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052013 arete i pad mount show final


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ARETE Commercial iPad Mount
Highly Secure
Integrated Cable Management System
Flexible Implementations: Countertop, Floor Stand, Wall Mount
High Quality Construction: Aircraft Aluminum
POS Capable: Integrated ID-Card Holder for Photo & OCR plus Credit Card Reader
Economical: Competitive Pricing, Attractive Volume Discounts
Made in the USA

World Class Developer of Custom Video Game Installations and Commercial  iPad Mounting Systems
We Build Quality World Class Products for Unique Situations and Creative Implementations
Please Select One of the Following to Navigate to the Appropriate Product Line
• Gator Games:  Custom Games, Game Enclosures and Configurations for Office and Business Environments
• ARETE iPad Mounting Systems:  Secure, Ruggedized, Commercial iPad Holders
Our Products Support the Healthcare, Medical, Dental, Banking, Retail, Manufacturing and Food Services Markets.
All Our Products are Engineered with Quality and Made in the USA

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052013 arete i pad mount show final

  1. 1. ARETE IPADMOUNTING SYSTEMA Revolution in Secure iPadManagement
  2. 2. ARETE Air – e - Te In Greek, means Excellence in everythingaccomplished. GGLLC believes that Apple with the iPad hasonce again achieved Excellence: Revolutionary technology. Integrating technology into life. Change the way businesses interface withcustomers.
  3. 3. ARETE Following Apple’s lead, GGLLC introduces A Revolutionary iPad Holder Designed with Excellence Focused on the Commercial Market High Security High Quality Highly Ruggedized Made in the USA The ARETE iPad Mounting System
  4. 4. Excellence in Mounting SystemsTechnology for the iPad Revolution
  5. 5. ARETEMounting SystemPlease double click to Play the ARETE
  6. 6. ARETENot just an iPad Mount,a Systems Environment
  7. 7. ARETEMOUNTING SYSTEMA Secure EnvironmentPhysical SecurityData SecurityA Ruggedized EnvironmentBrushed Aircraft Aluminum BezelAircraft Aluminum BaseWater, Dust, and Dirt Protected
  8. 8. ARETEMOUNTING SYSTEMA Rotational EnvironmentiPad rotates on a patented Swivel designTaking advantage of the movement graphics of theiPadAn Integrated Cable Management SystemSecures power cord and device cablesCreates a organized channel for cords and cables
  9. 9. ARETEMOUNTING SYSTEMPOS (Point of Sale) CapabilityAll the Features of the ARETE iPad HolderPlusID Card Holder on Back for Rearview Camera Photo and(OCR) Optical Character Recognition CapableConnectivity for Integrated Credit Card Readerfrom Any Service ProviderARETE POS ConfigurationsStandalone, Countertop, Wall Mount
  10. 10. ARETE POSMounting SystemInstallation DesignModels
  11. 11. ARETEMOUNTING SYSTEMA Secure EnvironmentA Ruggedized EnvironmentA Rotational EnvironmentAn Integrated Cable Management SystemA Secure Point of Sale SystemAn iPad Mounting Systems that truly deliversvalue and efficiency.
  12. 12. Excellence in Mounting SystemsTechnology for the iPad Revolution
  13. 13. THANK YOUCONTACTBill Bysinger PhD MBAInformation and