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Urban poverty


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Urban poverty

  1. 1. Urban poverty Defining deprived urban areas
  2. 2. Defining deprived areas• Physical • Economic – Housing quality – Access to employment – Pollution – Level of unemployment – Crime – Levels of income – Vandalism/graffiti • Political• social – Voting opportunities – Access to services – Community organization – Education – representation – Proportion of single parents
  3. 3. Terminology• Ghetto – minority ethnic community• Slum – low quality housing• Favella – South American version
  4. 4. Slums• Insecurity of tenure (ownership rights)• Lack of basic services• Inadequate and/or unsafe buildings• Overcrowding• Poor/hazardous locations• High concentration of economic and social deprivation• Creates stigmatization
  5. 5. Positive side (!)• Stepping stone into urban society• Residence for low income workers• Location of informal business which stimulates economic growth
  6. 6. Models for LEDCs
  7. 7. India• Origins around ancient fortified city• Colonial lines built seperated• Transport split residential areas• Industrial era created new zones• Bustees – spontaneous settlements• Increased modern expansion
  8. 8. Latin American cities• Central CBD• “Spine” of wealth• Rings of residence• Poorest furthest out• Industry along transport
  9. 9. In reality (!)
  10. 10. Google Earth images
  11. 11. Exeter• Core• Frame• overlay
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