Ophthalmic nursing


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Ophthalmic nursing

  1. 1. We are pleased to present “Textbook of Ophthalmic Nursing” to cater the requirement of the nursing curriculum on ophthalmic disorder in Nepal. After reviewing the curriculum from certificate level nursing to master level nursing, it has been felt deemed necessity of writing a text on ophthalmic nursing. Indeed Ophthalmic nursing is a highly specialized area since ophthalmic nurses must have a good working knowledge about their specialty in order to provide individualized and effective care for their patients. However, this specialty is not being dealt seriously in practice in Nepal. There is lacking of consistency in teaching and learning methods and depth of the course coverage. The exact nursing process related to ophthalmic disorders is not considered. To overcome these shortcomings, this book has been brought to deal ophthalmic disorders on the basis of nursing process. This book further highlights the current practices and nursing role in ophthalmic disorders. So, this book can be of great help in Practical setting.