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Presenting malta etwinning project (dorianne agius)


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Presenting malta etwinning project (dorianne agius)

  1. 1. San Gorg Preca College Guzeppi Agius Paola Primary A Paola MALTA Kindergarten 1.2 Ms.Dorianne
  2. 2. Our Country
  3. 3. Our Country - Malta
  4. 4. More info about Malta • Malta's climate is typical of the Mediterranean and is strongly influenced by the sea. The Maltese Islands have a pleasantly sunny climate with a daily average of around 12 hours sunshine in summer going down to 5 to 6 hours in mid-winter. • Malta Population : 409,836 citizens for more information kindly view following link phics_profile.html
  5. 5. Our Town - Paola • Paola’s motto and Coat-of-Arms • Paola’s motto is ORDO CONDODIT which means Established by the Order and this refers to the Order of the Knights of St John. Paola is in fact the only village to have been established by the Grandmaster’s Knights who more often established towns. The village’s first coat of arms was a red and white eight-pointed Maltese Cross (also called the Cross of the Knights of the Order of St John) placed exactly at the centre of a white and red background, incidentally also colours of the Maltese flag. • In 1994, the local council changed the coat of arms. It depicted a yellow spiral (similar to the ones found etched in stone at the pre- historic temples in Paola) on a red background. In 1994 the local council changed Paola’s coat of arms yet again. To the present day, it depicts three adjacent yellow spirals on a red background beneath which, one can see three azure peacocks on three golden bales of hay on a white background. These symbols were incorporated into today’s coat of arms because they were also on the coat of arms of Grandmaster Antoine De Paule after whom the city was named.
  6. 6. Paola illustrated on Maltese Map
  7. 7. Places of interest at Paola Hal Saflieni Temples Underground prehistoric temple is protected by UNESCO
  8. 8. Paola Aerial View
  9. 9. Paola Parish Church
  10. 10. Our College Our college is named after San Ġorġ Preca who was ordained a saint on June 3rd, 2007 and is the first Maltese saint. San Ġorġ Preca was one of the first who introduced MUSEUM within the Maltese community and spread God’s teaching also abroad. Saint Ġorġ Preca College incorporates the following schools: • Floriana Primary • Ħamrun SS Primary • Ħamrun GP Primary • Marsa Primary • Paola Primary A • Paola Primary B • Pieta’ Primary • Valletta Primary • Boys' JL, Hamrun • Boys' Secondary, Marsa • Boys' Secondary, (Ospizio) • Girls' Secondary, Marsa FDB • Girls’ Secondary, M'Assunta
  11. 11. Our School Our school is situated in Ġuże D’Amato Street, opposite a public garden named after Dr. Paul Boffa in which there is the Local Council Centre. We teach children from 2.9 months to 10 years. We have 12 kindergarten classes and 14 primary classes.
  12. 12. School Coat of Arms • The school coat-of arms incorporates elements of both the original and present coat-of-arms. On the red and white base and Maltese cross lies an open book, a symbol of literacy and education. A peacock feather in honour of Grandmaster De Paule rests gently atop the book.
  13. 13. Our School Our school also incorporates an annex. It is situated in School Street, Tarxien. It mainly caters for the young Kindergarten pupils who live close by. Main school caters for kindergarten to primary aged children.
  14. 14. Ekoskola Our school works hard at promoting environmental awareness within our pupils and the surrounding community.
  15. 15. Our Pupils with Father Christmas and Mickey and Minnie Mouse
  16. 16. Hope you enjoyed our PowerPoint! All the best & Merry Christmas & a happy New Year to you all! From Ms. Dorianne’s class (MALTA)