Halloween whole film analysis


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Halloween whole film analysis

  1. 1. Throughout the film there is various effective non diegetic sound. A sound motif is used and associated with the killer. This sound is rhythmic and consists of screeches which are daunting giving the film audience a sense of foreboding and alerting us of the killers moves and attempts to kill the victims. Furthermore, the killers motives are enhanced through the use of the sound playing in crescendo and amplifying to suggest the climax of the event. High pitched piano keys are use to create simplistic music that alerts the audience and builds suspense. There is a series of tense, eerie music to give the audience a sense of mystery and make us want to find out what is happening, this interpretation is developed through the clock ticking showing how time plays an important part in this film and builds tension in each individual watching the film. As an attack happens the sound oscillates and then quietens to give the audience a sense of foreboding and make the atmosphere tense and mysterious.
  2. 2. During the middle and end of the film we hear alot of repetitive sounds that are daunting alongside the incidental tense and eerie music. A typical sound that is played in this film is the sound of the phone ringing. This technique is used to create a sense of foreboding and curiosity. At various points in the film there is drama and tension shown through the use of diegetic sound. Words such as ‘HELP’ and ‘STOP’ alert the audience of panic and chaos in the film. This conforms to genre conventions and we get a better understanding of the emotions felt by the characters who are desperate to escape from the masked villain. With use of diegetic sound we understand that the portrayal of fear is real and how at first sarcasm is used of there being a ‘Boogeyman’, this then turns into reality and we develop an understanding of how this character is portrayed as evil after having committed murder when he was young.
  3. 3. There are good uses of mise en scene techniques used in the film. The killer is disguised in a mask allowing his identity to be hidden, thus leaving us with a sense of ambiguity and curiosity. Also the use of dark clothes connotes the dark, powerful and dangerous character that is killing everyone. This interpretation is enhanced by the use of a white mask connoting dominance and authority. There are various interior and exterior locations used with a range of different lighting techniques such as low key lighting, chiaroscuro and street lighting the place heavy contrast of different character creating an anchorage on the fact there are always two sides to people and that this film is all about darkness. The stalker is in a ghost costume when he attempts to kill a women that is waiting for her boyfriend. This creates a sense of foreboding and is appropriate for the them of halloween and dressing up as a scary character.
  4. 4. There is extensive use of cinematography which allows us to understand the different angles and views of the characters to show an better understanding of the film through a good use of perspective. I can infer this because there are many uses of point of view shots to give us a better understanding of the killers view of events and the environment. This is then enhanced through the use of tracking shots giving us an understanding that the genre is slasher/ stalker. The camera is also placed at a low angle to show the dominance of the killer therefore providing us with an interpretation of the killer being powerful and mysterious. At the start of the film we see an establishing shot of the house. This gives us an idea of the genre and location of the film. In addition to this the first close gathering with the killer is a mid-shot of his torso down, this suggests how his identity is important to him and should not be revealed.
  5. 5. The film introduces the idea of there being a promiscuous as the target victims of the film because they are often vulnerable and in the killers mind; deserve to die. The final girl is usually the one who is smartly dressed, simplistic and intelligent. In this film the final girl conforms to stereotypes and is the one person who survives. The killer is a boy who looks innocent and unlikely to get caught. The killer is a stock type that is tall and muscular later in the film suggesting his importance in the film. The jealousy of the killer is seen as different girls get into a relationship and he doesn't. He is also represented with a mask and knife which are typical conventions of a slasher film. The final girl is the only person who sees the killer but as her group of friends do not believe that there is a boogeyman he disappears therefore she gets teased until they realise how dangerous he actually is.
  6. 6. The film plays on the idea of there being a protagonist. In this case, the protagonist is the psychiatrist who is genuinely concerned about the killer being present in the neighbourhood. The police are irrelevant in this film and they are not really as concerned as the psychiatrist is. The characters are always murdered when they are alone which gives a sense of danger and vulnerability. As the final girl attempts to murder the killer we see come back to life, again and again suggesting that the killer almost has supernatural powers leaving the audience mesmerised and open to sequels meaning that there is more to look forward to and this character will be remembered for a while. A common character of a film of this sort is someone who has recently moved into the area in a haunted house. This is where the final girl lives therefore we assume that is why she is being targeted.
  7. 7. The film conforms to many horror/ slasher genre conventions. At first we see an establishing shot of the house in Illinois. This is common in a slasher film and the genre is depicted further through the use of a handheld camera to show action and a point of view. Also the killer wears a mask and holds a knife to make attacks happen in the dark places. The sound is mysterious and has a sense of foreboding which conforms to genre conventions as these films usually contain dark and mysterious music that help to enhance interpretations of fear. The killer however subverts stereotypes by having hanged the victim and then bringing the dead body back home instead of just leaving it where he killed it.The line “ I’ll be right back” is a common line used in horror/ slasher films to suggest that what they say is not necessarily what will happen. Watching and waiting for the right moment to kill is also a convention that is conformed to because it brings suspense to the film and allows us to see the danger that lurks behind the man with a mask.
  8. 8. The narrative is non linear and we see the killer stabbing a victim whilst he is young. After killing the sister he is back for more after escaping a mental home. We also see a movement from the past to the future making it seem like his motives are clear and all he wants is revenge. It is also linear at some points so that we can understand the story and how one women think =s she is something when others don't. We understand how evil has returned by the psychiatrists words showing that this killer his back for more and wont rest till he gets what he wants. The non linearity although clear has no attempts to justify the killers motives exactly, leaving us to wonder what exactly happened for the killer to be like this. The film ends on a climax meaning we don't know what happens and leaves us on a cliff hanger and in suspense.