Introduction to Hotels by Gaurav Khanna


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Introduction to concept of hotels, Different Meal Plans, Category, Star Rating etc. by Gaurav Khanna

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Introduction to Hotels by Gaurav Khanna

  1. 1. Satguru Travel Group Hotel Training Module For Marketing Team
  2. 2. Introduction to Hotels • What is a hotel ? An establishment that provides for services such as accommodations, meals, and other services for travelers and tourists. Accommodation can be for any purpose such as overnight stay, holidays, business stay, transit etc.
  3. 3. Introduction to Hotels • Classification of Hotels Hotel can be classified into different categories or classes, based on their operational criteria. For example the type of accommodation they provide, location of the property, type of services provided, facilities given and the clientele they cater to. 1. Market Segments 2. C
  4. 4. Introduction to Hotels Hotels today are basically classified into the following categories by : Market segment: • Economy / limited services hotel • Mid market hotel • All suite hotels • Time-share hotels • Condotel / Condiminium / Service Apartments • Executive hotels • Luxury / Deluxe hotels
  5. 5. Introduction to Hotels Property type: • Traditional hotel • Motels • Bread and breakfast inns • Commercial hotel • Chain hotel • Casino hotel • Boutique hotels • Resorts I. Spa’s II. Conference resorts
  6. 6. Introduction to Hotels • According to size: • Small hotels • Medium hotels • Large hotels
  7. 7. Introduction to Hotels • Market Segments of Different Hotel • Economy Hotels • Mid Market Hotels • All Suite Hotel • First Class Hotels / Deluxe Hotel
  8. 8. Introduction to Hotels • Affiliation of Hotels Independent hotels: They have no application with other properties. They have their own management and are single properties with one owner. Chain hotels: They impose certain minimum standards, levels of service, policies and procedures to be followed by their entire establishment. Chain hotels usually have corporate offices that monitor all their properties and one management runs these properties. That is all the hotels under the chain are completely owned and run by the chain itself. Franchisee hotels: The franchisee grants the entities, the right to conduct business provided they follow the established pattern of the franchisee, maintains their standards, levels of service, practice their policies and procedures
  9. 9. Introduction of Hotels • Different Star Ratings of Hotels There are various awarding bodies for each country, for providing star ratings to different hotels, Some of the low budget hotel call themselves star rated based on their own assumption but are not officially recognized . For e.g. In India the awarding body is HRACC – Ministry of Tourism. Criteria considered for rating are as : • Number and types of rooms the hotel has • Elegant and comfortable surroundings • Rooms efficiency • Cleanness and sanitation • Staff size and specialization • Range and level of services • Number of Restaurants • Bars and Beverage services • Concierge services • Accessibility to entertainment • Availability of transportation • Spa and swimming pool facility • Reservation and referral services.
  10. 10. Introduction of Hotels • Different Star Ratings of Hotels One Star {*} Two Star {**} Three Star {***} Four Star {****} Five Star {*****} Five Star Deluxe{***** Deluxe} Heritage Hotels
  11. 11. Introduction to Hotels • Different Meal Plans in Hotels – EP : European Plan – CP : Continental Plan – AP : American Plan (Full Board) – MAP : Modified American Plan (Half Board) – AI : All Inclusive
  12. 12. Introduction to Hotels Thank you for your time End of Slide