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A comprehensive project report On Impact of Media Communication on IDEA cellular


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A comprehensive project report On Impact of Media Communication on IDEA cellular as on 2013-14

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A comprehensive project report On Impact of Media Communication on IDEA cellular

  1. 1. A COMPREHENSIVE PROJECT REPORT Presented by:- Enrollment No. Name On “Impact of Media Communication on IDEA cellular”
  2. 2. • Indian telecom sector is more than 165 years old. Telecommunications was first introduced in India in 1851 when the first operational land lines were laid by the government near Kolkata (then Calcutta), although telephone services were formally introduced in India much later in 1881. • Telecommunications industry in India is an important industry as many private players are entering into Indian market with variety of strategies to capture the market. • The players are using innovative strategies to attract the consumers and increase their market share. • Media impact on the consumers hence turns out to be an important aspect to be studied as consumers in telecommunications industry takes decisions based on advertising and promotion done by the companies. • Hence in this study efforts are made to identify the impact of media communication with special reference to IDEA Cellular.
  5. 5. PRODUCTS & SERVICES OF IDEA Products of Idea: • Idea Prepaid Cell phone connection • Prepaid phone services • idea Postpaid • World Calling Cards • idea Handy phone
  6. 6. Services of Idea: • Entertainment & Lifestyle • Games, Downloads & Applications • Social Networking • Mail & Messaging • Devotional • News & Finance • Travel & Transportation • Roaming - Domestic & International • 3G World • Number Portability
  7. 7. MARCOMM STRATEGY OF IDEA CELLULAR Marketing communication strategy adopted by idea: • TV Commercials • Radio • Websites • Brand Endorsement • Print media • Out door billboards
  8. 8. Problem statement • Over a period of time the importance of media communication has been increased tremendously as far as revenue generation is concerned. Considering its importance we are researching on the topic: • “impact of media communication on IDEA cellular” Objective of the study  Primary objective of this research is :- • To know the impact of media communication for IDEA Cellular.  Secondary objectives are as under :- • To know which telecommunication operator‘s service are used by respondents. • To know about the awareness of IDEA. • To know about the likability of IDEA advertisement. • To know the most favorable advertisement promoted by IDEA. • To know the effectiveness of IDEA advertisement. • To know the satisfaction level of consumers with reference to advertisement promoted by IDEA.
  9. 9. Importance of the study • In this study we are about to find out whether the advertisement by IDEA is effective or not. • Whether the company is successful in creating its brand image in the minds of customers. • Whether the impact of media communication directly affects in generating revenue or it only entertains the people by touching their emotions. • Whether the impact of media is able to retain the brand identity which is created over a time. • Whether the media is able to reach its target consumer and with right frequency.
  10. 10. Literature Review • Leonard L. Berry and A. Parasuraman (1991), showed that inspired leadership, a customer-minded corporate culture, excellent service-system design and efficient use of information and technology are crucial for achieving superior service quality and service marketing. They argued that superior quality is vital to sustaining success. They insisted that customer satisfaction through integration of service quality throughout the system must be the focus of any company • Ruth M. Bolton and James H. Drew (1991), developed a model of how customers with prior experiences and expectations assess service performance levels, overall service quality, and service value. The model was applied to residential customers' assessments of local telephone service. The model was estimated with a two-stage least squares procedure through survey data. Results indicated that residential customers' assessments of quality and value are primarily a function of disconfirmation arising from discrepancies between anticipated and perceived performance levels. However, perceived performance levels also were found to have an important direct effect on quality and value assessments.
  11. 11. Research methodology . The primary purpose for basic research (as opposed to applied research) is discovering, interpreting, and the development of methods and systems for the advancement of human knowledge on a wide variety of scientific matters of our world and the universe. Primary Data :– In this survey we collected the primary data by structured Questionnaire survey. Secondary Data :– In this survey we collect the secondary data from Internet with the help of some relevant websites.  population: - Rajkot city  Sampling Method: – Non Probability Convenience Sampling Technique.  Sample Size: – 100 respondents
  12. 12. CHI SQUARE TEST (GOODNESS OF FIT TEST) Step – 1: Ho: likability/attention towards the brand/ads is independent to MARCOMM. Ha: likability/attention towards the brand/ads is dependent to MARCOMM. α = 0.05 Hypothesis testing
  13. 13. d.f = (r – 1) * (c – 1) = (4– 1) * (2 – 1) = (3) * (1) =3 Step – 4: Table value = 7.815 Cal >Tab 26.171> 7.815 So, null hypothesis is not accepted. Therefore likability/attention towards the brand/ads is dependent to MARCOMM.
  14. 14. Ho: new connections/ direct sales are independent to likability of ads. Ha: new connections/ direct sales are dependent to likability of ads. α = 0.05 In the same way if we calculate data of above variables we get the following result: d.f = (r – 1) * (c – 1) = (2– 1) * (3 – 1) = (1) * (2) = 2 Step – 4: Table value = 5.991 Cal >Tab 62.1064> 5.991 So, null hypothesis is not accepted. Therefore new connections/ direct sales are dependent to likability of ads. CHI SQUARE TEST (GOODNESS OF FIT TEST)
  16. 16. Satisfaction level of idea customers Interpretation : from the above chart we can interpret that 30% customers are dissatisfied from its services which is very risky for business. Interpretation : From above figure we can tell that 86% respondents say that information provided by idea is making sense and are useful for making purchase decisions.
  17. 17. Interpretation: from the data we can say that 68% respondents were confident to have idea connection in future while 12% firmly denied whereas 21% were not sure Interpretation : from above data available we can analyze that communication strategy used by idea is very such effective as 70% respondents are able to get and recognize message given by idea.
  18. 18. RESULTS AND FINDINGS: The survey was conducted in Rajkot city from 4th April to 12th April, 2014. Responses From the survey of respondents we found the following results: (1) 100% of the total respondents are using the telecommunication services. From the survey we came to know that there is 100% awareness of Idea in telecommunication sector. (2) 82% respondents are spending their time on television, 6% on internet, 8% on newspaper and only 4% respondents are spending their time on radio among various media. (3) As per the survey we came to know that 78% respondents are getting information from television advertisement, 8% from hoardings, 6% from newspaper and only 4% each respondents are getting information from magazine and internet for Idea telecommunication. (4 ) 96% respondents like the various advertisement of Idea and only 4% respondents don‘t like the advertisement. (5) We can conclude that based on the advertisement of Idea 52% respondents will not go for more connection with Idea in future, 12% respondents would like to go for more connection with Idea and 30% are still confused.
  19. 19. SUGGESTIONS • There is a great impact of advertisement on the mind of human Beings so as an industry of telecommunication each and every company has put their concentration on choosing the channels of media communication. • Company should look around the competitor‘s strategy for selecting the effective channel of media communication for advertising of their products and services. • In the case of Idea‘s media communication strategy and advertisement of Idea through television has catch the more attention of each age group of people and it is likable by everyone. So, company has major advantage to get more customers through with the help of advertisement. • Advertisement plays a crucial role to push the product and services in the Market, But some other factors also hamper the product to persuade the customer like pricing, product attributes, competitor action, economic factors etc. Most of respondents were not willing to go for more connection with Idea just on the basis of advertisement in spite they like the ads.
  20. 20. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY Every study has its own limitations and various factors affect them. In this study there are also limitations which are point out as bellow: • We have to complete work within the stipulated time limit and hence the sample size was restricted to 100 respondents. • The study is limited to customers using mobile connections in Rajkot city. • The respondents were not open up to the questions asked by us during the survey time. • Majority of respondents are not using the multiple connections for multiple purposes, so we were unable to find out the clear picture of the study especially for Idea.
  21. 21.  From the survey we found that 58% respondents would recommend others for Idea and 12% respondents would not recommend for Idea while 30% are confused. People are known to the IDEA CELLULAR LTD. and its products and hence Advertisement is good and they like it that means marketing communication is good but Subscribers are not very much satisfied with the service. So, there is needs to be improvement in the coverage and other services.  Below 30 years of respondents spending most of their time with TV, more than 90% of them prefer TV to spend their time as compared to other age group people and above 45 years of respondents are spending their most of time with internet and newspapers. Thus huge scope through TV commercials.  And one thing which comes into the focus is that Brand Ambassador is also a key part to get the attention from the subscriber because most of the people told that they liked Abhishek Bacchan as brand ambassador. CONCLUSION
  22. 22. Webliography • • • • • https:// • • • • • • • Reference
  23. 23. By : Pansuriya Ajay