Function of Management


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Various Function Of Management ,
Theories Based on Management,
Planing, Organizing, Directing ,Controlling ,
Co-ordination, Team Work

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Function of Management

  1. 1. FUNCTIONS OF MANAGEMENT Planni ng Organisi ng DirectingCoordinatin g Controlling
  2. 2. Introduction In simple words, management means managing an activity. When we talk of managing an activity, we really mean to make the activity a success. In other words, we have in mind some goal and we decide about the ways of carrying out the activity so as to achieve the goal. Consider a situation. When a person goes for shopping, his primary aim is to buy what he requires at a reasonable price. He has a
  3. 3. Directing
  4. 4. What is Directing..???
  5. 5. Meaning Directing involves influencing others toward the attainment of organizational objectives. Effective leading requires the manager to motivate subordinates, communicate effectively, and effectively use power. If managers are effective leaders, their subordinates will be enthusiastic about exerting effort toward the attainment of organizational objectives. To become effective at leading, managers must first understand their subordinates' personalities, values, attitudes, and emotions. Therefore, the behavioral sciences have made many contributions to the understanding of this function of management. Personality research and studies of job attitudes provide important information as to how managers can most effectively lead subordinates. Studies of motivation and motivation theory provide important information about the ways in which workers can be energized to put forth productive effort. Studies of communication provide direction as to how managers can effectively and persuasively communicate. Studies of leadership and leadership style provide information regarding questions such as, "What makes a manager a good leader?" and "In what situations are certain leadership styles most appropriate and effective?"
  6. 6. Features 1) Continuous Process 2) Focus on Goals 3) Creativity Activity 4) Individual Approach 5) Psychological Factor 6) Linking Function 7) Chain of Command 8) Facilitates Coordination
  7. 7. Importance of Directing 1) Facilitates Innovation 2) Corporate Image 3) Team Work 4) Optimum Use of Resources 5) Motivation 6) Reduction is Wastages 7) Reduces Absenteeism 8) Higher Efficiency
  8. 8. Coordinating
  9. 9. According to Prof. Theo Haimann….. Coordination refers to… Inter-linking of Activities of the Subordinates..
  10. 10. Nature of Coordination 1) Essence of Management 2) Managerial Responsibility 3) Deliberate Effort 4) Creativity 5) Continuous Process 6) Require in Group Activities 7) Coordination is Different from Cooperation 8) Systems Concept
  11. 11. Importance of Coordination