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Theory of Reality - in search of our state of existence


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Message from the Author:

I cannot remember a time when I did not thirst for the answers to the most fundamental
questions of life... “Who am I, what am I, where am I, or why am I here, and where am I going?”
Readers who also wonder about these things will enjoy this book immensely and probably
re-read it over the years as I still do. This book is written in understandable terms for
laypeople, but may also interest researchers on the quest for a Theory of the Everything.

There is no doubt that we occupy a human brain, but the TOR reveals that our conscious
awareness could not possibly exist inside a third dimension. Hence, the book opens up with
this huge conundrum. We then systematically solve it in a stepwise fashion using
illustrations. We expose thought provocative paradoxes that are unsolvable by present
means. We lay bare the erroneous perception of moving from one time interval to another.
We demonstrate the non-existence of a perceived future and past by using thought
experiments, rationalization, and science. We then qualify our hypotheses by solving the
old paradoxes under a new and different model of reality. We show that our state of
rd existence is outside of the 3 dimension, while naturally occurring in the same universe as
rd the 3 dimension. In fact, we are intimately close to this world. This book is among few
works that rationalize a spiritual state of existence. The grievous death-bound version of
our lives is no longer acceptable. Whether or not the TOR is entirely correct, it offers hope
and a more accurate paradigm of our existence.

I have occupied in the ministry, business world, martial arts, and the medical field. My
background for writing this book does not lie in just one area. The sum of my life influenced
the directions that my imagination took, rendering an intuitiveness to author this kind of
work. It contains over 50 illustrations, which came about over years of contemplation.
Sometimes I would wake up and jot down a new drawing. Other times, drafting one
diagram led to another. I would then add text to explain the diagram. Scientific facts in
support of this theory were added during my journey in academia. The result is an elegant
text/illustration book with a life-changing message.

James Taylor Flores, M.D.

Published in: Science
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Theory of Reality - in search of our state of existence

  1. 1. THEORY OF REALITYTHEORY OF REALITY In Search of Our State of Existence James Taylor Flores, M.D. Foreword by, Dr. William C. Davis . James Taylor Flores, M.D. Dr. William C. Davis Foreword by,
  2. 2. James Taylor Flores, M.D. Bringspeace Publishing
  3. 3. This book is dedicated to my loving family who stopped telling me a long time ago, “You think too much!” Bringspeace Publishing Bringspeace Publishing P.O. Box 790112 San Antonio, TX 78279 Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2013, 2015 by James Taylor Flores, M.D. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form whatsoever. For more information, please write to, or at the address listed above. This book is written as a source of information only. The author and publisher expressly disclaim responsibility for any adverse effects from the use or application of the information contained herein. This information should by no means be considered a substitute for the advice, judgment, or decisions by the reader’s professional advisors. Illustrations by James Taylor Flores, M.D. with incorporation of clip- art images, courtesy of Microsoft Office®. For information about wholesale pricing, or special discounts for bulk purchases of this book, or subsidiary and foreign rights, contact: Cover images courtesy of NASA. Manufactured in the United States of America 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 Wire-o with double laminated covers ISBN 978-0-9892876-0-9
  4. 4. Special acknowledgments to: Angelo A. Molinaro, author of The Two State Universe; who’s brilliant work motivated me to author Theory of Reality – In Search of our State of Existence. and Andries and Renae Cane, and William C. Davis, PhD. whose wonderful influence in my life kept me inspired to complete it. and The Masters of Quantum Mechanics without whom this book would not have a foundation. Left to right, top to bottom, Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Louis de Broglie, Max Born, Paul Dirac, Werner Heisenberg, Wolfgang Pauli, Erwin Schrödinger, and Richard Feynman.
  5. 5. CONTENTS FOREWORD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 INTRODUCTION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 THEORY OF REALITY Prologue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Part One – Our Universe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Part Two – Our Reality . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Part Three – Our Perception . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Part Four – The Missing Link . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 POSTULATES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57
  6. 6. Theory of Reality 7 FOREWORD By, Dr. William C. Davis Even the most basic natural elements like Water, Wind, Fire, and Air have carried weight throughout history because humanity has learned to grasp some meaning in them. Having spent much time in the land of my grandfather, a full-blooded Sioux Indian, I learned firsthand how, an Indian can become a natural ecologist without formal training. I have come to understand there is greater meaning waiting to be discovered in nature and behind every fundamental scientific principle. Entropy, for example, can also be viewed as a philosophy in itself. There are evocative implications of phenomena observed in natural biological settings, such as in Metamorphosis. My own inspiring metamorphosis went from a barefoot country boy severely disadvantaged by the primitive conditions of his region and his day, into a post-doctoral fellow in Nobel Laureate Rosalyn Yalow’s Radioimmunoassay Lab, and later being inducted into the Texas Science Hall of Fame. Scientific principles easily convert to philosophical values and purpose because all of creation is interconnected. As I see it, science conducts itself almost exclusively upon the platform of natural laws, and creation itself is a reflection of its Creator. Thus, we can find profound meaning in the laws of nature. For this reason, writers have explored spiritual and philosophical significance in naturally occurring phenomena. They may carve out a parallel in how water flows down a river and the human condition. So many commodities that people take for granted today were birthed with a purpose by the ways that elements are introduced to each other under specific conditions. For example, in the course of manipulating water molecules I discovered a process that synthesizes potatoes into instant mashed potatoes. Here was something new that could be preserved, distributed, and ultimately nourish people across the globe. This shows that a remarkable purpose can be introduced to the masses through the natural sciences. There are forces that cause molecules to behave in one fashion or another at the atomic level. Other forces can then influence what these atomic molecules will do or become. We should logically expect there to be underlying forces, which are sub-atomic behind all phenomena observed in nature. The ways, however, in which large breakthroughs are accomplished is paramount to careful observation... “Observe!” I have instructed my students to do thousands of times. We can take two or more existing things, analyze them for what they are, and then synthesize something entirely new that did not exist before. This is the heartbeat of scientific research and discovery. It is what I feel that Dr. Flores has set out to do in his Theory of Reality. I can still remember the day that James loaned me his original TOR manuscript. He was just embarking on his academic journey as a pre-med student. I began to read that evening and found that I could not put the book down. In fact, it kept me up all night thinking. He had somehow come up with something new and highly relevant to the human condition by the process of observing, analyzing, and synthesizing. I strongly encouraged him to pursue this work. As his knowledge in the natural sciences increased, he was able to flesh out the original manuscript into something that was worthy of
  7. 7. Theory of Reality 8 publishing. While his points are stated in a unique way, in particular respects, this theory aligns with principles of relativity and quantum philosophy; and, it describes potential meaning behind discoveries that take place in our state of the art research laboratories. Dr. Flores has approached the verge of the connection between the human and spiritual condition. This book is an excellent tool to spark the curiosity of laypeople as well as other scientists. It compels us to contemplate of a deeper accounting of our existence. I admire the fact that this book is relatively one of the few works that tackle this arena. Dr. Flores modestly notes that the contents may or may not be entirely accurate, but this is not the point. Our aim should be to continue these lines of theoretical pursuit. I believe that other thinkers will thoroughly enjoy reading the Theory of Reality because their minds will be stimulated by the originality and elegance in which it is set forth. William C. Davis, Ph.D.
  8. 8. Theory of Reality 9 INTRODUCTION Despite all of our scientific advancements, there remain unsolved paradoxes that point to a shortcoming in the way that we perceive our reality. These conundrums make it impossible for us to actually exist in the 3rd dimension. This spotlights an important question, “How do we exist in the world?" We certainly seem to be in it. Unfortunately, we seem to be here for a brief time and then die off like a wisp of air. A passionate soul demands more than that. Our short-changed life span begs an answer to the question, "Are we really spirits that temporarily occupy this world in human form?" and, "How can that be possible... how can it be explained?" We do offer an explanation for this. This book will outline a hypothesis that flies in the face of our most fundamental beliefs about reality, including the long held perception of death. This work puts forth a rational hypothesis of our true state of existence, which we are calling consciousness. This was not an easy task. Our copyright dates back over ten years. This work rouses our imaginations to think outside the box. We are just starting to realize that there is more to the role that observers play in the makeup of reality. Our mission is to draw attention to the state of our existence. Our goal is to clear up the vagueness of spirit. We are presenting a new approach to understanding reality. We contrast the long-established concept of existing in the 3rd dimension head on with a hypothesis of how we fit more accurately in the universe. The results are astonishing. There is no doubt that we occupy the brain of the human body, but the TOR reveals that a state of consciousness could not possibly be inside of, or within a third dimension. Hence, the book opens up with this huge conundrum. We then systematically solve it in a stepwise fashion using illustrations. We expose thought provocative paradoxes that are unsolvable by present means. We lay bare the erroneous perception of moving from one time interval to another. We demonstrate the non-existence of a perceived future and past by using thought experiments, rationalization, and science. We then qualify our hypotheses by solving the old paradoxes under a new and different model of reality. We show that our state of existence is outside of the 3rd dimension, while naturally occurring in the same universe as the 3rd dimension. In fact, we are intimately close to this world. Other writers have come to similar conclusions as this TOR, such as the existence of consciousness behind the veil of flesh and blood. Unfortunately, some of those have superciliously jumped to the conclusion that we are God. Some of these works speak of vibrations, psychic phenomena, and out of body experiences without offering any rational explanation. Our aim is to approach this subject with greater clarity. We believe that certain scientific discoveries are on the verge of proving the existence of the spirit in the observer. We are beginning to understand, on many levels, that there is likely no such thing as death for those who have shed the body. However, what happens to the spirit after this so-called death may always remain a matter of personal belief.
  9. 9. Theory of Reality 10 The Theory of Reality – In Search of Our State of Existence remains neutral in terms of religious belief. It is dedicated to helping solve the mystery of consciousness. The TOR reveals that both creation and evolution play a role in the 3rd dimension. It postulates that there is no such thing as the finality of death as it is perceived in this world. These new paradigms of reality will alter our previous perception of death. This work has information that we all require in order to evolve in more awareness about our true state of existence. The 3rd dimension is not really what it appears to our culturally- trained perception. We will show why that is so. The background for writing this book does not center on just one area. The sum of my life influenced the direction that my imagination took, rendering an intuitiveness to author this kind of work. I had an amazing child life that spanned across international lines and vastly different cultures. My reality often felt surreal, so much that I questioned whether my life was an experiment that everyone was aware of except me. I was challenged to make new connections about my surroundings all the time. I remember, when I was a child, the day I blurted out the question, “Where did I come from?” I spent over a decade in the ministry as a young adult. This was followed by several years of martial arts training while on a quest for greater self-discovery. During this time, I owned a manufacturing and inventions development company. The last fourteen years have been dedicated to undergraduate and graduate studies in the natural sciences of physics, biology, and chemistry, then on to medical school and postgraduate medical training. We hope that theoreticians and researchers will incorporate some of our thoughts into their search for a Theory of the Everything. In order to find this ultimate theory, we have to consider the state of existence of the observer into our equations. Up to now, the observers in our thought experiments have only played the role of registering information and reporting it. We have committed an error by assuming that the observer is inside the 3rd dimension. The TOR postulates that we are not a miniscule part of the observed universe as previously thought. The model of reality that we set forth can open up new areas of research in cosmology, neurology, psychology, and sociology. The TOR also offers theologians a natural substrate to compare & contrast their fundamental beliefs. Join us now as we take the reader by the hand through this fascinating quest for natural and spiritual truth. This book requires contemplation because it is analogous to perceiving something that was there all along, but that we never grasped before now. It is best to read it in a quiet spot where one can reflect on its perspective-altering content. James Taylor Flores, M.D.
  10. 10. In Search of Our State of Existence
  11. 11. Theory of Reality 13 Prologue “In all affairs it's a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted.” – Bertrand Russell (1872 – 1970) We are going to give the 3P rd P dimension the label, “Reality.” Our goal in this book is to establish a genuine connection with reality and to determine our place in it. We want to discover our true vantage point – the realm of our true state of existence. What is reality? New Oxford Dictionary reads:  The world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.  The state or quality of having existence or substance. Reality is something that tangibly exists and has substance. This, however, begs another question, “What, in fact, tangibly exists?” To remain objective in our quest for an answer, let us start by disregarding any idealistic notions of our existence. This includes setting aside, for the moment, the notional idea that we exist in the 3P rd P dimension. We will not insert “self” into the picture until we uncover a state of existence that is a proper fit. Does the future tangibly exist? It is a given that the so-called future is filled with limitless possibilities, any one of which could come about. The future exists in our minds. The closer it gets to us the better we are able to anticipate it, such as when we are traveling and approaching a destination. Nevertheless, it is not found in a 3P rd P dimension. The future does not have any substance whatsoever. To be honest, the “future” is a firmly established preconceived notion built upon age-old perceptions of “time.” Even so, it does not qualify as a constituent of tangible reality, per the dictionary definition. Does the past tangibly exist? There are history books, memoirs and archives dating back to ancient times. We can remember some things, while other things we can never humanly know. All of them have come and gone, whether they happened ages ago, or even a split second ago. One second ago does not exist except in our minds. Therefore, the past is also not a constituent of tangible reality, per the established definition. We go through life and never stop to realize something as profound as this: Our three-dimensional bodies do not exist even a split-second into the future and past. Nothing we imagine about the future or have known in the past exists in reality. The reality that we appear to exist in has extremely little tangible substance. In the next chapter we estimate reality to have 0.00001% substance. The realm of the 3P rd P dimension no longer seems a fitting place to insert self into a permanent state of existence. Sometimes, posing questions about things that we have always taken for granted creates a huge conundrum to solve! Placing the existence of the future and past under suspicion has certainly created a mystery to our state of existence. The pages ahead contain illustrations, reasoning, logic, and science to help to us clear up the enigmas about the future and the past, and ultimately, our relationship to those tenses.
  12. 12. Theory of Reality 14 This illustration shows how the future and past appear to our deeply cultured perspective: We grow up in this 3P rd P dimension and become accustomed to our surroundings. Seldom do we stop and question whether we might not actually exist in it. We think the future is continually coming toward us and the past is continually moving away from us and leave it at that. However, if these do not exist in the 3P rd P dimension, then where can we find such a fleeting reality? Where can we find the tangible 3P rd P dimension that we can insert our selves into? Most of us believe that we are spirit, soul, and body, but we have yet to explain how that is so. There is no denying that there is a reality... here we are, or seem to be, reading this book... yet, self does not fit well into this fleeting picture. Let us examine the concept of reality from where we stand as Homo sapiens. We start by putting forth the question, “How does, reality relate to our tangible existence in the 3P rd P dimension?” The following illustration depicts where reality can be found from the standpoint of someone who thinks that they exist in the 3P rd P dimension. FUTURE PAST REALITY 3rd DIMENSION Reality is at the point where the future interfaces with the past. Anyone who thinks we exist in the 3P rd P dimension is culturally oriented to this notion. There is something wrong about this concept. The illustration indicates that the future and past are not mutually exclusive, but are components the same dynamic in our reality. The problem is they are not UUINUU reality. If the past and future are constituents of our reality in the 3P rd P dimension, then how do we account for their non-existence? It is not likely that Reality actually works this way as it raises questions that are impossible to answer. The three-dimensional universe we occupy could not actually work like this. Our bodies do not exist one second into the future or the past. Consciousness is aware that it exists somewhere...
  13. 13. Theory of Reality 15 When we are trying to solve a puzzle and the answer is eluding us, we must set aside that which we perceive and look at the mystery from a different angle altogether. There are brainteaser puzzles available that we must solve, first, by considering that the solution is right under our noses. The problem, however, must be perceived in a different way to arrive at the solution. One such puzzle involves two horseshoes welded together at the tips by short pieces of chain. Between the horseshoes is a small steel ring around the chains. The goal is to get the small ring off the horseshoes. The perception is that the ring cannot be removed because it is smaller than the horseshoes. There is a solution, but the puzzle must be observed in a different way than the apparent impossibility of it. The puzzle of time is no different. We must see it differently. The conundrum of time is like the horseshoe puzzle. The enigma of a conversion from future to past will not be resolved from a perspective standpoint. What we have been conditioned to think about the tenses past & future is inaccurate. We seek a different point of view to solve its mystery. Our present paradigms require modification where the perception of reality is concerned in order to understand our true place in the universe. Let us begin our search with a hypothesis that time does not exist. Thus, the future and past are falsely perceived phenomena. If this were so, we could resolve the paradox of time vs. timelessness. For example, if someone died and exists in eternity, would they wait 30 years or so for a loved one to join them? This is not possible because time does not exist in eternity – it is timeless. Eternity and a timeline cannot co-exist. Only one or the other is true. Whichever one does exist must be simulating the other. Continuing our hypothesis: time, though non-existent, has the utility of divulging a present state of affairs in the 3P rd P dimension. One analogy is how we use negative numbers. If we go to the bank to make a withdrawal and the teller informs us that the account is negative $5.00, we cannot write a check for negative $5.00. The negative numbers make known the present status of the bank account, but they do not exist. In the next chapter we will postulate a 4th dimension, called The Everything and why it is predominant over the 3P rd P dimension. We will explain why The Everything contains everywhere, everywhen, and everyhow. And, that a 4th dimension would be in the same universe as 3rd , 2nd , and 1st dimensions. We also postulate a Point of Creation (C-Point) constantly changing states. Each new state brings about a new configuration of reality. This will explain why time in the 3P rd P dimension is simulated by the 4P th P dimension. Time is culturally perceived, but it is actually due to the effect of changing C-Point. Consequently, eternity is simulating time—and time is reflective of eternity from a perspective inside the 3P rd P dimension. The explanation is forthcoming so please bear with us as we continue. There are some fascinating revelations put forth ahead.
  14. 14. Theory of Reality 16
  15. 15. Theory of Reality 17 Part One Our Universe “Every moment Nature starts on the longest journey, and every moment she reaches her goal.” - Goethe Everyone thinks that we actually exist in a 3rd dimension and therein lies our first challenge. Scientists approach the universe and their quest for a Theory of the Everything from this perspective. Theologians approach religion with this mindset. Philosophers consider their topics from this outlook. Psychologists manage their practice with this frame of mind. The general population worries about employment, or what they will eat, drink, and wear—and nearly everyone worries about growing old. The catch is, we have not discovered what we are or where we are in relation to the world. Not surprisingly, we are apprehensive about death, and we mourn grievously over the loss of our dearly beloved. We are observing reality by means of misleading perceptions... and that is our drawback. The goal of the Theory of Reality – In Search of Our State of Existence is to help replace our perceptions with improved clarity. We seek a more accurate reality. T H I R D D I M E N S I O N Given that there is a 3rd dimension, and that we appear to exist in it, we can also set eyes on a 2nd and 1st dimension. A good place to start our analysis is by dissecting the 3rd dimension into its building components. We will examine in detail what it takes to construct such a state. The first two dimensions comprise the framework of a third dimension, as we will see. We can learn fundamental truths by investigating each of these dimensions. Then, we will consider what all three dimensions have in common. The following illustration depicts the 1st dimension, and this is where we will begin our quest. 1st Dimension - a line
  16. 16. Theory of Reality 18 The 1st dimension is a line. That’s all. It cannot be two or more lines. Any other line in existence would have to be considered its own unique 1st dimension, independent from other lines. A first dimensional form of existence would not know or recognize “up or down” nor “side-to-side.” It only perceives one direction or the opposite direction. Notice that the 1st dimension, as drawn, appears to go on forever (boundless) in both directions (indicated by arrows). It has no beginning or end thereby creating an enigma, because this would give it traits of infinity. Eternal qualities are impossible in a finite three-dimensional universe where everything starts, grows, peaks, and wanes. Scientists say that our sun is a young star, but even it will someday peak and wane. We cannot name anything in the 3rd dimension that does not have a beginning or an end. I could have also illustrated the line with just one starting point (bound), but then it would go on forever (boundless). Still, bound and boundless cannot be a part of the same thing. They cannot co-exist, according to our presently understood laws of nature. This is the singular flaw that works its way up through the 2nd and 3rd dimensions. Now here is a depiction of the 2nd dimension: 2 nd Dimension – A plane comprised of all lines of any direction (Side view) The 2nd dimension is a plane. That’s all. It cannot be two or more planes. If there would be another plane in existence it would have to be considered its own unique dimension, separate from all other planes. A plane, or 2nd dimension, is comprised of an infinite amount of lines in every direction; however, all of the lines must exist along the same plane in order to comprise the 2nd dimension. It is true that I stated earlier that if another line existed, it would have to be considered its own dimension. The exception to that rule is, when all, and I mean ALL, 1st dimensions exist simultaneously along the same plane, then they become a dimension all to themselves, otherwise known as the 2nd dimension. 2nd Dimension - a plane Comprised of ALL lines in every direction
  17. 17. Theory of Reality 19 Notice that the 2nd dimension has no beginning or end, but appears to go on forever. Again, this is something that is impossible in a three-dimensional universe. As a thought experiment, let us place ourselves in a two-dimensional state. In this condition, we would not recognize “up or down” even if it existed, (it does). We would not call sideways, “sideways,” for that would infer that there is an “up and down.” Neither our senses nor second dimensional instrumentation would be able to detect an “up or down” in the 2nd dimension. Someone might author a Theory of Reality about infinite layers of 2nd dimensions combined all together in infinite directions to comprise a 3rd dimension! If we did conceive of an “up or down,” it would not be easy to prove. People tend to keep to the status quo. In a two-dimensional condition, everyone would perceive the universe as sideways and only sideways... forever in all directions. Now let us examine the 3rd dimension along this same line of thinking. The following is a depiction of the 3rd dimension: Comprised of lines and planes any direction 3 Dimension rd ALL There is no location in a 3rd dimension without a plane or a line. One 3rd dimension contains ALL of the planes and lines in infinite directions. If there would be another 3rd dimension (there are), it is a separate dimension with a different configuration of lines and planes. Indeed, even the slightest change in arrangement (what, when, and how, etc.) is a separate 3rd dimension having its own configuration. If we followed the line of reasoning that ALL of the lines, or 1st dimensions fit into one 2nd dimension; and ALL of the planes fit into one 3rd dimension, then we can draw conclusions about a possible 4th dimension. One 4th dimension would, therefore, have to be comprised of ALL possible products and arrangements of the 3rd dimension. We must also bear in mind that, just as the 1st dimension could not perceive a 2nd dimension; and as the 2nd dimension could not perceive a 3rd ; then we who seem to exist in this 3rd dimension will not readily perceive a 4th dimension. However, we do have the mental capacity and comparative analogies in nature to understand this. At the very least, we can conceptualize it if we will be open-minded to reason and logic and allow ourselves to think outside of the box (pun intended).
  18. 18. Theory of Reality 20 Let us move on to the 4th dimension. We can discuss it based on what we now understand about the previous 1st , 2nd , and 3rd dimensions. Since it is not possible to perceive a 4th dimension from the 3rd dimension, I will illustrate it the following way: The 4th Dimension “The Everything” Dimensional thought: (These lay a foundation for what is ahead.) 1) If there is a 1st , 2nd and 3rd dimension, it is reasonable to propose a 4th dimension. 2) A three-dimensional existence (our perceived state of existence) is able to clearly identify the 2nd and 1st dimensions. If we exercise a little imagination, we can easily dissect our surroundings into a myriad of planes and lines. 3) Recognizing lower dimensions is much easier than realizing a higher dimension. For example, in the thought experiment, a 2nd dimension entity, could not perceive “up or down” (3rd dimension), even though it existed. Similarly, a three- dimensional entity (humans) cannot perceive a 4th dimension with our senses. 4) We can postulate certain characteristics of a 4th dimension, based on the features of dimensions that we can perceive. For example, the obstacles that lower dimensions have in common in relating to the next higher dimension are: a. They are invisible b. They are non measurable (in the lower dimension) c. They are deemed theoretical d. They elude the laws of physics (of the lower dimension) 5) The 1st , 2nd , and 3rd , dimensions all exist in the same universe. Likewise, a 4th dimension is not in a different universe; and, it is naturally occurring. 6) Each higher dimension is comprised of ALL of the previous dimensions within that same dimension. For example, a 2nd dimension contains all of the lines in every possible configuration along that specific plane. Likewise, a 3rd dimension is made of every possible 2nd and 1st dimensional configuration and arrangement of planes and lines. Therefore, a 4th dimension is made of, and would contain, every possible and imaginable 3rd , 2nd , and 1st dimensional configuration, arrangement, and situation within that individual 4th dimension.
  19. 19. Theory of Reality 21 7) We perceive that the 3rd dimension can manipulate the 2nd and 1st dimensions to practically any configuration; e.g., we build things up or bulldoze things flat. The 2nd and 1st dimensions, however, cannot dictate to the 3rd dimension the way in which they are to be fashioned. In like manner, all 3rd dimension arrangements would reflexively comply to the exploitation of the higher 4th dimension. 8) Since each higher dimension contains all of the lower dimensions, they are intimately associated with them. Since each higher dimension can exploit lower dimensions, they are intimately aware of them. On the other hand, lower dimensions just passively respond to the preeminence of the higher dimensions. Since the 4th dimension contains every 3rd , 2nd and 1st dimensional composition, it gives us the impression of being “The Everything.” It is everywhere, everywhen and everyhow. It is every 3rd dimension condition and the opposite that condition all at once. We have just described the 1st , 2nd and 3rd dimensions in addition to hypothesizing a 4th dimension. Let us reflect for a moment on these fundamentals because next, we will propose the fabric through which all of these dimensions are interconnected. We need to establish a foundation that will elucidate how they are constituents of the same universe. We know that atoms are the building blocks of the universe. The following is an illustration of an atom. It is not a completely accurate depiction of an atom, nor is it to proper scale, but it describes the basic ingredients and ballpark sizes of a generic atom. The illustration helps to emphasize how much empty space is in the atom. Nucleus Electron cloud Neutron(s) Proton(s) Size Atom = size of a football stadium Nucleus = size of a marble THE ATOM ILLUSTRATED 99.9999% empty space (Shown with exaggerated nucleus) (Shown with exaggerated marble size) If we enlarged the nucleus of an atom to the size of a basketball, there would be approximately a 2-mile radius of empty space in the electron cloud. There is 99.99999% empty space in the atoms. So, if we look around the room, do we see empty space? “Not even a hint of it.” There is 99.99999% empty space all around us, which is not being recognized through our senses. The relevance to this point is that we are seeking a foundation where a 4th dimension or, The Everything, can interact with the 3rd dimension in the same universe. This 99.99999% empty space around us is an obvious place to begin our investigation. Therefore, we will explore this possibility in detail up ahead.
  20. 20. Theory of Reality 22 It will not be easy confirming a 4th dimension within the empty space of an atom. However, we have rationale, comparative analogies in nature, and quantum science at our disposal. Principal to these is also consciousness that we have to insert into the picture. When Max Planck originated quantum theory, it fostered many experiments. Research has unveiled important discoveries that are relevant to our quest. We have discovered “quantum objects” such a photon whose attributes defy the laws of physics. It has zero mass and is non-measurable. It may sound small, but “small” does not apply to an object without mass or measure. It behaves as a particle and at other times a wave. These bizarre characteristics render quantum objects with features of another dimension. We postulate a dual-state quantum object having both 4th and 3rd dimensional properties. By having inter-dimensional characteristics, our quantum object automatically inherits eight principle characteristics (see below). We reveal how this dual state quantum object can solve paradoxes which could not be explained before now. This extends the capabilities of a photon beyond anything previously understood. Therefore, we gave it, and all quantum objects, the more appropriate title, “C-Point,” for reasons stated below. We will begin with the premise that atoms are the larger building blocks of matter and that the empty subatomic space of the atom is the linked to the relationship between the 3rd dimension and the 4th dimension (The Everything). Our dual-state quantum object will be called, C-Point—not a C-Point or the C-Point, but we will simply say, “C-Point.” C-Point exists within and without the empty subatomic space of atoms. This will be the “Point of Creation” – the core of Theory of Reality – In search of our State of Existence. The following are important foundational tenets to remember about our dual-state C-Point. Eight Principle Characteristics of C-Point 1) Not divisible. It is not possible to divide the distance between two points in space an infinite amount of times – the “halves paradox.” We must reach a point that is no longer divisible. If we divide the space between ALL sets of opposites we will arrive at one indivisible state where a point must manifest one thing or the opposite of that thing in the 3rd dimension. At this point we arrive at C-Point, a dual-state quantum object. This C-Point is the point where creation can occur. This solves the paradox of the halves. C-Point is a gateway between the 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension where all opposites exist simultaneously. Examples include, bound—boundless; finite—infinite; off—on; creation—evolution; singular—plural; beginning—end; something—nothing, etc.; all exist at once in the 4th dimension. This is impossible in the 3rd dimension, but it is possible in a 4th dimension, which contains every possible 3rd dimensional configuration. 2) Non-measurable. It has been scientifically established that a quantum object like the photon is non-measurable, has zero mass, and has a dual-state. We must not assume that a quantum object is small in size. This simply means C-Point is non-measurable. Given these innate characteristics, we postulate that C-Point contains smallest and largest sizes at once in the 4th dimension (size is not a factor here); while having only one size in the 3rd dimension. And, C-Point creates or displaces objects of any size in the 3rd dimension.
  21. 21. Theory of Reality 23 3) A Constituent of “The Everything.” C-Point is the existence and non-existence of all 3rd dimensional configurations in the 4th dimension. It is “everywhere,” “everywhen,” and “everyhow,” etc. Everything and its opposite exist at C-Point in the 4th dimension. The existence or the non-existence of something can also occupy the same point in the 3rd dimension, but not at the same instant—only one or the other can manifest at a time. 4) Constantly changes states. Our perceived universe... our very Reality is constantly changing. Now is constantly changing because dual-state C-Point is constantly changing at the so-called speed of light. These changes give us the perception of time and motion. (We are going to explore this characteristic in a lot more detail in the next chapter). 5) C-Point in the Particle State. C-Point exists as a wave and a particle, but not at the same time. None have not been able to rationalize the dual-nature of a quantum object. We, however, postulate that Particle C-Point is a constituent of the 4th dimension. So, a 4th dimension can be observed in one single packaged particle. We cannot interpret this with conventional laws of physics. Quantum physics does approach the benchmark. 6) C-Point in the Wave State. During the instant C-Point is manifested in the wave state it can only convey one single thing or event at a time (what, where, when, and how) from the 4th dimension. Wave C-Point is a constituent of the 3rd dimension. Hence, this Point of Creation is a gateway between one 4th dimension and all its 3rd dimensions. C-Point can be anything or the opposite of anything at once in the 4th dimension, but in the 3rd dimension, opposites can occupy the same point in space in different periods. 7) Both 4th Dimensional and 3rd Dimensional. Credit for the concept of a two-state particle should go to, Angelo A. Molinaro, author of The Two State Universe. Molinaro postulated a “G-Point.” Our C-Point also has a dual-nature, sometimes behaving as a Wave (one thing) and at other times as a Particle (everything) but never at the same time. It is known that when an electron jumps from a higher orbit to a lower orbit, it sends out a photon wave. The Theory of Reality goes further, postulating that this is where the Particle C-Point of the 4th dimension puts forth a single 3rd dimension via Wave C-Point. In this way, dual-state quantum object, C-Point, conveys reality from The Everything in the 4th dimension to one thing in the 3rd dimension—one single, static or motionless configuration at a time in the 3rd dimension. Thereby, making time, motion, and distance only perceived phenomena. Consciousness, as we will see, plays an important role here. 8) Non-local. The definition of “Non-locality” is: The sum of all the parts is contained in each individual part. By contrast, a “local” state would take all of the parts to make the sum. This is best exemplified in the holographic picture negative versus an ordinary picture negative. If we took a pair of scissors and cut a corner out of a regular picture negative, and then projected the picture on the wall, we would see the picture with a missing piece out of the corner. On the other hand, if we cut a corner out of a holographic negative, and then projected the hologram, we would still see the entire hologram, perhaps dimmer, but as if nothing had been cut out at all. The reason is, a regular picture negative is local – it is made in such a way that all the parts make up the sum of the whole. Conversely, a holographic negative is non-local – it is made in such a way that the sum of the whole picture is encoded into each part. C-Point is non-local.
  22. 22. Theory of Reality 24 Sometimes we describe light with particle properties having energy and momentum. At other times, we recognize that light displays interference and diffraction effects that are consistent only with a wave explanation. We accept both models and admit that the nature of light is not describable in terms of solely a particle or a wave. Louis de Broglie postulated that because photons have wave and particle properties, all forms of matter have wave and particle properties. The TOR postulates that all matter/energy exists at once in a 4th dimension (Particle C-Point). When matter/energy is in the 3rd dimension, it conveys one event at a time along the infinite electromagnetic spectrum (Wave C-Point). The following illustration portrays how C-Point, is at times a 4th dimension particle and at other times a 3rd dimension wave. (The particle shown on each end is the same particle.) Quantum entanglement is when a particle and its anti-particle can be vast distances apart, yet perfectly emulate one another oppositely. These strange quirks can now be explained by the postulates in the TOR. C-Point is the gateway between a place of all opposites (4th ) and the 3rd dimension. Pair production is a process wherein a photon generates matter. In this situation, an electron and a positron are simultaneously produced while the photon disappears. The reverse process can also occur. Under the proper conditions, an electron and a positron can annihilate each other and produce two photons. It feasible that C-Point can interact with the atom in the process of creation. There remains an important unanswered question in nuclear physics. “What is the nature of the force that holds the nucleus together?” No one has been able to prove an answer. Science presently adopts the theory of sub-atomic particles called quarks, gluons and other theoretical particle interactions, make up the force holding the nucleus together. However, despite many extensive experimental efforts, no quark has ever been observed. It is just a theoretical model. We postulate, there is no force that binds the nucleus together. Instead, each change of dual-state C-Point results in the annihilation of the atom. Atoms are re-created anew in a subsequent 3rd dimension. This is a seamless and ongoing process. C-Point is where NOW changes—wrought from a 4th dimension into a rearrangement of the 3rd dimension. This does not contradict the Big Bang – Big Crunch model (an extremely dense point, which expanded rapidly in the development of the universe will eventually reverse and recollapse). The Big Bang–Big Crunch is happening at every change of C-Point. Science only catches a glimpse of the whole picture with the tools that we have at our disposal. It will difficult to rationalize this as long as scientists are under a bias which assumes that an observer has a state of existence inside of the 3rd dimension. DUAL-NATURE of C-POINT / PHOTON Happening at the Speed of Light Particle C-Point Particle C-Point Wave C-Point Wave C-Point EXPANDING Wave C-Point COLLAPSING Atoms / Elements Big Bang Big Crunch
  23. 23. Theory of Reality 25 C-Point is not confined to boundary of an atom. Atoms flourish as if on an infinite sea of C-Point. Atoms become whatever element necessary to conform to the exploitation of the 4th dimension. (Higher dimensions control lower dimensions) If atoms are the fabric of the universe, then C-Point are the threads of the fabric of the universe. THE C-POINT C-POINT / QUANTA in the PARTICLE STATE Classical view of the atom. Particle C-Point is all states at once in the 4th dimension, but can emit any one state by packaging it and sending it out to the 3rd dimension via Wave C-Point by interfacing with the atom’s electron and proton process. The photoelectric and Compton effects revealed that energy of a photon (quantum object) is transformed into the kinetic and potential energy of an electron. Then a photon interacts with matter through the photoelectric effect and an electron is removed from an atom and the photon disappears. The bias of a three-dimensional observer won’t see a true reality behind this phenomena. ENERGY THAT IS “CARRIED” AWAY BY A PHOTON C-POINT / QUANTA in the WAVE STATE Electromagnetic Radiation QUANTA in the WAVE STATE Emits only one event in packages called PHOTONS ENERGY THAT IS “CARRIED” AWAY FROM A PHOTON Atoms are the building blocks of each 3rd dimension. C-Point in the particle state is the underlying 4th dimensional state. Louis de Broglie wrote, "... following Einstein's introduction of photons in light waves, one knew that light contains particles which are concentrations of energy incorporated into the wave, suggests that all particles, like the electron, must be transported by a wave into which it is incorporated... " De Broglie said, “…My essential idea was to extend to all particles the coexistence of waves and particles discovered by Einstein in the case of light and photons.” The dual nature of the photon appealed to Einstein because he saw it as “a confusing physical reality behind the numbers.” Niels Bohr worked on the idea in quantum mechanics that electrons move from one energy level to another in discrete steps, not continuously. Wave C-Point (quantum object) emits one static event at a time in packages that derive from The Everything of Particle C-Point (the exact same dual-state quantum object)
  24. 24. Theory of Reality 26 Atoms are just building blocks. They are constituents of all the natural elements in the 3rd dimension. All of the atoms (elements) arise from C-Point, which contains the existence and non-existence of everything that could, or could not, become a produced event of reality. C-Point contains, and produces, the blueprint of the entire universe: Atoms undergo annihilation and are re-created anew upon C-Point with each passing event. In other words, each “now” brings a new change in reality. This is how the 4th dimension can exploit the 3rd , 2nd , and 1st dimensions. In doing so, the 4th dimension determines what, when, and how Reality is to be configured and arranged. We actively seek comparative analogies in nature. For example, we noted the 3rd dimension exploits all the planes and lines. It controls the arrangement of the 2nd and 1st dimensions. Nature does this through wind, water, or shifting of the tectonic plates thereby shaping continents. We do this in big ways such as constructing buildings or automobiles, or in small ways such as applying make-up or smearing peanut butter on a slice of bread. We can shape and form planes and lines to any desirable product. This is genuinely analogous of a 4th dimension having the same capability of exploiting the 3rd dimension in each passing instant. It can do this because the 4th dimension, even the universe, is non-local. The sum of the entire universe is encoded in each subatomic part. This is an appropriate place to expand on the concept of non-locality. We said that C-Point is non-local (principle characteristic #8). As fantastic as it may seem, C-Point (the non-measurable, zero-mass quantum object) contains the entire blueprint for the universe. This is a near-unfathomable claim; however, observations of nature can help us understand this enigma. For example, our bodies are made of an enormous amount (trillions) of cells. Within the nucleus of every one of those trillions of cells lies a strand of DNA. This genome is a code that contains the blueprint of the entire body. Every DNA strand contains a complete set of instructions for making the body. Is this a near- unfathomable claim? It most certainly is; nevertheless, it is fact of nature. The assumption that a quantum object is “very small” creates both theoretical and research bias error. C-Point is too small to measure, but is also too large to measure. Particle and Wave C-Point is an infinite dual-state quantum object.
  25. 25. Theory of Reality 27 If the strands of DNA were unwound and tied together they would stretch to more than 5 feet but would be only 50 trillionths of an inch wide. That is almost unfathomable but it is true. Our own bodies have trillions of cells—trillions of 5 foot long unvarying blueprints for the entire body. Living organisms demonstrate a comparative analogy of non-locality. There is likely a reason for this. Einstein believed that the universe is not by random chance. Nature displays non-local clues because the universe itself is non-local. Nature’s Clues The body is made of trillions of cells, each one containing the same master blueprint. There are trillions of identically complete sets of instructions for making the same body. How can trillions of parts of our body contain so much information in each part? How can all that information fit into such a tiny microscopic space? Space is obviously irrelevant. It should not be unfathomable that the whole of a perceived 3rd dimension (by one person) is contained in a single point. We must concede that space and distance are inconsequential. This should not be unexpected given that C-Point is “non-measurable.” To end this difficult first chapter, let us consider our starting point and summarize the way a non-local C-Point might work within the 1st , 2nd , and 3rd dimensions. The following illustration depicts the 1st dimension. Since the line originates from C-Point, it can be bound or boundless, finite or infinite. It can be short or long. It can exist or not exist. These opposites can occupy the same point in space in different periods. The line is a 1st dimension that is fashioned, arranged, and comprised from a non-local C-Point. Each part of the line contains the entire blueprint of the universe within itself. st 1 Dimension – A line comprised of the two state C-Point The two-state “C-Point” Principle of Relativity: There is no such thing as absolute length or absolute time.
  26. 26. Theory of Reality 28 Big Bang – Big Crunch If these models are correct, then they are happening sequentially with each change in C-Point state. The next illustration depicts the same scenario for a 2nd dimension fashioned by C-Point. Each part of the plane contains the entire blueprint of the universe within itself. 2 nd Dimension – A plane comprised of all lines of any direction (Side view) To finish here, let us apply the same principles to Reality as we did to each lower dimension. Imagine your entire experience of the 3rd dimension being fashioned upon an infinite sea of non-local C-Point—all having the same blueprint. C-Point ushers in new events from the 4th dimension, which seems to us like “The Everything.” The perceived physical universe arises from each individual’s frame of reference. It is re-created with each change of C-Point at the speed of light. (More about this is coming up!) WhentheC-Pointchange s states, everything changes as far as the per ceivedphysicaluniverse” One C-Point “THE EVERYTHING” THE UNIVERSE One individual’s perspective of the 3rd dimension “Every moment Nature starts on the longest journey, and every moment she reaches her goal.” The atoms undergo annihilation and are re-created anew over and over again with each change of C-Point state. 2nd Dimension – a plane
  27. 27. Theory of Reality 29 Part Two Our Reality “And isn't it a bad thing to be deceived about the truth, and a good thing to know what the truth is? For I assume that by knowing the truth you mean knowing things as they really are.” - Plato (429 - 347 B.C.) Up to the eighteenth century, light was conceived as being made up of particles. However, since the particle model could not easily account for refraction, diffraction and birefringence, other theories subsequently arose. Wave theories of light were eventually proposed by Rene Descartes in 1637; Robert Hook in 1665; Christian Huygens in 1678. Nevertheless, the particle model remained predominant due to Isaac Newton’s, Opticks. After August Fresnel and Thomas Young clearly demonstrated diffraction of light, wave models of light came to be accepted by 1850. In 1865, James C. Maxwell postulated that light was an infinity of electromagnetic waves – a theory still accepted. This was experimentally confirmed by Heinrich Hertz in 1888. This seemed a death-blow to the particle models of light. Later, however, other findings could not account for all the properties of light under the Maxwell wave theory. For example, the photo-electric effect. Then, after four decades of investigation, Max Plank developed a hypothesis, which showed that any system that either emits or absorbs electromagnetic radiation (waves) IS an integer of energy quantum. Albert Einstein followed up with a Nobel Prize winning account between matter and electromagnetic radiation to explain the photoelectric effect. Einstein was the first to point out that the energy of Maxwell’s light waves had to be localized to a particle or point-like quanta, even if the wave itself spread over space continuously. Thus, light had to be a full-fledged particle. Arthur Compton, observed photon momentum experimentally, for which he received the Nobel Prize in 1927. The pivotal question on how to unify Maxwell’s wave theory of light with the observed particle nature was solved by Albert Einstein in his relativistic quantum field theory, Quantum Electrodynamics (QED). The QED mathematically describes ALL phenomena that involve electrically charged particles interact by an exchange of photons. Photons represents the quantum counterpart of classical (wave) electromagnetism. Nobel-Prize winners, Erwin Schrödinger, Werner Heisenberg, Richard Feynman, Paul Dirac and other physicists later refined the principles of the dual-nature of light and quantum mechanics. We quote some of these in this book. While the Theory of Reality – In Search of Our State of Existence strays from the bias of a 3rd dimensional observer, it could not have been written without the author having first read these great men. This includes relatively obscure theoreticians, such as Angelo Molinaro, who wrote The Two State Universe, and first proposed the first two-state God-like particle, called “G-Point.” Let us proceed now to investigate the components of time, motion, and distance as they relate to a 3rd dimension state. These are all relative to light. Theoreticians have been working to unravel these concepts, along with relativity and other laws of physics as they relate to light. Time, motion, and distance are not constant, but always change. Light, however, is a constant in the universe and does not change. Any theory, which attempts to find answers relating to the mechanics of the universe, will revolve around the subject of light and the electromagnetic spectrum.
  28. 28. Theory of Reality 30 Scientists have proven that time slows down as it approaches the speed of light and actually stops at the speed of light. Therefore, we can isolate a genuine “now” at this point. Now is a place we can start to find our selves, as the following illustration depicts. NOW LIGHT TIME STOPS HERE A Photon is the force carrier for the universal electromagnetic force. It is non-measurable and has zero mass. The modern photon concept was developed by Albert Einstein. It exhibits duality having properties of both particles and waves. Paul Dirac developed a spin theory with a profound implication that for every particle there is an antiparticle. This is a misnomer SPEED OF LIGHT 3rd DIMENSION ONE THING 3rd DIMENSION ONE THING 4th Dimension Consciousness “NOW” This is significant in our assessment of a Point of Creation. It changes states at the so-called “speed of light.” This is key because times stops here... “Now” is found here and consciousness exists here. In the next chapter we will postulate how UUParticle C-PointUU packages separate, distinct 3rd dimension configurations in the 4P th P dimension and sends them out into the 3P rd P dimension via UUWave C-PointUU one static event at a time. Coming up we will see that time, motion, distance and even physical objects in a 3P rd P dimension all correlate with the “speed of light.” They are affected and changed by the “speed of light.” Objects even appear to our human perspective, in the 3P rd P dimension, as becoming altered or distorted the closer they get to the “speed of light” (misnomer). Wherever we can find “now” is a good starting point to insert ourselves into a state of existence. The only explanation for this is to classify consciousness as a state of existence. “I perceive future and past.” Consciousness needs to be OUTSIDE the 3P rd P dimension to perceive something that does not exist (past and future). “I think, therefore, I am.” This ability could also be explained as a function of a third dimensional brain. Perceived future Perceived past
  29. 29. Theory of Reality 31 Science has shown that objects contract as they approach the speed of light, then disappear at the speed of light; that is, from a 3rd dimensional viewpoint. If this happens to one object, then it applies to ALL objects in a 3P rd P dimension at the speed of light. We postulate, to assume an observer’s existence is 3rd dimensional creates biased error. 3 DIMENSIONAL OBJECT “APPLE” APPLE CONTRACTS APPLE CONTRACTS MORE APPLE DISAPPEARS UNIVERSE AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT 186,000 miles per second 100,000 miles per second SPEED AT WHICH C-POINTS CHANGE STATES Perceived conversion from future to past The concept of “speed” is mistaken for changing C-Point The above illustration depicts the currently accepted view of this phenomenon. The object contracted at very high speeds and finally disappeared at the speed of light. UUThe Law of the Conservation of MassUU tells us that the object contracted and disappeared because it was being absorbed into something else. That “something else” is actually the 4P th P dimension in the same universe. It is important to understand that this phenomenon is demonstrated by equations and not by human eyesight. Biological eyes could not detect an object contracting at the speed of light. UUThese equations point to a deeper reality. Every 3P rd P dimension Wave C-Point is part of the same non-local blueprint and will return to Particle C-Point. Thus, the phrase “speed of light” is a misnomer. If we think about it, the concept of “speed” creates an impossible contradiction, as per this illustration: A LASER, CAPABLE OF INFINITE DISTANCE, IS TURNING The “speed of light” and C-Point are requisites of the same thing. We know that light is a constant in the universe and so is C-Point. “The Everything” is a constant and occurs at non-measurable C-Point. This paradox is RESOLVED if C-Point is true! 4P th P Dimension Particle C-Point PARADOX REVEALED The farther the beam goes out, the faster the tangent speed… until it reaches the speed of light where speed stops and where time stops. No Speed – No Distance There is UUno timeUU at the UUspeedUU of light. Since it takes time to travel from Point A to Point B, there is UUno measurable distance. UUPrinciple of Relativity: All physical processes, including chemical and biological reactions, slow down relative to a stationary clock when they occur in a moving frame.
  30. 30. Theory of Reality 32 We have constructed billion-dollar accelerators that “speed up” particles to very extreme velocities. The data is being interpreted from the conviction that speed exists; moreover, the researchers think that they, themselves, exist in the 3P rd P dimension. Thus, experimental results are being analyzed under bias at the expense of possible equally valid alternatives. This makes the puzzle more difficult to unravel. The accelerators and experiments might be of use in proving this UUTheory of Reality or similar hypotheses. Elaborate experiments are unveiling the shadows of actual C-Point parameters. There is no speeding up to light. Light is a constant. The well- known thought experiment describes a twin in a spaceship accelerating up to the speed of light. He experiences less time relative to his twin standing on the earth. The UUTheory of Reality offers the same reasoning of time, howbeit, in different terminology: Einstein’s time interval is synonymous with a change in C-Point state; correspondingly, the speed of light is tantamount to C-Point. The UUPrinciple of Relativity states, “Measured time intervals are not absolute, as in the case with moving objects – The time interval between two events depends on the frame of reference. Time, as it relates to the speed of light, depends on each individual’s point of view.” This is not very dissimilar from our hypothesis, which claims: Measured changes in C-Point state are not absolute from one individual’s reality to another. The intervals between changing 3P rd P dimensional events, depends on their frame of reference to C-Point changing states. This may explain why the elderly (closer to end of life) swear that they experience “time” go by faster than young people—both observers have a unique frame of reference to C-Point in their own respective 4P th P dimensions. The UUTheory of RealityUU states that time does not exist. A more accurate description of this is, C-Point continually pulses new events from a single 4P th P dimension. An individual is consciousness in a unique 4P th P dimension, and perceives reality in the 3rd dimension from a unique viewpoint. In the spaceship experiment, we propose that the faster one appears to travel through space, the closer they are to the changing 3P rd P dimensional states via C-Point. UUPrinciple of Relativity equations point to a deeper reality: There is no such thing as time. Speed, motion, length, and displacement are merely 3P rd P dimensional perceptions. Experiments to prove this seem impossible to carry out from a 3rd dimension standpoint. Ultimately, at the speed of light, the truth of reality becomes finally clear: NOW lies at the speed of light, and time is a biased perception—It does not exist. This leaves us with only one conclusion about Reality: Consciousness exists at the NOW at the so-called speed of light and now is constantly changing states of configuration. In sum, each “now” is an entire universal event unto itself for each individual. Consciousness remembers what the previous states have been; hence, we are aware of a “past.” We conceive of a “future” because we see different states of NOW unfolding. UUHuman senses get the false impression that we are seeing the past dissolve – we are not. Researchers exist “outside the box” of the 3P rd P dimension while endeavoring to discover and assert truths of the universe from “inside the box.” To avoid this bias, we initially set aside the fact that we exist anywhere, while looking for a suitable realm for our state of existence. We needed to discover that UUwe really do exist “outside the box.” UUPrinciple of Relativity: Anyone who measures the speed of light will get the same value. UUPrinciple of Relativity: Motion is unimportant when measuring the speed of light.
  31. 31. Theory of Reality 33 Individual observers have their own unique perception of present, past & future. The following illustration depicts a third dimension changing states with every change of C-Point for just one individual. All other observers have different points of view. “ONE THING” “ONE THING” C-POINT (in one state) C-POINT (in one state) 3rd Dimension3rd Dimension 3rd DIMENSION “REALITY” Perceived pastPerceived future “NOW” “NOW” “ONE THING” C-POINT (in one state) “NOW” “C-Point Changing States” Every time C-Point changes states, it presents a slightly different configuration of nature, one non-measurable interval after another. This is how we are able to perceive time intervals (non-existent future and past) in the 3P rd P dimension. This is happening under the exploitation of the 4P th P dimension, where consciousness exists. When C-Point changes states, every atom, as far as UUthe perceived universe of an observer, undergoes annihilation and is recreated anew in the next event. They all carry the same exact nonlocal blueprint for one observer’s universe. This means that any single human condition, in whatever circumstance, is temporary and is subject to change. Every individual consciousness has a state of existence in a distinct 4P th P dimension. There is deep satisfaction in meeting personal goals. We all, however, will compete for 3P rd P dimensional control in some areas, whereas in other matters we do not. Therefore, making agreements in life is important. Finding ways to agree is key. We will elucidate and explore this more in the next chapter. Inaccurate concepts of future and past are replaced by this model. The so-called future and past are perceived phenomena.
  32. 32. Theory of Reality 34 We’ve heard the impolite expression, “The world does not revolve around you!” This, however, is not the actual case. Each physical 3P rd P dimension is experienced from an individual frame of reference, evidenced by existing theoretical models we have just referred to. This illustration depicts an individual at the center of their perceived universe. C-Point delivers new events from The Everything of a unique 4P th P dimension into a shared 3P rd P dimension. Every time C-Point changes from Particle C-Point to Wave C-Point it produces a slightly different now. Imagine a holographic projector running a reel of film that contains numerous frozen holographic images. Each hologram is an event unto itself. These events are flowing so fast that it appears that the so-called future and past are in motion. However, a more accurate way to interpret this phenomenon is to perceive reality unfolding before us, event by event, as in the following illustration. 3rd Dimension “Reality” is like a Viewer Event Event Event Event Event Window Window Window Window Window Each window or event in the above illustration depicts a change of C-Point and all elements at the same time. Of course, the illustration is exaggerated because, in actuality, the change from window to window is so slight that it would not be noticeable. This holographic life-projector operates rapidly at the so-called “speed of light.” Principle of Relativity Measured time intervals are not absolute… The time interval between two events depends on the frame of reference. Theory of Reality Intervals of changing events, depend on an individual observer’s frame of reference to changing C-Point.
  33. 33. Theory of Reality 35 To summarize this chapter, let us re-visit the matter of passing time and how that relates to our whole life on earth. We have to abandon the notion that we are moving through time and understand that, instead, so-called time is moving through us. The fact that we cannot simply jump back into the past or into the future should help us to appreciate that are not able to move through time. The following illustration depicts a traditional view on how nearly everyone thinks a human being is moving through time. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20-21-22-23-24-25-26..... Birth Death TIME Traditional View of Man’s Relationship to Time AN EVENT We only appear to be moving through time (above). We have to look at the puzzle from a different angle, but see the same intention. When we ultimately grasp the idea that we do not exist in a 3P rd P dimension, but rather in a 4P th P dimension that holds predominance over all of the 3P rd P dimensions, we will appreciate our vantage point very differently. Our consciousness is stationary throughout an entire lifetime and time moves through us! CORRECT VIEW OF OUR RELATIONSHIP TO TIME AND REALITY We do not go to things, things come to us. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 etc... STATIO N ARY M IN D “The recognizable now” Accuratewaytoperceivereality Birth Birth DeathDeath One Singular Event “The 4th Dimension” Time(years)doesnotexist. CORRECT More accurate, but still not correct
  34. 34. Theory of Reality 36
  35. 35. Theory of Reality 37 Part Three Our Perception “If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would be as it is, infinite.” – William Blake We have just dealt with the concepts of future, past, speed and speed of light. Let us now delve into on our sensory perceptions in relation to the changing 3rd dimensions. We see things every day that are not genuine. We do things that seem impossible. We move in directions that are not possible to fit into, undaunted. We are oriented from birth to take many anomalies for granted, not just the timeline of future and past, or of speed, but also the concepts distance, vectors, displacement and visual inaccuracies. The challenge we are still facing is to explain the bio-physiology of how energy is transferred from sources like sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch into sensory perception. For example, it has estimated that up to 90% of information is lost by the time it gets from the eye to the brain. The brain forms perceptions of things such as candles, people, faces, and honeysuckles, etc. There are controversies among psychologists about the perceptions process. Let us bring one psychological theory into the picture that states, perceptual processes depend on the expectations and previous knowledge of the observer. Let us suppose that a person was raised in a dim small room that had rounded walls. He or she had been deprived of all long-range perception and images. Then, after visual orientation set it, they were taken outdoors. He or she may become disoriented to everything that is beyond arms length and very possibly show hesitation about riding in a car down a long road. In the case of a blind person who somehow received new sight as an adult, incomprehension would be absolute. We, who have had sight since birth, have become oriented and accustomed to all of the false perceptions that surround us. The fact is, our eyes lie to us all the time. If we look plainly at situations that we face every day, a 3rd dimension appears to be impossible to get very far around in. Our eyes lie to us all the time about reality. If we cannot trust our eyes to tell us the truth, then we cannot rely on them to inform us about the 3rd dimension, or tell us more regarding its function. We all travel unafraid down a long road that seems to be too narrow. We walk imperviously down long corridors, which seem to become too small up ahead. We move throughout the 3rd dimension, taking for granted all of its inaccuracies and impossibilities. Seldom have these anomalies been questioned it until now. This is most likely because we have not had a good model to replace our disingenuous perceptions. We cannot trust our senses to tell us the true nature of the 3rd dimension. “Perspective” 50 ft road width 2 foot road width W e should not believe everything we see.
  36. 36. Theory of Reality 38 Human eyesight is very limited. Our technology and equipment can only tell us so much about what is beyond our sensory perception. James Maxwell’s equations predicted infinite numbers of frequency waves (Wave C-Point) traveling at the “speed of light” along an electromagnetic spectrum, shown below. This unveils how much enlightenment our eyes are excluding from our awareness. This results in limited perception of what is. What little information that we can visualize is further lost before arriving to our brains. The perception of the 3rd dimension, or reality, is rather like perceiving windows of the universe opening and closing in sequence before us. In the last chapter we learned that reality unfolds before us event by event. Let us call these events, “windows.” The Everything brings these events to our perception one static event at a time. The window shown in the following illustration is drawn flat and is therefore incorrect. The C-Point on each end of the illustration are actually the same C-Point This is to help us comprehend how C-Point unfolds windows of events to us and then closes them back up at the so-called speed of light, which we have already postulated is a misnomer. The unfolding and folding of windows is, instead, a result of changing C-Point states. Each window or event unfolds into our three-dimensional reality and then folds back into The Everything with every change in C-Point. This illustration will give us an idea on how we have perspective of the three dimensions and of distance. It also shows why time and objects contract as they are absorbed back into changing C-Point. C-Point changes states at a non-measurable pace, which is analogous to the speed of light. As it does, the windows of our reality open and close. The above illustration is incorrect—the windows actually pulse out from a conscious awareness all at once. As it is opening and closing we are experiencing reality one single event at a time, hence time. Gamma rays X rays 10 m (1pm) -12 10 m (10pm) -11 10 m (100pm) -10 10 m (1nm) -9 10 m (10nm) -8 10 m (100nm) -7 10 m (1 m) -6  10 m (10 m) -5  10 m (100 m) -4  Far ultra violet Near ultra violet Near infrared Far infrared VISIBLE 10 m (1mm) -3 10 m (10mm) -2 10 m (100mm) -1 microwaves radar TV FM AM Radio Waves Time, motion, and speed are not real; however, we still need “time intervals” in our daily affairs. Just think of so-called time as being glued to the 3rd the dimension. When the 3rd dimension is reabsorbed, so is time, motion, and speed. Without 3rd dimensional windows we would not be able to perceive a fluid reality timeline.
  37. 37. Theory of Reality 39 Bear in mind that non-measurable - C-Point can manifest either zero distance or all distance. C-Point, being the point at which creation in reality can occur, has the capacity to shape space into that which is expected by a conscious observer. The closer we get to the perceived speed of light, the nearer we are to C-Point, which is a realm of every possibility. The closer we get to the light, the less perception there is of time, size, distance, or motion. Our sense of proprioception (the awareness of our body’s position in space) can be easily thrown off. Recall a time when we were sitting in a car that was stopped in traffic or at a crossing. We were in the middle lane with cars in front and behind and to the right and left of us. We had been sitting there waiting for some time with our foot on the brake. Suddenly we felt as though our car was moving forward and we slammed on our brakes. We were surprised that our foot was already on the brake and that our car was not moving at all. For a few seconds we were displaced in the 3rd dimension. The cause of this bewilderment was that, in our peripheral vision, the car on our right was moving backwards. The car was doing something unanticipated by us. The unexpected movement threw our perception of reality off for a moment. We fell for the lie because something unusual and unforeseen occurred to throw off our sense of placement. As long as things flow in a way that we expect, we feel oriented in the sequencing of 3rd dimensions. These and other examples show us how the perceptual process depends on the expectations and the knowledge of possibilities of an observer. Werner Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle places an absolute limit on the accuracy of certain measurements. The position of a particle and its speed cannot be measured with accuracy. The earlier assumption was that the physical state of a system can be measured exactly and used to predict future states. This principle applies from a vantage point of a 3rd dimension existence and time. The Theory of Reality states that C-Point can change to any state that aligns itself with an observer’s expectations of all the possibilities. Anything one believes is a possibility in reality. This offers an explanation of how miracles were performed in front of witnesses by the absolute belief of Jesus of Nazareth, who assured us that we could do the same things if we believed. Albert Einstein expressed open dissent with the Uncertainly Principle. He and Erwin Schrödinger believed that quantum mechanics was a statistical approximation to a deeper reality. Principle of Relativity: The length of an object measured, when a reference frame is moving, is always less than the proper length.
  38. 38. Theory of Reality 40 We are looking outwards from our human eyes into the 3rd dimension. But reality becomes smaller with so-called distance. Thus, it strangely seems that we are seeing inward in every direction. There are medical explanations that we can use for perceptual eyesight, however, this visual paradox is another good example of comparative analogy that nature is showing us about our true reality. The farthest point in space that we can see, figuratively corresponds to C-Point, a non-measurable gateway between a 4th dimension and 3rd dimensions. We can use this visual curiosity to practice becoming familiar with a more accurate viewpoint of reality. We use the impression of time to help us go about our daily lives. Using time is very practical for many reasons. We use it in small ways, such as for baking and keeping appointments. We also use it in critical areas, such as traffic signals, airliner flights or flying rockets into outer space. However, investing our belief in time will hold us back from evolving. The realm of time is far more restrictive than what is available to us through our actual state of existence. The following illustration shows some point during our day and points out an enigma with the concept of time. We cannot isolate now, and will never be able to locate the present as long as we adopt the false perception of a fluid timeline. With everything we have covered up to this point, we can rationalize that we are not moving through time at all. So-called time is moving through us via a dual-state C-Point. Our brain is in the 3rd dimension, i.e., nature. Nature does not validate the concept of time. Trees do not live in a future or past. They live right now and have a natural function. Animals also live in the now. They have a short-term memory, which lacks the capacity of human memory to experience a perception of time. Animals are able to perform functions under a timed event with extensive training, however, this is still within a relatively brief time frame. Time is a man-made concept. Our relatively advanced society uses time as a tool to keep things running. Nature always flows along a natural outcome. Adapting to an outcome is an advantage because our consciousness, and that of others, plays a defining role in our experiences. Time is a man- made concept. Nature does not validate the concept of time.
  39. 39. Theory of Reality 41 People can become anxious about time. Psychologists often treat patients facing this issue. An anxious person obsesses about things that might happen, but which have not occurred. They fixate on events that have already transpired. In most cases, it is rare when trouble is affecting us in this instant. Trouble happens in the immediate now far less frequently than patients can initially grasp. The TOR postulates that future and past are non-existent. The TOR offers psychologists a hypothesis on which to base treatment. People fret about things that do not exist. At the turn of the millennium many were distressed about time. Investors pulled stock out of the market, sending it spiraling downward. Others stored up warehouses of food in anticipation of an apocalyptic event. Some factions sold properties, isolated themselves or sought refuge in Jerusalem. Even more sadly, some groups of people committed mass suicide. People did all this because they believed in a timed event and they feared it. Nature, however, was undisturbed by time. It responded to a changing now due to a dual-state C-Point. The millennium came and went and not one flower fell over due to of a timed event. We can now understand that perceiving anything with our senses does not necessarily make it actually so. We can be misled by what we see or perceive. Deceptions of reality are also expressed in words. A child may perceive something to be in his closet lurking in the shadows and call it a monster, however, the word does not make it so. If I call a crooked stick a snake, it does not make it snake. We may not always understand some situations that we perceive or the words that we apply to them. If we perceive something to be one way, even an incorrect way, we assign a word to it that helps us make sense of it. That does not always mean that the word we are using is accurate. Words like: “birth, death, start, end, or time, motion, and speed, do not make them necessarily so. Other words, such as can’t, failure, unachievable, and hopeless also apply to this line of reasoning. Some of us hold to a principle that, if we believe and have no doubt whatsoever, all things are possible. We believe the TOR supports this hypothesis. The following illustration shows the traditionally perceived order of everything in the 3rd dimension. Everything seems to follow this pattern of perception. G row th Peak Wane (Death) “Perception” Start (Birth) Everything that we detect with our physical senses follows this outline; for example, high-end real estate, an expensive car, a tree, a human being… even our sun, in eons of time, will follow this curve and eventually wane. The important thing to remember is that this pattern of perception is an incorrect interpretation of what is. We should rather be considering C-Point, or Light, which do not follow this death-bound pattern. We are intimately linked with these things in our actual state of existence.
  40. 40. Theory of Reality 42 Let us look at the word “death” for a moment. Why we would use such a severe word so filled with demise and finality? Especially when we know that we can’t trust what we are seeing with our eyes in the 3rd dimension. We use the word, death, simply because a thing ceases to be seen by our limited eyesight; therefore, we actually believe that things cease to exist. We have moved beyond the dark ages... but in this sense, we are still in the shadows. Light is a constant in the true universe, while death seems to be a constant in the perceived universe. The question then arises: Is there another way to look at death? Thankfully, there is through comparative analogies in nature. For example, a tree, a man, and all other things to which we ascribe the word, alive, begin in a seed. They come from the soil and carry out a life cycle and return back to the soil. It should be simply stated, and accepted, that a human is just “walking talking soil.” Indeed, some may think that our water supplies are running out, when in fact, there is the same amount of water on this planet as there always was. Water gets re-distributed and does not go away. The following illustration shows the same curve as the previous page, but through nature’s vantage point. It is a different and more accurate viewpoint of reality. Start and End at the same place “What Is” “Perception” Attach the two ends and you have: The illustration on the left can only be explained by the fact that every thing in the 3rd dimension is subject to CHANGE. This does not imply that things die. Thus, a natural way to look at the perceived cycle of the order of things reveals there is no such thing as “death.” Just as 3rd dimensional bodies return to the soil, everything in the universe will return to the place where it proceeded from. This happens with every change in C-Point. Understanding that 3rd dimensions ensues from our 4th dimension is principle to having a better life because our state of existence is really in the form of an eternal consciousness. The utilization of 3rd dimensions derives through consciousness in a 4th dimension. We should appreciate that our true existence lies in a place of all possibilities and then begin to study it. Moreover, and importantly, all of our lives will be enriched through a collective cooperation. Acknowledgment of consciousness enhances the principle that states, perceptual processes depend on the expectations and previous knowledge of the observer. Formulas that apply this principle are outlined up ahead. We have shown that there are too many discrepancies in the 3rd dimension timeline to establish a state of existence here. So then, timeline, as we perceive it, proceeds from infinity. Not just this minute or hour, nor just my lifetime or yours; not just the life of our solar system, but everything, including all of outer space that is perceived in one’s 3rd dimensional universe. Everything from the first Big Bang to the last Big Crunch of the universe derives from infinity and then returns to it.
  41. 41. Theory of Reality 43 We must also consider that we are all unique. We each have our own individual consciousness. We see the universe through uniquely different perspectives. I could be in a camping trip in Colorado and you could be stuck in a blizzard in Maine. I could be riding a horse in Texas and you could be walking the streets of China. Or, we could be as close as passing each other in a shopping mall. We see and experience the 3rd dimension in an exclusive way. With a point of view that is unique to us and distinct from all others. This makes us realize that a person goes about his or her life in their exclusive reality; seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting the world in their own way. Even those who are closest to us, such as a mom or dad, wife or husband, could not share our same exact reality even if they wanted to. We are in our own respective 4th dimensions. We share the 3rd dimensions with others. However, this is only within the limits of our perceptual processes; which, as we have been saying, depends on the expectations and previous knowledge of the observer. Up to now, we have discussed a state of existence that applies to one individual. We have postulated that C-Point changes come in sequential pulses that proceed from an individual consciousness. This is deciphered by an individual observer’s perceived reality. This model affords us a way to see the universe from our own special viewpoint. This may give the impression of being able to do anything that we can imagine. After all, consciousness exists in The Everything; a place of all possibilities. We must, however, address the dynamics of one 4th dimension that has preeminence of all 3rd dimensions, while having to share the spoils of reality with all others. We MUST learn to share similar goals. A base propensity for survival and reproduction tends toward a “survival of the fittest” model. Meanwhile, nature continues to emulate C-Point that recreates our environment moment by moment. If competition exists among multiple consciousness sharing reality, there will be a competition and pecking order reflected in reality. This is due to our perceptual process that derives from expectations. Promoting civility and cooperation is a psychosocial process of shifting expectations and knowledge of grand possibilities. Shifting 3rd dimensions are the common ground that our individual consciousness experience to temporarily co-create in and co-habitat. To live in harmony and foster fair agreements with each other is paramount to our happiness. We will not be able to socially evolve until we de-prioritize our death-grip on power, rank, and ownership in this temporary realm. This knowledge can help to enhance our psychosocial evolution. YOU ME “Individual Perspectives” Everybody has their own unique point of view
  42. 42. Theory of Reality 44 We postulated that in C-Point, all opposites at once. The Everything may contain aspects both evolution and creation at once. C-Point is where we have both a beginning and end at once; and, every 3rd dimension configuration in between. Hence, it contains one event as well as all events simultaneously. Therefore, that which seems very old, such as the Grand Canyon, occurred over many singular events and it occurred at once in a single event. History dates back about 4.5 billion years. Homo sapiens appeared only 200,000 years ago. The prior sentence conveys a belief in time. However, we have already stated that time is simulated by dual-state C-Point. Our questions are, “At what point in the evolutionary process was consciousness able to seat into a 3rd dimensional brain? And, “Is our state of existence by creation or by evolution?” We hypothesize that it is by both. C-Point is the beginning and the end of an observer’s perceived 3rd dimensional universe at once. It is also able to create an event at any point in between the process. C-Point can produce sequential events from that point thereafter. Either way, with every change in C-Point we are then committed to a prior sequence of events that are unalterable. It is then conceivable that each universal event comes with its own natural evolutionary history in the 3rd dimension. In this case, when consciousness enters the realm of our 3rd dimensional human experience, our brains would gain new, predefined, set of memories of reality up to that point. It would not make sense to wait over four billion years for consciousness to link with a human body in the 3rd dimension. C-Point may create an event, which may or may not include an awareness of a biological process of evolution leading up to that point – depending on how distant prior events have been. For example, we are unaware of the first primordial elements, but we are aware of recent historical changes. Albert Einstein’s Principle of Relativity fostered the famous thought experiment of a twin traveling in a spaceship. This twin accumulated memories that, otherwise, only come with aging; yet, he did not age as the twin who remained behind in normal time did. The Theory of Reality interpretation of this is: as the twin got closer to the speed of light, he got closer to changing C-Point. If this is true, we rationalize through some major differences between evolutionism and creationism. This is because, C-Point, the point at which creation can occur, is able to place us in an event while gaining a new set of predefined evolved history. Each new event in the Point of Creation may also come with a natural historical process of Evolution leading up to that point. Thus, both sides of this controversial issue have validity. THE BEGINNING TO THE END OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE “An Event” 4th Dimension "Infinity"
  43. 43. Theory of Reality 45 This would be a good place to indemnify ourselves with both the creationists and evolutionists on these points. Discovering our state of existence is a foundational theme of this book. Our intention was to pioneer a work that helps to clear up the vagueness of consciousness. This theory was borne out of the author’s awareness and overwhelming curiosity regarding the impossible paradoxes in the 3rd dimension. These unsolved mysteries, ironically, make it impossible for us to exist in the 3rd dimension. Indeed, this book began with this huge conundrum. We are contrasting the long-established concept our state of existence in the 3rd dimension head on with a hypothesis of how we fit more accurately in the universe. The results have been astonishing. We are systematically unraveling paradoxes of time, speed, motion, distance, perceptual processes, along with a few psychological, sociological, theological, and ecological debates. The Theory of Reality does not endorse the notion that we are each God, nor are we collectively God, nor that the universe is God. These issues are beyond the scope of our hypotheses. It is not our intention to argue for or against dogma. We respectfully leave the more complex paradigms of faith to each individual’s preference. To creationists we acknowledge: By definition, GOD would not be trying to figure a way “out of the box,” nor have “equals” to compete with in reality. God would not judge actual deeds, but rather motives of “the heart” behind every deed. Whether motives arise from a state of existence in the 3rd dimension or a 4th dimension should make no difference. To evolutionists we say: There is no doubt that we occupy here in Homo sapien form, however, the TOR shows that our state of existence could not possibly be inside of a third dimension. For example, when a carpenter builds a home, his true vantage point and state of existence is a 4th dimension that is naturally occurring. The 4th dimension is in the same universe as the 3rd dimension. The carpenter is occupying the 3rd dimension through the vehicle of a perishable human body. This vehicle, as we have stated, came from an evolutionary seed and eventually returns back to soil indistinguishable from it. To any reader we say: We believe one of the reasons that scientists have not considered a theory, which displaces consciousness out of the 3rd dimension and puts the observer at the heart of a point of creation is because it appears to make us God. For example, Max Planck, the originator of quantum theory, said "All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter." Since it is not likely that Plank was referring to “us” as being that “conscious and intelligent mind,” he was indicating that he believed in some kind of God. Some people adopt a position that they are God, or that we are, collectively, God. Others believe that the universe is God. Others think that everyone born in the world are children of God, while still a remnant believe that only a select, or rather an elect group are the children of God. We also do not hide that this author ascribes to the Christian faith. And, though it is virtually impossible to eliminate scientific or researcher bias, the author has made very attempt to allow this Theory of Reality to remain largely neutral.
  44. 44. Theory of Reality 46 This is a scripture that many have read, pondered, and debated over: Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are “gods”’ If he called them ‘gods,’ to whom the word of God came—and Scripture cannot be set aside— what about the one whom the Father set apart as his very own and sent into the world? Why then do you accuse me of blasphemy because I said, ‘I am God’s Son’? – John 10:34-36 What we have claimed is possible in the TOR indicates that by virtue of our state of existence, we may possess unrealized creative ability in The Everything. Despite our acknowledgement or denial of these abilities, 3rd dimensions are nonetheless governed and exploited by the 4th dimension. Reality is also shaped and influenced by others with whom we co-occupy a 3rd dimensional quasi-reality, temporary as it might seem. We still take the position that it is too large a jump to place ourselves in a position of being the God. This theory sets limitations to what we are able to accomplish in reality—even if we do have a true state of existence in The Everything of a 4th dimension. These limitations include, co-existing and creating reality with others. Moreover, in the next chapter we will show how important aspects of the human brain function via reptilian brain derivatives. We are influenced by primitive impulses. Thus, despite the supercilious urge to jump to the God conclusion, we take the more conservative route.
  45. 45. Theory of Reality 47
  46. 46. Theory of Reality 47 Part Four The Missing Link “I am my own Universe, I my own Professor.” - Sylvia Ashton-Warner (1908 - 1984) We are consciousness—an entity that is able to perceive past and future, even though they are non-existent in the 3rd dimension. In this final chapter, we will discuss consciousness and the Homo-sapien brain. We will postulate the link between the two. James Maxwell’s equations predicted infinite numbers of frequency waves traveling at (so-called) speed of light along an electromagnetic spectrum. Heinrich Hertz set out to prove those equations correct. Before this discovery, we had no idea of the magnitude of what existed beyond our sensory perceptions. Today we comprehend that these waves provide us with satellite communication, cell phones, televisions, lasers, etc. In spite of our use of these waves, we have barely scratched the surface in understanding them. However, by proving that there exists an infinite amount of waves in the electromagnetic spectrum, we have corroborated the existence of a (4th ) dimension of infinity. The link between an invisible, eternal consciousness and a finite physical brain will be as naturally occurring as invisible infinite frequencies are to physical receivers. One peculiar characteristic of quanta is that particles are observed to blink in and out of existence, caused by mere human observance. This phenomenon has raised many questions. Thought experiments, such as Erwin Schrodinger’s “Cat Box” have proven that fate is undecided until the instant someone observes an experiment or an event. Another intriguing thought experiment in quantum physics says: A distant star, thousands of light years away, emitted a light beam toward the earth very long ago. Along the way, the light beam traveled exactly in between two large celestial bodies of identical mass and gravitational pull. This caused the light beam to bend toward one planet or the other along its way toward earth. It finally arrives to the earth eons later where it can be observed. Query: Which planet did the light bend toward? (Note: by the time the light arrived, the bending event would have occurred eons ago.) Conclusion: The light did not bend either one way or the other until it was observed (because past does not exist and now does). We can, therefore, postulate that if this one single event has been proven to occur, then EVERY thing that we observe falls under the same phenomenon. With each new event C-Point produces only what we are observing or naturally expecting, whether it be poking our heads into the kitchen cupboard or going outdoors at under a vast night sky of stars. An Observer’s perceived universe comes alive while under conscious observation.
  47. 47. Theory of Reality 48 We have tried to ascertain the nature of consciousness, but so far, the results have been less than satisfactory. This is likely because consciousness has nothing but itself to comprehend its own nature. Until now, we have largely depended on theology and philosophy to ascertain a state of existence outside of the 3rd dimension. However, nature is our best source for gathering clues that concern matters of existence. Nature provides comparative analogies. When we combined this symbolism with theorems of quantum physics, we came to the conclusion that consciousness plays a large role in Reality. In this TOR, we have maintained that there is no such thing as supernatural regarding our existence. There are, however, large gaps in what we know to be natural. We postulate that the conduit to an afterlife is a natural path, still yet to be discovered. We have no reason to presume that this issue is too sacred to explore and try to quantify. Some researchers use the term “mind.” For the sake of clarity let us consider the terms “mind” and “consciousness” to be synonymous. However, we do need to differentiate between the terms “consciousness” and “brain” and consider that they are not the same thing. Consciousness has eternal characteristics in the 4th dimension. Conversely, a created brain that is derived through evolutionary means (see page 42) is a finite biological apparatus which permits consciousness to experience the 3rd dimension. Once we appreciate where reality lies, and that future and past do not exist in the 3rd dimension, it becomes impossible to establish a state of existence here. Although time seems to be moving through us, it does not actually exist. We do not perceive our reality the correct way. The reason is, observing the 3rd dimension in a more accurate way tends to DISAPPEAR US because we DO NOT EXIST INSIDE of the 3rd dimension. Letting SELF vanish by meditating on this thought experiment brings an awareness that our state of existence is not in the 3rd dimension. The distant past does not exist. A fraction of a second into the past does not exist! The distant future does not exist. A fraction of a second into the future does not exist!