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Blender Presentation - Coda Voda@IIT Delhi

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Blender Coda Voda Iit

  1. 1. CODA-VODA @IIT DELHI Blender DEMO By : GAURAV MISHRA Axelerant
  2. 2. Which thing is Blender or is it blunder…?
  3. 3. I am the BLENDER Blender is an integrated suite of tools enabling the creation of a broad range of 3D content with the singular benefits of cross-platform interoperability and an incredibly small download file size - 8.11 MB. It is the most popular Open Source 3D graphics application in the world, and is one of the most downloaded .(Roncarelli Report)
  4. 4. What you can do for me ?
  5. 5. Computer Generated 3d Imagery
  6. 6. Movies
  7. 7. Blender in Spiderman 2 ??? “As an animatic artist I'm most often hired early on in the pre-production stages of a movie. The director usually meets with a storyboard artist and me to discuss how a particular scene should play. The storyboards are drawn and scanned. I digitally cut the drawings into foreground, middle- ground and background layers and animate them to the director's instructions, including sound effects, dialog, music, and I include 3d elements and animation as the action in the scene warrants. The end result is a mini-movie - or quot;animaticquot; - that resembles an animated version of the scene that has yet to be filmed.” Anthony Zierhut, Animatic Artist, Los Angeles
  9. 9. Comparing Blender with Popular 3d Commercial softwares Blender Maya/3ds Max Free !!!!! NO need to crack and patch ;) $2000 Maya, $3,895 3DS Max   Python based scripting write your own plug-  Commercial software so its Plug-ins  ins 3DS Max interface is creepy and MAYA  Revolutionary OpenGL based user interface  interface is nice Blender lacks in hair creation tools ,volumetric  Powerful hair creation system clouds , smoke  No customization for short cut keys  Customizable key bindings  Blender has inbuilt game engine and game can  No game engine available in MAYA and 3DS  be exported as standalone exe. MAX Maya animation system is on top as  Blender animation system lacks in few areas.  compared to any 3d app. Blender UV tool is shockingly fast (UV tool  UV tool are rather slow  heavily used in game industry)
  10. 10. RESOURCES Where is the main website for Blender?
  11. 11. BLENDER
  12. 12. RESOURCES continued… Where can I download Blender? Where can I get documentation and tutorials for Blender? Blender Documentation Wiki Blender User Manual Blender Art Magazine Greybeard's Blender video Tutorials My blog (Check Blender category) Are there any books published on Blender? Blender E-Shop What is the history of Blender? Are there any Professionals using Blender? Yes!!! Manos Digitales Are there discussion forums dedicated to Blender? Blender Artists Forum CgTantra Blender Forum CgTalk Blender Forum Where can I get up-to-date information on news and events related to Blender? Blender Nation - Fresh Blender News, Everyday Blender Foundation Official Updates Blender Toolbar – Get Latest information in your web browsers with Blender toolbar
  13. 13. FINAL THOUGHTS If you are a professional artist and have not done so already, then seriously look into Blender and see if it meets your needs. You may be surprised at what it can really do. Or if you want to work on a 3d game give a try to Blender engine and you will be surprised! Or If you are programmer you can write plug-ins in Python for Blender to add more features to it.
  14. 14. HAPPY BLENDING!!! FUTURE BLENDER HEADS Hey Wait More to Come …. Looking for animation/developer jobs, email :