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Winsen's Canvases



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Introduction to Winsen's Canvases

Winsen's Canvases

  1. 1. Since 1986 C U S T O M M A D E A R T I S T ' S C A N V A S E S & O R I G I N A L A R T W O R K S T R E T C H I N G
  2. 2. ABOUT US Foundedin1986 Winsen'sCanvaseshasgrownto provide  SouthAfricanartists,galleriesandcollectorswithaselection ofproductsandservices. Theseincludethemanufacturingof Artist’sCanvasesandCustomHand-GildedFrames,withthe capabilityofre-stretchingoriginalartworksincludingthe stretchingofcanvasprints. . W W W . W I N S E N S . C O . Z A
  3. 3. S P E C I A L I S T S I N T H E M A N U F A C T U R I N G O F A R T I S T ’ S C A N V A S E S   W W W . W I N S E N S . C O . Z A
  4. 4. CANVASES AvarietyofcanvastypesincludingCottonDuck,Polyester ClothandBelgianLinens, CustomStretchedCanvasorCanvaslinedpanels, KeyedStretchersofvariousdepths, Madetoorder. W W W . W I N S E N S . C O . Z A
  5. 5. Cotton Duck is the most common canvas choice for artists to paint on. Made from the cotton plant, the material is 100% natural that once stretched, forms a ground support which has good adhesion to priming layers. Cost effective, medium-toothed texture and natural feel give the cloth appeal for a variety of artistic techniques. (Learn more) C O T T O N D U C K C A N V A S COTTON DUCK
  6. 6. Polyester Cloth Canvas is a synthetic material and has unique properties compared to other cloth types.  Polyester cloth yarn is thin and tightly interlaced such that a very smooth final finish is achieved. Ideal for high detail or portrait work, with very little paint bleed occurring on brush lines. (Learn more) P O L Y E S T E R C L O T H C A N V A S POLYE- STER CLOTH
  7. 7. Belgian Linen Canvas, grown from the flax produced in Belgium and the Netherlands, is still considered to be the superior choice for Artists who want to work on a specific textured cloth. All varieties of Belgian linen canvas, varying in weave texture, priming type and cloth weight, are imported by Winsen’s Canvases. (Learn more) B E L G I A N L I N E N C A N V A S E S BELGIAN LINEN
  8. 8. Winsen’sCanvasesstrivesto understandtheneedsoftheartistand appreciatestheimportanceofaquality productforthemtoworkon. W W W . W I N S E N S . C O . Z A
  9. 9. C U S T O M H A N D G I L D E D F R A M E S W W W . W I N S E N S . C O . Z A
  10. 10. GILDED FRAMES Customdesignedandhand-gildedframes,  Variousmouldingprofilesandgildingfinishes, GoldandSilverleafingavailable, Bespokedesignswhererequired, Fullframingserviceoptions. W W W . W I N S E N S . C O . Z A
  11. 11. R E - S T R E T C H I N G A R T W O R K W W W . W I N S E N S . C O . Z A
  12. 12. RE-STRETCHING CANVASES Youroriginalartworkorprintre-stretchedoveracustom madeframe,  Collectionofyourartbyarrangement, Stretchersconstructedtospecification. W W W . W I N S E N S . C O . Z A
  13. 13. L O O S E C A N V A S S U P P L Y & A R T W O R K T R A N S P O R T A T I O N W W W . W I N S E N S . C O . Z A
  14. 14. LOOSE CANVAS Locallyproducedloosecanvas&importedlooselinen,as eitheroil,acrylic,clearorun-primed,isavailablefrom Winsen’sCanvasesinvariouswidths. CottonDuckandPolyesterCloth  availableintheirrawun- primedstate, BelgianLinensareavailableas10x2meterwiderolls as Oil,Universalorclear/glueprimed. W W W . W I N S E N S . C O . Z A
  15. 15. ARTWORK TRANSPORTATION Winsen’sCanvaseswillassistwiththetransportationof valuedartworksorprintsdomestically.  Including Collection&Packaging,  Thirdpartyliaisontoensureyourartworkreachesitsfinal destinationsafely, Largepiecescanalsobestretchedon-site. W W W . W I N S E N S . C O . Z A
  16. 16. Please contact: Winsen's Canvases Ph: +27 11 315 0565 Physical Address: Unit CU3, Gallagher Corner, 610 Richard's Drive, Midrand (next to Gallagher Estate) Join us: