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Article is about Coaching. How creativity helps in Coaching.
Coaching is result driven process where Client knows his answers.

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Creativity Coaching - CLI Coach Gauri Tomar

  1. 1. 2013 By Ms Gauri Tomar Member-055/2007 /DEL NHRD Individual Life Creativity Coaching a Its about Coaching Process. Importance of Coaching in Business and Life. How one can take benefit from Coaching. Its result oriented process.
  2. 2. Creativity Coaching Create .....Connect....Coach Coaching is result oriented process. The Client will find answers within him only. Creativity coaching is about thoughts, ideas, visualisation, thinking ,imagination & feeling And help coachee or individual to generate those ideas into positive change. From inception to execution..... Nowadays , the office working hours are so long that person is not able to open his creative bend of mind. The kind of pressure we get from Work Environment hampers creativity. Creativity requires space to think...... Coaching involves profiling one s life to determine strengths and areas of improvement ,primarily the asking of questions in a professional manner to assist individuals and groups to raise their consciousness to understand unconscious or conscious motivation, To change Unconstructive thoughts , words and actions into positive ones, To achieve goals To solve Challenges and then stream in genius solutions for permanent positive change . Competencies for creative coaching Creating a safe and comfortable environment for the coaching relationship Facilitating Growth of Coachee Effective Questions skills Effective Listening skills Planning and Accountability SMART Goals Commitment & Learning Before signing a Setting the foundation --- meeting ethical guidelines and professional standards Understands & exhibits in own behaviours . Clearly communicate difference between Coaching, Counseling , Consulting and Psychotherapy.
  3. 3. Establishing the Coaching agreement ability to understand what is required in the specific coaching interaction and to come to agreement with the prospective and new client about the coaching process & relationship. And then Establishing trust and intimacy with the Client and employing style that is open ,flexible & confident. One has to be flexible in coaching process. Its digging process of self introspection and then we get into conscious , subconscious and super conscious. We need to communicate effectively. Integrates & builds on clients ideas & suggestions. Understands the essence of the client`s communication and helps the client there rather than engaging in long descriptive stories. Ability to ask questions that reveal the information needed that reveal the information needed for maximum benefit to the coaching relationship and the client Ask such questions that reflect active listening & understanding of the clients perspective . Questions that evoke discovery ,insight, commitment or action . There should be direct communication ability to communicate effectively during coaching sessions, and to use language that has the greatest positive impact on the Client Clearly mention coaching objectives ,meeting agenda ,purpose of techniques or exercise Uses metaphor and analogy to help to illustrate a pint or paint a verbal picture Then comes facilitating learning & results it will create awareness. Invoke inquiry for greater understanding , awareness and clarity. Helps clients to discover for themselves the new thoughts ,beliefs ,perceptions ,emotions ,moods etc that strengthen their ability to take action and achieve what is important to them. Communicate broader prospective to clients and inspires commitment to shift their viewpoints and find new possibilities for action. Creativity Coaching helps the client “DO IT NOW “ during the coaching session providing immediate support. There are many tools in Coaching Methodology. One of tool is emotional charge release It goes into super conscious level of person. Encourages stretches and challenges but also a comfortable pace of learning. It helps to develop plan and goal setting – ability to develop & maintain an effective coaching plan with client Creates a plan with results that are attainable. We can say SMART GOALS. S- specific M- measurable A- attainable
  4. 4. R- result oriented T- time bound After making SMART Goals Coaches review smart goal or action plan of Coachee after some period of time They manage progress and accountability. Client is accountable for herself or himself. Client effectively prepares ,organizes and reviews with client information obtained during sessions. Coach keeps client on track between sessions. Creativity Coaching uses penta lateral thinking. In penta lateral thinking we use left brain ,right brain, conscious , sub conscious & super conscious mind. In another words we can say Personal Coaching with mind kinetics . As a Coach we care for client, we maintain personal professional conduct and and maintain professional relationships. I would like to add core values of Coach are--- Integrity, Trust, Honesty, Excellence, Care, Professionalism and Accountability. Coaching is a profession to help or support client and to find supportive resolutions. Professional Coaches ( Accredited or Certified ) work with their clients in all areas of Life. We can broadly define 7 Areas of Life – Career, Family, Mental, Health, Social, Spiritual & Financial. Coaches do believe that their clients are resourceful and the coach `s role is to allow the client to enhance their own skills , resources and natural creativity. By using effective coaching skills ,work in partnership with their clients on a voyage of self discovery of strategies & solutions to achieving their dreams , aspiration and goals. There are number of studies conducted to measure effectiveness and ROI of Coaching in businesses show many tangible and non tangible results. There are many roles of coaches – they help you in personal and professional life. Coaches are supporting professionals like therapist, doctors, psychologist, teachers & mentors. For coaches we need to meditate a lot , coach safely, live simply, love generously, care deeply and speak kindly with depth. Thanks Gauri Tomar