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Newsletter Unit 1, 2 Parker Hill, Lower Rathmines Road, Rathmines, D6                                     April 2013      ...
A Game of Billiards                                       Peer Support                                                 For...
final, that went down to the black       the world ranking of Pool players,      Pot Black Tim                      ball a...
11 Wynnfield Road                                Rathmines Dublin 6                 01 496 5558 www.projectgateway.blogspo...
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April 2013 newsletter 28 march13 final


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April 2013 newsletter 28 march13 final

  1. 1. Newsletter Unit 1, 2 Parker Hill, Lower Rathmines Road, Rathmines, D6 April 2013 We Need your Articles!Welcome to the April edition of your newsletter. This newsletter is run by a small team of people who meetevery Thursday in the drop-in centre. We welcome new people to the team, but if you want to contribute, youdon’t need to commit to weekly meetings. It is our aim to have all our articles written by Gateway members.We are trying to shine a light on mental health and reduce mental health prejudice for good. But you can writeabout anything that interests you—it will probably interest someone else too! There will be a drop box set up inGateway, you can post to the above address and you can use a different name if you want your identity to bekept confidential. You can also email us at our new address— – The Editors. What? “Dotmocracy”. Hats off Yes folks, when Martha wanted So the next time Barrack Obama, members to decide what courses Enda Kenny or even Kim Jon-il wantLet us all stand, take our hats off, they wanted this year, she used a to be fair and govern in aand congratulate our very own very democratic way of doing it, democratic way, they will look toMartha Griffin for winning the and used a system called Martha Griffin and us in Gateway2012 Dotmocracy Award for her Dotmocracy. And in doing so, has for guidance in how to conductunique and special way of using won an award that has put their affairs.Dotmocracy. Gateway in the world spot-light of Well done to Martha. -Ciarán democracy. Just google the word Easter  Easter always falls between March 22 and April 25.  Pysanka is a specific term used for the practice of Easter is known as a spiritual time of year Easter egg painting. Celebrations round the World without fear  Each year we eat nearly 90 million chocolate bunnies. Its a sacred time we can heal our pain Praying for peace and let go of strain  When it comes to eating of chocolate bunnies, the Sometimes the World can be a dark place ears are preferred to be eaten first by as many as 76% of people. Easter represents love and amazing Grace Children indulge in chocolate with sheer delight  Easter is now celebrated on the first Sunday after the You can look to the stars and feel bright full moon, which happens on, or after March 21, the Spring Equinox. Its also a happy time people find it funnyThe World is aglow with the story of the Easter bunny  The custom of giving eggs at Easter time has been traced back to Egyptians, Persians, Gauls, Greeks and Romans, to whom the egg was a symbol of life.By Patrick C.  The first Easter baskets were made to look like birdsInterested in Fishing? A Fishing group is starting up. It Thank you! Since I have come to Gateway I havewill be run in Gateway initially so members can get enjoyed it very much. The people are understandingfamiliar with the gear. Please let Tom or Ali know so we and very nice. I thank Mary and Martha for acceptinghave an idea of interest and can get this off the ground. me. Today being the first time it was enjoyable to take part. -John L
  2. 2. A Game of Billiards Peer Support For me personally when I first came into contact A member of Gateway with Gateway the stigma was a factor in becoming a more active (Nicholas) and myself member. I was generally demoralised and had given up getting had a game of Billiards in any sort of needed support. I would have a tendency to distance Goodfellows in myself when my health is not good but this would distance me Rathmines a while ago. It further. was most enjoyable and Nicholas won by 40 points to 34. Billiards is a game played on the big table with 3 balls. Your “My mood picks up” opponents ball and your own and a red. I am now very settled within Gateway and know most of the Scoring consists of potting the red or going members. Sometimes I have found on my way there the pattern in off same 3 points potting your of negative thinking can overwhelm me, but once I am socialising opponents ball or going in off same 3 with other members my mind settles into the now and my mood points potting your opponents ball or picks up with it. Why does this happen? I believe there are a few going in off 2 points. You can also get a unwritten rules amongst members in Gateway, the first one being score by hitting your opponents ball and a complete understanding of the challenges that face someone the red called a canon 2 points. As I said it with a mental health difficulty. was most enjoyable and we are planning a return game in Terenure. -Terry D As all members know it is not just low mood and sadness that affects someone suffering from poor mental health they can also Care & Repair: have very high mood, hyperactivity, grandiosity, fast speech, poorFree repair service in Dublin 4, 6 & 12 to judgement and many more. While my experience has beenpeople 65+ years of age. Small repair jobs mainly of depression, my mental health is generally made worsecall 01-4059819 by those who have no understanding of it. I have always been an extroverted person and could mix easily. But when my mental health is not so good I still feel the need to be an extrovert andCounselling ‘My Mind’ this can often backfire as I can be a handful. My Mind in Ranelagh are still offering discounted counselling services. Vouchers “The value of support” are still available to Gateway members. The cost is €10 per session for 5 sessions. Most members will recognise this type of behaviour and overlook For more information contact Mary Barnes it and see it for what it actually is but the real world is less on 01-4965558. accommodating. Then I am more at ease and will be able to benefit from, in my opinion the best therapy there is available ‘other people’’ and a feeling of shared circumstances strengthensMy Story on Confidence this feeling. This is why I believe Gateway provides an invaluableI got a book from the library in Rathmines service a place to provide peer support. Though Icalled ‘Boost Your Confidence’ by Melanie believe most members overlook the value of theFennell. This book has helped me because support provided to one another. -Thanks, Tommy confidence was holding me back. I wasafraid to speak in case I would say the look for 158. I also read another self help book that tells me thatwrong thing in case it would sound stupid when you talk to somebody you make eye contact and listen toor silly and people would what the other person is saying. Eye contact is important because itput me down. I only got my means you understand what the other person is saying and you canconfidence a while ago with answer them back. I use to look at the floor as I was too scared tothe help of these books and make eye contact as my confidence was very low but gradually I’ma very dear and a very gaining confidence.special friend. I hope this helps somebody like it has helped me. It’s changed mySelf Help life and there are books out there to help you. I have discovered thisWhen I go to the library I just go straight to and I will keep reading these books. I am so much happier now and Ithe self help section. I know the books to am very grateful I have found these books. -Mary Q.
  3. 3. final, that went down to the black the world ranking of Pool players, Pot Black Tim ball again, but instead I am going to Tim has taken centre stage at last. They say to write about this Colossus of a man, Recognition for his effort has not win it once is Tim. gone un-noticed. As well as the a secret Who is this man, I hear you ask. millions of Euros that Tim will pick ambition of up in vast corporate sponsorship Tim was born of parents who think from this wonderful achievement, every Pool a Pool cue is something that forms he will be forever known as the player in outside a swimming pool complex man who won 2 Gateway PoolGateway, but to win it twice is a on a summer’s day. Tim shocked competitions in a row.feat not seen since the good old the world when he said to hisdays of Hurricane Higgins, Steve And I know one or two Pool parents that he was giving up hisDavis or Chris Andrews. And we players, who would very easily job and going to concentrate on hiswho were there to witness this swap their mother, father, Pool playing.great achievement of Tim’s were jewellery, false-teeth, or anythingleft with no doubt that we were And what can we say? of value, just to win it once. So wellwatching a true genius at work. We are all flabbergasted at the done Tim, and heartyI could give you a shot by shot transmogrification that has taken congratulations to your new foundaccount of yet another thrilling place with Tim. From what some success in the world of Gateway might say a lowly ranking 2,3498 in Pool.Wednesday Meet-Ups Random Notes Radio Show by Richard Moloney every Second Wednesday between 9pm – 10.30pm on Near1 o’clock in Toast are still on, check 90.3fm and online at Oliver D for details Plain English In March, Claire from NALA (National Adult Literacy Agency) came to give the team some training in how to use plain English in the newsletter. Plain English is a way to write and present information so a reader can understand it after a single reading. What we learned  Claire taught us how important it is to use personal language like we and you so that what we want to say is clear to you, the reader.  We also talked about the importance of using clear fonts (types of print) so that people can read the newsletter without any difficulty.  We learned that a useful way of making an article easy to read is to use shorter paragraphs, and to break them up using headings and lists when possible. We have tried to use the lessons we learned in this months newsletter, and we would welcome your feedback on how we have done. The idea of using plain English made a lot of sense to me. I would encourage you to ask for plain English to be used whenever you find an organisation using confusing language or unexplained terms. NALA has a website dedicated to all things plain English. You can visit it at -Ali Relaxation & Meditation There is a public meeting on Mental continues on Mondays in Health Services on Wednesday the 10th April from 3.45-4.45pm! April from 2:00 to 4:30pm in the Carmelite Centre on Aungier Street. Indian Head Massage Mental Health Reform wants to hear is on the last Monday every from anyone with an interest in mental Month from 1.45pm health. Come along!
  4. 4. 11 Wynnfield Road Rathmines Dublin 6 01 496 5558 The views expressed or otherwise stated in this Newsletter are the views of the contributors and not necessarily the views of the Gateway Project. Get to know your member!What do you like about being a member in Gateway? It breaks the isolation D IAR M A I DWhen you were younger what did you want to be when you grew up? RichWhere is your favourite place in the world? Coggee Beach in SydneyOne thing no one knows about you? My name means free spirit in a little world of my was making me feel A Personal own. I found College hard. calmer, I didn’t feel Story I hear people nowadays say it was the same for myself. I everyone, and I have to Friendship Works Best have experience of raise an eyebrow. College depression for close Relationships! Ive come for most people is a riot on forty years. This to the conclusion that and fun! is not something to friendship works best for put on a C.V. or for any me. Ive had a few little My experience of prospective employer to relationships dont get me hospitalization was read. It comes in waves, it wrong, I am not a total harrowing the first few creeps up silently and prude, they generally start times, I thought it was gradually and before you Sitting on the Dock off well and somehow get prison and I would never know it you are drowning a bit intense and mostly Then suddenly when I get out. I moved to Dublin in despair and sadness and end disastrously with would hear the songs on the Summer of 95 in inadequacy. Brushing your tears. I have stopped the the radio sitting on the search of work and instead teeth can be as equal a screaming matches (not challenge sometimes as to dock of the bay watching I found love with an lady-like!). I am learning climbing Mount Everest! the tide ebb away, sitting Italian guy. When he left I to act more maturely with on the dock of the bay felt devastated and the opposite sex. wasting time it would traumatised, didnt sleep Blood, sweat and tears literally spin me around for weeks and was For me Gateway is Ive seen friends and and make me joyful and eventually picked up by literally that, I can be acquaintances be the weight of the world the police for a public myself, everyone is successful in work, get and my anxieties would order offence. I was totally friendly and accepting if married and start families disappear momentarily. out of it. I thought the you are having a slightly seemingly effortlessly Songs like Bryan Adams mafia were after me. I under the weather day. while I every morning "Summer of 69" - “we calmed down and was Like the other day I had struggle to figure out just were young and restless placed in a hostel where I just broken up with a guy I what to wear! and needed to unwind” got all my meals and had a was in hospital with last Miraculously I got through and Bruce Springsteen’s bit of structure to my days. Summer and Sharon and College and got an The River "wed go down I was still delusional and John cheered me up honours degree in to the river and into the went to the trouble of tremendously and made engineering of all things. river wed dive..." They all doing an Italian course. me laugh. Another one The blood sweat and tears kind of uplifted my mood My Psychiatrist at the time bites the dust as they say! that went into that of and were the back tracks told me to stick to the Irish And I thank God that my cramming for exams was to my anxiety filled years guys. I knew more what I anxiety is at a controllable mind shattering as I knew in College. was dealing with. and manageable level well by then I was battling nowadays. a mental illness at the A World of my Own I kept defaulting on the same time. I had one medication once friend and I think she While my peers were discharged only to be -Annemarie M. knew.... developing social skills readmitted every six and prowess I was literally months, really although it