Of Mice And Men Essay Tips


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Essay tips for sophomores

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Of Mice And Men Essay Tips

  1. 1. The basic requirements for all papers: 1. The entire paper is only double-spaced 2. The size of the type is only 12 point 3. The font is only Arial or Times-Roman 4. There is no bold face or italics in any part of the paper whatsoever
  2. 2. 5. In the upper right hand corner, every page should have your name and the page number (e.g. Smith 2) 6. The header goes in the upper left hand corner and is, of course, double spaced Name Teacher 10th Grade World Literature MM/DD/YY Paper is turned in
  3. 3.  This is an organizational exercise. Your paper reads like it rambles without a 3-point thesis sentence in the opening paragraph. This sentence is usually at the end of the paragraph.  A three-point thesis sentence helps you organize your paper, focus on each thought, and tell your reader what it is about. Otherwise, you may ramble off topic and find yourself writing about how Oedipus represents a Greek hero before writing about Lennie.
  4. 4. Throwing something in the paper that has nothing to do with the topic of the paragraph Making a point and not following up on it (e.g. “Steinbeck‟s use of dialogue was effective. For example, when Lennie killed the puppy, it foreshadowed the death of Curley‟s wife in the same way by the same person. Similarily, Lennie‟s death was foreshadowed earlier in the novella as well.” Okay, so what about the use of dialogue again?
  5. 5. You need to frame your paper. You do that by beginning and ending with the same points. Therefore, you must rewrite your initial thesis sentence in the first paragraph to provide this framework.
  6. 6. Your quote must have a point. You are not to pick a random quote just to satisfy the requirement. The requirement is only satisfied if the quote proves your point or furthers your argument. For example: “Curley’s wife suffered much the same way as the men. She had her dreams and saw them ebbing away every day. “I want to tend the rabbits,” Lennie said. So Curley’s wife…” Okay, what does tending rabbits have to do with this? There were some randomly thrown in this way.
  7. 7.  Quotes are not optional. They are a requirement. It is mathematically impossible to pass the paper without quotes.  Quotes often need a lead-in. Never, never start a sentence with a quote. For example, “Tell me—like you done before.” George was frustrated with him at this point. Your reader needs to switch gears. Leading in to the quote helps him do this. For example, Lennie would often annoy George by wanting him to repeat things and would often say, “Tell me— like you done before.” George would get very frustrated some times.” It reads better to lead in to them.
  8. 8.  Follow the directions. That‟s all you‟ve got to do. Attention to detail will be more costly as the year progresses, and for the next paper you will have a Works Cited page. 1. Steinbeck writes that “George stood up and threw the mouse as far as he could into the darkening bush” (9). 2. His frustration mounting, “George stood up and threw the mouse as far as he could into the darkening bush (Steinbeck 9). 3. George‟s frustration with Lennie mounts and becomes evident in one episode. George stood up and threw the mouse as far as he could into the darkening brush, and then he stepped to the pool and washed his hands… He heard Lennie whimpering and crying and wheeled about. „Blubberin‟ like a baby!... A big guy like you.‟ Lennie‟s lips quivered and tears started in his eyes. (Steinbeck 9)
  9. 9.  Never, never, never write in your papers things like “My paper is about…” or “The point I want to make…” or “My first idea is…” Your reader knows this will be your first point, and you are telling them your purpose in the thesis sentence. DON‟T DO IT!!!  Do not philosophize or sermonize or preach to your audience. This is an academic exercise. You make your philosophy/opinion known through the position you take. Therefore, don‟t make such statements as “I don’t understand why people overgeneralize. It is wrong. The world would be better off if we didn’t do such things.” If your paper is effective, they will get the message. Don‟t insult their intelligence.