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Building Token Curated Registries with BigchainDB


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Token Curated Registries (TCRs) have the potential to motivate people to participate in community-driven decision-making processes. BigchainDB, because of its support for simple JSON schema for assets, can also be used to implement TCRs (in a more generic way).

These slides are from a workshop in which I presented how to build TCRs using BigchainDB primitives.

Published in: Technology
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Building Token Curated Registries with BigchainDB

  1. 1. Trust in Data Building Token Curated Registries with BigchainDB Gautam Dhameja @gautamdhameja
  2. 2. Trust in Data Part 1: Concepts
  3. 3. Trust in Data
  4. 4. Trust in Data Token Curated Registries • Registry or List • Curation • Token
  5. 5. Trust in Data Registry • Binary listings – The item is either on it or not – No intermediate stages 1 0
  6. 6. Trust in Data Curation • Propose – Item should be on the list (1) • Challenge – Item should not be on the list (0) • Vote – Either 0 or 1
  7. 7. Trust in Data Token • Why a token is needed?
  8. 8. Trust in Data Token • Why a token is needed? – The incentive system and economy of the registry should be based on the items in it and the overall value of the registry.
  9. 9. Trust in Data TCR Cryptoeconomics Curators Applicants Consumers Value of Token References: Token Curated Registries 1.0 - Mike Goldin Circle of Cryptoeconomic Activity - Joel Monegro
  10. 10. Trust in Data TCR Primitives • Proposals or Applications • Challenges • Votes • Parameters
  11. 11. Trust in Data TCR Parameters • Minimum deposits (MIN_DEPOSIT) • Deadline for challenging (APPLY_STAGE_LEN) • Deadline for voting (COMMIT_PERIOD_LEN) Other Parameters: REVEAL_PERIOD_LEN, DISPENSATION_PCT, VOTE_QUORUM
  12. 12. Trust in Data BigchainDB Applications
  13. 13. Trust in Data DApp Architecture BigchainDB node BigchainDB nodeBigchainDB node BigchainDB node DApp BigchainDB Network BigchainDB Driver
  14. 14. Trust in Data BigchainDB SDK • Drivers • Transaction Model • Server setup
  15. 15. Trust in Data Part 2: Implementation
  16. 16. Trust in Data TCR with BigchainDB
  17. 17. Trust in Data Everything is an Asset • Registry • Token • Proposals, Challenges and Votes • Parameters
  18. 18. Trust in Data Asset Relationships Proposals Parameters TCR Token Challenges Votes
  19. 19. Trust in Data Demo • Enough talk, show me the code
  20. 20. Trust in Data Thank You! • Questions?