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Introduction to python


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Speaking on the topic - "Introduction to Python" at C# Corner Pune Chapter Event

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Introduction to python

  2. 2. C# MVP DZONE MVB SPEAKER Gaurav Gahlot
  3. 3. Installation & Setup Python Data Types Basic Operators & Control Flow Methods & Functions Modules & Packages Python Virtual Environment Agenda
  4. 4. Installation on Windows The Read-Eval-Print-Loop or REPL Say - Hello, World! Significance of Whitespace in Python Getting help Running your first script Installation & Setup
  5. 5. Python Scalar Types int, float, None, bool String and Collections string (str) list dictionary set tuple Python Data Types
  6. 6. Relational Operators < > ≤ ≥ ! != Equality Operators (==, is) Conditional Statements if-else and-or Truthy & Falsy values Loops (while/for) Basic Operators & Control Flow
  7. 7. Define a function Function parts def arguments return Methods vs Functions Methods & Functions
  8. 8. Module Package pip search install uninstall Modules & Packages
  9. 9. Virtual Environment what, why? create activate pip - list, freeze, install deactivate Python Virtual Environment
  10. 10. Questions?
  11. 11. Blog - C# Corner Twitter - @_gauravgahlot LinkedIn GitHub - gauravgahlot Thank you!