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Geo at MyBuilder


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Slides for the talk at GeoMobLdn in March 2015

Published in: Technology
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Geo at MyBuilder

  1. 1. We help homeowners find great local builders, and we help great tradesmen succeed @GavinLove
  2. 2. Tradesmen want to control where they work Tradesmen give us the postcode then they can draw a polygon of the area in they want to work. We open sourced our latest javascript for drawing polygons on google maps, our 4th version.
  3. 3. Job posters want local tradesmen • Postcode of the job and what they want done • Tradesmen can only see jobs we allocate them • Distance really matters
  4. 4. We want jobs & tradesmen • We have around ~ 4.2 million landing pages for organic and PPC search • 56.5K cities, towns and areas • 3K postcode districts • 35 Trades • Tradesmen and jobs landing pages
  5. 5. We want to improve • Bring our geo databases up to date - opencage data? • Better visualisation tools for geo information • Change from distance as the crow flies to using a road distance
  6. 6. Follow us @MyBuilderTech We’re hiring