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June 2013 newsletter draft 27 may (3)


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June 2013 newsletter draft 27 may (3)

  1. 1. G a t e w a yG a t e w a yG a t e w a yJune 2013NewsletterUnit 1, 2 Park Hill, Rathmines Road, D 6. E-mail : thegatewaynewsletter@gmail.comDoes your diagnosis serve you?Strange though it may sound, you do not need adiagnosis to treat people with mental healthproblems, says Dr Lucy Johnstone, consultantpsychologist. There is no evidence in dealing withpeople in distress, that these experiences are bestunderstood as illnesses with biological causes.On the contrary, there is now overwhelming evidencethat people break down as a result of a complex mix ofsocial and psychological circumstances-bereavementand loss, poverty and discrimination, trauma andabuse.So, it seems that mental difficulties are not somethingthat you have, nor even something you get, but anormal response to demanding life situations.Pathology can occur at the point of reaction to theseevents.It is now widely-held that we are not entirelydetermined by our inherited genes. Modern geneticstells us that genes are switched on and off – withorganic results, according to our life experience –taking sometimes years to obtain an accuratediagnosis, with all the chopping and changing(medication & treatments) and uncertainty. This stalls,and can damage, ones life.It could be tempting to succumb, sinking completelyinto a state of hopelessness, seduced by the verysearch for the correct diagnosis. What, then, whenyou and your doctor agree that youve hit on it?Ivor Browne, psychiatrist, renowned for the success ofhis therapeutic methods, is on the record as saying thatmental diagnoses are not useful in the treatment room.He employs two scales to assess his individual clients:how open or closed (expressive or defensive) they are;and their coping mechanisms (capable to helpless). Youwill notice these are personality traits & life skillscharacteristics.The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of MentalDisorders (DSM) published by the American PsychiatricAssociation, since 1952, provides a common languageand standard criteria for the classification of mentaldisorders. The 5th edition ("DSM-5") is currently inconsultation, planning and preparation, due forpublication in June 2013.Watch how this influential manual is beginning tochange our understanding of mental health. Thereappears to be a paradigm shift necessary in medicalcircles because of the DSM classification. Habitpatterns, and life events, may be at the root ofpersonal crises, not some incurable and encoded illnessto be merely controlled, carrying a life sentence; eventhe textbook cases.You see, the number of categories and types of mentaldysfunction are diversifying before our very eyes so asto include areas such as : oversensitivity; internetaddictions; learning disorders; body dysmorphia;celebrity obsessions; grief; extra-vivid biographicalmemory etc. (these are not precise)Are they making them up so as to multiply the possiblenumber of things that can go wrong with you? Maybethe extra definitions will lead to better understanding.Could it be that previous diagnoses: bi-polar;schizophrenia; depressive states, were simply toonarrow to deal with individual patients, and themedications too-blunt instruments to really addresscomplex & critical individual life problems? Let thedebate ensue...Soon, the clinician will no longer ask “What is wrongwith you?” Instead, they will rather say, “Whathappened to you?”NessaHello,and you are very welcome to the June edition of the Gateway newsletter. Yes the Bluebells are out andthe swallows have returned. Long bright evenings stretch ahead and maybe , just maybe we will have aspell of fine weather to justify us calling it summer time.Again thanks to all who sent in articles to the newsletter. We really appreciate them, and hopefully wewill get to include them next month.The editors
  2. 2. Healthy Eating and Healthy Mindwith Mary M.I am not a nutritionist but I have developed a passion forhealthy eating. 2 ½years ago I developed foodintolerance, wheat, yeast and dairy products just tomention a few of the things that I’m intolerant to. Thistime last year I was weighing 89kg=195lb=14 stone andnow 82kg=180.4lbs=12 stone. Bust was 36 inches andnow its 32 inches, waist was 39 inches and now 34/12inches, hips 48 inches and now 45 inches. I cycle fromHarrington Street to Baggot Street, Clonskeagh,Rathmines and sometimes the City Centre. That’s 30 to45 minutes of exercise, though it wasn’t an everydaything until the 3rdweek of April 2013 I make sure I have30 to 45 minutes a day. I would like to share a few tipsand ideas that helped me to shed a few pounds, I willreference what I learnt from books and Internet. Beforeyou start following my tips and ideas please talk to yourG.P. It would be wise to talk to your family and friendsabout your healthy eating goal so that they can help tomotivate you and notice the difference. Ask your G.P toweigh you, get a scale or weigh yourself at the pharmacy.Get a measuring tape to measure your waist, hips andbust.Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.Drinking a glass or two 30 minutes before every mealwill help with digestion, absorption of nutrientsand eating less, sometimes thirst is mistaken forhunger.Eat a slice of ginger every night this will also helpyour digestion.Eat a handful of olives before your meal, it releases ahormone that tells your brain that you are full(the brain usually gets a massage that you areeating after 20 minutes)Articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com Daily Amount ValuesTypical values Women MenCalories 2,000 kcal 2,500 kcalProtein 45 g 55 gCarbohydrate 230 g 300gSugars 90 g 120 gFat 70 g 95 gSaturates 20 g 30 gFibre 24 g 24 gSalt 6 g 6 g“Express and create,solidarity andSupport”Recently the first issueof “Headspace”, a newcreative magazinepromoting positivemental health, had itslaunch event at TheTwisted Pepper venueon Middle Abbey Street,Dublin 1.It is the idea of threepeople: Orla Price,Naomi Elster and LisaBurke who are theeditors of thepublication and thereare many othercontributors to theissue.“Creativity”The magazine is aplatform for people toexpress their creativitythrough fiction, poetry,art and personalexperience stories.Some of the piecesincluded are “TheSinkingDuck” (Quaaa!!),“Insomnia”, “The Dogthat saved me fromdepression” and “FiveBreaths” just tomention a smallselection of the literaryworks. They deal withthe issue of MentalHealth in a broadselection of approaches.There is also a finerange of sketches,drawings, paintings andphotographs within thefirst issue. These addanother expressiveelement and I greatlyenjoyed their colour,creative spark andvibrant energy.”poets and musicians”On the night of thelaunch a number ofspeakers, poets andmusicians performedand finger food wasprovided. I met anumber of friends thereand had a fun time.Best of luck to“Headspace” in thefuture. If you feel thatyou would like to get incontact with themagazine and maybecontribute you can getin touch and Moloney
  3. 3. My Story on Mental andEmotional TortureI have been treated very badly by avery good friend. For the past 6 yearsthis person used to boss me aboutand control me and I never saidanything to anybody.Then 8 months ago I met a newfriend who has changed my life. Theyhave helped how to get through thisby just walking away which I havedone. I deleted them from Facebookand the reason for this is this exfriend used to shout at me and bullyme as well.As I suffer from Asthma andDepression I have to be careful. Thisperson put me under pressure textingme saying you will be late we weremeant to meet at a certain time. Thisex friend denied everything she everdid they also slapped me across theface at a train station and grabbedmy wrist on a train as well and alsodenied that.I feel so much better now that I don’ttalk to this ex friend anymore.This very good and special friend isstill helping me and I am helping her.This special friend had a stroke about6 months ago it is amazing we aresuch good friends now. I have mygood days and bad days and I havemoved on in my life. I hope this willhelp a lot of people.Kind Regards—Mary QStigmaStigma in Ireland in 2013 forpeople with mental healthdifficulties is rampant. Ithink it is worse for menthan for women.“Shame and guilt”Stigma is seen as a mark ofshame and guilt associatedwith a particular condition.It has been identified bySee Change as having threestrands, firstly a lack ofknowledge, secondlynegative attitudes andthirdly hostile behaviour.For me personally I canrelate to all three. I seestigma as a burden farheavier than the illnessitself. It leaves a personopen to criticism anddebate as to why they areunwell something no onewould like. This in myexperience can shape analready vulnerable personsattitude leading to furtherisolation, stigmatization andself stigmatization. It isdifficult to tackle as it isoften difficult to identifybut there is great workbeing done by manyorganisations acrossIreland.“Cover up”Self stigmatization is anarea that I think can betackled more easily. This iswhere someone with amental health difficulty triesto cover up their illness.This makes it much moredifficult for the person tohelp themselves, ratherthan seeing it as a time toget help as much as there isavailable and going withbeing not well rather thanfighting against it.“Proud”For me personally I thinkhaving struggled with amental health difficulty formany years is something Iam now proud of. I amfortunate or unfortunateenough to have anotherillness so I can compare,this was diagnosed overnight and with thatdiagnosis I changed. Ichanged because I thought Iwas going to die and then Irealised that I was going todie but not for a while. Anexplanation as to why I wasunwell came to the surfaceand the reception from allwas noticeably better andstigma and selfstigmatization werenowhere to be seen.I would hope that thisNewsletter can be aplatform for tackling stigmaand self stigmatizationshining a light on mentalhealth and encouragingothers to talk about theirmental health difficultiesmore freely.TomVote No. 1 Ali RochfordOn the 13th of June at the Red Cow Hotel, Ali will be doing the Cha-Chadance in a Strictly Come Dancing competition to raise money for W.A.L.K. inWalkinstown. You can give Ali a vote by sponsoring her 2 euro. Ali will have asponsorship card at Gateway, so dont be shy and please help her to raisemoneyDoors open on the night at 7.00pm. And dont forget these words,“Hey Ali, let me vote for you” . So give her your No 1 vote and your 2 euro.
  4. 4. Random Notes Radio Showby Richard Moloney every second Wednesday between 9.00pm – 10.30pm on Near 90.3fm and online & Meditationcontinues on Mondays in June from 3.45pm-4.45pm!Indian Head Massage is on the last Monday every Month from 1.45pm till 4.45pmA very trendy coffee bar called Toast on Lr. Rathmines Road is where Oliver D and other members of Gatewaymeet on Wednesdays at 1 o’clock. All are very welcome and thanks to Oliver for his commitment to the meet-up.Individual MediationThis service is open to unemployed people from the Dublin 4, 6 and 6W area. It operates on Mondays andTuesdays and every second Friday.It is a one to one information, advice and guidance service to support individuals in goal setting, career planningand decision making, and encourage progression into education, training and employment. Individuals can availof advice and supports in relation to CV and interview preparation, exploration of education and training options,assistance with college and CAO applications, as well as information on Social Welfare entitlements.If you are unemployed and live in Dublin 4, 6 or 6W and would like to avail of this service, please ring the RPCPreception at 01-4965558 and make an appointment with Agnieszka.11 Wynnfield Road Dublin 6. Ph. 01-4965558 www.projectgateway.blogspot.comViews expressed in this newsletter are only views of the contributors and notviews of the Gateway Project.The fishing group are meeting Tuesday 4/06/13 at 2.00 pm in Belgrave Square, Rathmines, D6 to get practicewith the gear and organise a trip. All welcome, but mini bus spaces are limited to 9!Fishing group news-flashMembers HourEvery Monday except the last Monday of the month from 2.30—3.30 it was agreed that the back room could beused for members hour. This is where a member can take a group to do something creative/ sporty/ informative.It is for members to run themselves, they can ask for support from project workers if needed. They need to markon the white board what they want to do and members can choose to attend or not. Maeve has been doingstretching classes and the feedback is very positive. We encourage you to come and have a go !Oliver R takes on the Mighty ManningAnd what a thrilling Pool final we had once again. This months finalists, we had two of the most keenest playersbattling it out for the title of Pool Champion of the month.Tom M and Oliver R were the two combatants and the prize couldnt be greater. Tom M had swept all beforehim in a dazzling display of pure magical pool playing, and progressed through each round beating all who cameto the table, but the ever cool Oliver put a halt to the galloping young man from Bagnelstown in a closely andvery strategic game of pool. So the much coveted title of Pool Champion for the month of April goes to Oliver R.Well done Oliver r and lets see who can dethrone you in next months competition.