Hostel life


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Its all About Hostel Life Experience we had during our First year Of College Life....

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Hostel life

  1. 1. HOSTEL LIFE-Gaurav DabhiKishan patel
  2. 2. Have You Ever Had A Hostel Experience?• After traveling for a long period of time, surely that the first thing that will come in your mind is to get some rest in a comfortable place. The next thing to do is to choose where you want to stay, in five star hotels, guest houses and hostels in London. So, where you want to stay? Definitely you will choose the one that offers the best service. But in case your money is enough for a simple one or maybe you want to save some money, what will you do? Let us explore the solution to that question by exploring the hostel and why it is suitable for you.
  3. 3. What Makes A Hostel Unique?• The most unique feature of a hostel is its sharing accommodation. Having a common area for the visitors and sharing of the facilities are included in here. Basically, the following are the other features of a hostel. They accept individual travelers and even group travelers. They have the option to stay overnight or stay for days. The hostels provided a common area that allows their guest to interact with the other guests. They can also use the common facilities like the bathroom and kitchen.
  4. 4. Why Should You Select The Hostel?• In hostels, you can exercise your independence. Your time to sleep and wake up will depend on you. There are rules and regulations that are implemented here in hostels, but you are the master on your own.• Hostels boast on the way they host different people from different aspects in life. These make an individual stay in hostel a more interesting one. In a hostel, you can easily have friends in different classes. But this will depend on which company is best for you.
  5. 5. Late Wake-up• In Hostel Life Sun Doesn’t Rise Before 9 o’clock• If Anybody Wake ups For Doing His Family Pujas he becomes A joke For Others.• If college is at 11 o’clock Nobody wake ups before 10:30.
  6. 6. Queue For Doing a Work• Due To Many Students Living in a Hostel For any kind of work we have a bigggggggg Line .• This is also a one type of experience during the hostel Life.• Lines Outside The Bathrooms for going to bath.
  7. 7. Late Night Studies• Studies?????? When Does it Come During Hostel Life• It Comes only During The Last moment of Exam.• Due to Long Courses And Short timings Student Sacrifice Their Sleeps..• And During The Last Moment Group Study is very very very helpful.
  8. 8. Festivals During Hostel Life• There is Lots Of Fun And Festives During This Enjoying Life And In which There is much much more Fun than any ordinary festive.• During Big Festives Due to less no. of friends gathering the mood becomes a little off. But as the no. of friends gathered are more a small festive also becomes a rememberable Festival.Navratri Festive Dhuleti Festive
  9. 9. Parties During Hostel Life• Many Birthday Parties are Enjoyed During The Hostel Life.• In Fact At Hostel Sometimes The Whole Month is Enjoyed as a Birthday Month due to more No. of Friends.• Not only Birthday parties But Parties Due to Scoring Some Nice rank in Exams.• These parties are always remembered through Out the Life.
  10. 10. Breaking Rules During Hostel Life• Rules Are Made in Every Hostel Whether it is for Boys Or For Girls Or Else For Small Childrens.• But There is No Rule in a hostel which are being disobeyed by the students.• Students without Being Feared of The rector Disobey The Rules.
  11. 11. Snaps Of Hostel Life Group snacks Starting of Sem. Every Friday in Cinemas
  12. 12. Made By-Gaurav DabhiKishan Patel