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Docker - Getting Started

  1. 1. Docker - Getting Started Quick Dev Notes
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Gaurav Gahlot. Quick Dev Notes YouTube Speaker C# Corner Most Valuable Professional DZone Most Valuable Blogger
  3. 3. Agenda Applications Run Businesses Virtualisation Hello Containers! Docker Docker Use Cases Docker Image Docker Registry
  4. 4. Applications Run Businesses
  5. 5. Virtualisation The Hypervisors • Type 1 - Bare Metal • Type 2 - Hosted
  6. 6. Virtualisation Server VM VM VM VM OS OS OS OS App App App App Operating System
  7. 7. Hello Containers! OS Virtualisation Consists of an entire runtime system Light weight Ultra fast Enhances Reliability Portable Improve resource utilisation
  8. 8. VM vs Container Architecture Server VM VM VM VM OS OS OS OS App App App App Server Operating System App App App App Free Space (ready for use) Container Engine
  9. 9. What is Docker? Docker != Containers Docker is: • Docker, Inc. - the company • Docker - the container runtime • Docker - the open source project (now called Moby) Docker runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OS
  10. 10. Docker Use Cases
  11. 11. Docker Architecture
  12. 12. Docker Image An image is a stopped container Built out of a manifest file - Dockerfile Does not have a state and it never changes Contains a union of layered filesystem Tags (default: latest) Dockerfile Image Container Build Run
  13. 13. Dockerfile FROM sets the Base Image for subsequent instructions ARG defines a variable that can be passed at build-time LABEL adds metadata to an image ENV sets the environment variables WORKDIR sets the working directory for RUN, CMD, ENTRYPOINT, COPY and ADD CMD provides defaults for an executing container; one per Dockerfile RUN executes a command in a new layer COPY copies files or directories from local source to container filesystem ADD copies files, directories or tar files from local/remote source to container filesystem EXPOSE specifies the ports that a container listens on ENTRYPOINT allows to configure a container to run as an executable
  14. 14. Docker Registry Registry - collection of repositories Repository - collection of images Image - layered filesystem with tags Registry - Public or Private
  15. 15. Docker Registry
  16. 16. What’s Next? Dive Deep: • Containers • Images • Containerisation Named Volumes Networking Docker Compose Docker Swarm
  17. 17. Thank you! Any Questions?
  18. 18. Stay Connected! Blog - Quick Dev Notes ( Twitter - @_gauravgahlot Facebook - YouTube -