PC all the currently running processes. Viruses generally try to disguise and laptop of any virus in case they get infected. This involves no themselves as system processes but will always run under your use of your antivirus software. current username. So check all processes running under your username and not SYSTEM. What you need: If youre an expert youll immediately spot out the process which is This article applies for those using a windows operating system. If not supposed to be there. If youre not, you can google every youre having ubuntu or other operating systems installed alongside process running. One or more of them will be reported as a virus. windows, you need nothing else. In other cases, a copy of Ubuntu Look out for processes closely resembling system files like Live CD will be necessary. rundlll32..exe (Note the extra l. rundll32.exe is a system process). Step 1: Damage control Generally, most viruses just dont keep deleting your files. They do Some viruses also disable your task manager. In case you get a more specific tasks like try to harvest e­mail IDs from your account or message saying Task Manager was disabled by your steal your credit card information. But in any case, if you have any administrator, go to Start ­>Run and type regedit.exe sensitive files which you cannot afford losing, its recommended that In the registry editor, navigate to the following branch: you create a backup. HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCu rrentVersionPoliciesSystem Step 2: Delete all restore points This is necessary because the first thing viruses do is store Step 5: Stop the virus from running themselves in specific areas such that they resume operations After finding out the virus file, try to end the process if you can. This immediately after you perform a system restore. So its necessary will give you some breathing space until next restart.www.wikitoday.org WikiToday February 2011
  8. 8. Tutorial Step 6: Find out their dependencies type "regedit.exe". In the registry editor, Navigate to: Mostly the virus will only be a single file which you wont be able to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsC delete. But some viruses keep a source file from which they urrentVersionExplorerAdvancedFolderHidden regenerate in case you delete it. So, the best way is to google the SHOWALL virus file and find out all its dependencies. Complete information about the virus will be given in many antivirus websites. Make a note On the right pane, delete the value with following values: of all the virus files and their sources. Name: CheckedValue Type: REG_SZ Step 7: Delete the virus Data: 2 99% of the time you wont be able to delete the file from your current operating system because it will be disguised as a system file. So to Create a new DWORD. Right­click on the right pane ­> New do this, just boot into another operating system, search for all the ­>DWORD Value virus files you previously found out and delete them. If you dont have Value should be: any other operating system, boot into ubuntu using a Live CD and Name: CheckedValue delete all the virus files. Most PCs are configured to have CD as the Type: REG_DWORD first boot device. In other cases, just set your CD Drive as your first Data: 1 boot device in your BIOS. Thats it! youre done. Your computer is now free from viruses. You Step 8: Registry Cleanup can enable your antivirus and resume your work. The process may Generally, a virus makes multiple registry entries to make it a system look long but an average use can do the whole thing in about 30 file. After you have deleted all the virus files, reboot into windows and minutes if not less. go to Start ­> Run and type regedit.exe. In the registry editor, press Ctrl+F and search for all registry entries containing the virus process The average home users encounter with viruses happen mostly for example "virusprocess.exe" and delete them. Repeat the process through pen drives. To stop this, you can use USB Vaccine for all the virus files and their dependencies. developed by Panda Security. This disables the autorun feature and also vaccinates your pen drive so that it doesnt get infected Step 9: Delete startup entries through another PC. You can use CCleaner or msconfig (adcan) to delete all startup entries that point to your virus file. Step 10: Restore normal state This is just to restore whatever damage the virus did to your computer. The most popular damage is to disable you from viewing hidden files. To enable viewing hidden files, go to Start ­> Run andwww.wikitoday.org WikiToday February 2011
  9. 9. Tutorial How to remove vocals from a song New Year’s Eve was coming up – just two more days and I needed to put up a Karaoke show at my community celebrations. The selected volunteer vocalists were ready with their karaoke tracks (vocal­removed songs) and lyrics, but what about the ones that still wanted to make it to the stage but didn’t have their tracks ready? I was responsible for everything, and if the show were a failure, I’d only be more so! So down I went into working towards creating those tracks myself. Thankfully, I was able to create near professional tracks and the show was saved! Most of what I’ve written in this article was discovered in those two days of my research and hard work. So yes, here’s passing that to you: how to remove vocals from a song. The primary things, rather, the only things you’ll need are: the song itself, and some audio­processing software, like Audacity or Garage Band. I prefer Audacity – its free and has a really simple interface. It can be easily downloaded from the web: just Google for it! I assume you’ve got the software in a short while so I proceed with references to Audacity itself. Launch Audacity and open or import the song from the menu bar – wait for a while until the songappears on the work area in its analog signal waveform. Click on the play button and you will hear the song: just a confirmation that it is indeed the song you wanted. The track is essentially a stereo track, which means you will see two waveforms appear: they stand for left and right channels.www.wikitoday.org WikiToday February 2011
  10. 10. Tutorial 1. Our first duty is to break up the stereo into two separate ‘mono’ Troubleshooting tracks: this is done to enable us to edit the two waveforms separately (You will notice that in a ‘stereo’ track it is not possible to * Some parts of the drums in most songs also happen to be select or edit the tracks individually). It’s easy: just select the tab center­panned ­ no wonder you’ll also lose some drums by this “Split stereo track to mono” from the appropriate toolbar on the top. process. But don’t worry, once the vocals are removed, give the song a Bass­Boost (available in the ‘Effects’ panel) and there wont 2. After a while you’ll find two separate tracks on the work area be much notable difference, atleast to the laymen! that you can edit or select separately. Now select any one of those tracks completely (over the full length of the song) and click “Invert” * Are you done? But it doesn’t work? Maybe the final track is still from the menu bar. The signal now inverts itself, leaving you with a stereo, which means you will still hear both signals. Only in case two signals – one original and one inverted. of a mono track does the cancelling take place. 3. Now, select both tracks (press and hold ‘shift’ and click on their * Still doesn’t work? Maybe the vocals weren’t center­panned in titles) and click on “Mix and render” to convert the mix into a single that song, after all! Yes, folks, non center­panned vocals cannot be ‘Mono’ track. This track will have its vocals removed! removed by this method! You’ll need some professional help in such cases. Nevertheless, this is one heck of a method for But how did this work? Songs, in general, have their vocals center­ everyone – give it a try! panned, or equally shaped, in the left and right channels of a stereo track, hence the ‘vocals’ part of the waveform is same in both left and right. When you invert the signal in one of the channels and mix them back, you’re logically conducting some destructive interference of the vocal signals, or, to put it simple, cancelling out the center­ panned waves. Because the inversion converts positive crests to negative and vice versa, the effective addition with the original amounts to zero. Now that makes sense, doesn’t it?www.wikitoday.org WikiToday February 2011
  11. 11. Find your Musical Ear! Rockumentary find your new inroad into rock! In this post, we’ll focus on some of Very well, so you’ve made up your mind to the most loved melodic types of rock music, like the blues, while the take a dip into the vast ocean of rock music. next post will introduce you to the heavier and more effervescent But have you tested the waters? Or forms of rock, like metal and hard rock. translated your skills from your tiny swimming pool into the never­ending wavy Classic Rock water world? Chill, people ­ what I actually People Are Strange by The Doors mean to convey is that before you wind Widely seen as America’s answer to the Beatles, the Doors gained yourself up into the groove of rock music, quick ground in popular music thanks to frontrunner Jim Morrison, you must first find out what kind of rock sets who went on to become a cult figure in rock. This song is one of your heart flying. their most famous, and has inspired thousands of similar songs since then. Liked it? Check out: Identifying your favorite sub­genre of rock music, to be technical. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” by The Beatles That being done saves you a lot of time, and possibly a lot of boring “Romeo and Juliet” by Dire Straits music that might even lead you to thwart rock music for ever. Not to “My Generation” by The Who mention, awful recommendations from friends who act like they invented the form! Rock n’ Roll/ Swing Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley How do you go about it? My all­time favorite strategy: trial and error. A song that set the standards for Rock n’ Roll chartbusters that Now this obviously doesn’t mean listening to dozens of songs and followed, by an artist that set the standards for being a rockstar picking your favorite – that’s a nagging idea. I have here a short loved by everyone. The song stands out even today for its merry compilation of all­time favorite songs from a variety of genres – lyrics and its down­to­earth rhythm that made everyone a dancer. songs that have been standing epitomes of their type. Liked it? Check out: “Johnny B Goode” by Chuck Berry Get these songs, give them a first listen, and you’ll have a piece of “I Know A Little” by Lynyrd Skynyrd my mind when you read through what I’ve written about them. Liked “Mannish Boy” by Muddy Waters any of them? Good! Now try the othersongs listed in the same category. Find out your levels of appreciation for yourself and you’llwww.wikitoday.org WikiToday February 2011
  12. 12. Rockumentary Blues Liked it? Check out: Layla by Eric Clapton “Ice” by Camel A song that truly justifies the famous phrase, “Clapton is god!”. What “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” by Pink Floyd Eric Clapton wrote for his girlfriend Patty Boyd, the then wife of “Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming” by Deep Purple George Harrison of the Beatles, has went on to inspire millions of fans, thousands of his peers, and not to mention, a few covers by Country/folk other artists too. A classic blues song most loved for its lyrics, and the Hotel California by The Eagles transition into the ending solo. Liked it? Check out: It’s very likely that you’ve listened to this one already. This song, “All Along The Watchtower” by Jimi Hendrix this one song, was enough to fuel a huge fan following across the “The Thrill Is Gone” by BB King world for the Eagles, a country band. Such is its flavor – the song “Since I’ve Been Loving You” by Led Zeppelin talks about being in a hotel called ‘Hotel California’­ an apparent reference to getting addicted to drugs. The chord sequences, the lively singing and a beautiful solo as an outro all add up to make the listener an instant fan. Liked it? Check out: “Jessica” by the Allman Brothers Band “Blowin’ In The Wind” by Bob Dylan “Sound Of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel Jimi Hendrix at the amusement park Gröna Lund in Stockholm, Sweden, May 24, 1967. Psychedelic rock Comfortable Numb by Pink Floyd If there ever was a song that would show you what heaven feels like, it would be this. A brilliant piece of art by David Gilmour, the song is widely considered a classic epitome of rock music. Featuring two heavenly solos, the song also contains soulful lyrics that keep you afloat for a long while. It’s more than just a song – it’s an experience.www.wikitoday.org WikiToday February 2011
  13. 13. Niira Radia... And other such talents World few would have imagined him to say, "Greed, for lack of a better Last week, I had a chance to listen to the controversial word, is good. Greed is right." The way in which he convinces the tapes of Niira Radia, the corporate lobbyist accused of share holders to accept greed as a way of betterment of life is having played a dirty hand in the now famous peerless and the character is immortalised in the hearts of many Rs.1,76,000,00,00,000 2G scam (whew, took me who watched Wall Street(1987). sometime to get that figure right). Whether the tapes reveal a hideous mind at work is unclear; a more interesting revelation Another dark horse whose brilliance takes my breath away is Adolf occurred to me ­ she is a genius. A genius with Public Relation skills Hitler. Beneath all the cruelty, eccentricity, sadism and villainy, there so good that the way she speaks has a magnetic pull over the ones was a strategic mind operating inside that tiny body that made at the other end. Her corporate skills were so beyond par that I many shiver with fright. Barely 5 feet tall, the Fuhrer reunited decided to go through her Curriculum Vitae. I was introduced to a Germany after the debacle of the First World War. Rising from the woman of exceptional skill ­ Niira Radia is a woman of formidable ranks of a common soldier to become the most feared (and networking and PR skills, so much so that she represents both the arguably most hated) dictator of all times, Hitler was a man who Tata and the Mukesh Ambani group. To handle public relations for the planned his struggle and executed them with such perfection that government and two industrial giants of a country is something that appalled many. Hated and cursed he might have been, but I do not only the very best like Mckinsey & Co., are capable of. Just hearing think there would have been one politician who would have not the tapes, one gets the feel that Ms. Radia belongs right there on top envied this mans intellect and brilliance in statesmanship and along with the biggest players in the PR industry. Suddenly, whether warfare. she is corrupt or not became the least of my concern; I became an admirer of her lobbying skills. Reflecting back, I found that I liked Among the three, and among countless other unsung brilliant dark many dark horses (no offense to Ms. Radia ­ we do not know horses, the residue is clear. Brilliance is appreciated only if coupled completely if she is one). with integrity. The above trios brilliance combined brings into picture an arguably unparalleled coalition of intelligence, stability My most favorite dark horse is a fictional character: Gordon Gecko. and control. Tainted they might be, but their talents are indeed His famous Greed is good became a chant on many lips to describe remarkable and deserve appreciation. This is a rare ode to them. the heydays of Wall Street. When Michael Douglas, who played the role of Gecko in Oliver Stones classic hollywood movie Wall Street, walks up to the stage to confront the accusation that he was greedy,www.wikitoday.org WikiToday February 2011
  14. 14. Image Credits Front Page and Page 3 Page 8 Description: ICC Cricket World Cup trophy replica which is given to the Winning Description: Demonstration in front of Sydney Town Hall in support of Julian nation. Assange, 2010, December 10 This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution­Share Alike 3.0 Refer: http://flickr.com/photos/cricket/428114142/in/set­72157594276519883/ Unported license. For further attribution, goto: Author: Elekhh http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Cricket_World_Cup_trophy.jpg for further attribution, refer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Sydney_Wikileaks_2010­ Dec­10.JPG Page 3­4 The images of the flags of India, United Kingdom, Bangladesh and South Africa are Page 11 taken from: http://www.33ff.com/flags/world­ flags0001.html name: my new audio mixer author: gabrielsaldana Page 5 Under CC license Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) Description: Julian Assange at New Media Days 09 in Copenhagen. posted in: flickr by gabrielsaldana This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution­Share Alike 2.0 Generic refer http://www.flickr.com/photos/gabrielsaldana/4709067509 license. Image courtesy: Wikipedia Page 14 For furhter attribution refer name: Jimi Hendrix at the amusement park Gröna Lund in Stockholm, Sweden, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Julian_Assange_20091117_Copenhagen_1_cropped_ May 24, 1967. to_shoulders.jpg Author: Scanpix Photographic picture (fotografisk bild), a image of the press, and created before Description: Wikileaks logo January 1, 1969 therefore free to use. Refer Author: Wikileaks http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Jimi_Hendrix_1967.jpg This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution­Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Page 15 For further attribution refer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Wikileaks_logo.svg Name: Royal Crown Author: Diamond Dog Girl Page 6 Image posted in Picasa by Diamond Dog Girl Description: Screenshot taken from video released by Wikileaks Refer: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/view?q=royal%20crown&psc=G&filter=1#52921221 Description: Private Bradley Manning 35033771906 Image released in public domain by http://www.bradleymanning.org Image courtesy: http://www.bradleymanning.org Description: Adrian Lamo This image was released into public domain For further details refer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Adrian_Lamo.png Page 7 Description: Julian Assange Image taken from http://julianarevalob.blogspot.com/2010/08/another­inconvenient­ side­of­democracy.htmlwww.wikitoday.org WikiToday February 2011
  15. 15. Appeal to Readers Reasons to Share on Wikitoday articles in our monthly e­book edition of the magazine! Dear Reader, Once you are done writing, you can submit it to us and we take care of everything from editing the article, adding It happens quite often when you read an article and say, photos and captions, providing tags, making search ‘Hey! I can write even better than that!’ There are also engine optimization to designing your article’s layout for times when you wonder how quickly a recent scandal has the monthly e­book edition. So, it is simple and easy to been forgotten by the public mind or came across and share in Wikitoday because everything else to getting interesting book and want to write a review of it. Maybe your writing noticed is taken care of by us! you watched a classic movie again and got amazed how well it resonates with the present. Be it an ode you to We also offer you the chance to get valuable comments your favorite movie star or raring to have a go at that from readers and even peer­ reviews from other writers. movie which gobbled ‘two and a half hours of your life Already have a blog? You can provide a link in the post to you will never get back’, you can share it here. Or you direct Wikitoday readers to your blog if they want to read returned from a jolly tour with your buddies and want to more of your posts. We understand the constraints of write about it? Tech­savvy and looking for the place to everyday work that keeps you from pursuing your dream start reviewing smartphones and talk about technology? of writing as a career and thus offer you to pursue writing Fancy being a humorist looking to share your funny stuff in Wikitoday as what you exactly want it to be, a hobby! or a cartoonist having a take at current affairs? You are guaranteed an audience which you always want, because we bring them to you! These and a thousand more reasons why you may be interested to write is what makes Wikitoday such a Wishing you to have a nice day, diverse platform where you are have all the pleasure of Wikitoday Team. writing and spared the worry of being not being taken seriously. When you share on Wikitoday, you are rewarded two­fold because your article is posted on our website www.wikitoday.org and is published along with otherwww.wikitoday.org WikiToday February 2011